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      Carl's Morning Quiz

      Carl Grapentine

      Carl's Morning Quiz: It's Halloween. And we're playing music about ghosts and goblins and things that go "bump" in the...well, morning! We've just heard several depictions of the devil, and we have one more coming up when we hear the final scene from The Damnation of Faust. Who composed The Damnation of Faust? Answer >>


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      She’s One in Forty Million; Yuja Wang Comes to Chicago

      When pianist Yuja Wang comes to Chicago this weekend, she will meet the NCPA Orchestra in the morning; rehearse and perform that afternoon. That's pretty normal for this 27-year-old artist, who is fast becoming one of the hottest pianists today. She admits not having personal time, and commits herself to a large swath of repertoire in short order. "I think I like that, lot's of variety, old and new. more...

      Lyric Opera Timeline: the First 60 Years

      In 1952, a student singer named Carol Fox got to chatting with her vocal coach, Nicola Rescigno, and insurance man Lawrence Kelly about ways to sustain an opera company in Chicago – a series of previous attempts had ended in bankruptcy. They agreed, if they were to attempt such a venture, they would need to marshal community support – and what better way to recruit supporters than to show them an opera? In February 1954 more...

      WFMT’s Lyric Opera Weekend

      In February of 1954, Lyric Opera founders Carol Fox, Nicola Rescigno, and Lawrence Kelly launched the first production, hoping it would inspire opera lovers to step forward and offer financial and community support for an opera company in Chicago – it did. Rescigno conducted two performances of Mozart's Don Giovanni with Nicola Rossi-Lemeni as the Don, and Eleanor Steber more...

      Playing Playfully on WFMT’s Impromptu

      The seriousness with which the Brown-Urioste-Canellakis Trio performs Shostakovich or Ravel belies the fun and laughter they're sharing when they work together. Make no mistake, they can play, but one gets the sense they're modeling both meanings of the word "play." A notion which seems to spill into other aspects of their lives. more...

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      BBC NOW/Llewellyn review an insightful Dylan Thomas celebration

      Prichard-Jones Hall, Bangor
      Daniel Joness Fourth Symphony, composed in memory of the poet, was the centrepiece for this evening of striking and sensitive responses to Thomass work

      Continue reading...

      Philharmonia/Sokhiev review revels in Romantics and rebels

      Royal Festival Hall
      A strong performance of Berliozs Symphony Fantastique and an intense Coriolan featured alongside sparkling Liszt from Khatia Buniatishvili Continue reading...

      Muhly: Two Boys CD review inventive but impossibly arch opera from NY Met

      Appleby/Petersen/Coote/Metropolitan Opera/Robinson (Nonesuch, 2CDs)

      Continue reading...

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