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      WFMT Offers Rossini from the Source

      Some of Rossini's operas are lighthearted. It is possible that he wrote in that comic, opera buffa style so successfully that some audiences have overlooked the serious side of Rossini. That is not a problem in the composer's hometown of Pesaro. Over the past decades, members of the community have been deeply immersed in the business of issuing the critical editions of all the Italian master's works. To reinforce the highest performance standards and celebrate his impressive output, which includes more...

      The Thanksgiving Story You Haven’t Heard

      "Over the River, and through the wood" She wrote the iconic Thanksgiving poem which has been set to music and learned by American school children for generations. Lydia Maria Child actually made a decent living as a writer. Her manual, called The Frugal Housewife, was particularly lucrative, but don't be fooled by the title. Child was anything but a quiet little wife more...

      The “Monk and Hooligan” Poulenc

      It was one of Poulenc's friends, the noted music critic Claude Rostand, who came up with the description that stuck: "le moine et le voyou." That comment in a 1950 edition of Paris-Presse translated as "the monk and hooligan." It was Rostand's attempt at capturing the extremes in Poulenc's musical personality. This is not to say the composer's mind was chaos, only that it was his nature to shift more...

      Why Live Music on WFMT?

      Spinning CDs is a simple way to keep a radio station on the air. The performers, the production values, and the performances are all certainties. The operation of a CD player is reasonably predictable. With services like radio, Pandora, and Spotify offering a steady stream of great music, why then do people continue to buy tickets to live concerts? more...

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      CBSO/Nelsons/Hough review – as thoughtful and distinctive as ever

      Symphony Hall, Birmingham
      Nelson’s Bruckner was athletic, direct and texturally interesting, while Hough played Schumann’s Piano Concerto with his usual cool brilliance Continue reading...

      Pelléas et Mélisande review – one of Salonen’s finest achievements

      Royal Festival Hall, London
      An unparalleled cast and exquisite soundscapes made this production spellbinding

      Continue reading...

      In defence of the viola

      The viola was the instrument of choice for Mozart, Haydn, Bach, Dvorák and Beethoven; Jimi Hendrix and John Cale both played it; violinists turn to it to improve technique. So why is the viola the butt of jokes? Tabea Zimmermann defends her instrument

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      Read the biography of host Peter Van De Graaff and find out more about all WFMT hosts.

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      Join Peter and Kathleen van de Graaff next May on an exclusive classical music cruise down the Danube. Celebrate the genius of Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven, Bach and Schumann.

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      An Exclusive Classical Music Tour through the City of Lights with WFMT! Join Carl Grapentine and fellow opera lovers next May as we tour our favorite European opera destinations in Paris.

      travel feature

      Opera in La Suissse Romande! Spend a lovely spring week in in Geneva and Lausanne with Opera Adventures and noted composer, pianist, and teacher, Larry Axelrod.

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      Mozart: Violin Concertos

      Hänssler Classic 93.316 (2 CDs)

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      Alexandre Tharaud: Mozart & Haydn

      Erato 462626-8

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      Shai Wosner: Schubert & Mazzoli

      Onyx 4136

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      Music of Dukas

      Naxos 8.573296

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      Langgaard: String Quartets

      Dacapo 6.220577

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