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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Sergei        Preludes, Op 23: #4   John Browning, p   Delos D/CD-3044  0:05:21
Rachmaninoff  in D*
Sergei        "Morceaux de          Philadelphia       EMI/Ang          0:04:49
Rachmaninoff/ Fantaisie," Op 3:     Orch/Wolfgang      CDC5-55592-2
Stokowski     #2, Prelude in c#     Sawallisch
Rachmaninoff/ Five "Etudes          Cincinnati Sym     Telarc CD-80396  0:24:16
Respighi      Tableaux" Op 160      Orch/Jes£s
Gounod        "Faust": Aria, "Le    Norman Treigle,    West WGS-8117    0:01:46
              veau d'or"*           b; Vienna Radio
                                    Orch/Jussi Jalas
Wieniawski    Fantasy on Themes     Vadim Brodsky, v;  Koch 350240      0:18:33
              from Gounod's         Polish Radio
              "Faust," Op 20        National Sym
                                    Orch/Antoni Wit
Gounod/Winter "Faust": Ballet       Eastman Wind       Mer 434322-2     0:01:31
bottom        music: "The Trojan    Ensemble/Frederick
              Maidens"*              Fennell
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Chopin        Waltzes, Op 34: #1    Samson Fran‡ois, p EMI/Ang          0:05:19
              in A-Flat, "Valse                        CMS7-62569-2
              brillante"*                              (2)
Haydn         String Quartet in D,  Panocha String     Supraphon        0:17:42
              Op 76/5               Quartet            110362-2
Walton        "Henry V" Suite       New Zealand Sym    Bridge           0:01:47
              (1944): Passacaglia:  Orch/William       9133-A/B (2)
              Death of Falstaff*    Walton
Walton        Viola Concerto        Maxim Vengerov,    EMI/Ang          0:30:28
              (1928-9)              vi; London Sym     CDC5-57510-2
Bach/Vetter   Two-Part Inventions,  Dave Camwell, sx;  Teal Creek       0:01:24
              BWV 772/786: #13 in   Stephen Page, sx   Music TC-2019
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Chopin        Mazurkas, Op 50: #3   Michel Block, p    Pro Piano        0:05:22
              in c-sharp*                              PPR-224507
Mozart        Symphony #39 in       London Mozart      ASV CDDCA-615    0:31:15
              E-Flat, K 543         Players/Jane
Franz Xaver   Song, "Die            Barbara Bonney,    Lon B0005505-02  0:01:16
Mozart        Einsamkeit"*          s; Malcolm
                                    Martineau, p
CPE Bach      Twelve Little         Nancy Hadden, f;   ASV CDGAU-161    0:17:10
              Pieces, Wq 82         Elizabeth Walker,
                                    f; Lucy Carolan,
                                    hc; Erin Headley,
Puccini       "Scossa elettrica"*   Milan Verdi Sym    Lon B0002141-02  0:01:46
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Salieri       "Les Horaces":        Philharmonia       ASV CDDCA-955    0:04:47
              Overture*             Orch/Pietro Spada
Gossec        String Quartet #2     Ad Fontes String   Alpha 025        0:09:20
Kraus         "Soliman II":         Swedish Royal      Virgin 91496-2   0:01:35
              "Roxelane's March"    Opera Orch/Philip
              (ballet)*             Brunelle
Haydn         "L'incontro           Lausanne Chamber   Phi 6769040 (3)  0:07:42
              improvviso": Overture Orch/Antal Dorati
Mozart        Violin Concerto #5    Erica Morini, v;   Sony SMK-68446   0:30:39
              in A, K 219,          ORTF National
              "Turkish"             Orch/George Szell
Kodalli       Three Turkish Folk    Suna Korat,        Hungaroton       0:01:27
              Songs (1979): #2,     Remziye            HCD-31454
              "Sari zeybek"*        Alper-Tanrikulu,
                                    s's; Budapest Sym
                                    Orch/Hikmet Simsek
Wagner/Brassi "Die Walkre": "Ride  Jean-Yves          Lon B0008431-02  0:05:05
n             of the Valkyries"*    Thibaudet, p
Wagner        "Tannh„user":         Philharmonia       ASV CDDCA-996    0:22:26
              Overture and          Orch/Francesco
              Venusberg Music       d'Avalos
Glauco        "Danse de silphes"*   Clara Sverner, p   Marco Polo       0:01:41
Velasquez                                              8.223556
Kreisler      "Miniature Viennese   Gautier Capu‡on,   Virgin 332626-2  0:03:19
              March"                vc; Renaud
                                    Capu‡on, v; Aude
                                    Capucon, p
Franck        Piano Trio #4 in b,   Eleonora Bekova,   Chandos          0:18:55
              Op 2                  p; Elvira Bekova,  CHAN-9742
                                    v; Alfia Bekova,
Nyman         "The Piano": "The     Ahn Trio           EMI/Ang          0:03:05
              Heart Asks Pleasure                      CDC5-57022-2
Sergei        "Valse"*              Desirae Brown, p;  RCA 78719-2      0:01:20
Rachmaninoff                        Deondra Brown, p;
                                    Melody Brown, p
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Bach/Kempff   Chorale, "Nun komm,   Angela Hewitt, p   Hyperion         0:05:43
              der Heiden Heiland,"                     CDA-67309
              BWV 659*
Liszt         Piano Concerto #2 in  Wilhelm Kempff,    DG 474024-2 (5)  0:21:31
              A                     p; London Sym
Bach/Kempff   Chorale Prelude, "In  Idil Biret, p      Marco Polo       0:01:40
              dulci jubilo," BWV                       8.223452
Crusell       Clarinet Duo #1 in F  Hakan Rosengren &  Nytorp CD-9701   0:12:13
                                    Mats L”fving, cl's
Sibelius      In Memoriam, Op 59    Danish National    Chandos          0:13:38
                                    Radio Sym/Leif     CHAN-9107
Mozart/Anon   "The Magic Flute," K  Hansj”rg           DG 423611-2      0:01:44
              620: Aria, "Du        Schellenberger,
              feines T„ubchen, nur  ob; Wolfgang
              herein"*              Schulz, f
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Sarasate      Two Spanish Dances,   Rachel Barton, v;  Dorian           0:05:49
              Op 21: #1,            Samuel Sanders, p  DOR-90183
Schubert      Symphony #5 in        Age of             Virgin 59273-2   0:28:46
              B-Flat, D 485         Enlightenment
Schubert      Song, "An die         Fritz Wunderlich,  DG 429933-2      0:01:52
              Laute," D 905*        t; Hubert Giesen,
Lalo          "Guitarre," Op 28     Ruggiero Ricci,    Vox QSVBX-5150   0:03:15
                                    v; Luxembourg      (3)
                                    Radio Orch/Louis
                                    de Froment
Poulenc       Song, "A sa guitare"  Frederica von      RCA 62711-2      0:02:58
              (1935)                Stade, ms; Martin
                                    Katz, p
Gottschalk    "Le Banjo," Op 15     John Arpin, p      Pro Arte         0:04:11
              "(Fantasie                               CDD-515
Gottschalk    "DeuxiŠme Banjo," Op  Lambert Orkis, p   Smithsonian      0:04:47
              82                                       ND-033
Kroll         "Banjo and Fiddle"    Oliveira, McDonald MMG MCD-10027    0:02:46
Prokofiev     "Romeo and Juliet,"   Danish National    Chandos          0:01:52
              Op 64: Dance with     Radio Sym/Dmitri   CHAN-9322/3 (2)
              Mandolins*            Kitayenko
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Bononcini     Sonata da chiesa, Op  Orch/Richard       Lon STS-15441    0:05:51
              5/1*                  Hickox
Kozeluch      "Harmonie" in F       Budapest Wind      Hungaroton       0:13:18
                                    Ensemble/K lm n    HCD-31676
Katharina     Six Waltzes, Op 6     Rosario Marciano,  Turn TV-34685    0:03:52
Cibbini-Kozel                       p
Tveitt        Suite #2, "A Hundred  Stavanger Sym      BIS CD-987       0:01:30
              Folk Tunes from       Orch/Ole Kristian
              Hardanger," Op 151:   Ruud
              #20, "Strong ale to
              the mountain farm"*
Grieg         Old Norwegian         Royal Phil/Thomas  EMI/Ang          0:17:59
              Romance With          Beecham            CDM7-64751-2
              Variations, Op 51
Martin Raehs  "Allegro with         Nordic Baroque     Simax PSC-1224   0:06:39
              Variations"           Quartet
Cleve         Etude in B-Flat, Op 5 Geir Henning       Norsk            0:05:52
                                    Braaten, p         NKFCD-50023-2
Tveitt        Suite #2, "A Hundred  Stavanger Sym      BIS CD-987       0:01:40
              Folk Tunes from       Orch/Ole Kristian
              Hardanger," Op 151:   Ruud
              #24, "Do you hear
              the falls singing?"*
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Lalo          "Le roi d'Ys"         Denyce Graves,     Virgin 62277-2   0:05:01
              (1875-88): "De tous   ms; Monte Carlo
              cotes...Lorsque je    Phil/Marc Soustrot
              t'ai vu soudain..."*
Lalo          Piano Concerto in f   MarylŠne Dosse,    Candide          0:24:52
                                    p; Stuttgart       QCE-31102
Carlos        "Pr‚ludes Intimes":   Elizabeth          Beneficence 102  0:01:42
Salzedo       #1*                   Richter, h
Prokofiev     "Overture on Hebrew   National Sym       RCA 68801-2      0:08:34
              Themes," Op 34        Orch/Leonard
Joachim       Hebrew Melodies, Op 9 Peter Hatch, vi;   Prodigital       0:14:03
                                    Delores Stevens, p PRO-VM-5308
Trad          "Lama Sukkah Zu"*     Rachel Van         Centaur          0:01:44
Jewish/Van                          Voorhees, h        CRC-2317
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Vaughan       "The Wasps" (1909):   London Phil/Sir    EMI/Ang          0:02:43
Williams      Entr'acte (1)*        Adrian Boult       CDC7-47216-2
Vaughan       "The Wasps" (1909):   London Phil/Sir    EMI/Ang          0:03:02
Williams      "March past of the    Adrian Boult       CDC7-47216-2
              kitchen utensils"*
Martinu       "La Revue de Cuisine  Chicago Pro Musica Reference        0:13:56
              (Kitchen Revue)"                         Recordings
Schein        "Banchetto musicale"  Collegium          Boston Skyline   0:01:31
              (1617): Courante*     Terpsichore/Fritz  BSD-118
Schumann      Symphony #1 in        Houston Sym        Pro Arte         0:34:15
              B-Flat, Op 38,        Orch/Sergiu        CDD-393
              "Spring"              Comissiona
Anon 16th c   "La scarpa"*          Musica             Boston Skyline   0:01:38
French                              Reservata/David    BSD-123
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Shostakovich  "The Gadfly" Suite,   Thomas Yang, v;    Pro Arte         0:05:46
              Op 97a: Romance*      Chicago            CDD-551
Prokofiev     "Ballade" in c, Op 15 Michal Kanka, vc;  Praga            0:11:45
                                    Jaromir Klepac, p  PRD-250174
Khrennikov    Ballet, "Hussar       Swedish Radio      Ondine           0:07:03
              Ballad": Adagio       Sym/Yevgeny        ODE-938-2
Kabalevsky    Pieces for Children,  Richard Gresko, p  Lon STS-15470    0:01:38
              Op 27: #14, Ballad*
Grieg         Piano Concerto in a,  Leif Ove Andsnes,  EMI/Ang          0:28:33
              Op 16                 p; Berlin          CDC5-57562-2
Mendelssohn   Six Songs, Op 34:     Jan van Reeth, f;  Discover Int'l   0:01:55
              #2, "Auf Flgeln des  Anne Lies Sturm, h DICD-920522
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Mozart        "La clemenza di       Soloists, Zrich   Teldec 90857-2   0:05:35
              Tito," K 621: Trio,   Opera Cho &        (2)
              "Se al volto mai ti   Orch/Nikolaus
              senti"*               Harnoncourt
Arriaga       "Los esclavos         Concert des        Astr‚e E-8532    0:07:56
              felices": Overture    Nations/Jordi
Manuel        Piano Sonata #1       Tony Millan,       Almaviva         0:09:52
Blasco de                           forte-p            DS-0108
Mozart        "La clemenza di       Soloists, Zrich   Teldec 90857-2   0:01:42
              Tito," K 621:         Opera Cho &        (2)
              Chorus, "Che del      Orch/Nikolaus
              ciel"*                Harnoncourt
Thompson      Symphony #2 in e      New Zealand Sym    Koch 3-7413-2    0:29:14
              (1930-1)              Orch/Andrew        (2)
Ives          Song, "The            Vocal Arts Quartet Koch 3-7392-2    0:01:35
              Collection (1920)"*
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                                 All rights reserved.

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