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The Beethoven Satellite Network is a satellite-delivered classical music format service, produced by the WFMT Radio Network and heard on radio outlets across the U.S. and around the world. E-mail inquiries can be sent to RadioNetwork@wfmt.com.

Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Jacques       "Folies d'Espagne"*   Toyohiko Satoh, l  Channel          0:05:21
Gallot                                                 Classics
Salieri       Variations on "La     London Mozart      Chandos          0:17:47
              Follia di Spagna"     Players/Matthias   CHAN-9877
Diego Ortiz   Recercada ottaua      Savall, viga; Ton  Astr‚e E-8717    0:01:45
              sobre "La Folia"*     Koopman, hc;
                                    Duftschmid, db
Liszt         "Rhapsodie            Xiang-Dong Kong, p Arcadia          0:13:43
              espagnole" (1863)                        ARC-1999-2
Rimsky-Korsak "Capriccio            London Sym         MCA Classics     0:16:12
ov            espagnol," Op 34      Orch/Rafael        MCAD-25887
                                    Frhbeck de Burgos
Glinka        Song, "To Her"*       Vladimir Chernov,  Refos            0:01:37
                                    br; Ludmilla       Productions 0
                                    Ivanova, p
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Puccini       "Madama Butterfly":   Leontyne Price,    RCA 62699-2      0:05:03
              Flower Duet*          s; Marilyn Horne,
                                    ms; Metropolitan
                                    Opera Orch/James
Bernhard van  "Zes Gezichten op     David Kuyken, p    NM Classics      0:10:55
den           den Fuji", Op 9                          92049
Sigtenhorst M (1919)
Rogers        Three Japanese Dances Eastman Wind       Mer SRI-75093    0:11:04
Ludvig        "Japanese Spring"     Solveig            Nma 2            0:01:37
Irgens-Jensen (1920): #2, "Der      Kringelborn, s;
              Bltenzweig"*         Norrk”ping Sym
                                    Orch/Lu Jia
Kod ly        Variations on a       Chicago Sym        Chandos          0:25:10
              Hungarian Folksong,   Orch/Neeme J„rvi   CHAN-8877
              "The Peacock"
J Andersen    Flute Pieces, Op 55:  Paula Robison, f;  Arabesque        0:01:30
              #6, "Scherzino"*      Samuel Sanders, p  Z-6668
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Foster        "Village Festival     Paula Robison, f;  Arabesque        0:05:12
              Quadrilles"*          Krista Feeney, v;  Z-6679
                                    John Feeney, db
Barber        "Souvenirs," Op 28    John Browning,     RCA 60732-2-RC   0:18:30
                                    Leonard Slatkin, p
Henry         Song, "Now Sleeps     Arthur Woodley,    Premier          0:01:45
Thacker       the Crimson Petal"*   b; Joseph Smith, p PRCD-1041
Copland       "Scherzo              Ramon Salvatore, p Cedille          0:03:25
              humoristique, The                        CDR-90000021
              Cat and the Mouse"
Piston        Symphony #6 (1955)    Seattle Sym        Delos DE-3074    0:25:35
Bowles        Four "Blue Mountain   Donald Gramm,      Vox CDX-5129     0:01:40
              Ballads": #3,         b-br; Richard      (2)
              "Cabin"*              Cumming, p
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Tchaikovsky   "The Oprichnik":      Royal Opera House  Phi 422845-2     0:05:44
              Dances*               Orch/Colin Davis
Tchaikovsky   Piano Pieces, Op 72:  Naum Starkmann, p  Transart TR-135  0:03:20
              #15, "Un Poco di
Balakirev     Suite in d on Pieces  USSR Sym           Mel/BMG          0:22:38
              by Chopin             Orch/Yevgeny       34167-2 (2)
Chopin        Mazurkas, Op 63: #2   Ingrid Fliter, p   VAI VAIA-1251    0:01:37
              in f*
CPE Bach      Viola da gamba        Friederike         Alpha 080        0:21:24
              Sonata in g, Wq 88    Heumann, viol;
                                    Gaetano Nasillo,
                                    vc; Dirk B”rner,
Bach          Lute Prelude in c,    Eduardo            Lon 421434-2     0:01:35
              BWV 999*              Fern ndez, g       (2)
Andrea        "Gloria in excelsis   String and Brass   EMI/Ang          0:05:38
Gabrieli/Stev Deo"*                 Ensemble/Denis     CD-EMX-2145
ens                                 Stevens
Dvor k        "Czech Suite," Op 39  Slovak Radio Sym   Oehms Classics   0:25:05
                                    Orch/Ivan Angu‚lov OC-555
Bedrich Weber Horn Sextet #3 in F:  Czech Phil Horns   Supraphon        0:01:45
              "Allegro di caccia"*                     110780-2
Mozart        Two-Piano Sonata in   Paul               Valois V-4621    0:23:15
              D, K 448              Badura-Skoda,
                                    J”rg Demus, p's
Satie         "La belle             Utah Sym           Van OVC-4030     0:01:39
              excentrique"          Orch/Maurice
              (1902-20): La Grande  Abravanel
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Chopin        Waltzes, Op 34: #2    Witold             EMI/Ang          0:05:05
              in a*                 Malcuzynski, p     ZDMB5-68226-2
Chopin/Chopin Piano Concerto #2 in  Fumiko Shiraga,    BIS CD-847       0:32:13
              f, Op 21              p; Yggdrasil
                                    String Quartet;
                                    Jan-Inge Haukas,
Grieg         Lyric Pieces, Op 12:  Jacques            Jlh JLH-1003     0:01:38
              #7, "Album Leaf"*     Israelievitch, v;
                                    Robert Kortgaard,
Grainger      "Lincolnshire Posy"   London Wind        ASV CDWHL-2067   0:15:57
                                    Orch/Denis Wick
Pezel         Brass Suite: Intrada* Philadelphia       Sony SBK-63061   0:01:28
                                    Brass Ensemble
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Holst         Three Pieces for      Sarah Francis,     Chandos          0:05:10
              Oboe and String       ob; English        CHAN-8392
              Quartet: #2, Minuet*  String Quartet
Mozart        Six Minuets, K 599    Vienna Mozart      Lon              0:12:50
                                    Ensemble/Willi     STS-15275/9 (5)
Carpentras    "Nova belleza"*       Piffaro            Dorian           0:01:37
                                    (Renaissance Band) DOR-90312
Ambroise      "Mignon" (1866):      Detroit Sym        Mer 434321-2     0:08:06
Thomas        Overture              Orch/Paul Paray
Ambroise      String Quartet in e   Daniel String      Discover Int'l   0:26:33
Thomas                              Quartet            DICD-920159
Rameau        "PiŠces de clavecin"  Tzimon Barto, p    Ondine           0:01:30
              (1724): "Tambourin"*                     ODE-1067-2
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Lecuona       "Rumba-Rhapsody"*     Soloists; Tirino,  BIS CD-874       0:04:45
                                    p; Polish
                                    National Radio
                                    Sym, Silesian
                                    Phil Cho/Bartos
Vicente       "Danzas Venezolanas"  Monique Duphil, p  Eclectra         0:09:43
Emilio Sojo                                            ECCD-2034
Lord Berners  "Caprice p‚ruvien"    RTE                Marco Polo       0:09:07
              (1923)                Sinfonietta/David  8.223780
Barrios       "Estilo Uruguayo"     Alexander-Sergei   DG 471532-2      0:03:39
Mangor‚                             Ram¡rez, g
Lecuona/Barto "Rapsodia Argentina"  Thomas Tirino, p;  BIS CD-774       0:10:45
s             (1937)                Polish National
                                    Radio Sym/Michael
Guarnieri     Three Dances for      Simon Bolivar Sym  Dorian           0:01:49
              Orchestra: #2,        Orch/Maximiano     DOR-90227
              "Dansa selvagem"      Valdes
Haydn         Trumpet Concerto in   Wynton Marsalis,   CBS MK-39310     0:14:07
              E-Flat, H VIIe:1      tr; National
Warlock       Song, "Sweet          Ruth Golden, s;    Koch 3-7118-2    0:01:37
              Content"*             Levering
                                    Rothfuss, p
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Wagner        "Tannh„user": Aria,   H†kan Hageg†rd,    Erato 64992 (2)  0:05:20
              "O du mein holder     br; Philharmonia
              Abendstern"*          Orch/Marek
Wagner        "Das Liebesverbot":   Malaga             Naxos 8.557055   0:07:36
              Overture              Phil/Alexander
Shostakovich  "Dances of the        Israela Margalit,  Koch 3-7159-2    0:01:45
              Dolls": "Lyrical      p
Gliere        "The Bronze           St Petersburg      Marco Polo       0:14:10
              Horseman," Op 89:     State Sym          8.223675
              Suite                 Orch/Andr‚
Prokofiev     "Romeo and Juliet"    Leningrad          Phi 420483-2     0:26:26
              Suite #2, Op 64c      Phil/Evgeny
Shostakovich  Five Pieces: #2,      Julian Rachlin,    Onyx 4026        0:01:38
              "Gavotte"*            v; Janine Jansen,
                                    v; Itamar Golan, p
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Anon 17th c   "In paradise"*        Michael Chance,    Virgin 61173-2   0:05:19
English                             ct; Fretwork
CPE Bach      Sinfonia in G, Wq     Age of             Virgin 61182-2   0:11:51
              183/4                 Enlightenment
Bach          "Klavierbchlein fr  Joseph Payne, hc   H„nssler         0:01:45
              WF Bach": "Fantasia"                     Classic
              #2*                                      CD-92.137 (2)
Beethoven     Symphony #5 in c, Op  Ch Orch of         Teldec 28144-2   0:36:19
              67                    Europe/Nikolaus    (10)
Halfdan       "Notturno"*           Audun Kayser, p    Vnp 0097-0042    0:01:25
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Bach/Howe     Cantata #208, "Was    Stephen Nielson,   Resmiranda       0:05:08
              mir behagt, ist nur   p; Ovid Young, p   RES-8014
              die muntre Jagd!
              (Hunt)": Aria,
              "Schafe k”nnen
              sicher weiden (Sheep
Haydn         "Scherzando" #5 in    Vienna Haydn       Koch 3-1443-2    0:08:22
              E, H II:37            Sinfonietta/Manfre
                                    d Huss
Franciszek    Wind Sextet #3 in     Consortium         MD+G             0:14:23
Lessel        E-Flat                Classicum          Recordings
Debussy       "Hommage … Haydn"*    Werner Haas, p     Phi 438721-2     0:01:50
Debussy       "La Mer"              Chicago Sym        Teldec 81702-2   0:24:32
Faur‚         Two Songs, Op 2: #2,  G‚rard Souzay,     EMI/Ang          0:01:24
              "Les Matelots"*       br; Dalton         CMS7-64079-2
                                    Baldwin, p         (4)
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Purcell       "The Fatal Marriage"* Emma Kirkby, s;    Ois 414174-1     0:05:02
                                    Academy of
Purcell       "The Married Beau"    La Stravaganza     Denon            0:14:48
                                    K”ln               81757-9250-2
Purcell       "The Mock Marriage":  Catherine Bott,    Hyperion         0:01:52
              "'Twas within a       s; Parley of       CDA-67115
              furlong of Edinboro'  Instruments/Peter
              town"*                Holman
Khachaturian  Piano Concerto in     Dora               ASV CDDCA-964    0:33:20
              D-Flat (1936)         Serviarian-Kuhn,
                                    p; Armenian
Khachaturian  Waltz for Wind Band*  Armenian Phil      ASV CDDCA-964    0:01:44
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