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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Honegger      "Les Mis‚rables"      Czech Radio Sym    Marco Polo       0:05:43
              film music (1934):    Orch, Bratislava/  8.223134
              "Dans les Egouts"*    Adriano
Milhaud       "La Chemin‚e du roi   Borealis Wind      MSR Classics     0:12:49
              Ren‚," Op 205         Quintet            MS-1128
Anon English  "Who is Sylvia"*      Aaron Sheehan, t;  Azica            0:01:30
                                    Paul O'Dette, l    ACD-72229 (2)
Elgar         "Falstaff"            BBC Sym            Teldec 98436-2   0:35:21
              (Symphonic Study in   Orch/Andrew Davis
              c), Op 68
Anon English  Song, "Hey Ho for a   Ellen Hargis, s;   Azica            0:01:33
              Husband"*             Paul O'Dette, l    ACD-72229 (2)
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Bach/Petri    Cantata #208, "Was    Leon Fleisher, p   Van ATMCD-1551   0:05:01
              mir behagt, ist nur
              die muntre Jagd!
              (Hunt)": Aria,
              "Schafe k”nnen
              sicher weiden (Sheep
Liszt/Busoni  Waltzes from          Egon Petri, p      Mca Classics     0:09:26
              Gounod's "Faust"                         MCA-1414
Gounod        "La reine de Saba":   London Sym         Lon CS-6744      0:04:39
              Grande Valse          Orch/Richard
Handel        "Solomon": Act 3      Camerata of St     Omega OCD-1002   0:03:07
              Sinfonia, "Arrival    Andrew/Leonard
              of the Queen of       Friedman
Handel        "Solomon": Aria and   Andreas Scholl,    DG Archiv        0:01:48
              Chorus, "Now a        ct; Gabrieli       459688-2 (3)
              different measure     Consort &
              try"*                 Players/Paul
Saint-Sa‰ns   Violin Concerto #3    Philippe Graffin,  Hyperion         0:30:17
              in b, Op 61           v; BBC Scottish    CDA-67074
Orff          "Schulwerk":          Nikolaus Lahusen,  Celestial        0:01:46
              "Bordunbungen": #4*  Wilfried Hiller, p Harmonies
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Carlos        "Jeux d'eau", Op 29*  Lavinia Meijer, h  Channel          0:05:05
Salzedo                                                Classics
Ravel         "Jeux d'eau"          Sviatoslav         RCA 63844-2 (2)  0:04:11
                                    Richter, p
Ravel         "Sh‚h‚razade,         Minnesota          Reference        0:12:16
              ouverture de f‚erie"  Orch/Eiji Oue      Recordings
              (1898)                                   RR-79-CD
Hahn          Song, "Les            Rachel Yakar, s;   Virgin 61433-2   0:01:46
              Fontaines"*           Claude Lavoix, p   (2)
Johann        Symphony #6 in d, Op  Concerto           DG Archiv        0:31:00
Wilhelm Wilms 58                    K”ln/Werner        B0002998-02
Beethoven     "The Ruins of         St Louis Sym       RCA 7716-2-RC    0:01:35
              Athens," Op 113:      Orch/Leonard
              Turkish March*        Slatkin
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Telemann      Overture in c         Berlin Baroque     DG B0005761-02   0:05:38
              (fragment)*           Soloists/Rainer
Vivaldi       "The Four Seasons,"   Enrico Onofri, v;  Teldec 97671-2   0:08:48
              Op 8/1-4: Violin      Il Giardino
              Concerto #4 in f, R   Armonico/Giovanni
              297, "L'inverno"      Antonini
Strauss       Five Songs, Op 48:    Felicity Lott, s;  Chandos          0:01:26
              #5, "Winterliebe"*    Royal Scottish     CHAN-9159
                                    Orch/Neeme J„rvi
Brahms        String Sextet #2 in   Hausmusik          Signum           0:39:17
              G, Op 36                                 SIGCD-013
Lauro         Three Venezuelan      Carlos             Concord          0:01:37
              Waltzes (Valses       Barbosa-Lima, g    Concerto
              Venezolanas): #3,                        CCD-42015
Chopin        "Berceuse" in         Maria-Joao Pires,  DG 457585-2      0:05:30
              D-Flat, Op 57*        p
Bax           "The Happy Forest"    BBC Phil/Vernon    Chandos          0:09:42
                                    Handley            CHAN-10446
Arnold        "Larch Trees," Op 3   London             Conifer 51211-2  0:11:15
Vaughan       Six Studies in        Eugene Dowling,    Tromba Bassa     0:01:51
Williams      English Folksong      tuba; Edward       TBCDD-595
              (1926): #4*           Norman, p
Beethoven     Symphony #1 in C, Op  San Francisco Sym  Lon 430515-2     0:26:35
              21                    Orch/Herbert
Wolf          "M”rike Lieder":      Dietrich           EMI/Ang          0:01:44
              "Zitronen im April"*  Fischer-Dieskau,   CMS7-63563-2
                                    br; Gerald Moore,  (2)
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Byrd/Stokowsk "The Earle of         London Sym         Lon 433876-2     0:05:16
i             Salisburys Pavan and  Orch/Leopold
              Galliard" (after      Stokowski
Britten/Bream "Gloriana," Op 53:    Julian Bream       Lon 452500-2     0:10:06
              Courtly Dances        Consort
Weelkes       Madrigal, "Strike it  Hilliard           EMI/Ang          0:01:35
              up Tabor"*            Ensemble/Paul      CDC7-49197-2
Dvor k        Symphony #3 in        Berlin             DG 423120-2 (6)  0:38:04
              E-Flat, Op 10         Phil/Rafael
Wesley        Twelve Short Organ    Margaret           York CD-111      0:01:31
              Pieces and a Full     Phillips, o
              Voluntary: #4*        (Wymondham Abbey,
                                    Norfolk, England)
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Liadov        "Marionettes," Op 29* Stephen Coombs, p  Hyperion         0:05:08
Liadov        "The Enchanted        Long Beach Sym     Albany TROY-364  0:07:35
              Lake," Op 62          Orch/JoAnn
J Mark        "Enchanted Forest     Chicago Brass      Delos DE-1022    0:08:22
Scearce       Suite"                Quintet
D'Indy        "La forˆt enchant‚e   Iceland Sym/Rumon  Chandos          0:13:36
              (The Magic Forest),"  Gamba              CHAN-10464
              Op 8
Geminiani     "The Enchanted        E Wilcock, v; S    Radio Canada     0:01:51
              Forest": Part 1:      Ritchie, v; CBC    Int'l SMCD-5163
              "Allegro moderato"*   Vancouver Orch/J
                                    E Gardiner
Geminiani     Concerto grosso in d  Academy of         Harmonia Mundi   0:11:14
              ("La Follia)," after  Ancient            HMU-907261/62
              Corelli, Op 5/12      Music/Andrew Manze (2)
Corelli       Trio Sonata in        Smithsonian        Smithsonian      0:06:19
              B-Flat, Op 3/3        Chamber Players    ND-035
Telemann      Sonata #5 in g from   Rebel              Dorian           0:01:36
              "Sonates                                 DSL-90703
              Corellisantes": 5th
              mvt, "Vivace"*
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Faur‚         Two Duets, Op 10*     Elly Ameling, s    EMI/Ang          0:05:14
                                    (both parts);      CMS7-64079-2
                                    Dalton Baldwin, p  (4)
Faur‚         "El‚gie" in c, Op 24  Steven Isserlis,   RCA 68049-2      0:06:50
                                    vc; Pascal
                                    Devoyon, p
Faur‚/Koechli "Pell‚as et           Juliane Banse, s;  H„nssler         0:03:40
n             M‚lisande," Op 80:    Stuttgart Radio    Classic
              "Chanson de           Sym Orch/Heinz     CD-93.159 (2)
              M‚lisande"            Holliger
Koechlin      "L'Album de Lilian,"  Fenwick Smith, f;  Hyperion         0:01:27
              Op 149 (1935): "Les   Martin Amlin, p    CDA-66414
              jeux du clown"*
Giuliani      Grand Duo Concertant  James Galway, f;   RCA 61448-2      0:16:35
              in A, Op 52           Kazuhito
                                    Yamashita, g
Glazunov      Violin Concerto in    Gil Shaham, v;     DG 457064-2      0:20:14
              a, Op 82              Russian National
Kapsberger    "Arpegiatta"*         HespŠrion XX       Astr‚e E-8516    0:01:43
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Poulenc       "Trois mouvements     Artur Rubinstein,  RCA 5665-2-RC    0:05:24
              perp‚tuels" (1918)*   p
Boccherini    Symphony #23 in d,    Italian Accademia  Koch 350241      0:22:59
              Op 37/3 (G 517)       Strumentale/Giorgi
                                    o Bernasconi
Gossec/Galway "Tambourin"*          James Galway, f;   RCA 60917-2      0:01:22
/Gerhardt                           National
Poulenc       Flute Sonata (1958)   Michel Debost, f;  EMI/Ang          0:12:37
                                    Jacques F‚vrier, p CZS7-62736-2
Hindemith     Oboe Sonata           John Mack, ob;     Crystal CD-324   0:12:13
                                    Eunice Podis, p
Speer         Sonata zu 4 Stimmen*  American Brass     Delos D/CD-3003  0:01:39
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Paganini      24 Caprices for Solo  Alexander Markov,  Erato 45502-2    0:02:57
              Violin, Op 1: #9 in   v
              E, "La chasse"*
Paganini      24 Caprices for Solo  Alexander Markov,  Erato 45502-2    0:02:27
              Violin, Op 1: #10 in  v
Sergei        Rhapsody on a Theme   Vladimir           CBS MK-44761     0:23:45
Rachmaninoff  by Paganini, Op 43    Feltsman, p;
                                    Israel Phil/Zubin
Sergei        "Oriental Sketch"     Howard Shelley, p  Hyperion         0:01:42
Rachmaninoff  (1917)*                                  CDA-66198
Offenbach     "Le Papillon": Act II National           Lon 444827-2     0:24:24
                                    Phil/Richard       (2)
Wiltschinsky  "Papillon"*           Peter              Teldec 8.44141   0:01:29
                                    Robin Hill, g's
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Wagner        "Die Walkre": Aria,  Regine Crespin,    Ser S-60375      0:05:15
              "Der M„nner Sippe"*   s; French
                                    National Radio
Wagner        "Tristan und          Cincinnati Sym     Telarc CD-80379  0:17:24
              Isolde": Prelude and  Orch/Jes£s
              "Liebestod"           L˘pez-Cobos
Wagner/Anon   "Tristan und          Heinz Holliger,    Phi 426288-2     0:03:41
18th c        Isolde": Act 3:       ob's
Schubert      "Rosamunde"           Utah Sym           Van              0:01:26
              Incidental Music, D   Orch/Maurice       OVC-8084/85 (2)
              797: "Hirtenlied"*    Abravanel
Strauss       Oboe Concerto in D    Alex Klein, ob;    Teldec 23913-2   0:26:33
              (1945)                Chicago Sym
Brahms        Waltzes, Op 39: #15   Bruno-Leonardo     EMI/Ang          0:01:30
              in A-Flat*            Gelber, p          CDZB7-67205-2
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Verdi         "Il Trovatore":       Eileen Farrell,    Sony MHK-62358   0:04:57
              Aria, "Tacea la       s; Orch/Max Rudolf
              notte placida...Di
              tale amor"*
Thalberg      "Grand Concert        Francesco          Marco Polo       0:09:31
              Fantasy on Verdi's    Nicolosi, p        8.223367
              'Il trovatore'", Op
Verdi         "Il Trovatore":       Ruth White,        Ang S-36042      0:01:25
              Anvil Chorus, "Vedi   electronics
              le fosche"*
Vaughan       Symphony #3,          London Sym         RCA RD-89827     0:38:16
Williams      "Pastoral" (1921)     Orch/Andr‚ Previn
Vaughan       Folksong Setting, "A  Deller Consort     Van OVC-8109     0:01:30
Williams      Farmer's Son So
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