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      La Marseillaise, The Beatles to the Bastille

      Arrangements and send-ups of "La Marseillaise" range from Stravinsky to Monty Python. Film critic Roger Ebert listed the singing of "La Marseillaise" in "Casablanca" as one of the "100 Great Movie Moments." How many incarnations can you name? more...

      Canadian Pianist/Radio Host, Monday from Ravinia

      You may have caught Alain Lefèvre on WFMT's Impromptu. He's not only a whiz at the keyboard, but on the broadcast board as well. The French-Canadian pianist and composer is passionate about music: playing music, talking about music, and working as an advocate for music with educators, broadcasters more...

      Are Your Ears Thirsty? Q and A with Seth Boustead

      WFMT and Seth Boustead of Relevant Tones present the 2014 Thirsty Ear Festival, Saturday, July 12 at the City Winery. "The name comes from a friend of mine who was talking about an event he went to years ago and he said of the audience, "they were incredible, they had such thirsty ears." I thought it was a funny and imaginative way to describe people open to new sounds" more...

      Haymarket Opera, Monarchy, a Brutal Crime

      [Live broadcast, Tuesday at 5:45 pm] He was a prince. She was the governor's wife. He went to stay at her house. What happened next toppled a monarchy and inspired over two thousand years of stories, art, and music. The king's son Sextus Tarquinius waited until all were asleep before creeping into the bedchamber of the virtuous Lucretia. more...

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      Lorin Maazel, conductor and composer, dies aged 84

      The conductor and music director of orchestras in Europe and the United States died after complications following pneumonia

      Lorin Maazel, one of the most high-achieving and highly paid orchestral conductors of the past half-century, died on Sunday at his home in Virginia in the United States, after suffering complications from pneumonia. He was 84.

      Maazel was music director of a gallery of top orchestras in Europe and the United States including Cleveland, Paris and Munich for more than 40 years, and had been chief conductor of opera houses in West Berlin and Vienna too. His last major post was as music director of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra from 2001- 2009, during which he led the orchestra on a controversial and ground breaking visit to Pyongyang, North Korea.

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      The Jacobin review rare and delightful revival of Dvoák's comedy

      Opera House, Buxton
      Dvoák's tale of family reconciliation during the French revolution is moved to the 1930s with compelling results

      The first of Buxton's full-scale festival stagings, Dvoák's comedy has not been regularly performed in the UK though some may recall productions by Welsh National Opera and Scottish Opera in 1980 and 1995 respectively. This month's revival, however, shows it to be an eminently viable piece, made more immediately attractive through the use of Rodney Blumer's excellent translation.

      The setting is Bohemia at the time of the French revolution, when the elderly Count Harasova is about to hand over his power and dominions to his wicked nephew, Adolf. The nephew has convinced Harasova that his son, Bohu, sympathetic to progressive social policies, is in effect a dangerous revolutionary, aided and abetted by his suspiciously French wife, Julie. How the count is disabused of this false notion and reconciled with his offspring forms the main thrust of the action.

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      Cheltenham premieres review planets, poems and pioneers

      A vibrant weekend offered the arresting wildlife calls of Richard Blackford's 'bio-symphony', Huw Watkinks's Britten-influenced sonnet settings and a late work by John Tavener

      First performances of new pieces were greeted by highly enthusiastic, full houses in the vibrant last weekend of Cheltenham's music festival. Drawing from the remarkable wildlife and soundscape recordings of environmentalist Bernie Krause, Richard Blackford's The Great Animal Orchestra, a five-movement "bio-symphony" for orchestra, was premiered at the Town Hall by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales under Martyn Brabbins. The sounds of the creatures from a pack of wolves howling to insects to the musician wren were arresting, galvanising us into listening anew to living soundscapes from around the world. Blackford's own music, for all its energy, could not compete. Yet, in the evocative central Elegy, where the anguished cry of a lone beaver whose dam and family had been dynamited is taken up by the mournful bassoon, the message was clear: this is a world that man is doing its best to obliterate; if we don't recognise or celebrate it, it will die.

      After that consciousness-raising experience of planet Earth, Brabbins's uncompromising delivery of Holst's symphonic suite The Planets, which the Cheltenham-born composer wrote exactly a century ago, underlined its pioneering spirit.

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