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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Villa-Lobos   "Magdalena": "The     Damsel, br;        CBS MK-44945     0:05:07
              Jungle Chapel"*       Connecticut
                                    Choral Artists,
                                    New England
Obradors      Symphonic Suite, "El  Gran Canaria       ASV CDDCA-1043   0:30:53
              Poema de la Jungla"   Phil/Adrian Leaper
              (after Kipling)
Schubert      Song, "Wiegenlied,"   Julian Lloyd       Phi 442426-2     0:01:31
              D 498*                Webber, vc; John
                                    Lenehan, p
William       Viola Sonatina        Philip Dukes, vi;  ASV CDDCA-961    0:08:29
Lloyd Webber                        Sophia Rahman, p
Arnold        Flute Sonatina, Op 19 James Galway, f;   RCA 68860-2      0:08:08
                                    Phillip Moll, p
Tallis        Anthem, "Verily,      Tallis             Gimell           0:01:41
              verily I say unto     Scholars/Peter     GIMBX-301 (4)
              you"*                 Phillips
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
von Supp‚     "Boccaccio": Duet,    Anneliese          EMI/Ang          0:04:57
              "Florenz hat sch”ne   Rothenberger, s;   CDM7-69505-2
              Frauen"*              Rudolf Schock, t;
von Supp‚     "Carnaval": Overture  Slovak State       Marco Polo       0:07:33
                                    Phil/Alfred Walter 8.223647
Dvor k        "Carnival" Overture,  Houston Sym        Pro Arte         0:09:41
              Op 92                 Orch/Sergiu        CDD-345
Dvor k        Two Furiants, Op 42   Inna Poroshina, p  Ess.a.y CD-1060  0:12:01
Byrd          Jig*                  Canadian Brass     CBS MK-45792     0:01:54
Rameau        "PiŠces de clavecin   Chiyoko Arita,     Denon            0:18:06
              en concerts:          Natsumi            81757-9045-2
              DeuxiŠme concert"     Wakamatsu,
                                    Masahiro Arita,
                                    Wieland Kuijken
Adam          "Giselle": Act 1:     Royal Opera House  Conifer 18308-2  0:01:47
              "Fanfares de la       Orch/Mark Ermler
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Popper        "Im Walde", Op 50:    Wendy Warner, vc;  Cedille          0:05:25
              "Andacht"*            Eileen Buck, p     CDR-90000111
Mozart        Piano Concerto #23    English Chamber    EMI/Ang          0:26:08
              in A, K 488           Orch/Daniel        CDM7-69122-2
                                    Barenboim, p
Popper        "Im Walde", Op 50:    Marc Moskovitz,    VAI VAIA-1109    0:01:49
              "Herbstblume"*        vc; Michael Boyd,
Salieri       Clavier Concerto in C Pietro Spada, p;   ASV CDDCA-955    0:21:58
                                    Philharmonia Orch
van Eyck      "Geswinde Bode van    Stefano Bet, f     Centaur          0:01:43
              de Min"*                                 CRC-2596
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Turina        "Sevillana," Op 29*   Julian Bream, g    RCA 61353-2      0:05:17
Vaughan       "The Lark Ascending"  Hagai Shaham, v;   Argo 440116-2    0:14:06
Williams      (1914, rev 1920)      New Queen's Hall
Anon 15th c   "Le Banquet du voeu   Gilles Binchois    Virgin 91441-2   0:01:22
French        (Feast of the         Ensemble/Dominique
              Pheasant)" (1454):     Vellard
              "Au chant de
Paganini      Violin Concerto #1    Itzhak Perlman,    EMI/Ang          0:34:10
              in D, Op 6            v; Royal           CDC7-47101-2
Luis Venegas  "Diferencias sobre    Charivari          Signum           0:01:39
de Henestrosa 'Guardame las         Agr‚able Ensemble  SIGCD-006
ANON          Three Sonatas*        Wallace            Nimbus NI-5065   0:05:34
Portuguese                          Collection,
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Une nuit …           Marylene Dosse, p  Vox SVBX-5476    0:03:46
              Lisbonne", Op 63                         (3)
Joao Domingo  Symphony #1 in        Porto Classical    Koch 3-1511-2    0:24:11
Bomtempo      E-Flat, Op 11         Orch/Meir Minsky
Anon 18th c   Six Sonatas of the    Dallas Sym         Crystal CD-234   0:01:42
Portuguese    Lisbon Court Trumpet  Trumpets, Paul
              Corps: #1*            Riedo, o
Bach          Lute Suite in E, BWV  Maria Graf, h      Phi 422061-2     0:19:57
Elgar/Fraser  "Salut d'amour," Op   Venice String      Dynamic CDS-195  0:01:47
              12*                   Quartet
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Strauss       Five Songs, Op 39:    Amanda Roocroft,   EMI/Ang          0:05:15
              #4, "Befreit"*        s; London          CDC5-55090-2
Szymanowski   Concert Overture in   London Phil/Leon   Telarc CD-80567  0:13:34
              E, Op 12              Botstein
Szymanowski   Six Songs, Op 2: #3,  Piotr Beczala, t;  Channel          0:01:40
              "In the Mists"*       Reinild Mees, p    Classics
                                                       CCS-19398 (4)
Tchaikovsky   Violin Concerto in    Vadim Repin, v;    Phi 473343-2     0:34:36
              D, Op 35              St Petersburg
                                    Kirov Orch/Valery
Byrd          Motet, "Non vos       Empire Brass       Telarc CD-80553  0:01:49
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Jongen        El‚gie, Op 114        Brussels Royal     Naxos 8.557111   0:05:36
              (1941)*               Conservatory
Holst         "St Paul's Suite,"    London Festival    Arte Nova        0:12:12
              Op 29/2               Orch Strings/Ross  34022-2
Couperin/Arti PiŠces de clavecin,   Equale Brass       Nimbus NIM-5004  0:01:45
sts           Bk 1 (1713): 4e
              ordre in F: #4, "Le
Tartini       Trumpet Concerto in D Maurice Andr‚,     EMI/Ang          0:09:55
                                    tr; Wrttemberg    CMS7-69152-2
                                    Chamber Orch/Jorg  (2)
Faur‚         "El‚gie" in c, Op 24  Adam Frey, tuba;   Eroica EE-002    0:05:57
                                    Damon Denton, p
Arban         Variations on "The    Patrick Sheridan,  Summit DCD-241   0:08:12
              Carnival of Venice"   tuba; Rich
                                    Ridenour, p
Leopold       "Sinfonia da Caccia   Baumann,           Phi 416815-2     0:10:59
Mozart        (Jagd-Symphonie)"     Vlatkovic, Brown,
                                    Hill, fh's; St
                                    Academy/Iona Brown
Chopin/Jacobs Waltzes, Op 64: #1    Christian          BIS CD-318       0:01:50
en            in D-Flat, "Minute"*  Lindberg, tb;
                                    Roland P”ntinen, p
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Tchaikovsky   "Sleeping Beauty",    Royal Opera House  Conifer 18814-2  0:05:06
              Op 66: Act I: Waltz   Orch/Mark Ermler
              and Pas d'Action*
Kreisler      Variations on a       Peter Csaba, v;    Hungaroton       0:03:27
              Theme of Corelli      Zolt n Kocsis, p   HCD-12437
Sergei        Variations on a       H‚lŠne Grimaud, p  Teldec 84376-2   0:17:37
Rachmaninoff  theme by Corelli, Op
Corelli       Concerto grosso in    I Solisti Italiani Denon            0:11:53
              F, Op 6/6                                CO-74168/9 (2)
Piccinini     Corrente IV*          Luciano Contini,   Tactus           0:01:28
                                    chittarone         TC-56160101
Moeran        Serenade in G         Northern           EMI/Ang          0:14:24
              (1947-8)              Sinfonia/Richard   CDM7-64721-2
Dowland       "My Lady Hunsdon's    Julian Bream, l    DG 4777550 (2)   0:01:51
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Rosenmller   String Sonata #11 …   Italian Accademia  Naxos 8.553787   0:05:16
              5*                    Strumentale/Diego
Grieg         "Peer Gynt" Suite     Hollywood Bowl     EMI/Ang          0:16:26
              #2, Op 55             Sym Orch/Felix     CDM5-67099-2
Grieg         Songs, Op 59: #4,     Bodil Arnesen, s;  Naxos 8.553781   0:01:38
              "Til en II"*          Erling Eriksen, p
Chopin        Impromptu #1 in       Vladimir           RCA 60376-2-RG   0:03:42
              A-Flat, Op 29         Horowitz, p
Aleksander    "Study after          Marc-Andr‚         Hyperion         0:04:32
Michalowski   Chopin's Impromptu    Hamelin, p         CDA-67275
              #1 in A Flat"
Haydn         Symphony #75 in D     Cologne Chamber    Naxos 8.554109   0:22:25
Hummel        Castor & Pollux       Mary Macdonald, p  Desto DC-7225    0:01:30
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Berlioz       "The Damnation of     Chicago Sym Cho    Lon 410181-2     0:04:53
              Faust," Op 24:        And Orch/Georg
              Ballad, "The King of  Solti
Milhaud       Ballade, Op 61        Vlastimil Lejsek,  Praga PR-250025  0:08:05
                                    p; Brno State
                                    Phil/Jiri Waldhans
Faur‚         Ballade in F-Sharp,   St‚phane Lemelin,  Radio Canada     0:13:38
              Op 19                 p; CBC Vancouver   Int'l SMCD-5178
Machaut       Ballade, De petit po* New York Pro       Dec DL-79431     0:01:27
                                    Musica/John White
Mendelssohn   String Quartet #6 in  Ysa˜e String       Lon 436325-2     0:26:01
              f, Op 80              Quartet
Fanny         "M‚lodie" in          Betty Ann Miller,  Centaur          0:01:47
Mendelssohn   c-sharp, Op 4/2*      p                  CRC-2320
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Reznicek      "Donna Diana":        Bamberg Sym        DG 423787-2      0:05:40
              Overture*             Orch/Ferdinand
Johann        "Die Fledermaus":     Czech Phil/Vaclav  Teldec 8.43240   0:08:20
Strauss       Overture              Neumann
von Supp‚     "Light Cavalry":      Boston Pops        RCA RCD1-5479    0:06:38
              Overture              Orch/Arthur
Leh r         "Die lustige Witwe"   Cologne Radio      Capriccio        0:08:15
              (The Merry Widow):    Orch/Helmut        60077-2 (2)
              Overture              Froschauer
Leh r         "The Land of          Nancy Gustafson,   Telarc CD-80419  0:01:40
              Smiles": Aria, "Ich   s; English
              m”cht' wieder einmal  Chamber
              die Heimat seh'n"*    Orch/Richard
Martinu       Two-Piano Concerto    Clinton-Narboni    Elan CD-82422    0:24:22
              (1943)                Duo; Talich Ch
                                    V lek
Martinu       "Impromptu" (1956)*   Clinton-Narboni    Elan CD-82422    0:00:47
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Massenet      "Les rinnyes":       London Sym         Lon CS-6744      0:04:59
              "Invocation"*         Orch/Richard
Reni‚         "L‚gende (after de    Susann McDonald, h Klavier K-11133  0:08:58
              Lisle's Les Elfes)"
Massenet      El‚gie (c1869)        Elly Ameling, s;   Phi 422333-2     0:03:06
                                    Rudolf Jansen, p;
                                    Michel Dispa, vc
Faur‚         Songs, Op 18: #1,     Barbara            EMI/Ang          0:01:40
              "Nell"*               Hendricks, s;      CDC7-49841-2
                                    Michel Dalberto, p
Gounod        Symphony #2 in E-Flat St John's, Smith   ASV CDDCA-981    0:35:39
                                    Square, Orch/John
Jacquet de    Clavier Suite #3 in   Blandine Verlet,   Astr‚e E-8644    0:01:35
la Guerre     a: "Gigue"*           hc
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