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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Villa-Lobos/S "Bachianas            Barenboim, p;      Teldec 21482-2   0:05:21
ilvetti       brasileiras" #5       Pahud, f; Klein,
              (1938-45): "Aria      ob; Combs, cl;
              (Cantilena)"*         Kassinger, db
Milhaud       "Scaramouche," Op     Jiri Hlavac, cl;   Panton 810884-2  0:09:33
              165b                  Orch/Stanislav
Guarnieri     Three Dances for      Simon Bolivar Sym  Dorian           0:09:04
              Orchestra             Orch/Maximiano     DOR-90227
Karl Amadeus  Suite #2: Jazz*       Thelma Owen, h;    Virgin 91170-2   0:01:37
Hartmann                            Philippa Davies, f
Mozart        Violin Sonata #24 in  Fabio Biondi, v;   Opus 111         0:29:09
              D, K 306              Olga Tverskaya,    OPS-30-216
Franz Xaver   Song, "Klage an den   Barbara Bonney,    Lon B0005505-02  0:01:33
Mozart        Mond"*                s; Malcolm
                                    Martineau, p
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Mendelssohn   "Andante vari‚"*      Marie-Claire       Erato ECD-88112  0:05:38
                                    Alain, o
                                    (Coll‚giale de
                                    Saint Donat,
Schumann      "Manfred," Op 115:    Los Angeles        DG 400062-2      0:13:36
              Overture              Phil/Carlo Maria
Praetorius    "Terpsichore"         New London         Ois 414633-2     0:01:47
              (1612): "Passameze    Consort/Philip
              pour les cornetz"*    Pickett
Gervaise      Danceries a Four      Paris Florilegium  Odys Y-34617     0:06:33
Playford      "The English Dancing  New York           Arabesque        0:06:12
              Master": Group        Renaissance        Z-6520
              Dances III            Band/Sally
Susato/Dunnig "The Danserye"        University Of      Reference        0:20:48
an            (1551): Excerpts      Texas Wind         Recordings
                                    Ens/Jerry Junkin   RR-104-CD
Anon 16th c   Paduana del re*       Calliope           None 79069-1     0:01:37
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Tchaikovsky   "Nocturne" in d, Op   Ren‚ Forest, vc;   Koch 3-1611-2    0:04:51
              19/4*                 RIAS
Martinu       Flute Sonata #1       Laurel Zucker, f;  Cantilena        0:19:33
              (1945)                Marc Shapiro, p    Records 66015-2
Milhaud       "Saudades do          Orpheus Ch Orch    Sony SK-89251    0:01:34
              Brasil," Op 67: #1,
Schumann      Symphony #4 in d, Op  London             EMI/Ang          0:28:30
              120                   Phil/Adrian Boult  75459-2 (2)
Peter         Variations on "Happy  Kremerata Baltica  None 79657-2     0:01:34
Heidrich      Birthday": "After
              Robert Schumann"*
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Kraus         "Allegro" in D*       Walter Schwede,    Naxos            0:05:07
                                    v; Jacques         8.570023-24 (2)
                                    DesprŠs, p
Mozart        Divertimento #14 in   Amadeus Winds      Ois 425819-2     0:12:05
              B-Flat, K 270
Haydn         Baryton Trio in D, H  Esterhazy Baryton  EMI/Ang          0:01:22
              XI:64: Finale,        Trio               CDM7-69836-2
Diepenbrock   Overture to           Hague Residentie   Chandos          0:10:10
              Aristophanes' "The    Orch/Hans Vonk     CHAN-8821
Vaughan       "The Wasps" (1909)    Bournemouth        EMI/Ang          0:25:22
Williams                            Sinfonietta/Norman CDC7-47812-2
                                     Del Mar
Britten       Two Insect Pieces:    Sara Watkins, ob;  Meridian         0:01:45
              "The Wasp"*           Osian Ellis, h     CDE-84119
Mendelssohn   "A Midsummer Night's  Orch of the 18th   Glossa           0:04:50
              Dream" Overture, Op   Century/Frans      GCD-921101
              21: Scherzo*          Brggen
Beethoven     Piano Sonata #27 in   Georges            Transart         0:12:39
              e, Op 90              Pludermacher, p    TR-101 (10)
Chausson      Three Shakespeare     Ann Murray, ms;    Hyperion         0:01:37
              Songs, Op 28: #3,     Graham Johnson, p  CDA-67321/2 (2)
              "Chanson d'Oph‚lie"*
Chausson      Symphony in B-Flat,   Suisse Romande     Lon 433715-2     0:35:29
              Op 20                 Orch/Ernest
Purcell       Trumpet tune,         E Power Biggs, o   CBS M-33514      0:01:43
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Gottschalk    "Radieuse"*           Eugene List,       Van OVC-4051     0:05:13
                                    Joseph Werner, p
Tchaikovsky   "The Nutcracker"      Boston Pops        Phi 412556-2     0:21:56
              Suite, Op 71a         Orch/John Williams
Robert Farnon "The Peanut Polka"    New London         Hyperion         0:02:56
                                    Orch/Ronald Corp   CDA-66968
Ernest        "Sweet and Dainty"*   Czecho-Slovak      Marco Polo       0:01:27
Tomlinson                           Radio Sym/Ernest   8.223413
Suk           Fantasy in g, Op 24   Thomas Christian,  Koch 3-1538-2    0:22:34
                                    v; Bamberg Sym
Lupo          Fantasia #12*         English Fantasy    ASV CDGAU-149    0:01:50
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Mozart        Song,                 Elisabeth          EMI/Ang          0:05:09
              "Abendempfindung," K  Schwarzkopf, s;    CDZ5-74803-2
              523*                  Walter Gieseking,
Mozart        Piano Quartet #1 in   Brendel, p;        Phi 446001-2     0:29:58
              g, K 478              Zehetmair, v;
                                    Tabea Zimmermann,
                                    vi; Richard
                                    Duven, vc
Byrd          Motet, "Factus est    The Scholars       Unicorn UNS-254  0:01:27
Orff          Entrata on a Theme    Vienna State       EMI/Ang          0:08:35
              by William Byrd       Opera              75956-2 (2)
Byrd          "Fantasia"            Andrew             RCA-DHM 77504-2  0:09:30
                                    Lawrence-King, h
Byrd          Jig*                  Canadian Brass     CBS MK-45792     0:01:54
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Telemann      Flute (Recorder)      Jean-Pierre        Sony SBK-89736   0:05:21
              Suite in a: Air …     Rampal, f;
              l'Italien*            Jerusalem Music
                                    Center Chamber
Bach          Chromatic Fantasy     Igor Kipnis, hc    Arabesque        0:11:56
              and Fugue in d, BWV                      Z-6577
Villa-Lobos   "Magdalena": "The     Orch/Andr‚         CBS M-32821      0:01:44
              Emerald"*             Kostelanetz
Faur‚         "Emeralds" (music     New York City      None 79135-2     0:28:30
              from Opp 80 & 57 for  Ballet             (2)
              Balanchine ballet)    Orchestra/Robert
George        "Birthstone Suite":   Royal Phil/John    Usa USACD-576    0:03:13
RUSSELL       "May: Emerald"        Keating
Jazeps Vitols "Dargakmeni           Latvian National   Marco Polo       0:02:21
              (Jewels)," Op 66:     Sym Orch/Dmitri    8.223756
              #2, "Emeralds"        Yablonsky
Gervaise      Branle*               Collegium Aureum   RCA-DHM 77602-2  0:01:39
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Anon 18th c   Sinfonia in D*        Ludwig Gttler,    Capriccio 10090  0:05:39
German                              tr; Kurt Sandau,
                                    tr; Friedrich
                                    Kircheis, o
Anon 17th c   Violin Sonata         John Holloway, v;  ECM 1668         0:05:20
German                              Lars Ulrik
                                    Mortensen, o
Anon 14th c   Estampie anglaise*    Calliope           Summit DCD-112   0:01:49
Lachner       Suite #1 in d, Op 113 Polish State       Marco Polo       0:42:35
                                    Phil/Stephen       8.223195
Joplin        "When Your Hair is    Alessandra         Kha KHA-003      0:01:47
              Like the Snow"*       Celletti, p
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Frescobaldi/S Toccatas, Canzonas,   Sym of the         EMI/Ang          0:02:57
tokowski      etc, Bk 2 (1627):     Air/Leopold        CDM5-66864-2
              Gagliarda*            Stokowski
Palestrina/St Motet, "Adoramus te"* Sym of the         EMI/Ang          0:02:34
okowski                             Air/Leopold        CDM5-66864-2
Mozart        "Sinfonia             Todd Phillips, v;  DG 429784-2      0:32:09
              Concertante" in       Maureen
              E-Flat, K 364         Gallagher, vi;
                                    Orpheus Chamber
Marais        Five Old French       Yizhak Schotten,   Crystal CD-635   0:01:44
              Dances: #1,           vi; Edward
              "L'Agr‚able"*         Parmentier, hc
Tailleferre   Concertino for Harp   Gillian Benet, h;  Koch 3-7169-2    0:16:04
              and Orchestra (1927)  Women's
Gesualdo      Motet, "Sancti        Weimar Hofs„nger   MD+G             0:01:34
              Spiritus, Domine"*                       Recordings
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Borodin       "Prince Igor":        Sofia National     EMI/Ang          0:05:26
              Overture*             Opera Orch/Jerzy   CMS7-63386-2
                                    Semkow             (3)
Glazunov/Irvi "Birthday Offering"   Royal Phil/Robert  Ang 35588        0:22:52
ng                                  Irving
Paine         Three Piano Pieces,   Denver Oldham, p   New World        0:01:02
              Op 41: #2, "Birthday                     80424-2 (2)
Bach/David    Suite for Brass       Philip Jones       Lon 417524-2     0:11:37
Purser                              Brass Ens
Froberger     Clavier Suite #6 in C Gavin Black, hc    PGM 101          0:13:04
Beethoven     "The Ruins of         Royal Phil/Thomas  EMI/Ang          0:01:48
              Athens," Op 113:      Beecham            CDM7-64385-2
              Turkish March*
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
L‚o D‚libes   "Lakm‚": Flower       Hei-Kyung Hong,    Teldec 22801-2   0:05:36
              duet, "Dome ‚pais,    Jennifer Larmore;
              le jasmin"*           Munich Radio
Massenet      "Tha‹s" (1894):       Peter Mirring, v;  Phi 412236-2     0:05:15
              "M‚ditation"          Dresden State
                                    Opera Orch,
                                    io Varviso
Rabaud        "Mƒrouf, Cobbler of   Rheinland-Pfalz    Marco Polo       0:14:45
              Cairo": Ballet music  Phil/Leif          8.223503
Bizet         "Les Pˆcheurs de      Michael Schade,    Radio Canada     0:07:41
              Perles": Duet, "Au    t; Russell Braun,  Int'l SMCD-5174
              fond du temple saint" br; Canadian
                                    Opera Company
Bizet         "Djamileh": Chorus    Popp, Bonisolli,   Orfeo            0:01:04
              of the Players*       Lafont Bavarian    C-174881-A
                                    Radio Cho, Munich
Beethoven     Seven Bagatelles, Op  Denis Matthews, p  Van OVC-8073     0:19:19
Susato        Pavane, "La           English Chamber    RCA 61541-2      0:01:26
              Bataille"*            Orch Brass
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