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      Carl's Morning Quiz

      Carl Grapentine

      Carl's Morning Quiz: Yesterday was Yo-Yo Ma's 60th birthday, and he was the subject of the quiz. Here's another one today. Yo-Yo Ma's recordings, which number close to 100 (!), have won 18 Grammy Awards. What is the name of his brand new disc? It was our featured New Release last week. Answer >>


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      An American Dance Craze Hits Europe

      European music took root in the Americas as the colonies began to expand. But the more enthusiastic cultural exchange arguably occurred on the other side of the Atlantic. Learn more about how early American dance created a craze in Europe. more...

      Thousands Attend Chicago’s 102nd Christmas Tree Lighting

      Thousands gathered on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 to celebrate the 102nd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Chicago’s Millennium Park. Previously staged in Daley Plaza, the city’s Christmas tree can now be seen at the west entrance of the park, across from the Michigan Avenue and Madison Street intersection. This year’s tree, a 63-foot Colorado blue more... more...

      Quiz: Match the Composer to His Favorite Food

      Some composers ate to live, others lived to eat. Can you match the composer to his favorite food? more...

      Vote: What’s Your Favorite Piano Concerto?

      WFMT is celebrating great piano concertos, and we need your help! Vote for your favorites. Then middays starting December 7th, Lisa Flynn will play your 10 favorite piano concertos based on your votes, paired with a piano concerto you might not know. more...

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      Readers recommend: songs that command or instruct | Peter Kimpton

      Look sharp! Get on it! Don’t stop! This week it’s time to name songs that, whether in title or lyrics, employ the imperative form. Now get started … please!

      “He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command,” said that silver-tongued back-stabber Niccolò Machiavelli. “Your power of command with simple language was one of the magnificent things of our century,” added Charles Bukowski. “Do as I say, not as I do,” floats out that ancient phrase possibly from John Heywood’s 1546 A dialogue Conteinyng the Nomber in Effect of All the Prouerbes in the Englishe Tongue - “It is as folke dooe, and not as folke say.” Or not quoting any manufacturer of training shoes, you might just want to stick to simply “Do it”. Who said that one? Well, he’s a typically understated message from actor Shia LaBeouf:

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      Rachmaninov Symphony No 2 CD review – ebullient and coherent

      Litton/Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

      Rachmaninov’s Second Symphony is often accused of being gargantuan, schmaltzy and overblown. In Andrew Litton’s new recording with the Bergen Philharmonic, it sounds gargantuan, schmaltzy – and just blown enough, if you like your Rachmaninov big and extrovert. Litton makes it work, perhaps because underneath the sumptuousness, the music’s moving parts remain rhythmic and light on their feet; perhaps because he seems able to see past the work’s vastness even while he revels in it. The recording marks the end of his 12-year tenure with the Bergen, and the orchestra gleams under his baton. The woozy violin slides between notes in the first and third movements won’t be to everyone’s taste, by any means, and they are perhaps a little doggedly over-applied, but Litton wraps everything up in an ebullient and coherent finale. There’s also Lyadov’s miniature tone poem The Enchanted Lake – a delicate, translucent score, vividly played.

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      Patricia Kopatchinskaja: Take Two CD review – beautifully played

      Kopatchinskaja/Sanchez Choing/Romaniuk/Bieri/Dreyfus/Würsch/Marquez/ Estrella

      This is a typically quirky project from Patricia Kopatchinskaja: two dozen duets for violinist and another player (or speaker), spanning 1,000 years. It’s inspired by her 10-year-old daughter and the emphasis is on music as play. Biber’s Sonata Representativa, for example, finds Kopatchinskaja sliding around the strings to sound like a hen, a cat and a frog. Eleventh-century music from the Winchester Troper, played anachronistically but beautifully as a duet for violin and viol, rubs up against Overclockers, five 2013 pieces by electronic artist Jorge Sanchez-Chiong; Machaut and Gibbons, Martinu and Milhaud jostle amiably with Cage and brand new work. Kopatchinskaja talks us through everything in a programme book, punctuated by conversations with her sanguine daughter (one of whose stories is set by Heinz Holliger). A chunk of serious Vivier holds up the flow, but this disc is meant to be fun, and it almost entirely is.

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