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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Corelli       Sonata da camera in   Purcell Quartet    Chandos          0:05:47
              f#, Op 2/9*                              CHAN-0515
Vivaldi       Recorder Concerto in  Copley, Erisman,   DG 415275-2      0:07:56
              F, R 442              Camerata Bern,Furi
Scarlatti     Clavier Sonata in a,  H‚di Sal nki, hc   Price-Less       0:01:50
              Kk 148 (L 64)*                           D-16565
Tchaikovsky   Symphony #4 in f, Op  USSR Sym           Mel/BMG 37878-2  0:40:16
              36                    Orch/Yevgeny
Sergei        "Etudes-Tableaux,"    Jean-Philippe      EMI/Ang          0:01:33
Rachmaninoff  Op 33: #5 in e-flat*  Collard, p         CZS7-62745-2
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Tchaikovsky   Twelve Piano Pieces   Mikhail Pletnev, p Mel              0:05:40
              (Etudes), Op 40: #9,                     SUCD-1000048
Tchaikovsky   String Quartet #1 in  Amadeus String     DG 2531283       0:27:09
              D, Op 11              Quartet
M-A           "Magnificat":         Soloists;          Van OVC-8075     0:01:27
Charpentier   Introduction*         Jeunesses
                                    Musicales Cho,
                                    Paillard Chamber
                                    Orch/L Martini
Strauss       "Der Rosenkavalier,"  Seattle            Delos DE-3109    0:12:26
              Op 59: First Waltz    Sym/Gerard Schwarz
Strauss       "Der Rosenkavalier,"  Bamberg Sym        Berlin           0:07:56
              Op 59: Second Waltz   Orch/Manfred       Classics
              Sequence              Honeck             0011372-BC
Strauss       "Der Rosenkavalier,"  London Tivoli      EMI/Ang          0:01:39
              Op 59: "Presentation  Theatre            CDC7-54610-2
              March"*               Orch/Richard
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Grieg         Six Norwegian         Einar              Naxos 8.550884   0:05:36
              Mountain Melodies*    Steen-Nokleberg, p
Berwald       "Reminiscences from   Royal Phil/Ulf     EMI/Ang          0:08:53
              the Norwegian         Bj”rlin            CDM5-65866-2
Groven        Overture, "Hjalar     Oslo Phil/Oivin    Phi 838052-AY    0:06:41
              Ljod" (1950)          Fjeldstad
Grieg         Two Norwegian Airs    Norwegian Chamber  Virgin 45224-2   0:09:04
              ("Nordic Melodies"),  Orch/Iona Brown
              Op 63
Saeverud      "Tunes and Dances     Einar Smebye, p    Victoria         0:01:38
              from Siljustol," Op                      VCD-19085
              25: "High Seat Lay"*
Mozart        Twelve German         Ensemble Wien      Sony SK-47672    0:22:15
              Dances, K 600/5
Hindemith     "Tanzstcke," Op 19:  Hans Petermandl, p Marco Polo       0:01:40
              #2*                                      8.223335
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Corelli       Trio Sonata in g, Op  Accademia          Koch 350202 (3)  0:05:42
              3/11*                 Bizantina/Carlo
Corelli/Stoko Violin Sonata in g,   BBC Phil/Matthias  Chandos          0:03:44
wski          Op 5/5: Adagio        Bamert             CHAN-9930
Glazunov      Violin Concerto in    Silvia Marcovici,  Lon              0:21:04
              a, Op 82              v; London Sym      SPC-21090/1 (2)
Purcell/Stoko "The Cebell"*         BBC Phil/Matthias  Chandos          0:01:32
wski                                Bamert             CHAN-9930
Ponce         Variations on         Eduardo            Lon 421816-2     0:22:52
              "Folias de la Espana" Fern ndez, g
Henry         "La Diane de          La Simphonie du    Astr‚e E-8633    0:01:44
Desmarest     Fontainebleau":       Marais/Hugo Reyne
Scarlatti     Clavier Sonata in D,  Murray Perahia, p  Sony SK-62785    0:05:25
              Kk 491 (L 164)*
Bach/Zabaleta Solo Harpsichord      Nicanor Zabaleta,  DG 2531114       0:10:23
              Concerto in C, BWV    h; English
              976                   Chamber
                                    Garcia Navarro
Vivaldi       Violin Concerto in    Giuliano           DG Archiv        0:13:49
              B-Flat, R 583 "(in    Carmignola, v;     B0003849-02
              due cori)"            Venice Baroque
                                    Orch/Andrea Marcon
Fontei        Song, "Auree stelle"* Berganza, ms;      Claves 3111-5    0:01:51
                                    Dickinson, viga;
                                    D„hler, hc
Martinu       Piano Quartet #1      Domus Piano        Virgin 59245-2   0:23:29
              (1942)                Quartet
Foster        "Maggie By My Side"*  Paula Robison, f;  Arabesque        0:01:52
                                    Samuel Sanders, p  Z-6679
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Dvor k        "From the Bohemian    Ingryd Thorson,    Olympia OCD-363  0:05:25
              Forest," Op 68: #5,   Julian Thurber, p
              "Silent Woods
Leopold       Wind Sextet #3 in     Consortium         Orfeo            0:11:50
Kozeluch      E-Flat                Classicum          C-442981-A
Telemann      "Don Quichotte": Don  St Andrew          Omega OCD-1006   0:01:48
              Quichotte awakens*    Camerata/Leonard
MacDowell     Orchestra Suite #2,   Royal Phil/Karl    Bridge           0:36:20
              Op 48, "Indian"       Krueger            9124-A/C (3)
Charles       "Kikapoo Social       Dario Mller, p    Marco Polo       0:01:50
Skilton       Dance"*                                  8.223715
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Chopin        Nocturnes, Op 37: #2  Konstantin         Denon CO-78908   0:05:35
              in G*                 Lifschitz, p
Ochs          Variations on "'S     Northwest German   Odeon            0:16:25
              kommt ein Vogel       Phil/Werner        C-063-28180
              geflogen"             Andreas Albert
Busoni        Variation on "'S      Douglas            Kbyu 9701/02     0:01:25
              kommt ein Vogel       Humphreys, p       (2)
              geflogen" in the
              Style of Wagner*
Mozart        Variations on "Ah!    Michel Dalberto, p Denon CO-79477   0:12:22
              vous dirai-je,
              Maman," K 265
Sor           "Introduction et      Alexander-Sergei   Denon CO-78975   0:09:01
              Variations sur l'Air  RamĄrez, g
              Marlborough," Op 28
Hummel        "Variations on 'Ach,  Thringisches      Deutsche         0:09:35
              du lieber Augustin'"  Kammerorchester    Schallplatten
                                    Weimar/Martin Hoff DS-1093-2
Gurlitt       "Humorous Variations  Douglas            Kbyu 9701/02     0:01:33
              on Ach, du lieber     Humphreys, p       (2)
              "Variation in the
              style of Schumann"*
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Auber         "The Bronze Horse":   Huguette           Lon OS-26199     0:05:45
              Aria, "O tourment du  Tourangeau, s;
              veuvage"*             Suisse Romande
H‚rold        "Le Pr‚ aux clercs":  Swiss Italian      Dynamic CDS-282  0:06:35
              Overture              Orch/Wolf-Dieter
Auber/Bsser  "Fra Diavolo":        Detroit Sym        Mer 434309-2     0:07:31
              Overture              Orch/Paul Paray
Liszt         "Three Pieces on      Leslie Howard, p   Hyperion         0:07:27
              Themes by Auber"                         CDA-66371/2 (2)
Liszt         Song, "Der            Ernst Haefliger,   Adda 581084-CD   0:01:50
              Glckliche"*          t; Cyril Huv‚, p   (4)
Liszt         Two Episodes from     Radio France       Erato 80234-2    0:26:11
              Lenau's "Faust"       Phil/Yutaka Sado
Nadia         Trois piŠces: #2,     Norman Fischer,    Northeastern     0:01:32
Boulanger     "Sans vitesse et …    vc; Jeanne         NR-238-CD
              l'aise"*              Kierman Fischer, p
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Verdi         "Il finto             La Scala           Sony SK-62373    0:05:23
              Stanislao": Overture* Phil/Riccardo Muti
Mozart        Violin Concerto #2    Europa             Virgin 44706-2   0:16:45
              in D, K 211           Galante/Fabio
                                    Biondi, v
Hans G l      Twenty-Four           Leon McCawley, p   Avie AV-2064     0:01:43
              Preludes, Op 83                          (3)
              (1960): #9 in E*
Hans G l      Serenade for Strings  Symphony Nova      Radio Canada     0:15:14
              (1937)                Scotia             Int'l SMCD-5167
Neruda        Trumpet Concerto in   Maurice Andr‚,     Erato ECD-88007  0:15:40
              E-Flat                tr; Paris Orch
                                    re Wallez
Wilbye        Madrigal, "So Light   New York Trumpet   MMG MCD-10001    0:01:45
              Is Love"*             Ensemble
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Taneyev       Twelve Choruses, Op   Netherlands        Globe GLO-5197   0:05:10
              27: #9, "From the     Chamber Cho/T”nu
              Clouds"*              Kaljuste
Borodin/Glazu "Petite Suite"        Philharmonia       Cala CACD-1029   0:23:27
nov                                 Orch/Geoffrey
Arensky       Two-Piano Suite #5    Daniel             Marco Polo       0:11:40
              in Canon Form         Blumenthal,        8.223497
              (Children's Suite)    Robert Groslot,
Cui           Song, "It's Over"*    Olga Borodina,     Phi 442780-2     0:01:13
                                    ms; Larissa
                                    Gergieva, p
Mussorgsky    "Night on Bald        Philadelphia       RCA 63313-2      0:12:10
              Mountain"             Orch/Eugene
Frescobaldi   Canzon XXIX … 8*      Summit Brass       Summit DCD-101   0:01:52
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Hovhaness     "Armenian Rhapsody"   Royal Phil/Alan    Crystal CD-804   0:05:34
              #3, Op 189 (1944)*    Hovhaness
Yardumian     Armenian Suite        Utah Sym           Phoenix          0:13:54
                                    Orch/Varujan       PHCD-112
Alexander     "Armenian Scenes":    Meridian Arts      Channel          0:01:14
Arutiunian    "Drinking Song"*      Ensemble Brass     Classics
                                    Quintet            CCS-2191
Dvor k        Piano Trio #1 in      Golub-Kaplan-Carr  Arabesque        0:33:28
              B-Flat, Op 21         Trio               Z-6726 (2)
Handel        "Jephtha" (1751):     St Luke's Chamber  Arabesque        0:01:47
              "Menuet"*             Ensemble           Z-6720
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Schubert      "Ellens Gesang" III:  Kyung-Wha Chung,   EMI/Ang          0:05:04
              "Ave Maria," D 839*   v; Itamar Golan, p CDC5-56827-2
Schubert      "Wanderer" Fantasy    Alfred Brendel, p  MMG MWCD-7159    0:22:10
              in C, D 760
Walton        "Facade" (1922):      Chicago Pro Musica Reference        0:01:49
              "Foxtrot"*                               Recordings
                                                       RR-2102 (2)
Vaughan       "The Wasps" (1909)    London Phil/Sir    EMI/Ang          0:25:58
Williams                            Adrian Boult       CDC7-47216-2
Elgar         "Five Part-Songs      Finzi              Chandos          0:01:29
              from the Greek        Singers/Paul       CHAN-9269
              Anthology," Op 45:    Spicer
              #1, "Yea, Cast me
              from Heights of the
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