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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Mozart        Rondo in E-Flat, K    Anthony Halstead,  Ois 443216-2     0:05:18
              371*                  fh; Academy of
Mozart        Concert Rondo in D,   John Robilette,    Musicians        0:11:52
              K 382                 p; Sofia           Showcase
                                    Phil/Rossen        MS-1031
Nielsen       Five Piano Pieces,    Elizabeth          BIS CD-167/168   0:01:25
              Op 3: #5, "Alfedans"* Westenholz, p      (2)
Nielsen       Symphony #4, Op 29,   Swedish Radio Sym  CBS MK-42093     0:36:17
              "The                  Orch/Esa-Pekka
              Inextinguishable"     Salonen
Purcell       "The Yorkshire Feast  Roger Voisin, v;   MCA Classics     0:01:26
              Song"*                Kapp Sinfonietta   MCAD2-9807-A
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Handel        Flute Sonata in e,    Paula Robison, f;  Van              0:05:47
              Op 1/1b*              Kenneth Cooper,    VSD-71229/30
                                    hc; Timothy Eddy,  (2)
Schumann      String Quartet #3 in  Vertavo String     Simax PSC-1098   0:29:46
              A, Op 41/3            Quartet
Anon 13th c   Dance*                London Early       Ang SB-3861 (2)  0:01:34
English                             Music
Prokofiev     "Romeo and Juliet"    Royal Scottish     Chandos          0:18:21
              Suite #3, Op 101      National           CHAN-8940
                                    Orch/Neeme J„rvi
Prokofiev     "Hamlet," Op 77:      Soloists, Moscow   Saison Russe     0:01:36
              "Ophelia's Fourth     Maly Sym           RUS-788027
              Song"*                Orch/Vladimir
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Tchaikovsky   Coronation March      Cincinnati         Telarc CD-80541  0:04:41
              (for Alexander III)*  Pops/Erich Kunzel
Sullivan      Ballet, "Victoria     Dublin RTE         Marco Polo       0:06:23
              and Merrie England":  Concert            8.223677
              Scene 7, "Coronation  Orch/Andrew Penny
              of Queen Victoria"
Mozart        Piano Concerto #26    Paul               Transart TR-126  0:30:23
              in D, K 537,          Badura-Skoda, p;
              "Coronation"          Prague Chamber
Mozart        Mass in C, K 317,     Soloists, Cho's,   Ois 436585-2     0:01:36
              "Coronation":         Academy of
              Sanctus*              Ancient
Scott         "Aubade," Op 77       SABC National      Marco Polo       0:10:59
                                    Sym/Peter          8.223485
John Stanley  "The Choice of        Wallace            Nimbus           0:01:45
              Hercules": "March"*   Collection/John    NI-7067/8 (2)
                                    Wallace, tr
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Anon 18th c   Sinfonia in D*        Ludwig Gttler,    Capriccio 10090  0:05:39
German                              tr; Kurt Sandau,
                                    tr; Friedrich
                                    Kircheis, o
Strauss       "Till Eulenspiegel's  Zrich Tonhalle    Arte Nova        0:14:07
              Merry Pranks," Op 28  Orch/David Zinman  ANO-984950 (7)
Theodor       "Rondino giocoso"     String             EMI/Ang          0:04:26
Berger                              Orch/Leopold       CDM5-65912-2
Paine         Fuga Giocosa, Op      Denver Oldham, p   New World        0:01:50
              41/3*                                    80424-2 (2)
Schubert/Fall Guitar Quartet, D 96  JoAnn Falletta,    Koch 3-7404-2    0:29:08
etta          (after Wenzel         g; Alexa Still,
              Matiegka Trio)        f; Paul Neubauer,
                                    vi; Ronald
                                    Thomas, vc
Bach          Lute Suite in E, BWV  Filomena Moretti,  Transart TR-133  0:01:39
              1006a: Bourr‚e*       g
Mozart        "Idomeneo, rŠ di      Natalie Dessay,    Virgin 45447-2   0:05:11
              Creta," K 366:        s; Orch Of The
              "Solitudini           Age Of
              amiche...Zeffiretti   Enlightenment/Lang
              lusinghieri"*         r‚e
Vanhal        Oboe Quartet in C,    Lajos Lencses,     H„nssler         0:13:43
              Op 7/6                ob; Auer String    Classic
                                    Quartet            CD-98.277
Mozart        Concert Aria, "Un     Olaf B„r, br;      EMI/Ang          0:01:50
              bacio di mano," K     Dresden            CDC7-49565-2
              541*                  Staatskapelle/Hans
Schuller      Romantic Sonata       Larry Combs, cl;   Crystal CD-731   0:10:40
              (1941)                Gail Williams,
                                    fh; Mary Ann
                                    Covert, p
D‚odat de     "Valse romantique"    Alexis             EMI/Ang          0:03:13
Severac                             Weissenberg, p     CDM7-69114-2
Benjamin      "Romantic Fantasy"    Jascha Heifetz,    RCA 61762-2      0:19:54
                                    v; William
                                    Primrose, vi;
                                    Orch/Izler Solomon
Benjamin/Harr "Jamaican Rhumba"*    Isaac Stern, v;    CBS MDK-45816    0:01:50
is                                  Orch/Milton Katims
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Chopin        Waltz in E-Flat, Op   Artur Rubinstein,  RCA 62662-2      0:05:24
              18, "Grand valse      p
Johann        Waltzes, "Tausend     Philadelphia       Sony SBK-48164   0:09:09
Strauss       und eine Nacht," Op   Orch/Eugene
              346                   Ormandy
Ravel         "La Valse"            Idil Biret, p      Price-Less       0:13:37
Saeverud      "Waltz Pianissimo"*   Einar              Naxos 8.554300   0:01:48
                                    Steen-Nokleberg, p
Grieg         Violin Sonata #1 in   Alexander          Chant du Monde   0:24:55
              F, Op 8               Vinnitsky, v;      LDC-288042/44
                                    Vladimir           (3)
                                    Ovchinnikov, p
Kodalli       Three Turkish Folk    Suna Korat,        Hungaroton       0:01:27
              Songs (1979): #2,     Remziye            HCD-31454
              "Sari zeybek"*        Alper-Tanrikulu,
                                    s's; Budapest Sym
                                    Orch/Hikmet Simsek
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Verdi         "Luisa Miller":       New Philharmonia   Phi 6527078      0:05:29
              Overture*             Orch/Igor
Rossini       "Harmoniemusik"       Mozzafiato/Charles Sony SK-53965    0:13:28
              (Quintet) in F         Neidich
Rossini       "William Tell":       Regina Music Box   CBS MS-7338      0:01:45
              Overture: Final
Brahms        Double Concerto in    Anne Sophie        DG 410603-2      0:34:40
              a, Op 102             Mutter, v;
                                    Antonio Meneses,
                                    vc; Berlin
                                    Phil/Herbert von
Trad German   Folksong, "Liebe      Vienna Boys' Cho,  Phi 6514188      0:01:31
              Schwester, tanz mit   Vienna Chamber
              mir"*                 Orch/Harrer
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Dvor k        Twelve "Cypresses"    Prague String      DG 463165-2 (9)  0:05:34
              (1887): #4, "Never    Quartet
              will love lead us"*
Halsey        Clarinet Concerto     Mitchell Lurie,    Crystal CD-737   0:21:49
Stevens       (1968)                cl; Orch/Akira
Trad          "Sourwood Mountain"*  Mormon Tabernacle  Argo 430834-2    0:01:43
American/Rutt                       Cho/Jerold D
er                                  Ottley
Wolfgang      "Eine kleine          Ensemble Wien      Koch 3-6524-2    0:09:04
Schr”der      Lachmusik"
Mozart        Symphony #27 in G, K  St Martin's        EMI/Ang          0:16:16
              199/161b              Academy/Neville    CDC7-49176-2
Bach/Blanchet "Well-Tempered        Archguitar Duo     Dorian           0:01:41
te            Clavier," Bk 1, BWV                      DOR-93241
              846/69: Prelude #17
              in A-Flat*
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Johann        Waltzes,              Boston Pops        Lon SPC-21144    0:05:45
Strauss       "Frhlingsstimmen     Orch/Arthur
              (Voices of Spring),"  Fiedler
              Op 410*
Strauss       "Till Eulenspiegel's  Philadelphia       EMI/Ang          0:15:36
              Merry Pranks," Op 28  Orch/Wolfgang      CDC5-55185-2
Anon 12th c   Rondeau, "Vocis       Alla Francesca     Opus 111         0:01:25
French        tripudio"*                               OPS-30-170
Martinu       Sonata in C major     Bohuslav           Supraphon        0:32:14
              for violin and piano  Matousek, v; Petr  SU-3410-2132
                                    Adamec, p          (2)
Handel        "Water Music":        City of London     American         0:01:31
              Country Dances I/II*  Sinfonia/John      Gramaphone
                                    Rutter             AGCD-590
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Clement       Sonata … 8 in C*      Edward H Tarr,     Christophorus    0:05:47
Thieme                              tr; Franz Liszt    CD-74559
                                    Chamber Orch
Mozart        Piano Quartet #1 in   Domus              Virgin 91485-2   0:28:47
              g, K 478
Mozart        Requiem in d, K 626:  John Alldis Cho,   Phi 416273-2     0:01:45
              "Dies irae"*          St Martin's
Barber        Adagio for Strings    Baltimore Sym      Argo 436288-2    0:08:40
              (from Op 11)          Orch/David Zinman
Warlock       "Capriol" Suite       St Martin's        Lon 421391-2     0:10:17
Anon 14th c   "Branle de Tricot"*   Les M‚nestriers    Calliope         0:01:49
French                              Picards            CAL-9512
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Korngold      "Adventures of Robin  Orch/Erich         Rhino R2-72243   0:01:59
              Hood" (film score):   Wolfgang Korngold  (2)
              "Banquet in the
Korngold      "Adventures of Robin  Orch/Erich         Rhino R2-72243   0:03:29
              Hood" (film score):   Wolfgang Korngold  (2)
              "Marian and Robin"*
Curzon        "Robin Hood Suite"    Czecho-Slovak      Marco Polo       0:12:08
                                    Radio Sym/Adrian   8.223425
Anon 14th c   "Puisque Robin j'ay   Les M‚nestriers    Calliope         0:01:42
French        un nom"*              Picards            CAL-9512
Saint-Sa‰ns   Cello Sonata #2, Op   Mats Lidstr”m,     Hyperion         0:36:03
              123                   vc; Bengt          CDA-67095
                                    Forsberg, p
Couperin/Foli "Les Timbres"*        Folios Guitar Duo  Centaur          0:01:49
os                                                     CRC-2181
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Dvor k        "Rusalka," Op 114:    Karita Mattila,    Ondine           0:05:25
              "Song to the Moon"*   s; Finnish Radio   ODE-1054-2
Nielsen       Clarinet Concerto,    John Kruse, cl;    Kontrapunkt      0:25:01
              Op 57                 Odense Sym         32254
                                    Orch/Osmo V„nsk„
Dowland       King of Denmark's     Karl Scheit, g;    Omega OCD-1020   0:01:34
              Galliard*             Wiener
Jeremiah      "Prince of Denmark's  Chicago Brass      Centaur          0:03:31
Clarke        March" (Trumpet       Quintet, Paul Van  CRC-2221
              Voluntary)            der Weele, o
Tchaikovsky   "Hamlet," Op 67       Israel             DG 415379-2      0:18:37
Gliere        Six Pieces for Two    Joan Yarbrough,    Pantheon         0:01:25
              Pianos, Op 24: #6,    Richard Cowan, p's D-20910
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                                 All rights reserved.

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