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January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Pergolesi     "L'Olimpiade":        Accademia di       DG 471566-2      0:05:45
              Sinfonia*             Santa Cecilia
Schubert      Overture in C, "In    Hanover Band/Roy   Nimbus NI-5172   0:07:23
              the Italian Style,"   Goodman
              D 591
Monteverdi    "L'Orfeo": Toccata*   Lyon National      Erato            0:01:39
                                    Opera Orch/Michel  ECD-88133 (2)
Debussy       Sonata (#1) in d for  Steven Isserlis,   Virgin 61198-2   0:10:47
              Cello and Piano       vc; Pascal
                                    Devoyon, p
Debussy       Sonata (#2) for       Trio Medicis       Cypres CYP-1637  0:17:12
              Flute, Viola and Harp
Debussy       Sonata (#3) in g for  Nathan Milstein,   EMI/Ang          0:12:04
              Violin and Piano      v; Rudolf          CDM5-66872-2
                                    Firkusny, p
Tailleferre   "Chansons populaires  Patrice Michaels,  Cedille          0:01:32
              fran‡aises"           s; Czech National  CDR-90000070
              (1952-55): "Mon pŠre  Sym Orch/Paul
              m'a mari‚e"*          Freeman
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Elgar         "Pomp and             London Phil/Sir    Lon 417719-2     0:05:45
              Circumstance"         Georg Solti
              Marches, Op 39: #5
              in C*
Chopin        Piano Sonata #3 in    Witold             EMI/Ang          0:25:13
              b, Op 58              Malcuzynski, p     ZDMB5-68226-2
Bridge        "Spring Song"*        Steven Doane, vc;  Bridge BCD-9056  0:01:54
                                    Barry Snyder, p
Hadley        "One Morning in       Philharmonia       Chandos          0:04:14
              Spring" (1942)        Orch/Matthias      CHAN-9539
Raff          "Ode au printemps",   Peter Aronsky, p;  Tudor 7035       0:18:05
              Op 76                 Basel Radio Sym
                                    Orch/Jost Meier
Argento       Six Elizabethan       Patrice Michaels   Cedille          0:01:40
              Songs: #4, "Spring"*  Bedi, s;           CDR-90000011
                                    Rembrandt Chamber
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Tchaikovsky/Z "The Months (The      Siberian           Mel              0:05:16
aborov        Seasons)," Op 37:     Violinists         SUCD-1000201
              "October (Autumn      Ensemble/Mikhail
              Song)"*               Parkhomovsky
Tchaikovsky/A "The Months (The      Eleonora Bekova,   Chandos          0:05:38
rtists        Seasons)," Op 37:     p; Elvira Bekova,  CHAN-9719 (2)
              "June (Barcarolle)"   v; Alfia Bekova,
Tchaikovsky   "The Months (The      Xiang-Dong Kong, p RCA 62520-2      0:04:39
              Seasons)," Op 37:
              "May (Starlit Night)"
Tchaikovsky/G "The Months (The      Tampere Phil       Ondine           0:01:48
auk           Seasons)," Op 37:     Orch/Leonid Grin   ODE-782-2
              "July (Song of the
Delius        "Florida" Suite       English Sym        Nimbus NI-5208   0:37:18
              (1887)                Orch/William
Clarke,       Trumpet Voluntary     The Wallace        Nimbus NI-5155   0:01:42
Herbert       Suite: "Bourree" &    Collection,
              "Hornpipe"*           English String
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Gervaise      Danceries*            Ensemble Josquin   MMG MCD-10052    0:05:39
                                    Des Pres
Larsen        "Reasons for Loving   American           Virgin 45368-2   0:03:11
              Harmonica"            Boychoir/James
                                    Litton; Matthew
                                    Schwinghammer, p
Villa-Lobos/B "Samba-Classico"      Robert Bonfiglio,  RCA 7986-2-RC    0:04:55
onfiglio                            harmonica; New
                                    York Chamber
                                    Sym/Gerard Schwarz
Villa-Lobos   "Bachianas            Ren‚e Fleming, s;  RCA 68538-2      0:11:09
              brasileiras" #5       New World Sym
              (1938-45)             Orch
                                    Tilson Thomas
Bach/Carlos   Orchestra Suite #2    Wendy Carlos,      CBS MK-42308     0:01:41
              in b, BWV 1067:       synth
Handel        "Water Music" Suite   The King's         Hyperion         0:27:18
              #1 in F               Consort/Robert     CDA-66967
Cowell        Trio in Nine Short    Mirecourt Trio     Music & Arts     0:01:41
              Movements: 2nd mvt,                      CD-686
Lodovico      Cello Sonata #7*      Sarah Freiberg,    Centaur          0:05:36
Filippo                             vc; Michael        CRC-2675
Laurenti                            Sponseller, hc
Brahms        Cello Sonata #2 in    Mstislav           DG 410510-2      0:30:25
              F, Op 99              Rostropovich, vc;
                                    Rudolf Serkin, p
Purcell/Coate "Allegro"*            Royal Phil/Barry   Intersound 2882  0:01:37
s                                   Wordsworth
Scott         "Suite Fantastique"   SABC National      Marco Polo       0:17:40
                                    Sym/Peter          8.223485
Orff          "Carmina Burana":     Jo, Kowalski,      Teldec 74886-2   0:01:46
              #6, "Tanz"*           Skovhus; London
                                    Phil Cho,
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Bach          Cantata #78, "Jesu,   Teresa             Van OVC-2009     0:05:05
              der du meine Seele":  Stich-Randall, s;
              Duet, "Wir eilen mit  Dagmar Hermann,
              schwachen"*           c; Orch/Felix
Bach          Two-Violin Concerto   Sigiswald          RCA-DHM          0:16:10
              in d, BWV 1043        Kuijken, v; Lucy   77006-2-RG
                                    van Dael, v; La
                                    Petite Bande
Bach          Chorale Prelude,      Kevin Bowyer, o    Nimbus           0:01:41
              "Wir Christenleut'                       NI-5647/8 (2)
              habn jetzund Freud,"
              BWV 710*
Dvor k        String Quartet #10    Tak cs String      Lon 466197-2     0:32:02
              in E-Flat, Op 51      Quartet
Christian     "Sleepers Wake"*      American Brass     New World        0:01:38
Gregor                              Quintet            80608-2
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Purcell       "Chacony" in g*       Leonhardt          Teldec 77608-2   0:05:03
                                    Consort/Gustav     (2)
Stravinsky    Wind Octet (1923)     Netherlands Wind   Phi 472678-2     0:15:37
                                    Ensemble           (2)
Vieuxtemps    Violin Concerto #5    Isabelle van       Phi 420198-2     0:21:31
              in a, Op 37           Keulen, v; London
                                    Sym Orch/Colin
Honegger      "Sept piŠces breves"  Annette            Koch 3-1220-2    0:01:36
              (1919): #5*           Middelbeek, p
Johan Schenk  Sonata #2 in a        't Uitnement       NM Classics      0:10:08
                                    Kabinet            MCCL-92111
Bizet         "Jeux d'enfants," Op  Amsterdam          Phi 416437-2     0:01:46
              22: #12: Galop, "Le   Concertgebouw
              bal"*                 Orch/Bernard
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Rodgers/Hough "Carousel": Waltz*    Stephen Hough, p   Hyperion         0:05:39
Elgar         Cello Concerto in e,  Shauna Rolston,    Radio Canada     0:29:21
              Op 85                 vc; Calgary        Int'l SMCD-5153
Elgar         "Vesper               Christopher        Hyperion         0:01:26
              Voluntaries," Op 14:  Herrick, o (Ripon  CDA-67146
              #6*                   Cathedral,
Telemann      Overture (Suite) in   Musica Alta Ripa   MD+G             0:18:45
              f-sharp, TWV 55:fis                      Recordings
Handel        "Alcina": "Entr‚e"*   English Baroque    Erato ECD-88084  0:01:53
                                    Eliot Gardiner
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Goetz         Three Easy Pieces     Glenn Dicterow,    Genesis          0:04:54
              for Violin and        v; Gerald          GCD-113 (2)
              Piano, Op 2: #3,      Robbins, p
Mozart        Oboe Concerto in C,   Albrecht Mayer,    DG 476235-2      0:21:16
              K 314                 ob; Mahler
Mozart        "The Abduction from   Kathleen Battle,   DG 439949-2      0:02:45
              the Seraglio," K      s; Metropolitan
              384: Aria, "Welche    Opera Orch/James
              Wonne, welche Lust"   Levine
Mozart        "The Abduction from   Empire Brass       Telarc CD-80332  0:01:24
              the Seraglio," K
              384: Chorus of the
Schreker      "Overture to A Grand  Berlin German Sym  Koch 3-6454-2    0:23:35
              Opera"                Orch/Peter Ruzicka
Villa-Lobos   Twelve Etudes for     Pepe Romero, g     Phi 420245-2     0:01:47
              Guitar (1928): #1 in
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Liszt         "Soir‚es musicales"   Vincenzo Balzani,  Peters Int'l     0:05:39
              (after Rossini): "La  p                  PLE-022
Rossini       Two-Clarinet          Kl”cker, cl;       Orfeo            0:14:44
              Concerto in           Link, cl;          C-417961-A
              c/A-Flat/E-Flat       Southwest German
                                    Radio Sym
Rossini       "Cat" Duet "(Duetto   Felicity Lott, s;  EMI/Ang          0:03:23
              buffo di due gatti)"  Ann Murray, ms;    CDC7-54411-2
                                    Graham Johnson, p
Thomson       "Cat Duet"            Ellen Phillips     Centaur          0:03:29
                                    Frohnmayer, s;     CRC-2180
                                    Frohnmayer, br;
                                    Logan Skelton, p
Ravel         "L'enfant et les      Linda Finnie, c;   EMI/Ang          0:01:45
              sortilŠges": Cat      Philippe           CDC7-47169-2
              Duet*                 Httenlocher, br;
                                    London Sym
                                    Orch/Andr‚ Previn
Haydn         Symphony #104 in D,   Berlin             EMI/Ang          0:25:43
              "London"              Phil/Herbert von   CDM7-69961-2
Holborne      "The Fairy Round"*    Paul O'Dette, l    None 79123-2     0:01:25
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Teresa        "Un bal en rˆve", Op  Clara Rodriguez, p Fundacion Mmg    0:05:10
Carre¤o       26*                                      FD-2522002237
Viardot-Garci "Six Morceaux"        Karin Hendel, v;   Zuk Records 324  0:20:44
a                                   Ewa Warykiewicz, p
B‚riot        "ScŠne de Ballet,"    Yuri Bashmet, vi;  Mel              0:10:37
              Op 100                Moscow Phil        SUCD-1000540
Viardot-Garci Song, "Morir˘"*       Isabel             Analekta         0:01:31
a                                   Bayrakdarian, s;   AN2-9903
                                    Serouj Kradjian, p
Brahms        Variations on a       New York           Sony MHK-63328   0:16:23
              Theme by Haydn, Op    Phil/Bruno Walter
Haydn         Song, "The Lady's     Elly Ameling, s;   Phi 6769064 (3)  0:01:21
              Looking Glass"*       J”rg Demus, p
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Gottschalk    "Radieuse"*           Cary Lewis, p;     Vox CDX-5009     0:05:13
                                    Brady Millican, p  (2)
Strauss       "Burleske" in d       Eugene List, p;    Odys 32160312    0:21:34
              (1885-6)              Vienna State
                                    Opera Orch/Kurt
Purcell       "The Gordion Knot     Taverner           EMI/Ang          0:01:49
              Untied": Chaconne*    Players/Andrew     CDM7-69853-2
Tchaikovsky   Six Piano Pieces, Op  Naum Starkmann, p  Transart TR-135  0:11:41
              19: #6, Theme and
Arensky       Variations on a       St Petersburg      Sony SMK-58976   0:14:20
              Theme by              Camerata/Saulius
              Tchaikovsky, Op 35a   Sondeckis
Scriabin      Twelve Etudes, Op 8:  Arthur Greene, p   Supraphon        0:01:53
              #10 in D-Flat*                           SU-3324-2131
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                                 All rights reserved.

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