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January 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Playford      "The English Dancing  Les Witches        Alpha 502        0:05:37
              Master": "Drive the
              Cold Winter Away/The
              Beggar Boy"*
Bax           "Winter Waters"       Eric Parkin, p     Chandos          0:06:44
              (1915)                                   CHAN-8496
Holst/Colin   "A Winter Idyll"      London Phil/David  Lyrita SRCD.209  0:07:04
Matthews                            Atherton
Christopher   "The Winter"          Sophie Watillon,   Alpha 088        0:14:05
SIMPSON                             viga; Ensemble
Bridge        Song, "Blow, blow,    Gerald Finley,     Hyperion         0:01:47
              thou winter wind"*    br; Roger          CDA-67181/2 (2)
                                    Vignoles, p
Beethoven     Violin Sonata #3 in   Itzhak Perlman,    Lon 417573-2     0:19:20
              E-Flat, Op 12/3       v; Vladimir
                                    Ashkenazy, p
Strauss       "Le bourgeois         Slovak Radio Sym   Kleos KL-5137    0:01:33
              gentilhomme," Op 60:  Orch/Kirk Trevor
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Elgar         "Andante con          Athena Ensemble    Chandos          0:05:00
              variazione (Evesham                      CHAN-6553
Vaughan       Five Variants of      New Queen's Hall   Argo 440116-2    0:13:04
Williams      "Dives and Lazarus"   Orch/Barry
              (1939)                Wordsworth
Holst         Air and Variations    Sarah Francis,     Chandos          0:03:02
                                    ob; English        CHAN-8392
                                    String Quartet
Bull/Elgar    Galliard and Four     London Festival    Lon              0:01:45
Howarth       Variations*           Brass Ens/Elgar    B0000807-02 (2)
                                    Howarth and Alan
Glazunov      "Raymonda," Op 57:    London Sym         ASV CDDCA-572    0:31:22
              Suite                 Orch/Yondani Butt
Bach          Sacred Song, "O       E Power Biggs, o   CBS MK-30539     0:01:25
              Freund der Seelen",
              BWV 517*
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Frescobaldi   Capriccio on La       Gustav Leonhardt,  Alpha 026        0:05:32
              Bassa Fiamenga*       hc
Bach          Orchestra Suite #3    Berlin Academy     Harmonia Mundi   0:22:47
              in D, BWV 1068        for Ancient Music  HMX-2901578.79
Scheidt       Ludi Musici (Prima    HespŠrion          EMI/Ang          0:01:36
              pars): Galliard       XX/Jordi Savall    CDM7-63067-2
              (XXIV) a 5*
Piern‚        Introduction and      Netherlands        None H-71402     0:08:23
              Variations on a Folk  Saxophone Quartet
Faur‚         "ThŠme et             Jean-Philippe      EMI/Ang          0:16:18
              variations" in        Collard, p         CMS7-69149-2
              c-sharp, Op 73                           (2)
Marais        Viola da Gamba Suite  Juan M Quintana,   Harmonia Mundi   0:01:43
              in a: "Allemande 'La  viga; Attilio      HMC-905248
              Facile'"*             Cremonesi, hc;
                                    Dolores Costoyas,
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Hildegard     "Symphoniae           Sequentia          EMI/Ang          0:05:18
von           harmoniae celestium   (Medieval Music    CDC7-49251-2
Bingen/Tindem revelationum":        Ensemble)
ans, Bagby    Instrumental Piece 1*
Busoni        Perpetuum mobile      Veronica Jochum, p Gm Recordings    0:03:31
              (1922)                                   GMCD-2042
Paganini/Krei "Moto perpetuo," Op   Itzhak Perlman,    EMI/Ang          0:04:13
sler          11                    v; Samuel          CDC7-47467-2
                                    Sanders, p
Mendelssohn   "Perpetuum mobile"    Martin Jones, p    Nimbus NI-5069   0:02:48
Nov cek       "Perpetuum mobile     Henryk Szeryng,    Mer 434339-2     0:02:42
              (Moto perpetuo)"      v; Charles
                                    Reiner, p
Fran‡aix      Divertimento for      Susan Levitin, f;  Mark MCD-1939    0:01:32
              Flute and Piano       Gerald Rizzer, p
              (1953): "Perpetuum
Elgar         "Enigma" Variations,  London Sym         Vox VU-9018      0:34:04
              Op 36                 Orch/Eduardo Mata
Francesco     Taccata per B quadro* Tragicomedia       Harmonia Mundi   0:01:40
Maria BASSANO                                          HMU-907294
Telemann      Fantasy #6 in d*      Marion             Harmonia Mundi   0:05:49
                                    Verbruggen, r      HMU-907158
Bernhard      Lute Concerto in A    Hopkinson Smith,   Astr‚e E-8641    0:13:33
Joachim Hagen                       l; String Quartet
Schumann      "Romanzen fr         Stuttgart Radio    H„nssler         0:01:24
              Frauenstimmen", Op    Cho/Rupert Huber   Classic
              91: #4, "Das                             CD-93.256
              verlassene M„gdlein"*
Schumann      "Genoveva," Op 81:    Amsterdam Royal    Phi 442079-2     0:08:17
              Overture              Concertgebouw      (2)
Norbert       Piano Sonata, Op 8    Hiroko Maruko, p   MD+G             0:25:56
Burgmller                                             Recordings
Wolf          Song, "Er ist's"*     Benita Valente,    Pantheon         0:01:25
                                    s; Cynthia Raim, p D-10311
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Verdi         "Otello": Aria,       Jos‚ Carreras, t;  RCA 21273-2      0:05:21
              "Niun mi tema"*       Barcelona Sym
                                    Garcia Navarro
Dvor k        "Othello" Overture,   Berlin             DG 457651-2      0:13:37
              Op 93                 Phil/Claudio
Quilter       Five Shakespeare      John Mark          Hyperion         0:01:30
              Songs, Op 23: #5,     Ainsley, t;        CDA-66878
              "Hey, ho, the wind    Malcolm
              and the rain"*        Martineau, p
Walton/Palmer "Troilus and          London             Chandos          0:34:30
              Cressida" (1947-54):  Phil/Bryden        CHAN-8772
              Suite                 Thomson
Quilter       Four Shakespeare      John Mark          Hyperion         0:01:28
              Songs, Op 30: #4,     Ainsley, t;        CDA-66878
              "Sigh no more,        Malcolm
              ladies"*              Martineau, p
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Gershwin/Heif Three Preludes        Jascha Heifetz,    RCA 61771-2      0:05:31
etz           (1926)*               v; Brooks Smith, p
Sor           "Introduction et      Alexander-Sergei   Denon CO-78975   0:09:01
              Variations sur l'Air  Ram¡rez, g
              Marlborough," Op 28
Georg Joseph  Variations and        Lars Roos, p;      Bluebell         0:23:07
Vogler        Capriccio on          ™rebro Chamber     ABCD-031
              "Marlborough, s'en    Orch/G”ran W
              va-t-en guerre"       Nilson
Copland       Four Piano Blues      Michel Legrand, p  Erato 96386-2    0:01:39
              (1926-48): #3, "For
              William Kapell"*
Gershwin      "Rhapsody in Blue"    Earl Wild, p;      Ivory Classics   0:15:20
                                    Orch/Paul Whiteman 70702
Gershwin      "Three-Quarter        Richard Glazier, p Centaur          0:01:45
              Blues"*                                  CRC-2271
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Vivaldi       String Concerto in    Australian         Lon 466964-2     0:05:18
              C, R 109*             Brandenburg
                                    Orch/Paul Dyer
Haydn         Piano Sonata #60 in   Mikhail Pletnev, p Virgin 90839-2   0:17:44
              C, H XVI:50
Sibelius      Romance in C, Op 42   Gothenburg Sym     BIS LP-252       0:05:16
                                    Orch/Neeme J„rvi
Bach          Little Fugue in C,    Wolfgang Rbsam, p Naxos 8.553097   0:01:33
              BWV 953*
Stravinsky    Symphony in C (1940)  St Luke's          Musicmasters     0:24:37
                                    Orch/Robert Craft  67086-2
Chopin        Mazurkas, Op 68: #1   Artur Rubinstein,  EMI/Ang          0:01:33
              in C*                 p                  ZDHC7-64697-2
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Saint-Sa‰ns   Duet, "Viens!"        Sophie             Alpha 033        0:02:07
              (1855)*               Marin-Degor, s;
                                    Claire Brua, ms;
                                    Serge Cyferstein,
Saint-Sa‰ns   Song, "Le rossignol"* Sophie             Alpha 033        0:02:57
                                    Marin-Degor, s;
                                    Serge Cyferstein,
Strauss       "Don Juan," Op 20     London Phil/Klaus  EMI/Ang          0:18:38
                                    Tennstedt          CDC7-49951-2
Hahn          "Le rossignol         Earl Wild, p       Ivory Classics   0:01:47
              ‚perdu": #17,                            72006 (2)
Blavet        Flute Sonata in b,    Masahiro Arita,    Denon CO-79550   0:08:19
              Op 3/2                f; Chiyoko Arita,
                                    hc; Wieland
                                    Kuijken, viga
Saint-Sa‰ns   Violin Sonata #2 in   Jean-Jacques       Denon CO-79552   0:21:00
              E-Flat, Op 102        Kantorow, v;
                                    Jacques Rouvier, p
CPE Bach      Six Wind Sonatas, Wq  Melbourne          Move MD-3082     0:01:33
              184: #5 in B-Flat*    Windpower/Richard
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Verdi         "I Lombardi":         La Scala Cho,      DG 2530549       0:05:13
              Procession Chorus,    Orch/Claudio
              "Gerusalem!"*         Abbado
Vivaldi       "The Four Seasons,"   Jerusalem Music    Sony             0:11:16
              Op 8/1-4: Violin      Center Chamber     SM2K-66472 (2)
              Concerto #3, R 293,   Orch/Isaac Stern,
              "L'autunno"           v
Vivaldi/Koopm "The Four Seasons,"   Yo-Yo Ma, vc;      Sony SK-90916    0:01:45
an            Op 8/1-4: Violin      Amsterdam Baroque
              Concerto #4, R 297,   Orch/Ton Koopman
              "L'inverno:" 2nd mvt*
Suk           "Ripening," Op 34     Czech Phil/Karel   Multisonic       0:36:51
                                    Ancerl             310150-2
Nielsen       "Die Moderen (The     James Galway, f;   RCA 6359-2-RC    0:01:46
              Mother)," Op 41:      Brian Hawkins, vi
              "Faith and Hope are
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Auber         "La Muette de         Alfredo Kraus,;    EMI/Ang          0:05:12
              Portici": Aria,       Monte Carlo        CDM5-66534-2
              "Amis, la matin‚e     Phil/Thomas Fulton
              est belle"*
Auber         "La Muette de         Lamoureux          DG 447406-2      0:08:18
              Portici": Overture    Orch/Igor
Igor          Sinfonietta in F      Arnhem             Marco Polo       0:17:31
Markevitch                          Phil/Christopher   8.223653
                                    Lyndon Gee
Stravinsky    Suite #2 for Small    Philharmonia       Ang 35154        0:01:23
              Orchestra: #2, Valse* Orch/Igor
Sergei        Two-Piano Suite #2,   Martha Argerich,   Teldec 74717-2   0:21:46
Rachmaninoff  Op 17                 Alexandre
                                    Rabinovitch, p's
Shostakovich/ "The Age of Gold,"    Trio Voronezh      EMI/Ang          0:01:52
Artists       Op 22: Polka*                            CDC5-56892-2
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
York Bowen    "Melody for the C     Doris Lederer,     Centaur          0:04:48
              String", Op 51/2*     vi; Bruce Murray,  CRC-2786
Handel        Organ Concerto #6 in  Christoph          Denon CO-79943   0:11:54
              B-Flat, Op 4/6        Lehmann, o; La
                                    Stravaganza K”ln
Bach          Chorale Prelude,      Piet Kee, o        Chandos          0:01:32
              "Hilf, Gott, dass                        CHAN-0501
              mir's gelinge," BWV
Saint-Sa‰ns   Symphony #3 in c, Op  Olivier Latry, o;  Cypres CYP-7610  0:36:16
              78, "Organ"           LiŠge Phil/Pascal
Godowsky      24 Tonfantasien       Geoffrey Douglas   Dante PSG-890-8  0:01:36
              (1912): #10,          Madge, p
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