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The Beethoven Satellite Network is a satellite-delivered classical music format service, produced by the WFMT Radio Network and heard on radio outlets across the U.S. and around the world. E-mail inquiries can be sent to RadioNetwork@wfmt.com.

Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Granados/Brea "Danzas espa¤olas,"   Julian Bream,      RCA 61450-2      0:04:57
m             Op 37 (Op 5): #2,     John Williams, g's
Manuel        Piano Sonata #4       Tony Millan,       Almaviva         0:12:19
Blasco de                           forte-p            DS-0108
Croft         "Mr Croft's Airs in   London Oboe        Harmonia Mundi   0:01:41
              the Comedy Courtship  Band/Paul Goodwin  HMU-907181
              … la Mode": Air*
Handel        "Water Music" Suite   Boston Baroque     Telarc CD-80594  0:35:51
              #1 in F               Orch/Martin
Handel        "Susanna": Chorus,    UC Berkeley        Harmonia Mundi   0:01:51
              "A virtuous wife"*    Chamber Cho,       HMU-907168
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Jacob         "Barber of Seville    Royal Ballet       ASV CDWHL-2116   0:04:29
              Goes to the Devil"    Sinfonia/Gavin
              Overture*             Sutherland
Rossini       "The Barber of        Atlanta Sym        Telarc CD-80334  0:07:13
              Seville": Overture    Orch/Yoel Levi
Alb‚niz/Segov "Cantos de Espa¤a,"   Andres Segovia, g  MCA Classics     0:04:01
ia            Op 232: "Sevilla"                        MCAD-42069
Sarasate      "Viva Sevilla!", Op   Angel Jesus        Rtve Musica      0:06:56
              38                    Garcia, v;         65063
                                    Orch/Miguel Ortega
Pesaro        "La Spagna"*          Calliope           None 79039-2     0:01:41
Hanson        Symphony #1 in e, Op  Seattle Sym        Delos D/CD-3073  0:29:19
              21, "Nordic"          Orch/Gerard
Cleve         Three Piano Pieces,   Geir Henning       Norsk            0:01:32
              Op 16: #3,            Braaten, p         NKFCD-50023-2
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Beethoven     Ten National Airs     Severino           Phi 454247-2     0:05:04
              with Variations, Op   Gazzelloni, f;     (2)
              107: #6, "Welsh Air   Bruno Canino, p
              (Peggy's Daughter)"*
German        Welsh Rhapsody (1904) Scottish National  EMI/Ang          0:17:46
                                    Orch/Alexander     CDM7-69206-2
Linda Kaiser  "Lullabies for Earth  Julia Shaw & Nora  Radio Canada     0:01:40
              Children": "All the   Bumanis, h's       Int'l MVCD-1103
              World is Sleeping"*
Saint-Sa‰ns   Piano Concerto #3 in  Aldo Ciccolini,    EMI/Ang          0:30:06
              E-Flat, Op 29         p; Orch de         CMS7-69443-2
                                    Paris/Serge Baudo  (2)
Geoffrey Bush "Consort Music":      English Northern   Naxos 8.555068   0:01:51
              "Valse"*              Philharmonia/David
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Elgar         "Carissima" (1914)*   Peter Pettinger, p Chandos          0:04:50
Elgar         "In the South         Royal Phil/Andrew  Virgin 90727-2   0:21:18
              (Alassio)" Overture,  Litton
              Op 50
Elgar         "Canto popolare,"     Tomoko Kato, v;    Denon CO-18078   0:02:59
              originally from "In   Akira Eguchi, p
              the South"
Festa         Madrigal, "L'ultimo   King's Singers     EMI/Ang          0:01:28
              di di maggio"*                           CD-EMX-2129
Pizzetti      "Rondo Veneziano"     BBC Scottish Sym   Hyperion         0:23:32
                                    Orch/Osmo V„nsk„   CDA-67084
Respighi      "Cinque Canti         Leonardo de Lisi,  Channel          0:01:25
              all'antica" (1906):   t; Reinild Mees, p Classics
              #4, "Bella porta di                      CCS-9396
Mozart/Sartor "The Marriage of      Mozzafiato/Charles Sony SK-53965    0:02:50
ius           Figaro," K 492:        Neidich
              (Opening Scene)*
Mozart/Sartor "The Marriage of      Mozzafiato/Charles Sony SK-53965    0:02:50
ius           Figaro," K 492:        Neidich
              Duet, "Canzonetta
Beethoven     Piano Trio #1 in      Jacob Lateiner,    RCA 61761-2      0:25:59
              E-Flat, Op 1/1        p; Jascha
                                    Heifetz, v;
                                    Piatigorsky, vc
Jacob         Divertimento (1956):  Tommy Reilly,      Chandos          0:01:29
              #8 (Finale), Jig*     harmonica; Hindar  CHAN-8802
                                    String Quartet
Gershwin      Second Rhapsody       Oscar Levant, p;   CBS MK-42514     0:13:31
                                    Orch/Morton Gould
Oscar Levant  "Caprice" (1940)      Concordia          EMI/Ang          0:08:14
                                    Orch/Marin Alsop   CDC7-54851-2
Handel        Trumpet Suite in D:   Ludwig Gttler,    Pro Arte         0:01:45
              Overture*             tr; Friedrich      SDS-621
                                    Kircheis, o
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Beethoven     Adagio in E-Flat*     Mary Lou Rylands,  North Star       0:05:49
                                    vc; Marilynn       NS-0034
                                    Mair, m; Mark
                                    Davis, g
Gaubert       Flute Sonata #3       Erich Graf, f;     Aeolus 0         0:13:24
                                    Ricklen Nobis, p
Poulenc       "Pastourelle" for     French National    Lon 452937-2     0:01:53
              "L'‚ventail de        Orch/Charles
              Jeanne" (1927)*       Dutoit
Beethoven     Triple Concerto in    Badura-Skoda,      RCA-DHM          0:34:45
              C, Op 56              forte-p; F Maier,  77063-2-RG
                                    v; Anner Bylsma,
                                    vc; Collegium
van Eyck      "Bockxvoetje"*        Stefano Bet, f     Centaur          0:01:47
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Anon 16th c   "Watkin's Ale"*       Ensemble Phoenix   Harmonia Mundi   0:05:34
English                             Munich             HMC-901983
Barbirolli    An Elizabethan Suite  BBC Sym Orch/Sir   HMV ASD-2496     0:12:37
                                    John Barbirolli
Sibelius      "Pohjola's            Hall‚ Orch/Sir     EMI/Ang          0:14:13
              Daughter," Op 49      John Barbirolli    ZDME5-67299-2
Dowland       "My Lord              Ensemble Phoenix   Harmonia Mundi   0:01:28
              Willoughby's Welcome  Munich             HMC-901983
Weber         Six Waltzes (1812)    Michael Endres, p  Oehms Classics   0:08:17
                                                       OC-357 (2)
Ravel         "La Valse"            Pittsburgh Sym     EMI/Ang          0:11:28
                                    Orch/William       CDM5-65204-2
Ravel         "Valses nobles et     Vladimir           RCA 60861-2      0:01:35
              sentimentales": #4,   Spivakov, v;
              "Assez anim‚"*        Sergei Bezrodny, p
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Liszt         "Hungarian Rhapsody"  Leslie Howard, p   Hyperion         0:05:37
              #11 in a*                                CDA-67418/9 (2)
Griffes       "Poem" (1918)         Carol Wincenc, f;  Naxos 8.559164   0:09:58
Kennan        "Night Soliloquy"     Susan Levitin, f;  Mark MCD-3489    0:04:17
              (1936)                Gerald Rizzer, p
Christopher   "In Nomine XII"*      Empire Brass       Telarc CD-80553  0:01:24
Haydn         Symphony #77 in       Orpheus Chamber    DG 415365-2      0:20:35
              B-Flat                Orch
Bizet         "Carmen" Suite #1     Ljubljana Sym      Stradivari       0:12:36
                                    Orch/Marko Munih   SCD-6026
Dalza         Saltarello*           Toronto Consort    Marquis 81357    0:01:46
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Biber         String Sonata #7*     English            Harmonia Mundi   0:05:45
                                    Concert/Andrew     HMU-907397
Schumann      Violin Sonata #1 in   Ilya Kaler, v;     Naxos 8.550870   0:16:04
              a, Op 105             Boris Slutsky, p
Schumann      "Album fr die        Daniel Levy, p     Nimbus NI-5219   0:01:28
              Jugend," Op 68: #17,
Hummel        Violin and Piano      Hagai Shaham, v;   Chandos          0:32:05
              Concerto in G, Op 17  London Mozart      CHAN-9687
                                    Shelley, p
Satie/Laniau  "Peccadilles          Pierre Laniau, g   EMI/Ang          0:01:32
              importunes" (1913):                      CDC7-49093-2
              Etre jaloux de son
              camarade qui a une
              grosse tˆte*
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Bax           "A Mountain Mood"*    Eric Parkin, p     Chandos          0:05:38
Mussorgsky/Ri "Night on Bald        Pittsburgh Sym     EMI/Ang          0:09:47
msky-Korsakov Mountain"             Orch/William       CDM5-65204-2
Ole Bull      "A Mountain Vision"   Arve Tellefsen,    Simax PSC-1261   0:07:12
                                    v; Trondheim
                                    Sym/Elvind Aadland
Rummel/Roos   "Tyrolienne"*         Lars Roos, p       Phi 420817-2     0:01:35
D'Indy        "Jour d'‚t‚ … la      Iceland Sym/Rumon  Chandos          0:30:42
              montagne," Op 61      Gamba              CHAN-10464
Weber         Songs, Op 25: #2,     Heinz Kruse, t;    Pro Arte         0:01:38
              "šber die berge"*     Jan Goudswaard, g  PAL-1062
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Halvorsen     "Norwegian Dance" #5* Harald Aadland,    Norsk            0:05:04
                                    v; Norwegian       NKFCD-50033-2
                                    Radio Orch/Ari
Thorvald      Cornet Sonata in      H†kan              Phi 426144-2     0:09:08
Hansen        E-Flat, Op 18         Hardenberger, tr;
                                    Roland P”ntinen, p
Grieg         Violin Sonata #1 in   Alexander          Chant du Monde   0:24:55
              F, Op 8               Vinnitsky, v;      LDC-288042/44
                                    Vladimir           (3)
                                    Ovchinnikov, p
Halvorsen     "Fossegrimen", Op 21  Latvian National   Simax PSC-1207   0:01:45
              (1904): "Springdans"* Sym Orch/Torje
Haydn         Organ Concerto #5 in  Chorzempa, o;      Phi 6700052 (2)  0:13:40
              C, H XVIII:5          German Bach
Anon 14th c   "Branle de Tricot"*   Les M‚nestriers    Calliope         0:01:49
French                              Picards            CAL-9512
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Finzi         Prelude in f for      Royal Ballet       Naxos 8.555069   0:05:04
              Strings, Op 25*       Sinfonia/David
Schubert      Symphony #8 in b, D   Dresden            RCA 68544-2      0:26:58
              759, "Unfinished"     Staatskapelle/Sir
                                    Colin Davis
Hermann       Six L„ndler (1986):   Les Vents de       Radio Canada     0:01:32
Regner        #6*                   Montr‚al/Jacques   Int'l MVCD-1105
Falla         "Pour le Tombeau de   Len Vorster, p     Naxos 8.554498   0:03:33
              Paul Dukas" (1935)
Bart˘k        "Tombeau de Claude    Pavlina Dokovska,  Labor            0:02:09
              Debussy" (Sostenuto,  p                  LAB-7032-2
Benjamin      "Le tombeau de Ravel" Grand Duo          Jecklin          0:14:29
                                    Concertant         JS-272-2
Satie         "Que me fonts ses     Ludmilla Gerova,   Labor            0:01:11
              vallons...paroles de  s; Pavlina         LAB-7032-2
              Lamartine"*           Dokovska, p
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