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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Sowerby       "Festival Musick"     Gloriae Dei Brass  Gloriae Dei      0:05:17
              (1953): #1, Fanfare*  Ens, James E       Cantores
                                    Jordan, Jr, o      GDCD-016
                                    (All Saints,
                                    Worcester, MA)
Copland       "Fanfare for the      Boston Pops        Phi 412627-2     0:03:01
              Common Man" (1942)    Orch/John Williams
Sowerby       Trio for Flute,       Zizi Mueller, f;   Premier          0:23:13
              Viola and Piano       Jesse Levine, vi;  PRCD-1029
              (1919)                Emma Tahmizian, p
Sowerby       "Pop Goes the         Westwood Wind      Crystal CD-353   0:01:42
              Weasel"*              Quintet
Copland       "The Tender Land"     Phoenix Sym/James  Koch 3-7092-2    0:21:25
              (1952-4): Suite       Sedares
Copland       Old American Songs,   Willard White, b;  Chandos          0:01:49
              Set 1 (1950): #2,     Graeme McNaught, p CHAN-8960
              "The Dodger"*
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Offenbach     "La belle H‚lŠne":    Blackham, s;       Price-Less       0:05:30
              "Dream Duet"*         Miller, t;         D-18266
                                    Sadler's Wells
Offenbach     "La belle H‚lŠne":    Boston Pops        RCA RCD1-5478    0:08:58
              Overture              Orch/Arthur
Lecocq        "La fille de Madame   Luxembourg         Forlane          0:04:41
              Angot": Overture      Radio/TV Sym       UCD-13151/52
                                    Orch/Paul Bonneau  (2)
Planquette    "Les Cloches de       Orch/Jean Doussard EMI/Ang          0:04:59
              Corneville": Overture                    CDM7-69846-2
Planquette    "Les Cloches de       Mady Mespl‚, s;    EMI/Ang          0:01:51
              Corneville":          Paris National     CDM7-69846-2
              Ensemble, "C'est      Opera Cho and
              affreux"*             Orch/Jean Doussard
Beethoven     String Quartet #9 in  Alban Berg String  EMI/Ang          0:29:10
              C, Op 59/3,           Quartet            ZDMG5-66408-2
              "Rasoumovsky" #3                         (7)
Lord Berners  "The Triumph of       Royal Liverpool    EMI/Ang          0:01:41
              Neptune" Suite: 5th   Phil/Barry         CDC7-47668-2
              mvt, "Sunday          Wordsworth
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Sousa         "Humoresque on        Razumovsky Sym     Naxos 8.559013   0:05:34
              Gershwin's 'Swanee'"* Orch/Keith Brion
Gershwin      Variations on "I Got  Michael Boriskin,  Conifer 51342-2  0:08:58
              Rhythm"               p; Eos
Gould         "Boogie-Woogie Etude" Michel Legrand, p  Erato 96386-2    0:02:14
Martinu       "Jazz Suite"          Zdenek Jilek, p;   Supraphon        0:12:09
                                    Prague Sym Orch    SU-3058-2011
Leroy         "Jazz Legato"*        BBC Concert        Naxos 8.559356   0:01:45
Anderson                            Orch/Leonard
Suk           String Serenade in    Polish Radio       ASV CDQS-6094    0:23:19
              E-Flat, Op 6          Chamber
Zez Confrey   "Humorestless"*       Noel Lester, p     Elan CD-82296    0:01:37
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Johann        Motet, "Das ist       Clare College      Columns          0:04:52
Ludwig Bach   meine Freude"*        Cho,               Classics
                                    Cambridge/Timothy  B-555015
J Chr Fr Bach Sinfonia in E         St Luke's          Musicmasters     0:08:33
                                    Orch/Dennis        7062-2-C
                                    Russell Davies
Rimsky-Korsak Song, "Hear the       Linn Maxwell, ms;  Albany TROY-072  0:01:18
ov            Skylark Sweetly       Robert McCoy, p
Borodin       String Quartet #2 in  St Louis Sym       Telarc CD-80080  0:07:09
              D: 3rd mvt,           Orch/Leonard
              "Notturno"            Slatkin
Arensky       Piano Trio #1 in d,   Borodin Trio       Chandos          0:31:45
              Op 32                                    CHAN-8477
Buonamente    "Brando terza"*       Clemencic Consort  Accord 149178    0:01:53
Hofstetter    String Quartet, Op    Tchaikovsky        CBS MK-45529     0:05:41
              3/5 (formerly         Chamber
              attributed to         Orch/Lazar Gosman
              Haydn): "Andante
Enesco        Overture in A, Op     Roumanian          Olympia OCD-441  0:10:03
              32, on Popular        National Radio
              Roumanian Themes      Orch/Horia
Gy”rgy        "Rumanian Fantasy"    Gy”rgy Cziffra, p  Ang 35610        0:11:01
Dinicu        "Hora Staccato"       Grigory Dinicu, v  Pearl BVA-2 (3)  0:02:44
Dinicu/Artist "Hora Staccato"*      Hohner Accordion   Van SVC-81       0:01:52
s                                   Sym/Rudolf
Mozart        Piano Trio in         Philadelphia Trio  Centaur          0:23:34
              B-Flat, K 502                            CRC-2019
Tchaikovsky   "Swan Lake," Op 20:   London Sym         EMI/Ang          0:01:27
              Act II, Dance of the  Orch/Andr‚ Previn  CDM4-89485-2
              Little Swans*
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Gliere        Intermezzo and        Gary Karr, db;     VQR 2031         0:05:47
              Tarantella, Op 9:     Harmon Lewis, p
Tchaikovsky   Piano Concerto #3 in  Jerome Lowenthal,  Arabesque        0:15:24
              E-Flat, Op 75         p; London Sym      Z-6583
Antheil       "The Dog-Cat Polka"*  Noel Lester, p     Centaur          0:01:16
A Razek       "Cat's Serenade"      Venice String      Dynamic CDS-195  0:03:09
Serebrier     "Suite Canina" (1957) Australian Wind    RCA VRL1-0404    0:09:55
Bruch         Konzertstck, Op 84   Salvatore          Phi 9500423      0:18:48
                                    Accardo, v;
                                    Orch/Kurt Masur
Martinu       "March of the Cats    Noel Lester, p     Centaur          0:01:24
              in the Midnight                          CRC-2511
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Widor         Organ Symphony #5 in  Chicago Brass      Centaur          0:05:15
              F, Op 42/1: Finale,   Quintet, Paul Van  CRC-2221
              "Toccata"*            der Weele, o
Leevi         Symphony #1 in F, Op  Iceland Sym        Chandos          0:23:20
Madetoja      29                    Orch/Petri Sakari  CHAN-9115
Pall Palsson  "Six Icelandic        Reykjavik Wind     Cristofori       0:01:41
              Songs": #1,           Quintet            CF-883
Mozart        Piano and Wind        Radu Lupu, p; de   Lon 414291-2     0:24:48
              Quintet in E-Flat, K  Vries, ob;
              452                   Pieterson, cl;
                                    Zarzo, fh;
                                    Pollard, bn
Mozart        "Don Giovanni," K     Ruggero Raimondi,  CBS MDK-46579    0:01:49
              527: Serenade, "Deh,  b; Paris Op‚ra
              vieni alla finestra"* Orch/Lorin Maazel
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Chopin        Impromptu #3 in       Garrick Ohlsson, p Arabesque        0:05:48
              G-Flat, Op 51*                           Z-6642 (2)
Ravel         String Quartet in F   Travnicek String   Opus 93512035    0:27:07
Chopin        "Feuille d'album" in  Garrick Ohlsson, p Arabesque        0:01:22
              E*                                       Z-6686
Bizet         "Carmen" Suite        Stuttgart Radio    EMI/Ang          0:21:02
                                    Sym Orch/Neville   CDC7-49229-2
Satie         Song, "La Statue de   Patrice Michaels,  Cedille          0:01:40
              Bronze"*              s; Czech National  CDR-90000070
                                    Sym Orch/Paul
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Wagner        "Albumblatt" in C     Lydia              Chandos          0:05:22
              for Princess          Mordkovitch, v;    CHAN-8748
              Metternich*           Marina
                                    Gusak-Grin, p
Wagner        "Tannh„user":         Cincinnati Sym     Telarc CD-80379  0:14:21
              Overture              Orch/Jes£s
Bach          Lute Suite in E, BWV  David Russell, g   Telarc CD-80584  0:01:43
              1006a: Bourr‚e*
Scharwenka    Piano Concerto #2 in  Michael Ponti, p;  Vox CDX-5066     0:33:41
              c, Op 56              Hamburg Sym        (2)
                                    Orch/Richard Kapp
Carrolan      "Fanny Dillon"*       Nancy Hadden, f    CRD 3469         0:01:48
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Vaughan       Hymn-Tune, "Sine      Trinity College    Conifer 51249-2  0:05:26
Williams      Nomine (For All the   Cho,
              Saints)" (1905)*      Cambridge/Richard
                                    Allsop, o
Vaughan       "Three Preludes on    Nash Ensemble      Hyperion         0:15:31
Williams      Welsh Hymn Tunes"                        CDA-67381/2 (2)
              (Household Music),
Canning       Fantasy on a Hymn     Cincinnati Sym     Telarc CD-80462  0:08:56
              Tune by Justin Morgan Orch/Jes£s
Vaughan       Hymn, "Firmly I       Trinity College    Conifer 51249-2  0:01:49
Williams      believe and truly"*   Cho,
                                    Allsop, o
Schubert      Symphony #3 in D, D   Royal Phil/Thomas  EMI/Ang          0:23:14
              200                   Beecham            CDM7-69750-2
Schubert      Song, "Die Laube", D  Dietrich           DG 437215-2 (9)  0:01:49
              214*                  Fischer-Dieskau,
                                    br; Gerald Moore,
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Frescobaldi/B Toccata in G*         Jan Michiels, p    Etcetera         0:05:05
artok                                                  KTC-4006
Alberti       Two-Trumpet Sonata    Helmut Wobisch,    Van OVC-2535     0:07:28
              in D                  Adolf H”ller,
                                    tr's; I Solisti
                                    di Zagreb/Antonio
Locatelli     "L'Arte del           Mela Tenenbaum,    Ess.a.y          0:22:39
              Violino," Op 3:       v; Pro Musica      CD-1043/44 (2)
              Concerto #1 in D      Kiev/Richard Kapp
Speer         Sonata #4*            Annapolis Brass    Crystal CD-200   0:01:21
Wagner        "Tristan und          Cincinnati Sym     Telarc CD-80379  0:17:24
              Isolde": Prelude and  Orch/Jes£s
              "Liebestod"           L¢pez-Cobos
Irish ANON    "Budro"*              Hedos Ensemble     CPO 999388-2     0:01:25
16th c
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Fucik         March, "Hercegovac"*  Czech Phil/Vaclav  Supraphon        0:03:03
                                    Neumann            110725-2
Frantisek     "Fanfare March"*      Czech Phil/Vaclav  Supraphon        0:02:12
Zita                                Neumann            110725-2
Beethoven     String Quartet #2 in  Melos String       Intercord        0:23:12
              G, Op 18/2            Quartet            INT-820.529
Duff          Irish Suite for       Irish Chamber      Black Box        0:01:45
              Strings: "Dance of    Orch/Fionnuala     BBM-1003
              Daemar"*              Hunt
Dvor k        Slavonic Dances, Opp  Vienna Phil/Fritz  Lon 417696-2     0:24:55
              46, 72: Excerpts      Reiner
Giulio        "Leisure Moments":    David Rogers,      Bridge BCD-9055  0:01:22
Regondi       #8*                   accordion; Julie
                                    Lustman, p
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