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January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Roussel       Impromptu, Op 21*     Susanna            Pavane           0:05:42
                                    Mildonian, h       ADW-7190-2
Schubert      "Die Zauberharfe," D  Berlin Phil/Karl   DG 2530422       0:11:41
              644: Overture         B”hm
Mozart        "The Magic Flute," K  Royal Phil/Colin   EMI/Ang          0:07:04
              620: Overture         Davis              CDZ7-62858-2
Mozart        "The Magic Flute," K  Simion Stanciu,    Erato 94824-2    0:01:34
              620: Aria, "Der       pan pipe;
              Vogelf„nger bin ich   Marielle
              ja"*                  Nordmann, h
Wranitzky     Ten German Dances     Melkus Ensemble    DG Archiv        0:07:36
Beethoven     Variations in A on a  Vladimir           Lon 4758401      0:10:55
              Dance by Wranitzky,   Ashkenazy, p
              WoO 71
Beethoven     "Leonore" Overture    Minnesota          Brilliant        0:09:39
              #1 in C, Op 138       Orch/Stanislaw     Classics 93525
                                    Skrowaczewski      (85)
Beethoven     Italian Songs, WoO    Alla Simoni, s;    Brilliant        0:01:25
              99: "Bei labbri che   Jeremy Ovenden, t  Classics 93525
              amore"*                                  (85)
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Reger         "Aus meinem           Ulrich Urban, p    Koch 3-1033-2    0:05:33
              Tagebuch," Op 82:
Reger         Four Tone Poems       Amsterdam          Chandos          0:25:19
              after Arnold          Concertgebouw      CHAN-8794
              B”cklin, Op 128       Orch/Neeme J„rvi
Schuller      "Seven Studies on     Minneapolis Sym    Mer 434329-2     0:01:42
              Themes of Paul        Orch/Antal Dorati
              Klee": "Abstract
Saint-Sa‰ns   Violin Sonata #1 in   Pinchas Zukerman,  Phi 416157-2     0:22:49
              d, Op 75              v; Marc Neikrug, p
Canteloube    "Chants de France"    Elly Ameling, s;   Phi 412628-2     0:01:27
              (New Songs of the     Rudolf Jansen, p
              Auvergne): Languedoc
              folksong, "O up!"*
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Anon 16th c   "Willow Song"*        Cambridge          Collegium        0:01:56
English/Rutte                       Singers/John       COLCD-120
r                                   Rutter
Trad          Hampshire folk song,  Cambridge          Collegium        0:02:55
English/Rutte "The willow tree"*    Singers, City of   COLCD-120
r                                   London
Butterworth   "The Banks of Green   English            EMI/Ang          0:06:02
              Willow" (1913)        Sinfonia/Neville   CDM7-69419-2
Butterworth   Song-Cycle, "A        Thomas Allen, br;  Virgin 91105-2   0:01:33
              Shropshire Lad"       Geoffrey Parsons,
              (1911): #2, "When I   p
              was one and twenty"*
Beethoven     Piano Trio #6 in      Trio Fontenay      Teldec 73281-2   0:42:08
              B-Flat, Op 97,                           (3)
Sibelius      "The Tempest," Op     Gothenburg Sym     BIS CD-448       0:01:50
              109: Prospero*        Orch/Neeme J„rvi
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Faur‚         "Fantaisie," Op 79*   Richard Sherman,   Blue Griffin     0:05:03
                                    f; Kimberly        BGR-137
                                    Schmidt, p
Faur‚/M       "Fantaisie" in G, Op  St‚phane Lemelin,  Radio Canada     0:13:57
Samuel-Rousse 111                   p; CBC Vancouver   Int'l SMCD-5178
au                                  Orch/Mario
Anon 17th c   Fantasy, "Les pleurs  Le Concert des     Fontalis         0:03:47
French        d'Orph‚e ayant perdu  Nations/Jordi      ES-9908
              sa femme"             Savall
Ennemond      Fantaisies*           Konrad Jungh„nel,  RCA-DHM          0:01:36
Gaultier                            l                  77037-2-RC
Haydn         Symphony #87 in A     Vienna Concentus   Deutsche         0:30:04
                                    Musicus/Nikolaus   Harmonia Mundi
                                    Harnoncourt        60602-2 (3)
Ravel/Jerrold "Ma mŠre l'oye":      Christopher        EMI/Ang          0:01:20
 Hyman        "Pavane de la belle   Parkening, g       CDC7-54853-2
              au bois dormant"*
Bach          Prelude and Fugue in  Peter Hurford, o   Argo D-150-D3    0:05:10
              C, BWV 545*                              (3)
Bach/Schoenbe Prelude and Fugue in  Houston Sym        RCA 68658-2      0:16:24
rg            E-Flat, BWV 552, "St  Orch/Christoph
              Anne"                 Eschenbach
Schoenberg    Five Piano Pieces,    Claude Helffer, p  Harmonia Mundi   0:01:25
              Op 23: #2*                               HMA-190752
Tchaikovsky   "Les caprices         Royal Opera House  Phi 422845-2     0:10:14
              d'Oxana": Suite       Orch/Colin Davis
Stravinsky    "Le Baiser de la      Cho-Liang Lin, v;  CBS MK-42101     0:21:10
              f‚e": Divertimento    Andr‚-Michel
                                    Schub, p
Susato/Dunnig "The Danserye"        University Of      Reference        0:01:49
an            (1551): "Ronde"*      Texas Wind         Recordings
                                    Ens/Jerry Junkin   RR-104-CD
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Smetana       "The Bartered         Czech National     ICN Polyart      0:05:40
              Bride": Dance of the  Sym Orch/Paul      ICN-024
              Comedians "(Skocna)"* Freeman
Martinu       "Madrigal Sonata"     Felix Renggli, f;  Koch 3-6728-2    0:10:04
              for Flute, Violin,    Mary Ellen
              and Piano (1942)      Woodside, v;
                                    Hedinger, p
Martinu       Five Madrigal         Josef Suk, v;      Discover Int'l   0:01:36
              Stanzas (1943): #5*   Josef Hala, p      DICD-920317
Gliere/Stokow Symphony #3 in b, Op  Houston Sym        EMI/Ang          0:38:05
ski           42, "Ilya Murometz"   Orch/Leopold       CDM5-65074-2
Anon 14th c   "La Rotta"*           Kalenda Maya       Simax PS-1017    0:01:49
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Arne          Overture #3 in G*     Academy of         Ois 4759117      0:05:07
Alkan         Twelve Studies, Op    Bernard            Marco Polo       0:14:57
              39: #11, "Overture"   Ringeissen, p      8.223285
Giuliani      "Grand Overture," Op  David Russell, g   Telarc CD-80525  0:08:00
Arnold        "A Grand, Grand       Royal Phil/Vernon  Conifer 51240-2  0:07:19
              Overture," Op 57      Handley
Dowland       "Almain"*             Julian Bream, l    DG 4777550 (2)   0:01:32
Liszt         Piano Concerto #1 in  Artur Rubinstein,  RCA 61496-2      0:17:40
              E-Flat                p; Orch/Alfred
Villa-Lobos   "A prole do bebˆ,"    Artur Rubinstein,  RCA 5670-2-RC    0:01:30
              Set 1 (1918): "The    p
              Paper Doll"*
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Weber/Kreisle "Larghetto"*          Peter Csaba, v;    Hungaroton       0:02:42
r                                   Zolt n Kocsis, p   HCD-12437
Weber         Rondo (1810)*         Yehuda Hanani,     Close            0:02:41
                                    vc; Michelle       Encounters
                                    Levin, p           With Music
Hindemith     Symphonic             Philadelphia       EMI/Ang          0:22:10
              Metamorphoses on      Orch/Wolfgang      CDC5-55230-2
              Themes by Weber       Sawallisch
Holst         "Morris Dance         London Festival    Arte Nova        0:01:38
              Tunes": "Rigs         Orch Strings/Ross  34022-2
              O'Marlow"*            Pople
Maria Hester  Piano Sonata in F,    Betty Ann Miller,  Centaur          0:09:45
Park          Op 4/1                p                  CRC-2320
Maddalena     String Quartet #1 in  Allegri String     Cala CACD-1019   0:12:17
Lombardini    E-Flat                Quartet
Paradis       "Sicilienne"          Anne Akiko         RCA 62546-2      0:03:23
                                    Meyers, v; Sandra
                                    Rivers, p
Reichardt     Song, "Nach           Wolfang F          MHS 512350       0:01:35
              Sevilla!"*            Holzmair, br;
                                    Rosario Marciano,
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Liszt         "Trois ‚tudes de      Jorge Bolet, p     RCA 63748-2      0:05:39
              concert" (1848): #3
              in D-Flat, "Un
Telemann      "Festliche Suite" in  London Festival    Arte Nova        0:15:31
              A                     Orch/Ross Pople    30506-2
Glazunov      "The Seasons," Op     Royal Opera House  Conifer 18814-2  0:01:38
              67: Summer: Waltz of  Orch/Barry
              the Cornflowers and   Wordsworth
Glazunov/Marc "Petit Adagio"        Marc-Andr‚         Hyperion         0:03:43
-Andre        (extract from "The    Hamelin, p         CDA-67275
Hamelin       Seasons")
Glazunov      "ScŠnes de ballet,"   Scottish National  Chandos          0:28:19
              Op 52                 Orch/Neeme J„rvi   CHAN-8804
Anon 15th c   Saltarello, "Baxela   Circa 1500         Chandos          0:00:48
Italian       un tratto"*           Ensemble           CHAN-8333
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Rameau        "Acante et C‚phise"   Les Talens         Ois 4759107      0:05:08
              (1751): Overture*     Lyriques/Christoph
                                    e Rousset
Mozart        Piano Concerto #12    Evgeny Kissin, p;  RCA 60567-2-RC   0:26:12
              in A, K 414           Moscow             (2)
Faur‚         "Morceau de           Michel Debost, f;  EMI/Ang          0:01:38
              concours"*            Jean-Philippe      CMS7-62545-2
                                    Collard, p         (2)
Kabalevsky    "Colas Breugnon," Op  Armenian           ASV CDDCA-967    0:21:58
              24: Suite             Phil/Loris
Ravel         "Trois Chansons":     Cambridge          Collegium        0:01:40
              #3, "Ronde"*          Singers/John       CSCD-509
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Honegger      Pr‚lude, Arioso et    Annette            Koch 3-1220-2    0:05:00
              Fughette sur le nom   Middelbeek, p
              de Bach*
Bach          "Brandenburg"         CPE Bach Chamber   Sony SK-48062    0:11:50
              Concerto #3 in G,     Orch/Hartmut
              BWV 1048              Haenchen
Liszt         Fantasia and Fugue    Markus Groh, p     Avie AV-2097     0:11:33
              on B-A-C-H
Bach          Cantata #212, "Mer    Dorothea           Dorian           0:01:37
              hahn ein neue         R”schmann, s; Les  DOR-90024
              Oberkeet" (Peasant    Violons du
              Cantata): Aria,       Roy/Bernard
              "Unser trefflicher    Labadie
              lieber Kammerherr"*
Ullmann       Symphony #2 in D      Cologne Gurzenich  Capriccio 67017  0:24:08
              (1944)                Orch/James Conlon
Bach/Grainger "Anna Magdalena       Michigan State     Delos DE-3101    0:01:38
              Notebook": March in   University
              D*                    Marching
                                    Band/Keith Brion
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Aurelio       Two Canzonas*         Piffaro/Joan       DG Archiv        0:05:51
Bonelli                             Kimball, Robert    445883-2
Handel        Concerto "a due       Academy of         Lon 458333-2     0:13:42
              cori" #3 in F         Ancient            (8)
M-A           "Te Deum": Prelude*   St Martin's        EMI/Ang          0:01:45
Charpentier                         Academy/Philip     CDM7-63135-2
D'Indy        Clarinet Trio in      Montagnana Trio    Facet 8004       0:34:22
              B-Flat, Op 29
Offenbach/Ros "GaŒt‚ parisienne":   Monte Carlo        EMI/Ang          0:01:43
enthal        #8, "Polka"*          Phil/Manuel        CDM7-63136-2
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                                 All rights reserved.

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