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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Beethoven     Variations in F on a  Marisa Robles, h   Lon 425723-2     0:05:09
              Swiss Air, WoO 64*
Liszt         "Ann‚es de            Muza Rubackyte, p  Lyrinx           0:05:52
              pŠlerinage:" 1st                         LYR-2216 (3)
              Year, Switzerland
              (1848-54): #9, "Les
              Cloches de GenŠve"
Hans Huber    "Der Simplicius"      Stuttgart          Sterling         0:10:19
              (1898): Symphonic     Phil/J”rg-Peter    CDS-1022-2
              Prelude               Weigle
Liebermann    "Suite on Six Swiss   Swiss Chamber      Musica           0:01:41
              Folksongs" (1944):    Phil/Patrice       Helvetica
              #4, "Durs Oberland    Ulrich             MHCD-103.2
              uf und durs Oberland
Mozart        "Sinfonia             Rafael Druian, v;  CBS MYK-37810    0:31:07
              Concertante" in       Abraham Skernick,
              E-Flat, K 364         vi; Cleveland
                                    Orch/George Szell
Janequin      Chanson, "Martin      A Sei Voci,        Astr‚e E-8571    0:01:35
              menoit son pourceau"* Labyrinthes/Bernar
                                    d Fabre-Garrus
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Paganini      24 Caprices for Solo  Aaron Rosand, v    Artkor ART-2734  0:05:33
              Violin, Op 1: #24 in
Johann        "Walzer … la          Vienna             Denon CO-75779   0:05:56
Strauss,      Paganini," Op 11      Biedermeyer
Sr/Helmuth                          Ensemble
Paganini/Schu 24 Caprices for Solo  Tossy              Omega OCD-1035   0:01:19
mann          Violin, Op 1: #14 in  Spivakovsky, v;
              E-Flat, "La Chasse"*  Lester Taylor, p
Giannini      Piano Concerto (1934) Gabriela Imreh,    Naxos 8.559352   0:41:12
                                    p; Bournemouth
                                    Sym Orch/Daniel
Mozart/Baude- "The Abduction from   Philidor Ensemble  Supraphon        0:01:26
Delhommais    the Seraglio," K                         SU-3018-2131
              384: Overture*
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Pryor         "Thoughts of Love"*   Mark H.Lawrence,   Summit DCD-121   0:05:44
                                    tb; American
                                    Band/Henry C.
Elgar         String Quartet in e,  Chilingirian       EMI/Ang          0:28:49
              Op 83                 String Quartet     CDC7-47661-2
Manuel        "La Quejosita"*       Elias Barreiro, g  Elan CD-82282    0:01:44
Gershwin      "Cuban Overture"      Chicago Sym        DG 445768-2      0:09:48
              (1932)                Orch/James Levine
Rold n        La rebambaramba:      New World          Argo 436737-2    0:08:56
              Suite                 Sym/Michael
                                    Tilson Thomas
Manuel        "Los ojos de Pepa"*   Elias Barreiro, g  Elan CD-82282    0:01:47
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Sowerby       "Comes Autumn Time"*  Czech National     Cedille          0:04:41
                                    Sym Orch/Paul      CDR-90000033
Beethoven     Piano Sonata #28 in   Oxana              Pro Piano        0:20:29
              A, Op 101             Yablonskaya, p     PPR-224516
Joseph Marx   "Piemontisisches      Stella Doufexis,   ASV CDDCA-1164   0:01:44
              Volkslied"*           ms; Bochum Sym
                                    Orch/Steven Sloane
Vaughan       English Folk Song     University Of      Reference        0:11:32
Williams      Suite (1923)          Texas Wind         Recordings
                                    Ens/Jerry F Junkin RR-104-CD
Jazeps Vitols Latvian Folk-Song     Valdis Zarins, v;  Marco Polo       0:15:36
              Fantasy, Op 42        Latvian National   8.223756
                                    Sym Orch/D.
Croatian Trad Folksong, "Oj         Bella Voce/Anne    Bella Voce 2002  0:01:39
              Savice"*              Heider
Paumann       Dance Suite*          Florilegium        Odys Y-34617     0:05:24
                                    Musicum de
Stenhammar    "Chitra," Op 43       Swedish Radio Sym  Musica Sveciae   0:13:44
                                    Orch/Esa-Pekka     MSCD-626
Sibelius      Chorus, "Har du       Helsinki Univ      BIS CD-1115      0:01:31
              mod?"*                Male Cho, Lahti
                                    Sym Orch/Osmo
Haydn         Symphony #71 in       Philharmonia       Lon              0:22:36
              B-Flat                Hungarica/Antal    STS-15135/8 (4)
Handel        Violin Sonata in D,   Ganassi Consort    MD+G             0:10:23
              Op 1/13 (HWV 371)                        Recordings
                                                       L-3421/22 (2)
Vaughan       "Coastal Command"     Philharmonia       Silva SSD-1011   0:01:37
Williams      (1942): "Taking off   Orch/Kenneth Alwyn
              at night"*
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Revueltas     "Ocho X Radio"*       Orquesta           Guild GMCD-7211  0:05:14
                                    Sinfonica de
                                    de la Fuente
Galindo       "Sones de Mariachi"   Mexico National    Unicorn RHS-365  0:08:38
                                    Sym/Kenneth Klein
Ponce         "Danse des anciens    Mexico State Sym   ASV CDDCA-926    0:01:45
              mexicains"*           Orch/Enrique B tiz
Alkan         "Grande Sonate: Les   Marc-Andr‚         Hyperion         0:38:48
              Quatre Ages," Op 33   Hamelin, p         CDA-20794
Handel        "Almira": Chaconne*   Berlin Academy     Harmonia Mundi   0:01:27
                                    for Ancient Music  HMC-901852
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Schubert      Six L„ndler, D 970*   Jacques Abram, p   MHS ORS-256      0:05:12
Sibelius      Six Humoresques, Op   Aaron Rosand, v;   Vox CDX-5116     0:17:08
              87b/89                Southwest German   (2)
                                    Radio Orch/Rolf
Sibelius      Six Songs, Op 86:     Monica Groop, ms;  BIS CD-657       0:01:12
              #1,                   Love Derwinger, p
Dvor k        Four Pieces, Op 52    Stefan Veselka, p  Naxos 8.505205   0:19:53
CPE Bach      Six Wind Sonatas, Wq  Melbourne          Move MD-3082     0:10:14
              184                   Windpower
Anon 16th c   Madrigal, "I am a     The Scholars       Unicorn UNS-254  0:01:36
English       jolly foster"*
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
PhalŠse       "Pavan Lesquercarde"* Renaissonics       Titanic TI-232   0:03:17
PhalŠse       "Pavane Ferrareze"*   Renaissonics       Titanic TI-232   0:02:19
Couperin      "Les go–ts r‚nis,    Musica Ad          Brilliant        0:11:37
              ou nouveaux           Rhenum/Jed Wentz   Classics 92178
              concerts" (1724): 2e                     (7)
Armand-Louis  "La Cheron"           Charivari          Signum           0:04:29
Couperin                            Agr‚able Ensemble  SIGCD-032
Louis         Fantaisie pour les    Charivari          Signum           0:03:21
Couperin/Kah- Violes                Agr‚able Ensemble  SIGCD-032
Ming Ng
Marc Roger    "Chaconne de Mr de    Davitt Moroney, hc Hyperion         0:02:24
Normand       la Pierre l'AŒn‚"                        CDA-67164
Couperin      "PiŠces de            Michala Petri, r;  Phi 6514324      0:01:38
              clavecin," Bk 3       Hanne Petri, hc
              (1722): "14e ordre"
              in D/d: Le rossignol
Khachaturian  "Spartacus" Ballet    Royal Phil/Yuri    EMI/Ang          0:24:40
              Suite #3 (1957)       Temirkanov         CDC7-47348-2
Khachaturian/ "Gayaneh" (1942, rev  Emanuil            None 78019-1     0:01:54
Sheynkman     1957): "Lezghinka"*   Sheynkman, m;
                                    Macaluso, g
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Haydn         Two Italian Duets, H  Kathleen           Unicorn-Kanchan  0:05:17
              XXVa: #2, "Saper      Livingstone, s;    a UKCD-2009
              vorrei se m'ami"*     Neil Mackie, t;
                                    John Blakely, p
Haydn         Symphony #86 in D     Age of             Virgin 90844-2   0:26:03
Johnson       "Sellenger's Rounde"* Jakob Lindberg,    BIS CD-267       0:01:41
                                    Paul O'Dette, l's
Various       Variations on an      Guildhall String   RCA 7846-2-RC    0:15:53
              Elizabethan Theme     Ensemble/Robert
              ("Sellenger's Round") Salter
Byrd          "Sellenger's Round"   Christopher        Ois DSLO-566     0:05:40
                                    Hogwood, hc
Anon 17th c   "The Miller of the    Broadside          Harmonia Mundi   0:01:40
English       Dee"*                 Band/Jeremy Barlow HMA-1901039
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Rameau        "Acante et C‚phise"   Les Talens         Ois 4759107      0:05:08
              (1751): Overture*     Lyriques/Christoph
                                    e Rousset
Dukas         Variations,           Tor Espen Aspaas,  Simax PSC-1177   0:18:34
              Interlude and Finale  p
              on a Theme by Rameau
Debussy       "Images", Set 1       Artur Rubinstein,  RCA 5670-2-RC    0:06:03
              (1905): #2, "Hommage  p
              … Rameau"
Rameau        "Acante et C‚phise"   Orch of the 18th   Glossa           0:01:35
              (1751): "Gavottes"*   Century/Frans      GCD-921103
Debussy       "Pr‚lude …            French National    EMI/Ang          0:10:27
              l'aprŠs-midi d'un     Radio Orch/Jean    CDM7-69587-2
              faune"                Martinon
Gossec        Symphony in D (B 86)  London Mozart      Chandos          0:12:17
                                    Players/Matthias   CHAN-9661
Stravinsky/Jo "Pastorale (Song      Los Angeles        GHA 126016       0:01:47
nathan Marcus Without Words)"*      Guitar Quartet
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Vackar        Rivi‚ra (March)*      Czech Phil/Vaclav  Supraphon        0:02:27
                                    Neumann            110117-2
Antonin Nyvlt "Captain Rimek"       Czech Phil/Vaclav  Supraphon        0:02:45
              March*                Neumann            110117-2
Smetana       String Quartet #1 in  Lindsay String     ASV CDDCA-777    0:27:31
              e, "From My Life"     Quartet
Smetana       "The Two Widows":     Svejda, Jedlicka,  Praga            0:01:20
              Quartet*              Hampel,            PR-250022/23
                                    Sounova-Broukova;  (2)
                                    Prague Radio
Ireland       "A Sea Idyll"         John Lenehan, p    Naxos 8.572598   0:12:29
Bax/Parlett   "On the Sea-Shore"    Ulster             Chandos          0:07:29
              (1909)                Orch/Vernon        CHAN-8473
Faur‚         "L'horizon            Thomas Allen, br;  Hyperion         0:01:31
              chim‚rique," Op 118:  Roger Vignoles, p  A-66165
              #1, "La mer est
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Auber         "Le premier jour de   Gothenburg Opera   Sterling         0:05:37
              bonheur": Overture*   Orch/B Tommy       CDS-1039-2
Beethoven     Piano Sonata #19 in   Melvyn Tan,        Virgin 61238-2   0:06:38
              g, Op 49/1            forte-p
Khachaturian  Piano Sonatina (1959) Alberto            ASV CDDCA-589    0:08:27
                                    Portugheis, p
Khachaturian  Waltz for Wind Band*  Armenian Phil      ASV CDDCA-964    0:01:44
Sibelius      Violin Concerto in    Sergey             Naive V-4959     0:32:25
              d, Op 47              Khachaturyan, v;
Etel„pohjalai Song, "For a Boy      Matti Salminen,    Ondine           0:01:37
sia Lauluja   Like This"*           b; Helsinki        ODE-1135-2
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                                 All rights reserved.

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