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      Carl's Morning Quiz

      Carl Grapentine

      Carl's Morning Quiz: Today is the birthday of the City of Chicago, incorporated on March 4, 1837. A former mayor of Chicago, Anton Cermak, was fatally wounded in Miami, Florida in 1933 during a failed assassination attempt on whom? Answer >>


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      WFMT Remembers Susan Bohlin

      It is with profound sadness and a deep and personal sense of loss that I have to share the news that our beloved Continuity Director and Copywriter, Susan Bohlin, passed away this morning after a long and valiant struggle. Throughout it all she consistently demonstrated grace, patience and up until just several weeks ago looked more... more...

      San Francisco Symphony in Concert

      Wednesday, March 4 at 8:00 pm Kirill Karabits conducts the San Francisco Symphony in this concert with violinist Alexander Barantschik and violist Jonathan Vinocour. The program includes Honegger’s Pacific 231, Benjamin Britten’s Double Concerto, Sibelius’ Symphony #2, and an encore of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony #2. more...

      The New York Philharmonic This Week: Honoring Lorin Maazel

      Thursday, March 5 at 8:00 pm Lorin Maazel (1930-2014) was music director of the New York Philharmonic from 2002 through 2009. Tonight, join us as the Philharmonic pays tribute to the distinguished conductor and composer in this birthday retrospective which will include works by Beethoven, Berg, Respighi, Mahler, and Lutoslawski, as well as one of more... more...

      What’s in a Key?

      The Signature Series comes to WFMT  “The key signatures of music are kind of like the signs of the zodiac,” explains Paolo Pietropaolo. “If you take all the music in a given key, you’ll discover certain characteristics,” just as people born under certain signs of the zodiac are thought to share similar personality traits. From more... more...

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      10 of the world’s best concert halls

      A world-class classical music venue in London may be years away so where can music lovers find truly outstanding acoustics? Trevor Cox picks 10 landmark concert halls around the world where brilliant design means beautiful sound

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      Netia Jones: punk it up

      It is one of the most visually riotous shows of the year – an Alice in Wonderland that takes live action and video to surreal extremes. Imogen Tilden meets Netia Jones, the nerdy young director with her finger firmly on the button

      A rainy February evening at Los Angeles’ Walt Disney Concert Hall. The city’s great and good are in their finery, Gustavo Dudamel sits next to the orchestra’s chief executive Deborah Borda. The 2,265-seat hall is sold out for the first night of a new production of Unsuk Chin’s Alice in Wonderland, in a multimedia staging by Netia Jones. The stage is painted in black-and-white geometric patterns, and between the feet of her fellow string players a viola player crawls around. At the back of the stage, a figure in a red suit seems to be supporting the bottom edge of an enormous video screen that rests at an extreme angle. The chorus are dressed in suits, bowler hats and Harry Palmer-style 60s glasses or scarlet hunting jackets and riding hats.A hush descends, but then a final musician dashes on stage, pulling on his trousers as he scampers to his place among the brass. On the giant screen, the letters that had spelt out Alice in Wonderland gradually drop away and lie in a messy pile, leaving only an eye peeping out, blinking through what was the “O” of Wonderland. At the back of the stalls, behind severe glasses and several laptops, sits Netia Jones, orchestrating and conducting the apparent chaos.

      There can’t be many opera directors who play such a crucial part in each and every performance, but for Jones it’s the only way her productions can come to life. “With this kind of integrated video, there’s no time for cues – I have to respond live to the music,” she says. Every key operates a different function: she plays the laptop as if it is an extra member of the orchestra. “Where projection doesn’t quite work in classical music is where it’s not totally integrated. Unless it’s completely enmeshed, it can be a fight.” But does she not have a flunky who can sit at the laptop each night? “That’s a big ask for someone else. I programmed the show myself, and I know the score intimately. Plus, they’d need to be as nerdy as me.”

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      Gordon: Dystopia; Rewriting Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony CD review – moments of striking beauty

      Los Angeles PO/Robertson/Bambert SO/Nott
      (Cantaloupe) Continue reading...

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