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      Are Your Ears Thirsty? Q and A with Seth Boustead

      WFMT and Seth Boustead of Relevant Tones present the 2014 Thirsty Ear Festival, Saturday, July 12 at the City Winery. "The name comes from a friend of mine who was talking about an event he went to years ago and he said of the audience, "they were incredible, they had such thirsty ears." I thought it was a funny and imaginative way to describe people open to new sounds" more...

      Free Recital Downtown, Chamber Concert at Ravinia

      Israeli pianist Alon Goldstein returns to Chicago this week for two performances. At lunchtime on Wednesday, he is the featured artist at the annual Al Booth celebration at the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts. On Wednesday evening, he joins artists from the Steans Institute to perform Mozart and Brahms. Goldstein appeared at the Ravinia Festival last summer alongside Leon Fleischer more...

      Haymarket Opera, Monarchy, a Brutal Crime

      [Live broadcast, Tuesday at 5:45 pm] He was a prince. She was the governor's wife. He went to stay at her house. What happened next toppled a monarchy and inspired over two thousand years of stories, art, and music. The king's son Sextus Tarquinius waited until all were asleep before creeping into the bedchamber of the virtuous Lucretia. more...

      Ravinia’s Back! Hear Concerts Every Monday

      Monday at 8:00 pm Each summer, the Monday night series Live from WFMT takes a vacation so that WFMT can bring you concerts from the Ravinia Festival. Monday’s broadcast features pianist Jeffrey Kahane, violinist Joseph Swensen, and cellist Carter Brey. Program Mozart: Piano Trio in G, K. 496 Schumann: Piano Trio in d, Op. 63 more... more...

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      Crimea the opera eulogises Moscow's land-grab in music

      Warm reception in St Petersburg for show, based on a 1946 Soviet opera, that attempts to cement Russia's control over region

      A patriotic opera in Russia's second city of St Petersburg has attempted to cement Moscow's disputed control over Crimea in music at least.

      Crimea, the opera, is a boisterous new work celebrating the Kremlin's annexation of the peninsula from Ukraine.

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      World Choir Games: the lessons we must learn from Latvia

      The hosts of the choral equivalent of the Olympics lead the way in singing out about national identity

      The World Choir Games gets going in earnest this weekend. Now, if youre going to choose a place to host the choral equivalent of the Olympics, you couldnt find a better place than Riga, one of this years European capitals of culture: not least because Latvias own group, Latvian Voices, were one of the champions of the last games in the US in 2012, but also because so much of Latvias national identity is bound up in a tradition of choral singing.

      The stats for the event in Riga are impressive enough 27,000 singers from 73 countries, making up 460 choirs, competing in 29 categories but its how singing taps into the national psyche in Latvia that makes the biggest impression of all. Ive been there for Radio 3s Music Matters, and what made the profoundest impact was how genuinely Latvians, from composers to the prime minister, from opera stars to folk musicians (and you can hear interviews with all of them on 12 July), felt that it was their singing tradition that was their small countrys greatest unifying force and cultural phenomenon. Their recent history, above all in the singing revolution of the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 90s, shows how important the mass-song events of the song festivals (in which tens of thousands of people get together to sing in events held every five years) were in mobilising a unity of peaceful but irrefutable purpose among the Latvian population, leading to their independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

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      Monty Python: Sousa, two-sheds and musical subversions

      The Monty Python sketches were stuffed with references to classical music. With the team currently reunited in London for farewell shows, Philip Clark looks at some of their inspired musical silliness

      Review: Read Peter Bradshaw on the long-awaited reunion

      John Philip Sousa, the American composer of patriotic marches whose Liberty Bell march Monty Python adopted as their theme tune, was a man of proud military bearing who, period photographs reveal, took the business of sprouting moustaches extremely seriously. He represented exactly the personality type that Graham Chapman relished taking aim at uptight, bureaucratic and officious.

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