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January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Bach/Petri    Cantata #208, "Was    Leon Fleisher, p   Van ATMCD-1551   0:05:01
              mir behagt, ist nur
              die muntre Jagd!
              (Hunt)": Aria,
              "Schafe k”nnen
              sicher weiden (Sheep
Bach          (Organ) Trio Sonata   Heinz Holliger,    Phi 422328-2     0:11:41
              #5 in C, BWV 529      ob; Tabea
                                    Zimmermann, vi; C
                                    Jaccottet, hc; T
                                    Demenga, vc
Bach          "Anna Magdalena       Alexandre LaGoya,  Erato 45692-2    0:01:45
              Notebook": Polonaise* g
Mozart        Serenade #13 in G, K  Berlin             DG 423610-2      0:16:54
              525, "Eine kleine     Phil/Herbert von
              Nachtmusik"           Karajan
Stenhammar    String Quartet #3 in  Fresk String       Caprice          0:18:57
              C, Op 29, "Serenade"  Quartet            CAP-1201-03 (3)
Quilter/Hough Song, "The Fuchsia    Stephen Hough, p   Musicmasters     0:01:26
              Tree", Op 25/2*                          MMD-60135-W
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Rossini       "The Barber of        Maria Callas, s;   EMI/Ang          0:05:09
              Seville": Duet,       Tito Gobbi, br;    CDC5-55216-2
              "Dunque io son"*      Philharmonia
Rossini       "The Barber of        Royal              MCA Classics     0:07:19
              Seville": Overture    Phil/Michael Reed  MCAD-10104
Barber        Symphony #1, Op 9     Baltimore Sym      Argo 436288-2    0:19:26
                                    Orch/David Zinman
Barber        "M‚lodies             Paula Robison, f;  Musicmasters     0:01:21
              passagŠres," Op 27:   Timothy Hester, p  MMD-60195-A
              #4, "Le clocher
Locatelli     "L'Arte del           Mela Tenenbaum,    Ess.a.y          0:21:08
              Violino," Op 3:       v; Pro Musica      CD-1043/44 (2)
              Concerto #2 in c      Kiev/Richard Kapp
Monteverdi    Motet, "Surge         G‚rard Lesne, ct;  Virgin 91145-2   0:01:37
              propera"*             Il Seminario
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Handel/Elgar  Overture in d         Royal Phil/Yehudi  MCA Classics     0:05:15
              (Chandos Anthem #2)*  Menuhin            MCAD-6231
Elgar         "From the Bavarian    London             EMI/Ang          0:11:36
              Highlands" (Three     Phil/Adrian Boult  CDM7-69207-2
              Bavarian Dances), Op
Elgar         "Chanson de Nuit,"    Tomoko Kato, v;    Denon CO-18078   0:03:59
              Op 15/1               Akira Eguchi, p
Elgar         "Chanson de Matin,"   Tomoko Kato, v;    Denon CO-18078   0:02:53
              Op 15/2               Akira Eguchi, p
Elgar         "Civic Fanfare"*      Munich             Classico CD-334  0:01:22
Elgar         Cello Concerto in e,  Steven Isserlis,   Virgin 61125-2   0:28:55
              Op 85                 vc; London Sym
Elgar         Chorus, "The          Tudor Cho/Barry    Pearl            0:01:23
              Windlass Song"*       Collett            SHECD-9635
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Bach          "The Art of Fugue,"   Emerson String     DG B0000908-02   0:05:18
              BWV 1080: "Canon per  Quartet
              Augmentationem in
              Contrario Motu"*
Siegmeister   Western Suite (1945)  Utah Sym           Vox ACD-8155     0:20:33
Henry F       "Indian Scenes"       Dario Mller, p    Marco Polo       0:07:38
Gilbert                                                8.223715
Cecil         "Five Indian          Zina Schiff, v;    Naxos 8.559061   0:01:40
Burleigh      Sketches" (1913):     Mary Barranger, p
              "Over Laughing
Mozart        Cassation in B-Flat,  Camerata           Capriccio 10192  0:19:14
              K 99                  Salzburg/Sandor
Arnold        Five Pieces, Op 84    Marcia Crayford,   Hyperion         0:01:45
              (1965): #1, Prelude*  v; Ian Brown, p    CDA-66171
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Giuliani/Sego Guitar Sonata*        Andr‚s Segovia, g  MCA Classics     0:05:39
via                                                    MCAD-10281
Beethoven     Cello Sonata #5 in    Joel Krosnick,     Arabesque        0:20:24
              D, Op 102/2           vc; Gilbert        Z-6656-2 (2)
                                    Kalish, p
Brahms/Hudec  Waltzes, Op 39: #15   Miloslav Vildner,  Opus 93502073    0:01:53
              in A-Flat*            h; Orch/JirĄ Hudec
Berwald       Symphony #2 in D,     Malm” Sym          BIS CD-795/96    0:27:47
              "Sinfonie             Orch/Sixten        (2)
              capricieuse"          Ehrling
Purcell       Trumpet Tune,         E Power Biggs, o;  CBS MLK-45525    0:01:26
              "Cibell"*             New England Brass
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Offenbach     "La belle H‚lŠne":    Blackham, s;       Price-Less       0:05:30
              "Dream Duet"*         Miller, t;         D-18266
                                    Sadler's Wells
Offenbach     "La belle H‚lŠne":    Boston Pops        RCA RCD1-5478    0:08:58
              Overture              Orch/Arthur
Lecocq        "La fille de Madame   Luxembourg         Forlane          0:04:41
              Angot": Overture      Radio/TV Sym       UCD-13151/52
                                    Orch/Paul Bonneau  (2)
Planquette    "Les Cloches de       Orch/Jean Doussard EMI/Ang          0:04:59
              Corneville": Overture                    CDM7-69846-2
Planquette    "Les Cloches de       Mady Mespl‚, s;    EMI/Ang          0:01:51
              Corneville":          Paris National     CDM7-69846-2
              Ensemble, "C'est      Opera Cho and
              affreux"*             Orch/Jean Doussard
Beethoven     String Quartet #9 in  Alban Berg String  EMI/Ang          0:29:10
              C, Op 59/3,           Quartet            ZDMG5-66408-2
              "Rasoumovsky" #3                         (7)
Lord Berners  "The Triumph of       Royal Liverpool    EMI/Ang          0:01:41
              Neptune" Suite: 5th   Phil/Barry         CDC7-47668-2
              mvt, "Sunday          Wordsworth
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Sousa         "Humoresque on        Razumovsky Sym     Naxos 8.559013   0:05:34
              Gershwin's 'Swanee'"* Orch/Keith Brion
Gershwin      Variations on "I Got  Michael Boriskin,  Conifer 51342-2  0:08:58
              Rhythm"               p; Eos
Gould         "Boogie-Woogie Etude" Michel Legrand, p  Erato 96386-2    0:02:14
Martinu       "Jazz Suite"          Zdenek Jilek, p;   Supraphon        0:12:09
                                    Prague Sym Orch    SU-3058-2011
Leroy         "Jazz Legato"*        BBC Concert        Naxos 8.559356   0:01:45
Anderson                            Orch/Leonard
Suk           String Serenade in    Polish Radio       ASV CDQS-6094    0:23:19
              E-Flat, Op 6          Chamber
Zez Confrey   "Humorestless"*       Noel Lester, p     Elan CD-82296    0:01:37
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Messager      Solo de concours*     Eduard Brunner,    Calig CAL-50907  0:05:40
                                    cl; Margarita
                                    H”henrieder, p
Brahms        Clarinet Trio in a,   B3 Classic Trio    Non Profit       0:26:20
              Op 114                                   Music NPM-1010
Brahms        Twelve Songs and      Cambridge          Collegium        0:01:25
              Romances, Op 44: #7,  Singers/John       CSCD-509
              "Nun stehn die Rosen  Rutter
              in Blte"*
JF Schubert   Clarinet and Bassoon  Dieter Kl”cker,    MD+G             0:21:43
              Concerto in E-Flat    cl; Karl-Otto      Recordings
                                    Hartmann, bn; Suk  L-3366
                                    Chamber Orch/Petr
Schubert      "Hymne IV," D 662*    Marjana Lipovsek,  Hyperion         0:01:48
                                    ms; Graham         CDJ-33029
                                    Johnson, p
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Faur‚         "Pell‚as et           Toulouse Capitole  EMI/Ang          0:05:12
              M‚lisande," Op 80:    Orch/Michel        CDC7-47938-2
              "Pr‚lude"*            Plasson
Sibelius      "Pell‚as et           Hall‚ Orch/Sir     EMI/Ang          0:16:39
              M‚lisande," Op 46:    John Barbirolli    ZDME5-67299-2
              Suite                                    (5)
Debussy       "Pell‚as et           Mary Garden, s;    Desmar IPA-117   0:01:41
              M‚lisande": "Mes      Claude Debussy, p
              longs cheveux"*
Debussy       "Estampes" (1903)     Jean-Bernard       Virgin 90847-2   0:13:31
                                    Pommier, p
Martinu       "Estampes" (1958)     Louisville         First Edition    0:17:15
                                    Orch/Robert        FECD-0018
Nadia         Trois piŠces: #2,     Norman Fischer,    Northeastern     0:01:32
Boulanger     "Sans vitesse et …    vc; Jeanne         NR-238-CD
              l'aise"*              Kierman Fischer, p
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Bach          "Well-Tempered        Gustav Leonhardt,  RCA-DHM          0:05:37
              Clavier," Bk 2, BWV   hc                 77012-2-RG (2)
              870/91: Prelude &
              Fugue #12 in f*
JC Bach       Flute and Oboe        K”ln Camerata      RCA-DHM          0:17:16
              Quintet in D, Op 22/1                    77172-2-RC
Telemann      "Heldenmusik":        E Power Biggs, o   Sony SBK-63061   0:01:40
              "Love"*               (Cambridge, MA);
                                    New England Brass
Smetana       "M  Vlast (My         Czech State        Conifer 51522-2  0:12:27
              Fatherland)":         Phil/Jos‚
              "Vltava (The Moldau)" Serebrier
Serebrier     Symphony #1 (1957)    Houston Sym        Guild GHCD-2347  0:17:48
Prokofiev     "Three Children's     Carole Farley, s;  ASV CDDCA-669    0:01:29
              Songs", Op 68: #3,    Roger Vignoles, p
              "The Little Pigs"*
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