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January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Alkan         "Nocturne #1", Op 22* Ronald Smith, p    Arabesque        0:05:06
Loeffler      Two Rhapsodies        Chamber Music      Delos DE-3136    0:24:15
Debussy/Zajac "Children's Corner"   Washington         Wsaxq WSAXQ-401  0:01:54
              Suite: "The Little    Saxophone Quartet
Rimsky-Korsak "The Snow Maiden"     Seattle            Naxos 8.572787   0:12:34
ov            (1880-1): Suite       Sym/Gerard Schwarz
Tchaikovsky   "The Snow Maiden,"    St Petersburg      Sony SMK-46680   0:10:46
              Op 12 (Incidental     Philharmonia
              Music to Ostrovsky's  Academic Sym
              Play): Suite          Orch/Alexander
Tchaikovsky   "The Snow Maiden,"    Natalia Erassova,  Chant du Monde   0:01:25
              Op 12 (Incidental     ms; Orch/Andrey    LDC-288090
              Music to Ostrovsky's  Chistiakov
              Play): Second Song
              of Lel*
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Tchaikovsky   "Swan Lake," Op 20:   St Louis Sym       RCA 61224-2      0:05:32
              Act II, Scene*        Orch/Leonard
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Le carnaval des      Ofra Harnoy, vc;   RCA 68483-2      0:02:45
              animaux": "The Swan"  Michael Dussek, p
Catriona      "The Swan"            Aquarelle Guitar   Chandos          0:04:56
McKay                               Quartet            CHAN-10609
Sibelius      Four Legends from     Atlanta Sym        Telarc CD-80320  0:08:17
              the Kalevala, Op 22:  Orch/Yoel Levi
              #2, "The Swan of
Hindemith     Six Chansons (1939):  Ronald Barron, tb  Boston Brass     0:01:53
              #2, "A Swan"*                            BB-1002-CD
Beethoven     Piano Trio #1 in      Gryphon Trio       Analekta         0:31:35
              E-Flat, Op 1/1                           FL2-3170
Strauss       Five Songs, Op 48:    Patrice Michaels   Cedille          0:01:50
              #2, "Ich schwebe"*    Bedi, s; Deborah   CDR-90000019
                                    Sobol, p
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Telemann      Fantasy #6 in d*      Masahiro Arita, f  Denon            0:05:37
Dvor k        Symphonic             Czech              Supraphon        0:21:58
              Variations, Op 78     Phil/Charles       SU-3533-2031
Gershwin/Kay  George Gershwin's     Royal Phil/Andrew  MCA Classics     0:01:44
              Song Book (1932):     Litton             MCAD-6216
              "I'll Build a
              Stairway to
Gershwin      Variations on "I Got  Earl Wild, p;      RCA 68792-2      0:07:59
              Rhythm"               Boston Pops
                                    Fiedler; Pasquale
                                    Cardillo, cl
Earl Wild     Piano Sonata (2000)   Xiayin Wang, p     Chandos          0:17:16
Gabrieli      "Canzon per sonare"   Canadian Brass     Phi 438392-2     0:01:51
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Merikanto     "Intrada" (1936)*     Finnish Radio Sym  Finland          0:05:15
                                    Orch/Jukka-Pekka   Transcriptions
                                    Saraste            FT-9601
Sibelius      Symphony #6 in d, Op  Berlin Sym         Berlin           0:29:35
              104                   Orch/Kurt          Classics
                                    Sanderling         0092812-BC
Sinding       Song, "Lullaby for    Per Vollestad,     Simax PSC-1195   0:01:29
              the Dark Nordic       br; Sigmund
              Winter", Op 130/5*    Hjelset, p
Anon 18th c   Trumpet Sonata in C   Schwarz, tr;       None H-71274     0:07:51
German                              Sharrow, bn;
                                    Fuller, hc
Vivaldi       "The Four Seasons,"   Elmar Oliveira,    Delos D/CD-3007  0:10:04
              Op 8/1-4: Violin      v; Los Angeles
              Concerto #2 in g, R   Chamber
              315, "L'estate"       Orch/Gerard
Gould         Music for the film,   Soloists; Seattle  Delos DE-3166    0:01:36
              "Cinerama Holiday":   Sym Orch/Gerard
              "On the Boulevard"*   Schwarz
Dvor k        "Legends," Op 59: #6  London             Phi 6500188      0:05:04
              in c-sharp, "Allegro  Phil/Raymond
              con moto"*            Leppard
Alb‚niz       "Iberia," Bk 4        Alicia de          EMI/Ang          0:18:26
                                    Larrocha, p        CMS7-64504-2
Luys de       "Diferencia segunda"* St Louis Brass     Summit DCD-195   0:01:28
Narb ez                             Quintet
Ravel         "Rapsodie espagnole"  Berlin             DG 439859-2      0:16:39
                                    Phil/Pierre Boulez
Chabrier/Rave "PiŠces               Lyon National      Denon CO-78929   0:05:58
l             pittoresques"         Orch/Emmanuel
              (1881): #9, "Menuet   Krivine
Chabrier      Impromptu in C (1873) Alain PlanŠs, p    Harmonia Mundi   0:06:47
Giuliani      "PiŠces faciles et    Mikael Helasvuo,   BIS CD-413       0:01:28
              agr‚ables," Op 74:    f; Jukka
              #14, Bolero*          Savijoki, g
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Canteloube    Songs of the          Mar”a Bayo, s;     Valois V-4811    0:05:26
              Auvergne, Set 2:      Tenerife Sym
              "Deux bourr‚es"*      Orch/V”ctor Pablo
Leclair       Sonata in g for 2     Rare Fruits        Astr‚e E-8842    0:16:50
              Violins               Council
Canteloube    "Chants des Pays      Mar”a Bayo, s;     Valois V-4811    0:01:43
              Basques": "Egun       Tenerife Sym
              Batean"*              Orch/V”ctor Pablo
Bruch         "Suite on Russian     Hungarian State    Naxos 8.555985   0:21:08
              Themes", Op 79b       Orch/Manfred
Glinka/Balaki "Kamarinskaya"        Alexander Paley, p Ess.a.y          0:09:30
rev                                                    CD-1030/31 (2)
Liadov        "Eight Russian        Polish National    Newport          0:01:45
              Folksongs," Op 58:    Radio Sym          Classic
              #6, "Cradle Song"*    Orch/Johannes      NPD-85517
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Massenet/Beec "La vierge": "Le      Royal Phil/Thomas  BBC BBCL-4068-2  0:05:15
ham           dernier sommeil de    Beecham
              la Vierge"*
Massenet      "Tha‹s" (1894):       Arthur Grumiaux,   Phi 446560-2     0:04:17
              "M‚ditation"          v; Istv n Hajdu, p (2)
Massenet      Orchestral Suite #2,  New Zealand Sym    Naxos 8.553124   0:17:40
              "ScŠnes hongroises"   Orch/Jean-Yves
              (1871)                Ossonce
Bart¢k        Forty-Two Hungarian   June de Toth, p    Eroica JDT-3002  0:01:21
              Folksongs (1908-9):
              #17, "My Little
              Graceful Girl"*
Shostakovich  Jazz Suite #2 (Suite  Frankfurt Radio    RCA 68304-2      0:25:45
              for Promenade         Sym Orch/Dmitri
              Orchestra) (1938)     Kitaenko
Chopin        Preludes, Op 28: #8   Alexandre          Harmonia Mundi   0:01:49
              in f-sharp*           Tharaud, p         HMC-901982
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Spohr         Six Songs with        Julia Varady, s;   Orfeo            0:05:14
              Clarinet, Op 103:     Hans               C-103841-A
              #1, "Sei still mein   Sch”neberger, cl;
              Herz"*                Hartmut H”ll, p
Tchaikovsky/H Six Songs, Op 6: #6,  Philadelphia       CBS MLK-39440    0:03:55
arris         "None but the lonely  Orch/Eugene
              heart"                Ormandy
von Supp‚     Polka,                Slovak State       Marco Polo       0:03:04
              "Herzenseintracht"    Phil,              8.223683
Mozart        Divertimento #11 in   Amsterdam Baroque  Erato 45471-2    0:27:20
              D, K 251              Orch/Ton Koopman
Gabrielli     Ricercar V*           Gavriel Lipkind,   Lipkind          0:01:54
                                    vc                 0016142-GLP
Gabrieli      Sonata XX             Gabrieli           DG Archiv        0:06:52
                                    Players/Paul       449180-2
Andrea        Ricercar a 4 del      His Majesty's      Hyperion         0:06:15
Gabrieli      primo tuono           Sagbutts and       CDA-67167
Isaac         "Der Welte Fundt"*    Empire Brass and   Telarc CD-80204  0:01:47
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Villa-Lobos   "Bachianas            Fernand Dufrene,   EMI/Ang          0:05:09
              brasileiras" #6       f; Ren‚ Plessier,  CZS7-67229-2
              (1938): "Fantasie"*   bn                 (6)
Bach          Violin Concerto in d  Europa             Virgin 45361-2   0:20:40
              (after BWV 1052)      Galante/Fabio
                                    Biondi, v
Godowsky      24 Tonfantasien       Ilona Prunyi, p    Marco Polo       0:06:23
              (1912): #24,                             8.223312
              Portrait (Joh. S.)
Altamiro      "Vivaldino"*          Paula Robison, f;  Omega OCD-3016   0:01:54
Carrilho/Arti                       Brazilian "Choro"
sts                                 Ensemble
Gould         "Latin-American       Utah Sym           Van SVC-9        0:20:29
              Symphonette"          Orch/Maurice
Ignacio       "Intima"*             Elias Barreiro, g  Elan CD-82282    0:01:37
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Kreisler/Clar "Viennese Melody by   Robert McDuffie,   Telarc CD-80402  0:02:37
k McAlister   G„rtner"*             v; Cincinnati
                                    Pops Orch/Erich
Kreisler/Clar Rondino on a theme    Robert McDuffie,   Telarc CD-80402  0:02:57
k McAlister   of Beethoven*         v; Cincinnati
                                    Pops Orch/Erich
Beethoven     Piano Concerto #4 in  Christina Ortiz,   MCA Classics     0:31:46
              G, Op 58              p; City of London  MCAD-25209
Bach/Blanchet "Well-Tempered        Archguitar Duo     Dorian           0:01:41
te            Clavier," Bk 1, BWV                      DOR-93241
              846/69: Prelude #20
              in a*
Kod ly        "Summer Evening"      Orpheus Chamber    DG 447109-2      0:16:26
              (1906)                Orch
Morley        Madrigal, "Now Is     Deller Consort     Van VCD-72032    0:01:43
              the Month of Maying"*
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Faur‚         "El‚gie" in c, Op 24* Nina Kotova, vc;   Phi 462612-2     0:05:20
                                    Moscow Ch
Faur‚         "Andante" for cello   Steven Isserlis,   RCA 68049-2      0:04:33
              and organ             vc; Francis
                                    Grier, o (Eton
                                    College, England)
Faur‚         "Morceau de lecture   Augustin Dumay,    EMI/Ang          0:01:33
              … vue"*               v; Jean-Philippe   CMS7-62545-2
                                    Collard, p         (2)
Sergei        Symphony #1 in d, Op  BBC                Chandos          0:43:37
Rachmaninoff  13                    Phil/Gianandrea    CHAN-10475
Sergei        Fifteen Songs, Op     Joan Rodgers, s;   Chandos          0:01:47
Rachmaninoff  26: #9, "I am alone   Howard Shelley, p  CHAN-9644
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Ibert         Six Pieces for Harp   Lavinia Meijer, h  Channel          0:05:14
              (1917): "Ballade"*                       Classics
Ibert         "Trois piŠces         Bergen Wind        Simax PSC-1094   0:06:49
              brŠves" (1930)        Quintet
Ibert         "Cinq PiŠces en Trio" Chicago Chamber    Cedille          0:07:32
                                    Musicians          CDR-90000040
Ibert         "Suite                Slovak Radio Sym   Marco Polo       0:01:36
              lisab‚thaine"        Orch/Adriano       8.223508
              (1942; for "A
              Midsummer Night's
              Dream)": Scherzo*
Mozart        Divertimento #10 in   Vienna Chamber     Denon            0:33:18
              F, K 247 (First       Ensemble           81757-9883-2
              "Lodron" Serenade)
Brahms        Waltzes, Op 39: #15   John O'Conor, p    Telarc CD-80313  0:01:52
              in A-Flat*
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