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      Carl's Morning Quiz

      Carl Grapentine

      Carl's Morning Quiz: Happy Holidays! Quiz questions return on Friday, December 26.


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      Christmas Day on WFMT

      Spend your Christmas Day with WFMT for the best in holiday classics, carols, and readings. Holiday specials include Chanticleer, St. Olaf's Christmas Festival, and more. more...

      A WFMT Christmas Eve Celebration

      On Wednesday, December 24, WFMT presents carols and traditional Christmas music throughout the day, plus holiday specials from around the world, including King's College Chapel at Cambridge, and a classic reading of Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." more...

      “Bring a Torch!” Christmas with VocalEssence

      ohn Birge hosts this Christmas special with the VocalEssence choir, featuring Brubeck's La Fiesta de la Posada. This year's program puts the focus on old French carols, alongside two world premieres in the annual VocalEssence/American Composers Forum Christmas carol contest. The new carols call for the intriguing combination of men's chorus with English horn. more...

      “Christmas Eve” on the Tuesday Night Opera

      According to legend, on the night before Christmas, the devil is free to roam the countryside, tormenting people to his heart's delight. He decides to get even with Vakula, the village blacksmith, for painting hideous portraits of him in the church. more...

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      Read the biography of host Carolyn Paulin and find out more about all WFMT hosts.

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      Join Peter and Kathleen van de Graaff next May on an exclusive classical music cruise down the Danube. Celebrate the genius of Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven, Bach and Schumann.

      travel feature

      An Exclusive Classical Music Tour through the City of Lights with WFMT! Join Carl Grapentine and fellow opera lovers next May as we tour our favorite European opera destinations in Paris.

      travel feature

      Opera in La Suissse Romande! Spend a lovely spring week in in Geneva and Lausanne with Opera Adventures and noted composer, pianist, and teacher, Larry Axelrod.

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      Christmas in Harvard Square

      Decca B0020969-02

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      Sharon Isbin: 5 Classic Albums

      Warner Classics 0825646243648 (5 CDs)

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      Lux de caelo

      Harmonia Mundi HMU-907615

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      Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker

      Chandos CHSA-5144

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      Music for Advent

      Naxos 8.573260

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