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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Dvor k        Moravian Duets, Op    Magdalena Kozen ,  DG 4776665       0:02:17
              32: Der Ring*         ms; Dorothea
                                    R”schmann, s;
                                    Martineau, p
Dvor k        Moravian Duets, Op    Magdalena Kozen ,  DG 4776665       0:03:13
              32: "A Captive"*      ms; Dorothea
                                    R”schmann, s;
                                    Martineau, p
Dvor k        Four Romantic         Uto Ughi, v;       RCA 60431-2-RC   0:12:38
              Pieces, Op 75         Leonard Slatkin, p
Leroy         "Whistling Kettle"*   BBC Concert        Naxos 8.559356   0:01:44
Anderson                            Orch/Leonard
Stanford      Symphony #2 in d,     Ulster             Chandos          0:35:32
              "Elegiac"             Orch/Vernon        CHAN-8991
Philips       "Aria del Gran Duca   Parley of          Hyperion         0:01:50
              Ferdinando di         Instruments        CDA-66240
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Grieg         Six Norwegian         Einar              Naxos 8.550884   0:05:36
              Mountain Melodies*    Steen-Nokleberg, p
Grieg         Piano Concerto in a,  Duchable, p;       Erato ECD-88164  0:27:52
              Op 16                 Strasbourg
Schumann      "Lieder-Album fr     Edith Mathis, s;   DG 2740266 (3)   0:01:45
              die Jugend," Op 79:   Christoph
              #12, "Der Sandmann"*  Eschenbach, p
Roussel       "Le marchand de       Czech Nonet        Praga PR-250089  0:16:50
              sable qui passe"
              incidental music, Op
Humperdinck   "H„nsel und Gretel":  Barbara            EMI/Ang          0:02:38
              "The Sandman's Song"  Hendricks, s;      CDS7-54022-2
                                    Bavarian Radio     (2)
                                    Sym Orch/Jeffrey
Grandjany     "The Children's       Anne-Margeurite    Summit DCD-355   0:01:32
              Hour": "The Sandman"* Michaud, h
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Ravel         "Pavane pour une      Budapest Clarinet  Naxos 8.553427   0:05:42
              infante d‚funte"*     Quintet
Dowland       "Pavana"              Paul O'Dette, l    Harmonia Mundi   0:06:52
Holborne/Holm Pavan*                Musicians of the   Phi 446217-2     0:01:51
an-Downey                           Globe/Philip
Brahms        Symphony #4 in e, Op  Philadelphia       Phi 470942-2     0:41:48
              98                    Orch/Riccardo Muti (3)
Bach          Little Preludes, BWV  Kathleen           Gasparo          0:01:49
              924/932: #1*          McIntosh, hc       GSCD-304
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Franck        "Cantabile" in B*     Jean Guillou, o    Dorian           0:05:43
                                    (St Eustache,      DOR-90135 (2)
Franck        "Symphonic            Jean-Philippe      EMI/Ang          0:16:45
              Variations"           Collard, p;        CDC7-47547-2
                                    Toulouse Capitole
Hahn          "Le rossignol         Earl Wild, p       Ivory Classics   0:01:23
              ‚perdu": #42, "Le                        72006 (2)
              Petit Mail"*
Stravinsky    Wind Octet (1923)     London             Lon 417114-2     0:14:48
                                    do Chailly
Tartini       Violin Sonata in g,   Rachel Barton, v;  Cedille          0:15:57
              "Devil's Trill"       David Schrader,    CDR-90000041
                                    hc; John Mark
                                    Rozendaal, vc
Roque Cordero Eight Miniatures for  Chicago            Cedille          0:01:26
              Small Orchestra: #4,  Sinfonietta/Paul   CDR-90000061
              "Danzonete"*          Freeman
Bizet         "L'Arl‚sienne" Suite  Toronto Sym        CBS MDK-45649    0:05:22
              #2: "Pastorale"*      Orch/Andrew Davis
Bizet/Rachman "L'Arl‚sienne" Suite  Vladimir           Lon 470291-2     0:03:02
inoff         #1: "Minuetto"        Ashkenazy, p
Sergei        Rhapsody on a Theme   Peter Jablonski,   Lon 436239-2     0:23:06
Rachmaninoff  by Paganini, Op 43    p; Royal
Mussorgsky/Go "Sorotchinsky Fair":  Tchaikovsky        CBS MK-45529     0:01:57
sman          "Gopak"*              Chamber
                                    Orch/Lazar Gosman
Beethoven     "The Ruins of         Beecham Cho        EMI/Ang          0:21:32
              Athens," Op 113       Society, Royal     CDM7-64385-2
Vaughan       Six Studies in        Ellen Croxford,    EMI/Ang          0:01:39
Williams      English Folksong      vc; David          CDM5-65100-2
              (1926): #2*           Parkhouse, p
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Mussorgsky    "Sorotchinsky Fair":  Georgi             EMI/Ang          0:05:47
              Aria, "Why, my sad    Vinogradov, t;     CHS7-69741-2
              heart"*               Bolshoi Theater    (7)
Ravel         "Rapsodie espagnole"  Cincinnati Sym     Telarc CD-80171  0:15:09
Ravel         "A la maniŠre de      Georges            Transart         0:01:44
              Borodine"*            Pludermacher, p    TR-143 (2)
Mussorgsky/Ra "Pictures at an       Oslo Phil/Mariss   EMI/Ang          0:32:58
vel           Exhibition"           Jansons            CDC7-49797-2
Schumann/Rave "Carnaval" Ballet:    Lyon National      Denon CO-78929   0:00:40
l             "Valse allemande"*    Orch/Emmanuel
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Bach          Cantata #78, "Jesu,   Maurice Andr‚,     EMI/Ang          0:05:01
              der du meine Seele":  tr; B‚atrice       CDC7-49722-2
              Duet, "Wir eilen mit  Andr‚, ob;
              schwachen"*           Francois-Henri
                                    Houbart, o
Bach          Cantata #49, "Ich     Vienna Concentus   Teldec 8.35284   0:06:36
              geh und suche mit     Musicus/Nikolaus   (2)
              Verlangen": Sinfonia  Harnoncourt
Bach          Cantata #29, "Wir     Taverner           Virgin 61304-2   0:03:39
              danken dir, Gott,     Players/Andrew
              wir danken dir":      Parrott
Bach          Violin Partita #3 in  James Buswell, v   Centaur          0:03:19
              E, BWV 1006:                             CRC-2147/48 (2)
Bach          Lute Suite in E, BWV  Konrad Jungh„nel,  RCA-DHM          0:04:33
              1006a: Prelude        l                  77097-2-RC (2)
Schubert      "Hymne IV," D 662*    Marjana Lipovsek,  Hyperion         0:01:48
                                    ms; Graham         CDJ-33029
                                    Johnson, p
Schubert      Symphony #4 in c, D   Cologne Radio Sym  RCA 60096-2-RG   0:28:07
              417, "Tragic"         Orch/Gnter Wand   (5)
Buonamente    "Gagliarda seconda"*  Palladian Ensemble Honest           0:01:48
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Smetana       "The Bartered         St Martin's        Phi 422050-2     0:05:25
              Bride": Dance of the  Academy/Neville
              Comedians "(Skocna)"* Marriner
Nedbal        "Die Winzerbraut"     Carlsbad Sym       Classico CD-192  0:08:02
              (1913): Overture      Orch/Douglas
Schumann      "The Bride of         Philharmonia       Ang SZ-37603     0:07:35
              Messina" Overture     Orch/Riccardo Muti
Schumann      "Myrthen," Op 25:     Lynne Dawson, s;   Chandos          0:01:39
              #12, "Lied der Braut  Julius Drake, p    CHAN-9307
Milhaud       "Scaramouche," Op     Wolfgang Meyer,    Bayer            0:08:54
              165b                  cl; Werner         BR-100059-CD
                                    Genuit, p
Stravinsky    "Pulcinella" Suite    Academy Of St.     DG 469205-2 (2)  0:22:40
                                    Martin In The
Beach         "Children's           Sahan Arzruni, p   New World        0:01:15
              Carnival": #4,                           80590-2
              "Pierrot and
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Anna Amalia   Divertimento*         Rosario Marciano,  Turn TV-34754    0:04:49
                                    p; Luxembourg
                                    Radio Orch/Louis
                                    de Froment
Clara         Piano Sonata in g     Jennifer Eley, p   Koch 3-7197-2    0:19:47
Woldemar      "Adagio" for Cello    Steven Isserlis,   RCA 68800-2      0:07:05
Bargiel       and Orchestra         vc; Deutsche
Brahms        "Altes Volkslied"*    Die Singphoniker   Oehms Classics   0:01:43
Elgar         "In the South         Vienna Phil/John   DG 463265-2      0:20:38
              (Alassio)" Overture,  Eliot Gardiner
              Op 50
Picchi        "Ballo ditto il       Sophie Yates, hc   Chandos          0:01:50
              Pichi"*                                  CHAN-0601
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Andrea        "Ricercar"*           New York Cornet    Pantheon         0:03:01
Gabrieli                            and Sacbut         D-14120
                                    Ensemble/Ben Peck
Gabrieli      Canzona a 4 #2*       New York Cornet    Pantheon         0:02:26
                                    and Sacbut         D-14120
                                    Ensemble/Ben Peck
Vivaldi       Violin Concerto in    Stanley Ritchie,   Ois 436172-2     0:13:06
              e, R 277 "(Il         v; Academy of
              Favorito)"            Ancient
Trad Swiss    "Zurich March"*       Philip Jones       HNH 4037         0:01:52
                                    Brass Ensemble
Othmar        Violin Concerto in    Bettina Boller,    Claves           0:35:04
Schoeck       B-Flat, Op 21         v; Swiss Youth     CD-50-9201
                                    Sym Orch/Andreas
Othmar        "Elegie", Op 36: #2,  Arthur Loosli,     Jecklin          0:01:44
Schoeck       "Liebesfrhling"*     b-br; Bern         JD-510-2
                                    Ensemble/Theo Hug
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Berlioz       "The Damnation of     Baltimore Sym      Telarc CD-80164  0:05:44
              Faust," Op 24:        Orch/David Zinman
              "Menuet des follets"*
Hasselmans    "Les Follets          Paris Harp Sextet  Adda 581124      0:03:07
G B Nevin     "Will-o'-the-Wisp"    David Briggs, o    Delos DE-3241    0:02:24
                                    Church, LA)
Sarasate      "L'Esprit Follet",    Angel Jesus        Rtve Musica      0:04:25
              Op 48                 Garcia, v;         65063
                                    Orch/Miguel Ortega
Beethoven     12 German Dances,     Berlin Chamber     Brilliant        0:01:27
              WoO 8: #2*            Orch/Helmut Koch   Classics 93525
Beethoven/Jir Septet in E-Flat, Op  Sabine Meyer Wind  EMI/Ang          0:37:20
i Druzecky    20                    Ensemble           CDC5-56817-2
Couperin/Baze PiŠces en concert:    Hamilton           Gagliano         0:01:37
laire         "La Tromba"*          Cheifetz, vc;      GR-927-CD
                                    Harold Gray, p
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Sullivan      "The Pirates of       Soloists, Welsh    Telarc CD-80353  0:05:03
              Penzance": Trio,      National Opera
              "Now for the          Cho, Orch/Charles
              pirates' lair!"*      Mackerras
Leigh         Jolly Roger: Overture New Philharmonia   Lyrita SRCS.99   0:03:32
Korngold      "Captain Blood":      London Sym/Andr‚   DG 471347-2      0:13:59
              Suite                 Previn
Korngold      "The Sea Hawk" film   Oregon Sym         Delos DE-3234    0:08:06
              music: Suite          Orch/James
Leroy         "Goldilocks": Pirate  Orch/Leroy         MCA Classics     0:01:59
Anderson      Dance*                Anderson           MCAD2-9815 (2)
Brahms        Clarinet Sonata #2    Richard            RCA 60036-2-RG   0:21:44
              in E-Flat, Op 120/2   Stoltzman, cl;
                                    Richard Goode, p
Schubert      Choral Song, "Zum     Hilliard           EMI/Ang          0:01:43
              Rundtanz", D 983b*    Ensemble/Paul      CDC7-54017-2
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                                 All rights reserved.

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