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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Bsser        "Pr‚lude et Scherzo"* Susan Milan, f;    Chandos          0:05:17
                                    Ian Brown, p       CHAN-8609
Debussy/Bsse "Petite Suite" (1889) Detroit Sym        Mer 434306-2     0:11:40
r                                   Orch/Paul Paray
Aldo Forte    "Petite Suite":       Tradewinds Quintet US Air Force     0:01:34
              "Intermezzo"*                            0010
Borodin/Glazu "Petite Suite"        Philharmonia       Cala CACD-1029   0:23:27
nov                                 Orch/Geoffrey
Jolivet       Petite Suite (1941)   Anna Noakes, f;    ASV CDDCA-948    0:12:20
                                    Jonathan Barritt,
                                    vi; Gillian
                                    Tingay, h
Anon 14th c   "Branle de Tricot"*   Les M‚nestriers    Calliope         0:01:49
French                              Picards            CAL-9512
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
John Sheppard Motet, "Jesu,         Stile Antico       Harmonia Mundi   0:05:38
              salvator saeculi,                        HMU-907419
Mozart        Piano Concerto #23    Friedrich Gulda,   Teldec 92150-2   0:25:58
              in A, K 488           p; Amsterdam
Mozart        "Bastien und          Bryn Terfel, br;   DG B0007194-02   0:01:28
              Bastienne," K 50:     Scottish Chamber
              Aria, "Diggi, daggi"* Orch, Charles
Bart˘k        "Kossuth"             San Francisco Sym  Lon 443773-2     0:22:12
Scarlatti/Lim Clavier Sonata in A,  Liona Boyd, g      Lon CS-7015      0:01:20
a             Kk 431 (L 83)*
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Rimsky-Korsak "The Tsar's Bride,"   Bolshoi Cho and    Mel SR-40052     0:05:09
ov            Op 57: Hop-Pickers'   Orch/Gennady
              Chorus*               Rozhdestvensky
Rimsky-Korsak "Mlada" (1872):       Odense Sym         Kontrapunkt      0:03:47
ov            "Indian Dance"        Orch/Eduard Serov  32261
Borodin       "Prince Igor":        Royal Liverpool    Virgin 91174-2   0:13:37
              "Polovtsian Dances"   Phil &
Mussorgsky    "Khovanshchina":      Berlin             Sony SK-62034    0:07:08
              Dance of the Persian  Phil/Claudio
              Slaves                Abbado
Cui           Song, "It's Over"*    Olga Borodina,     Phi 442780-2     0:01:13
                                    ms; Larissa
                                    Gergieva, p
Bach          French Suite #5 in    Keith Jarrett, hc  ECM 1513/4 (2)   0:19:42
              G, BWV 816
Offenbach/S.  "Cancan"*             Empire Brass       Telarc CD-80305  0:01:32
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Halvorsen     "Norwegian Dance" #5* Harald Aadland,    Norsk            0:05:04
                                    v; Norwegian       NKFCD-50033-2
                                    Radio Orch/Ari
Grieg         "Poetic Tone          Einar              Naxos 8.550883   0:11:40
              Pictures," Op 3       Steen-Nokleberg, p
Svendsen      "Norwegian Artists'   Trondheim Sym      Virgin 45128-2   0:07:15
              Carnival," Op 14      Orch/Ole Kristian
Sinding       "Caprice"*            Jerome Lowenthal,  Bridge 9306      0:01:54
Haydn         Symphony #31 in D,    Virtuosi           Berlin           0:28:05
              "Hornsignal"          Saxoniae/Ludwig    Classics
                                    Gttler            0011712-BC (2)
Franz Strauss "Rondino … la         Detmold Horn       MD+G             0:01:50
              chasse"*              Ensemble           Recordings
Legrenzi      "Sonata seconda a     El Mundo           Koch 3-7446-2    0:05:23
              tre" (Op 10)*
Mozart        Violin Sonata #17 in  Itzhak Perlman,    DG 415102-2      0:16:42
              C, K 296              v; Daniel
                                    Barenboim, p
Takemitsu     "Romance" (1948)      Paul Crossley, p   Global Music     0:04:42
Trad Japanese Folksong, "Hanabe No  Chuckerbutty       Dorian           0:01:53
              Uta"*                 Ocarina            DOR-93260
Vasilenko     "Chinese" Suite, Op   Moscow Sym         Marco Polo       0:26:06
              60/1                  Orch/Henry Shek    8.223783
Grainger      "Beautiful Fresh      Jenny Lin, p       Bis CD-1110      0:01:38
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Milhaud       "Deux esquisses (Two  Athena Ensemble    Chandos          0:05:38
              Sketches)," Op 227b*                     CHAN-6536
Halffter      Two "Esquisses        Gran Canaria       ASV CDDCA-1078   0:09:04
              Symphoniques          Phil/Adrian Leaper
              (Symphonic Sketches)"
Alkan         "Esquisses", Op 63:   Laurent Martin, p  Marco Polo       0:01:36
              #38, "Les Bons                           8.223352
Schubert      Piano Quintet in A,   Hausmusik          EMI/Ang          0:39:06
              D 667, "Trout"                           CDC7-54264-2
Heller        24 Preludes, Op 81:   Jean Martin, p     Marco Polo       0:01:42
              #13, "Rˆverie"*                          8.223434
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Bach          Chorale Prelude,      Peter Hurford, o   Lon 443485-2     0:05:12
              "Wachet auf, ruft                        (2)
              uns die Stimme" BWV
Bach          Clavier Concerto #4   Christophe         Ois 443326-2     0:12:43
              in A, BWV 1055        Rousset, hc;
                                    Academy of
Schubert      "Moments musicaux,"   Imogen Cooper, p   Ottavo           0:01:45
              D 780: #3 in f*                          OTRC-128715
Copland       "Fanfare for the      Frankfurt Radio    Capriccio 10361  0:04:39
              Common Man" (1942)    Sym Brass/Lutz
Barber        Adagio for Strings    Baltimore Sym      Argo 436288-2    0:08:40
              (from Op 11)          Orch/David Zinman
Bernstein     "Candide": Overture   Bournemouth Sym    Virgin 91433-2   0:04:11
                                    Orch/Andrew Litton
Gershwin      "An American in       Boston Pops        RCA 6519-2-RG    0:16:38
              Paris"                Orch/Arthur
Gershwin/Jame Three Preludes        Larry Combs, cl;   Summit DCD-172   0:01:37
s Cohn        (1926): #1, "Allegro  Deborah Sobol, p
              ben ritmato e
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Tchaikovsky   "The Months (The      Christoph          Ondine           0:05:25
              Seasons)," Op 37:     Eschenbach, p      ODE-1076-5
              "January (By the
Christopher   "February"            Sophie Watillon,   Alpha 088        0:04:17
SIMPSON                             viga; Ensemble
Tchaikovsky   "The Months (The      Christoph          Ondine           0:02:43
              Seasons)," Op 37:     Eschenbach, p      ODE-1076-5
              "March (Song of the
Christopher   "April"               Sophie Watillon,   Alpha 088        0:04:00
SIMPSON                             viga; Ensemble
Tchaikovsky   "The Months (The      Christoph          Ondine           0:04:27
              Seasons)," Op 37:     Eschenbach, p      ODE-1076-5
              "May (Starlit Night)"
Christopher   "June"                Sophie Watillon,   Alpha 088        0:04:20
SIMPSON                             viga; Ensemble
Tchaikovsky   "The Months (The      Christoph          Ondine           0:01:56
              Seasons)," Op 37:     Eschenbach, p      ODE-1104-5
              "July (Song of the
M‚hul         Symphony #2 in D      Gulbenkian         Nimbus           0:27:33
                                    Foundation         NI-5184/5 (2)
Sweelinck     Centone #9: Trio,     Eastman Brass      Pantheon         0:01:45
              "Le just'Archer"*     Quintet            D-07159
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Arnold/Palmer "Hobson's Choice"     London Sym         Chandos          0:05:23
              (1954): "Willie and   Orch/Richard       CHAN-9100
              Maggie"*              Hickox
Korngold      "Adventures of Robin  Orch/Lionel Newman Stanyan          0:09:25
              Hood" (film score):                      GZS-1094
Lord Berners  "Nicholas Nickleby"   Royal Liverpool    EMI/Ang          0:08:51
              film music            Phil/Barry         CDM5-65098-2
Rota/Townend  "Romeo and Juliet"    City of Prague     Silva SSD-1140   0:01:52
              film music: "Adieu"*  Phil/Nic Raine
Copland       "Our Town" (1940-5)   London Sym         CBS MK-42429     0:11:01
                                    Orch/Aaron Copland
Shostakovich  "Pirogov" Suite, Op   Belgian Radio Sym  RCA 6603-2-RC    0:17:01
              76                    Orch/Jos‚
Victor YOUNG  "Scaramouche"         Potsdam            Marco Polo       0:01:34
              (1952): "Main Title"* Brandenburg        8.223607
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Coates        "The Three Men        Royal Liverpool    Avie AV-2070     0:05:06
              Suite": "The man      Phil/John Wilson
              from the sea"*
Bridge        Suite, "The Sea"      Royal Liverpool    EMI/Ang          0:20:41
              (1911)                Phil/Sir Charles   CDM5-66855-2
Trad          Folksong, "What       King's Singers;    EMI/Ang          0:01:49
English/Overt shall we do with the  Manuel Barrueco,   CDC7-54904-2
on            drunken sailor"*      g; Nancy Hadden, f
Beethoven     String Quartet #5 in  Juilliard String   CBS M3K-37868    0:27:23
              A, Op 18/5            Quartet            (3)
Mendelssohn   "A Midsummer Night's  Philharmonia       EMI/Ang          0:01:51
              Dream" Music, Op 61:  Orch/Otto          CDM7-64144-2
              Dance of the Clowns*  Klemperer
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Bach          "Well-Tempered        Bob van Asperen,   EMI/Ang          0:05:10
              Clavier," Bk 1, BWV   hc                 CDS7-49727-2
              846/69: Prelude and                      (2)
              Fugue #1 in C, BWV
CPE Bach      Harpsichord Concerto  George Malcolm,    EMI/Ang          0:22:32
              in d, Wq 23           hc; Bath Festival  CDK5-65733-2
Handel        "Water Music":        Tafelmusik         Reference        0:01:22
              "Hornpipe"*           Baroque            Recordings
                                    Orch/Jeanne Lamon  RR-2101 (2)
Britten/Artis "Lachrymae            Nobuko Imai, vi;   Phi 442012-2     0:14:04
ts            (Reflections on a     Naoko Yoshino, h
              song of Dowland),"
              Op 48
Dowland/Taylo Five Dances           London Early       Ang S-37263      0:11:16
r                                   Music
Dowland       "Go christall         Andrew             RCA-DHM 77504-2  0:01:49
              teares"*              Lawrence-King, h
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Verdi         "Luisa Miller":       Philharmonia       Ser S-60354      0:05:34
              Overture*             Orch/Charles
Beethoven     Piano Sonata #1 in    Zolt n Kocsis, p   Phi 432127-2     0:17:28
              f, Op 2/1
Verdi         "Rigoletto": Aria,    Domingo, t;        DG 2531369       0:01:51
              "Questa o quella"*    Vienna
Verdi         "Alzira": Overture    Philharmonia       Ser S-60354      0:06:23
Beethoven     Piano Sonata #32 in   Guiomar Novaes, p  Van OVC-8072     0:24:06
              c, Op 111
Verdi         "Aida": Act 2: Dance  Munich Radio       RCA 62651-2      0:01:28
              of the Moorish Slaves Orch/Roberto
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                                 All rights reserved.

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