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January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Haydn         Violin Concerto #1    Jean-Pierre        CBS MK-34559     0:05:01
              in C, H VIIa:1: 2nd   Rampal, f; Tokyo
              mvt, Adagio*          Concert
Haydn         Piano Concertino      Ton Koopman, hc;   Phi 446542-2     0:09:06
              (Divertimento) in G,  Amsterdam Baroque  (2)
              H XIV:13              Orch
Haydn         Lira organizzata      Jean-Pierre        CBS M2K-39772    0:12:29
              Concerto #5 in F, H   Rampal, f; Pierre  (2)
              VIIh:5                Pierlot, ob;
                                    Franz Liszt Ch
                                    Orch/Janos Rolla
Haydn         Scottish Folk Songs:  Janet Baker, ms;   Ang S-37172      0:01:23
              "Duncan Gray"*        Yehudi Menuhin,
                                    v; George
                                    Malcolm, hc
Haydn         Cello Concerto #1 in  Jacqueline Du      EMI/Ang          0:25:56
              C, H VIIb:1           Pr, vc; English   CMS7-69707-2
                                    Chamber            (2)
Haydn         Scottish Folk Songs:  Janet Baker, ms;   Ang S-37172      0:01:38
              "Up in the morning    Yehudi Menuhin,
              early"*               v; George
                                    Malcolm, hc
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Haydn         "The Creation":       Freiburg Baroque   Harmonia Mundi   0:05:20
              Representation of     Orch/Ren Jacobs   HMC-992039.40
              Chaos*                                   (2)
Haydn         "The Creation":       Atlanta Sym Cho,   Telarc CD-80397  0:03:59
              Chorus, "The Heavens  Orch/Robert Shaw
              Are Telling"
Prokofiev     Symphony #1 in D, Op  London Phil/Kurt   Teldec 44941-2   0:14:04
              25, "Classical"       Masur
Debussy       "Hommage  Haydn"*    Werner Haas, p     Phi 438721-2     0:01:50
Mozart        String Quartet #18    Artis String       Sony S3K-46552   0:29:33
              in A, K 464           Quartet            (3)
Haydn         Scottish Folk Songs:  Janet Baker, ms;   Ang S-37172      0:01:30
              "Sleepy Bodie"*       Yehudi Menuhin,
                                    v; George
                                    Malcolm, hc
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Haydn         String Quartet in F,  Bart van Oort,     Brilliant        0:05:23
              Op 74/2: 2nd mvt,     forte-p            Classics 93782
              "Andante grazioso"*                      (150)
Haydn         Divertimento in C, H  Franz Liszt        Teldec 6.43104   0:11:30
              II:11, "Birthday"     Chamber
                                    Orch/Janos Rolla
Peter         Variations on "Happy  Venice String      Dynamic CDS-195  0:14:38
Heidrich      Birthday"             Quartet
Haydn         Scottish Folksong,    Lorna Anderson,    Brilliant        0:01:45
              "Bid me not forget",  s; Haydn Trio      Classics 93782
              H XXXIa:126*                             (150)
Haydn         "Sinfonia             Lehmayer, ob;      DG 474919-2 (4)  0:21:21
              Concertante" in       Werba, bn; Kchl,
              B-Flat, H I:105 (Op   v; Bartolomey,
              84)                   vc; VPO/Leonard
Haydn         Scottish Folksong,    Lorna Anderson,    Brilliant        0:01:32
              "The shepherd's       s; Haydn Trio      Classics 93782
              son", H XXXIa:106*                       (150)
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Haydn         "The Seven Last       Vienna State       MCA Classics     0:04:59
              Words of Christ on    Opera              MCAD2-9816 (2)
              the Cross":           Orch/Hermann
              Introduction:         Scherchen
              "Maestoso ed adagio"*
Haydn         "The Seven Last       Borodin String     Teldec 92373-2   0:10:18
              Words of Christ on    Quartet
              the Cross": Word #5
              (Adagio): "I thirst"
Haydn         "The Seven Last       St Luke's          Musicmasters     0:01:46
              Words of Christ on    Orch/Julius Rudel  MMD-60238-X
              the Cross": Finale,
              "Il Terremoto (The
Haydn         Mass #12 in B-Flat,   Monoyios, Serdar,  Sony SK-62823    0:37:32
              "Theresienmesse," H   Bnten, Van Der
              XXII:12               Kamp; Tlz Boys'
                                    Cho, Tafelmusik/B
Haydn         Eighteen Minuets, H   Bart van Oort,     Brilliant        0:01:47
              IX:20: Minuet and     forte-p            Classics 93782
              Trio in A*                               (150)
Haydn         Baryton Trio in D, H  Esterhazy Ensemble Brilliant        0:04:48
              XI:23*                                   Classics 93782
Haydn         Piano Concertino in   Derek Han, p;      Pro Arte 3541    0:12:07
              C, H XIV:12           English Chamber
                                    Orch/Paul Freeman
Haydn         Welsh folksong,       Jamie MacDougall,  Brilliant        0:01:39
              "Jenny's mantle", H   t; Eisenstadt      Classics 93782
              XXXIb:5*              Haydn Trio         (150)
Corigliano    "Promenade Overture"  I                  Telarc CD-80421  0:08:28
Haydn         Symphony #45 in       Polish Chamber     EMI/Ang          0:26:59
              f-sharp, "Farewell"   Orch/Jerzy         CDFB5-69767-2
                                    Maksymiuk          (2)
Haydn         Welsh Folksong, "The  Haydn Trio         Brilliant        0:01:33
              departure of the                         Classics 93782
              king", H XXXIb:59*                       (150)
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Haydn         "Die Jahreszeiten     Soloists, RIAS     Harmonia Mundi   0:05:37
              (The Seasons)":       Chamber Cho,       HMC-901829.30
              Autumn: Trio and      Freiburg Baroque   (2)
              Chorus, "So lohnet    Orch/Ren Jacobs
              die Natur"*
Strauss       Duet Concertino       Nicholas Cox, cl;  Avie AV-2071     0:18:20
              (1947)                Alan Pendlebury,   (2)
                                    bn; Royal
Haydn         Song, "Bald wehen     Elly Ameling, s;   Phi 6769064 (3)  0:01:35
              uns des Frhlings     Jrg Demus, p
Haydn         Symphony #94 in G,    Philharmonia       RCA 62549-2      0:22:53
              "Surprise"            Orch/Leonard
Haydn/Donald  Symphony #94 in G,    BBC Music          EMI/Ang          0:06:15
Swann         "Surprise": 2nd mvt,  Division           CMS7-63302-2
              "Andante"             Soloists;          (2)
                                    Hoffnung Festival
Haydn         Secular Canons, H     Gyor Girls'        Hungaroton       0:01:44
              XXVIIb:1-46: #23,     Cho/Mikls Szab   HCD-12890-2
              "Das bse Weib"*
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Haydn         Aria, "Infelice       Edith Mathis, s;   Phi 9500929      0:05:16
              sventurata"*          Lausanne Chamber
                                    Orch/Armin Jordan
Haydn         Wind Divertimento in  Consortium         Teldec 6.35473   0:07:34
              D, H deest            Classicum          (4)
Michael Haydn String Divertimento   Barbara            Ars Vivendi      0:16:35
              in E-Flat             Sanderling, db;    2100196
                                    Helmut Lchel,
                                    vi; Rolf Dhler,
Haydn         Secular Canons, H     Gyor Girls'        Hungaroton       0:01:31
              XXVIIb:1-46: #10,     Cho/Mikls Szab   HCD-12890-2
Haydn         Symphony #61 in D     Philharmonia       Lon 4781221      0:23:19
                                    Hungarica/Antal    (33)
Haydn         Song,                 Elly Ameling, s;   Phi 6769064 (3)  0:01:50
              "Zufriedenheit"*      Jrg Demus, p
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Haydn         Opera, "Orfeo ed      C Bartoli, U       Ois 452668-2     0:05:31
              Euridice": Aria,      Heilmann; Academy  (2)
              "Filomena             of Ancient
              abbandonata"*         Music/C Hogwood
Haydn         Symphony #43 in       English            DG Archiv        0:24:09
              E-Flat, "Mercury"     Concert/Trevor     429400-2
Holst         "The Planets," Op     Toronto Sym        EMI/Ang          0:04:01
              32: "Mercury, the     Orch/Andrew Davis  CDC7-47417-2
              Winged Messenger"
Satie         "Mercure" (1924):     Utah Sym           Van OVC-4030     0:01:43
              Danse de tendresse*   Orch/Maurice
Haydn         Piano Sonata #59 in   Gilbert Kalish, p  None 79162-2     0:19:22
              E-Flat, H XVI:49
Haydn         "Katharinen-Tnze":   Boskovsky          Van OVC-8016     0:01:35
              #4*                   Ensemble/Willi
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Dukas         Prlude Elgiaque on  Margaret           Chandos          0:05:05
              the name Haydn*       Fingerhut, p       CHAN-8578
Haydn         Baryton Trio in D, H  Geringas Baryton   CPO 999094-2     0:13:43
              XI:113                Trio
Haydn         Piano Trio in G, H    Beaux Arts Trio    Phi 454098-2     0:12:21
              XV:6                                     (9)
Haydn         Scottish Folk Songs:  Janet Baker, ms;   Ang S-37172      0:01:37
              "John Anderson"*      Yehudi Menuhin,
                                    v; George
                                    Malcolm, hc
Luigini       "Ballet Egyptien"     London Sym         Lon CSA-2232     0:21:32
              Suite, Op 12          Orch/Richard       (2)
Widor         Fugue on the Name of  Margaret           Chandos          0:01:40
              Haydn*                Fingerhut, p       CHAN-8578
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Ytzhak        Variations on a       Meir Rimon, fh;    Crystal CD-513   0:04:45
Graziani      Theme by Haydn*       Israel Phil/David
Ravel/Bsser  "Valses nobles et     Detroit Sym        Mer 434306-2     0:13:48
              sentimentales"        Orch/Paul Paray
Ravel         "Menuet sur le nom    Javor Bracic, p    Labor LAB-7088   0:01:41
Haydn         Arietta with 12       Lola Odiaga,       Albany TROY-219  0:14:13
              Variations in         forte-p
              E-Flat, H XVII:3
Brahms        Variations on a       Philadelphia       Phi 470942-2     0:19:06
              Theme by Haydn, Op    Orch/Riccardo Muti (3)
Gurlitt       "Humorous Variations  Douglas            Kbyu 9701/02     0:01:44
              on Ach, du lieber     Humphreys, p       (2)
              "Variation in the
              Style of Haydn"*
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Scarlatti     Clavier Sonata in b,  Albert Fuller, hc  Helicon HE-1038  0:05:26
              Kk 87 (L 33)*
Dello Joio    "Salute to Scarlatti" Debra Torok, p     Albany TROY-359  0:10:14
Dello Joio    "Homage to Haydn"     Louisville         Albany TROY-024  0:17:56
              (1969)                Orch/Leonard
Haydn         Minuets, H IX:8: #5*  Bart van Oort,     Brilliant        0:01:47
                                    forte-p            Classics 93782
Haydn         String Quartet in A,  Lindsay String     ASV CDDCA-1057   0:19:09
              Op 20/6               Quartet
Haydn         Scottish Folksong,    Jamie MacDougall,  Brilliant        0:01:36
              "The wee, wee man"*   t; Eisenstadt      Classics 93782
                                    Haydn Trio         (150)
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Haydn         Opera, "Orfeo ed      Academy of         Ois 452668-2     0:05:04
              Euridice": Chorus,    Ancient Music and  (2)
              "Ah, sposo infelice"* Cho/Christopher
Haydn         Opera, "Orfeo ed      Academy of         Ois 452668-2     0:04:14
              Euridice": Overture   Ancient            (2)
Haydn         Song, "Sailor's Song" Patrice Michaels   Cedille          0:02:25
                                    Bedi, s; David     CDR-90000049
Haydn         London Trio #3 in G,  Bernard Goldberg,  Price-Less       0:11:00
              H IV:3                f; Jeffrey         D-1077-X
                                    Khaner, f; Loren
                                    Mallory Hampton,
Haydn         "March for the        Netherlands Wind   Phi 472678-2     0:01:40
              Derbyshire Cavalry    Ensemble           (2)
Haydn         Symphony #101 in D,   New York           Sony             0:29:18
              "Clock"               Phil/Leonard       SM2K-47557 (2)
Haydn         Flute Clock Piece in  Jean Guillou, o    Dorian           0:01:42
              G*                    (Notre Dame des    DOR-90112
                                    Nieges, Alpe
                                    d'Huez, France)
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