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The Beethoven Satellite Network is a satellite-delivered classical music format service, produced by the WFMT Radio Network and heard on radio outlets across the U.S. and around the world. E-mail inquiries can be sent to RadioNetwork@wfmt.com.

Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Anton H”ffner Sonata … 8 in C*      Nick Norton, tr;   Summit DCD-108   0:05:34
                                    Anthony Plog, tr;
Handel        Trio Sonata, Op 2/3   Musica Alta Ripa   MD+G             0:10:13
Quantz        Flute Sonata (#273)   Rachel Brown, f;   Chandos          0:12:00
              in G                  James Johnstone,   CHAN-0607
                                    hc; Mark Caudle,
Weiss         Lute Sonata (Suite)   Richard Stone, l   Titanic TI-213   0:01:50
              in B-Flat: Menuet*
Telemann      Viola da Gamba        Pro Arte Antiqua   Berlin           0:07:44
              Sonata in a           Lipsiensis         Classics
Fasch         Two-Oboe Sonata in g  Glaetzner,         Capriccio 10239  0:08:47
                                    Reinhardt; Pank,
Buxtehude     Trio Sonata in C, Op  John Holloway, v;  Marco Polo       0:07:58
              1/5                   Jaap ter Linden,   8.224003
                                    viga; Lars Ulrik
                                    Mortensen, hc
Johann St”rl  Brass Sonata*         Ensemble Musica    DG Archiv        0:01:41
                                    Antiqua/Ren‚       198405
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Gottschalk    "Danza," Op 33*       Robert DeGaetano,  Crystonyx 1002   0:05:46
Anthony       "Barbecue             American Music     Van SRV-349      0:14:47
Philip        Divertimento"         Group/Neely Bruce
Gottschalk    "Le Banjo," Op 15     Eugene List, p     Van OVC-4050     0:03:55
Gottschalk    "DeuxiŠme Banjo," Op  Lambert Orkis, p   Smithsonian      0:04:47
              82                                       ND-033
Faur‚         "Cinq M‚lodies de     Elly Ameling, s;   EMI/Ang          0:01:41
              Venise," Op 58: #1,   Dalton Baldwin, p  CMS7-64079-2
              "Mandoline"*                             (4)
Schumann      Cello Concerto in a,  Laszlo Varga, vc;  Vox CDX-5027     0:24:08
              Op 129                Westphalian Sym    (2)
Chopin        "tudes," Op 10: #1   Claudio Arrau, p   EMI/Ang          0:01:49
              in C*                                    CDH7-61016-2
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Bellini       "La Sonnambula":      Roberto Alagna,    EMI/Ang          0:05:17
              Duet, "Prendi,        t; Angela          CDC5-57302-2
              l'anel ti dono"*      Gheorghiu, s;
                                    Phil/Evelino Pid•
Doppler       Paraphrase of         Maxence Larrieu,   Orfeo            0:07:02
              Bellini's "La         f; V‚ronique       C-154971-A
              Sonnambula," Op 42    Larrieu, f; V
                                    Haas, h; S
                                    Soltesz, p
Liszt         "Grand Concert        Leslie Howard, p   Hyperion         0:15:25
              Fantasy" after                           CDA-67101/2 (2)
              Bellini's "La
Rossini       Fantasy in E-Flat     Dieter Kl”cker,    Orfeo            0:08:56
                                    cl; Southwest      C-417961-A
                                    German Radio Sym
Gossec/Almeid "Tambourin"*          Maxence Larrieu,   Camerata         0:01:32
a                                   f; Ichiro Suzuki,  32CM-148
Gershwin/Ferd "Rhapsody in Blue"    Chicago Sym        DG 431625-2      0:16:04
e Grof‚                             Orch/James
                                    Levine, p
Victor Frost  "American" Suite      Marc Shapiro, p    Cantilena        0:01:34
              (1988): "Gershwin"*                      Records 66015-2
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Trad American "Shenandoah"*         Mormon Tabernacle  Sony MDK-48295   0:05:14
                                    Cho, Philadelphia
                                    Orch/Richard P
Dvor k        "Husitsk " Overture,  Polish National    Naxos 8.553005   0:14:18
              Op 67                 Radio Sym
                                    Orch/Antoni Wit
Suk           Piano Pieces, Op 7:   Radoslav Kvapil, p Unicorn-Kanchan  0:01:49
              #2, "Humoreska"*                         a DKPCD-9159
Beethoven     Piano Concerto #3 in  Leon Fleisher, p;  Sony SBK-47658   0:33:45
              c, Op 37              Cleveland
                                    Orch/George Szell
Handel        "Siroe": Gigue*       Brewer Chamber     Newport          0:01:53
                                    Orch/Rudolph       Classic
                                    Palmer             NPD-85568
Larchet       "The Dirge of         Irish Chamber      Black Box        0:04:53
              Ossian"*              Orch/Fionnuala     BBM-1003
Schubert      Arpeggione Sonata in  Emanuel            EMI/Ang          0:18:24
              a, D 821              Feuermann, vc;     CDH7-64250-2
                                    Gerald Moore, p
Brahms/Dvorak Hungarian Dances:     Vienna Phil/Fritz  Lon 417696-2     0:01:44
              #19 in b*             Reiner
Telemann      "Darmstadt Overture"  Concentus Musicus  Teldec 93772-2   0:29:41
              (Suite) in d          Wien/Nikolaus      (2)
Falla         "El Amor Brujo"       Pepe Romero, g;    Phi 411432-2     0:01:30
              (1915): "Cancion del  Celin Romero, g
              fuego fatuo"*
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Rheinberger   "Wie lieblich sind    Gonville and       ASV CDDCA-989    0:04:56
              deine Wohnungen," Op  Caius College
              35*                   Cho/Geoffrey
                                    Webber; Helen
                                    Cole, h
Bruch         "Kol Nidrei," Op 47   Lynn Harrell, vc;  Lon 410144-2     0:10:11
Trad          "Kol Nidrei"*         Rachel Van         Centaur          0:02:00
Jewish/Van                          Voorhees, h        CRC-2317
Mozart        String Quartet #14    Ysa˜e String       Lon 473963-2     0:30:22
              in G, K 387           Quartet            (3)
Haydn         "Scherzando" #1 in    Vienna Haydn       Koch 3-1443-2    0:06:59
              F, H II:33            Sinfonietta/Manfre
                                    d Huss
Gr‚try        "Lucile": "Air de     Orch de            ASV CDDCA-1095   0:01:28
              danse"*               Bretagne/Stefan
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Glazunov      "Raymonda," Op 57:    Bolshoi Theater    Mel SR-40172     0:05:17
              "Grand Waltz"*        Orch/Yevgeny
Balakirev     "Islamey," Oriental   St Petersburg      Phi 470840-2     0:08:27
              Fantasy               Kirov Orch/Valery
Lyapunov      "Transcendental       Malcolm Binns, p   Pearl            0:04:09
              Etudes": #1,                             SHECD-9624
Gershwin      "Lullaby" (1919)      Cincinnati Pops    Telarc CD-80503  0:08:45
                                    Orch/Erich Kunzel
Sergei        Six Songs, Op 8: #5,  Yevgeny            Russian Disc     0:01:40
Rachmaninoff  "Son (A Dream)"*      Nesterenko, b;     RDCD-11372
                                    Shenderovich, p
Sergei        Piano Concerto #4 in  Jean-Yves          Lon 458930-2     0:26:22
Rachmaninoff  g, Op 40              Thibaudet, p;
Arthur Louri‚ "Cinq Pr‚ludes        Jenny Lin, p       H„nssler         0:01:25
              fragiles," Op 1: #2*                     Classic
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Paul Lewis    "A Miniature          Royal Ballet       ASV CDWHL-2131   0:05:02
              Symphony" (1972)*     Sinfonia/Gavin
Dvor k        "Miniatures" for two  Panocha String     Supraphon        0:14:38
              violins & viola, Op   Quartet members    SU-33912131
Alexander     "Miniature," Op 8/2   Moscow Chamber     Delos DE-3244    0:03:29
Gedike/S                            Orch/Constantine
Aslamazian                          Orbelian
Bridge        Miniatures for Piano  Bernard Roberts    Black Box        0:11:58
              Trio                  Piano Trio         BBM-1028
Lecuona       Three Miniatures:     Thomas Tirino, p   BIS CD-754       0:01:46
              #1, "Bellflower"*
Strauss       "Don Juan," Op 20     Stockholm          RCA 60173-2-RC   0:17:20
Anon 15th c   "Chiave, chiave"*     La Capella Reial   Alia Vox         0:01:27
Spanish                             de Catalunya       AV-9816-AB (2)
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Arthur de     "Humoresque" (1928)*  Flemish Radio      Etcetera         0:05:32
Greef                               Orch/Yannick       KTC-4013
Schumann      "Arabeske" in C, Op   Arthur de Greef, p Pearl            0:03:38
              18                                       GEMM-CD-9974
Arthur de     Piano Concerto #2 in  Artur Pizarro, p;  Etcetera         0:21:49
Greef         B                     Flemish Radio      KTC-4013
Gr‚try        "Danses               Arthur de Greef, p Pearl            0:01:28
              villageoises"*                           GEMM-CD-9974
Bernstein     "West Side Story":    Baltimore Sym      Lon 452916-2     0:22:17
              Symphonic Dances      Orch/David Zinman
Glazunov      "Raymonda," Op 57:    Bolshoi Theater    Mel SR-40172     0:01:23
              "Entrance of the      Orch/Yevgeny
              Jugglers"*            Svetlanov
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Beethoven     Rondo in C, Op 51/1*  Radu Lupu, p       Lon 4757065 (4)  0:05:38
Beethoven     "King Stephen," Op    Czech              Supraphon        0:07:19
              117: Overture         Phil/Frantisek     111118-2
Giuliani      Introduction, Theme   Richard Savino,    Harmonia Mundi   0:17:25
              with Variations and   g; Artaria String  HMU-907069
              Polonaise in A, Op 65 Quartet
Sor           "Huit Petites PiŠces  David Starobin, g  Bridge 9166      0:01:34
              pour Guitare Seule":
              #6, Menuet in F*
Tchaikovsky   "Swan Lake," Op 20:   London Sym         EMI/Ang          0:22:54
              Suite                 Orch/Andr‚         CDM4-89485-2
                                    Previn; Ida
                                    Haendel, v;
                                    Douglas Cummings,
Szymanowski   "Kurpian Songs", Op   Juliana Gondek,    Channel          0:01:45
              58: #1, "The Cranes   s; Reinild Mees, p Classics
              Were Flying"*                            CCS-19398 (4)
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Saint-Sa‰ns   Six tudes, Op 52:    Alfred Cortot, p   Fon‚ 90F12-CD    0:05:14
              #6, "En forme de
Ysa˜e         Caprice after the     Joshua Bell, v;    Lon 433519-2     0:08:08
              Study by              Royal Phil/Andrew
              Saint-Saens, Op 52    Litton
Ysa˜e         Solo Violin Sonata    Maxim Vengerov, v  EMI/Ang          0:06:21
              in d, Op 27/3,                           CDC5-57384-2
Enesco        Orchestra Suite #2    Romanian Radio/TV  Marco Polo       0:01:51
              in C, Op 20: 4th      Orch/Josif Conta   8.223144
              mvt, "Menuet grave"*
Enesco        "Suite chƒtelaine"    Timisoara Banatul  Marco Polo       0:18:54
                                    Phil/Remus         8.223145
Saint-Sa‰ns   Bassoon Sonata in G,  David McGill, bn;  Boston Records   0:13:45
              Op 168                Peter Serkin, p    BR-1022-CD
Shostakovich  Preludes, Op 34: #24  Tchaikovsky        CBS MK-45529     0:01:29
              in d, Allegretto*     Chamber
                                    Orch/Lazar Gosman
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Scarlatti     Clavier Sonata in d,  Albert Fuller, hc  Helicon HE-1038  0:05:42
              Kk 213 (L 108)*
Avison        Concerto grosso #3    Caf‚ Zimmermann    Alpha 031        0:10:01
              in d, after Domenico
Scarlatti     Clavier Sonata in C,  H‚di Sal nki, hc   Price-Less       0:01:12
              Kk 72 (L 401)*                           D-16565
Brahms        Symphony #4 in e, Op  Utah Sym           Van SVC-19       0:37:58
              98                    Orch/Maurice
Legnani/Mertz Caprices, Op 20: #7,  Raphaella Smits, g Accent           0:01:45
              "Prestissimo"*                           ACC-21146
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                                 All rights reserved.

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