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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Copland       Song, "As It Fell     Jayne West, s;     Koch 3-7494-2    0:04:59
              Upon A Day" (1924)*   Fenwick Smith, f;
                                    Thomas Hill, cl
Foster        Song, "Beautiful      Jan De Gaetani,    None 79158-2     0:03:30
              Dreamer"              ms; Leslie Guinn,
                                    br; Gilbert
                                    Kalish, p
Carpenter     "Gitenjali" (1914):   Carole Bogard, s;  Parnassus        0:02:58
              #1, "When I Bring to  John Moriarty, p   PACD-96021/2
              You Colour'd Toys"                       (2)
Barber        Four Songs, Op 13:    Cheryl Studer, s;  DG 435867-2 (2)  0:02:30
              #3, "Sure on this     John Browning, p
              shining night"
Ives          Song, "General        Nathan Gunn, br;   EMI/Ang          0:05:10
              William Booth Enters  Kevin Murphy, p    CDZ5-73160-2
              into Heaven"
Rorem         Song, "Now Sleeps     Susan Graham, ms;  Erato 80222-2    0:04:19
              the Crimson Petal"    Malcolm
                                    Martineau, p
Hundley       Song, "Sweet Suffolk  Lauren Wagner, s;  Channel          0:01:35
              Owl"*                 Fred Weldy, p      Classics
Mozart        Violin Concerto #5    Pamela Frank, v;   Arte Nova        0:28:34
              in A, K 219,          Zrich Tonhalle    72104-2 (2)
              "Turkish"             Orch/David Zinman
Schein/Toupin Psalm, "Dennoch       Meridian Arts      Channel          0:01:45
              bleibe stets an dir"* Ensemble Brass     Classics
                                    Quintet            CCS-6594
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Walton        "Hamlet" (1947):      Royal Liverpool    Ang DS-38088     0:04:56
              "Funeral March"*      Phil/Charles
Walton/M      "Henry V" Suite       Bournemouth Sym    Lon 448134-2     0:16:42
Mathieson     (1944): Suite         Orch/Andrew Litton
Walton        "As You Like It"      St Martin's        Chandos          0:01:51
              (Film score, 1936):   Academy/Sir        CHAN-8842
              Procession*           Neville Marriner
Korngold      Piano Quintet in E,   B Forsberg, p; K   DG 459631-2 (2)  0:31:25
              Op 15                 Lysell, U
                                    Forsberg, v; N-E
                                    Sparf, vi; M
                                    Lidstr”m, vc
Josef Strauss Polka schnell, "Im    Vienna Johann      Ang DS-38077     0:01:56
              Fluge," Op 230*       Strauss
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Ravel         "Pavane pour une      Budapest Clarinet  Naxos 8.553427   0:05:42
              infante d‚funte"*     Quintet
Telemann      Two-Chalumeaux        Musica Antiqua     DG Archiv        0:11:17
              Concerto in d         K”ln/Reinhard      419633-2
Schumann      Three Romances, Op 94 Sharon Kam, cl;    Teldec 11022-2   0:13:18
                                    Itamar Golan, p
Schumann      "Romanzen fr         Stuttgart Radio    H„nssler         0:01:24
              Frauenstimmen", Op    Cho/Rupert Huber   Classic
              91: #4, "Das                             CD-93.256
              verlassene M„gdlein"*
Tchaikovsky   "Francesca da         USSR Sym           Mel/BMG 37880-2  0:23:04
              Rimini," Op 32        Orch/Yevgeny
Schubert      Song, "Rastlose       Bernarda Fink,     Harmonia Mundi   0:01:21
              Liebe," D 138*        ms; Gerold Huber,  HMC-901991
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Puccini       "Crisantemi" (1890)*  Manhattan String   Newport          0:05:23
                                    Quartet            Classic
Danzi         Sinfonia concertante  Dieter Kl”cker,    MD+G             0:18:48
              in B-Flat             cl; Karl-Otto      Recordings
                                    Hartmann, bn; Suk  L-3365
                                    Chamber Orch/Petr
Dvor k        "Love Songs," Op 83:  John Ostendorf,    Spectrum SR-193  0:01:47
              #1, "About our love"* b-br; Rudolph
                                    Palmer, p
Suk           "A Fairy Tale"        Royal Liverpool    Virgin 45245-2   0:29:21
              Suite, Op 16          Phil/Libor Pesek
Jan cek       "Rikadla (Nursery     Hilde Somer, p;    Phoenix          0:01:29
              Rhymes)": "Spring     Caramoor Festival  PHCD-109
              Sunshine"*            Orch/Julius Rudel
Alkan         Concerto da camera    Dmitry Feofanov,   Naxos 8.553702   0:05:13
              #3 in c#*             p; Razumovsky Sym
Saint-Sa‰ns   Cello Concerto #1 in  Alexander          Nimbus NI-5127   0:17:40
              a, Op 33              Michejew, vc;
                                    London Sym
Godard        "Suite de trois       Susan Milan, f;    Chandos          0:01:44
              morceaux," Op 116:    City of London     CHAN-8840
              #1, Allegretto*       Sinfonia/Richard
Chabrier      "Larghetto" for horn  Ronald Janezic,    DG 447751-2      0:09:59
              and orchestra (1875)  fh; Vienna
                                    Phil/John Eliot
Milhaud       Piano Concerto #4,    Claude Helffer,    Erato 45992-2    0:19:34
              Op 295                p; French
Rorem         "Suite fran‡aise"     Orch de            Ang S-36519      0:01:33
              (1935): #7 (Finale),  Paris/Georges
              "Carillon"*           Prˆtre
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Elgar         Romance, Op 62*       Julie Price, bn;   Harmonia Mundi   0:05:24
                                    English Ch         HMU-907258
                                    Orch/Paul Goodwin
Leroy         "Clarinet Candy"      Orch/Leroy         MCA Classics     0:02:45
Anderson                            Anderson           MCAD2-9815 (2)
Mozart        Clarinet Concerto in  Sabine Meyer, cl;  EMI/Ang          0:26:45
              A, K 622              Dresden            CDU5-66949-2
Leroy         "Goldilocks": Pirate  Orch/Leroy         MCA Classics     0:01:59
Anderson      Dance*                Anderson           MCAD2-9815 (2)
Leroy         "Bugler's Holiday"    Orch/Leroy         MCA Classics     0:02:17
Anderson                            Anderson           MCAD2-9815 (2)
Haydn         Trumpet Concerto in   Ludwig Gttler,    Capriccio 10010  0:15:11
              E-Flat, H VIIe:1      tr; Leipzig New
                                    Bach Collegium
                                    Musicum/Max Pommer
Roman         The Golovin Music:    Drottningholm      Caprice          0:01:51
              #19*                  Baroque Ensemble   CAP-21325
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Alb‚niz/Arb¢s "Navarra"*            Chicago Sym        RCA 62586-2      0:05:35
                                    Orch/Fritz Reiner
Falla         "The Three-Cornered   Philharmonia       EMI/Ang          0:18:29
              Hat" (1918-9): Suite  Orch/Carlo Maria   CDM7-69037-2
              #2                    Giulini
Granados      "Danzas espa€olas,"   Alicia de          EMI/Ang          0:03:38
              Op 37 (Op 5): #6,     Larrocha, p        CDM7-64529-2
              "Jota (Rondalla
Federico      "Preludio" in E*      Julian Bream, g    MCA Classics     0:01:49
Moreno-Torrob                                          MCAD2-9830
Beethoven     Symphony #1 in C, Op  London Sym         MCA Classics     0:25:34
              21                    Orch/Wyn Morris    MCAD-25888
Brahms        Waltzes, Op 39: #12   Misha Dichter, p   Musicmasters     0:01:38
              in E*                                    67126-2
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Lili          "D'un Matin de        Olivier Charlier,  Marco Polo       0:04:49
Boulanger     Printemps" (1918)*    v; Emile           8.223636
                                    Naoumoff, p
Arriaga       Overture, Op 1,       Concert des        Astr‚e E-8532    0:07:56
              "Nonetto"             Nations/Jordi
GF Pinto      Fantasia and Sonata   M¡ce l O'Rourke, p Chandos          0:13:26
              in c                                     CHAN-9798
Norbert       Song, "Einkehr," Op   Mitsuko Shirai,    MD+G             0:01:51
Burgmller    3/1*                  s; Hartmut H”ll, p Recordings
Ernst Mielck  Concert Piece for     Liisa Pohjola, p;  Sterling         0:25:23
              Piano and Orchestra,  Turku Phil/Hannu   CDS-1035-2
              Op 9                  Lintu
Notari        "O bella Clori"*      Consort of         Hyperion         0:01:20
                                    Musicke/Anthony    A-66140
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Nielsen       Three Piano Pieces,   Elisabeth          BIS CD-167/168   0:05:13
              Op 59: #3, Allegro    Westenholz, p      (2)
              non troppo*
Kuhlau        "Grand Trio" in G,    Jean-Pierre        Delos DE-3212    0:15:59
              Op 119                Rampal, f; Claudi
                                    Arimany, f; John
                                    Steele Ritter, p
Riisager      "Slaraffenland", Op   Christina          Da Capo          0:01:29
              33: "Springedans"*    Bjorkoe, p         8.226004
Nielsen       Symphony #1 in g, Op  Royal Scottish     Chandos          0:32:10
              7                     Orch/Bryden        CHAN-8880
Mozart        "Idomeneo, rŠ di      Salzburg           Capriccio 10253  0:01:46
              Creta," K 366: #14,   Mozarteum
              "Marcia"*             Orch/Hans Graf
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Wagner        Adagio for Clarinet   Jack Brymer, cl;   Van SVC-84       0:05:04
              and Strings*          I Solisti di
Wagner        "Die Feen": Overture  Malaga             Naxos 8.557055   0:10:40
Wagner/Stokow "Parsifal": Act III   Houston Sym        Everest          0:17:13
ski           Synthesis             Orch/Leopold       EVC-9024
CPE Bach/M    "Solfeggietto"*       Sarah Bullen, h    Egan 00002       0:01:31
Beethoven     Violin Sonata #3 in   Juliette Kang, v;  Discover Int'l   0:19:25
              E-Flat, Op 12/3       Melvin Chen, p     DICD-920241
Shostakovich  "The Gadfly," Op 97:  Ukraine National   Naxos 8.553299   0:01:57
              "Barrel-Organ Waltz"* Sym Orch/Theodore
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Ravel         "Miroirs": "Alborada  Marcelle Meyer, p  Pearl            0:05:09
              del gracioso"*                           GEMM-CD-9495
Ravel         "Rapsodie espagnole"  Amsterdam          Phi 416495-2     0:15:49
Rimsky-Korsak "Capriccio            Czech Phil/Karel   Supraphon        0:15:14
ov            espagnol," Op 34      Ancerl             110602-2
Diego Ortiz   "La gamba"*           Kithara Trio       Chandos          0:01:43
Boccherini    Two-Violin Duet, Op   Boris Garlitsky,   Mel              0:16:28
              5/2                   Amayak Durgaryan,  SUCD-1000222
Rodrigo       "Cinco piezas         Elena Martin, p;   Centaur          0:01:45
              infantiles" (1924):   Jos‚ Meliton, p    CRC-2460
              #4, "Plegaria"*
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Chopin        "tudes," Op 25: #7   Nikolai Lugansky,  Erato 80228-2    0:05:24
              in c-sharp*           p
Handel        "Water Music" Suite   Boston Baroque     Telarc CD-80594  0:09:45
              #2 in D               Orch/Martin
Rorem         "Water Music"         Gary Gray, cl;     RCA 63512-2      0:14:33
                                    Margaret Batjer,
                                    v; Los Angeles
Telemann      Overture (Suite) in   The King's         Hyperion         0:01:33
              C, "Hamburger Ebb'    Consort/Robert     CDA-66967
              und Flut              King
              (Wassermusik)": #10
              (Finale), "Canarie"*
Rorem         Song, "For Poulenc"   Paul Sperry, t;    Albany TROY-081  0:02:56
                                    Irma Vallecillo, p
Rorem         "Les biches" (1924)   Ulster             Chandos          0:20:09
                                    Orch/Yan-Pascal    CHAN-9023
Milhaud       "Saudades do          William Bolcom, p  None 71316-2     0:01:36
              Brasil," Op 67: #11,
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                                 All rights reserved.

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