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      Carl's Morning Quiz

      Carl Grapentine

      Carl's Morning Quiz: The Viennese composer Emil von Reznicek was born on this date in 1860--155 years ago today. His compositions include 5 symphonies, a violin concerto, chamber music, and operas. Today he is best remembered for the overture to his opera Donna Diana. The overture served as the theme music for an American radio, and later, television series. What was the name of either series? Answer >>


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      5 Mexican Composers You Should Know on Cinco de Mayo

      Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by learning more about Mexico’s most celebrated composers of the past and present. Program Host Candice Agree and Interactive Content Producer Stephen Raskauskas have picked 5 Mexican composers you should know because of their incredible contributions to the world of music. Read more about some of Mexico’s most influential composers below, and more... more...

      INTERVIEW: Lang Lang on His Lyric Recital

      World-renowned pianist Lang Lang spoke with WFMT about his only Chicago appearance this season – a one-night-only concert at Lyric Opera of Chicago on Saturday, May 9, 2015. Read more about his program, which includes Tchaikovsky’s Seasons, Bach’s Italian Concerto, and Chopin’s Scherzi, in the interview below. And, tune in to 98.7 WFMT or stream online every more... more...

      6 Songs to Welcome the Merry Month of May

      “April is the cruelest month,” T.S. Eliot famously wrote. But May is here, and what better way to welcome this merry month than with music? Here are six songs to help you say goodbye to April showers and say hello to May flowers, all of which you can hear on the Morning Program with Carl more... more...

      Music Heals Amidst Baltimore Riots

      By The Associated Press The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has played a free outside concert in the city as tensions appear to be easing after the riots. The symphony played around lunchtime and dozens of people gathered and sang the national anthem as the orchestra played along. The concert is part of the city’s efforts to more... more...

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      The playlist: electronic/experimental – Tristan Perich, Sabrina and more

      The latest roundup ranges from music made in a CD case to the unlikely coupling of Jonathan Meades’s words and Test Centre’s brutalist outbursts

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      Tectonics review – classical meets abstract sound-art in fruitful festival collision

      City Halls/Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow
      Brilliantly eclectic experimental festival whose highlight was the glowing, graceful and intensely quiet and detailed music of Eliane Radigue

      Rapt, intensely subtle, exquisitely slow, the music of Eliane Radigue was the heart and soul of this year’s Tectonics festival. The 82-year-old French composer was a pioneer of electronic music in the 1950s and for decades only produced synthesiser sound-art, but it was her recent acoustic series Occam Occean that featured in two concerts here, with playing of virtuosic control from harpist Rhodri Davies, bassoonist Dafne Vincente-Sandoval, cellist Charles Curtis and tuba-player Robin Hayward.

      They dovetailed ultra-quiet sounds to reveal infinite gradations of pitch, timbre and overtones, culminating in a glowing, graceful quartet. Radigue’s message is uplifting: slow down, listen in close and marvel at the radiant colours contained in the detail. Occam Occean was an enlightened stroke of programming, if only because it magnified every molecule of every piece heard subsequently. (The microscope was more welcome in some cases than others, but still.)

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      Facing the music: Kristjan Järvi

      From the exhilaration of Tchaikovksy’s 1812 to the intricate introspection of Sigur Ros’s Jonsi, conductor Kristjan Järvi shares his wide-ranging musical passions

      How do you listen to music most often?

      Mainly with my iPhone, with or without headphones, and definitely more often via Spotify than iTunes. Vinyl, no - I have no player! Even though the sound is much better than CDs.

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