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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Waldteufel    "Grande Vitesse"      Gulbenkian         Nimbus NI-5264   0:03:03
              Galop, Op 146*        Orch/Michel
Waldteufel    Galop,                Gulbenkian         Nimbus NI-5264   0:02:39
              "Prestissimo", Op     Orch/Michel
              152*                  Swierczewski
Beethoven     Piano Sonata #22 in   Bernard Roberts, p Nimbus NI-5050   0:12:27
              F, Op 54
Goetz         "The Taming of the    Monte Carlo        Genesis GCD-105  0:06:01
              Shrew" Overture       National Opera
                                    Orch/Van Remoortel
Wagenaar      Overture, "De         Royal              Lon 425833-2     0:06:57
              getemde feeks         Concertgebouw
              (Taming of the        Orch/Riccardo
              Shrew)," Op 25        Chailly
Exaudet       "Minuet"*             Paris Ancient      None H-71036     0:01:42
Strauss       "Intermezzo," Op 72:  Berlin Phil/Zubin  Sony SK-47197    0:22:17
              Four Symphonic        Mehta
Isaac         "Ich stund an einem   New York           Dorian           0:01:57
              Morgen"*              Kammermusiker      DOR-90133
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Sarasate      "Jota de Pablo", Op   Angel Jesus        Rtve Musica      0:05:53
              52*                   Garcia, v;         65042
                                    Orch/Miguel Ortega
Alb‚niz       "Recuerdos de         Alicia de          EMI/Ang          0:03:25
              viaje," Op 71: #5,    Larrocha, p        CMS7-64504-2
              "Puerta de tierra"                       (2)
Debussy       "Images," Set 3, for  Boston Sym         RCA 61956-2      0:19:28
              Orchestra: "Ib‚ria"   Orch/Charles Munch
Anon 17th c   "Giga"*               Nuria Llopis       Verso VRS-2004   0:01:47
Spanish                             Areny, h
Dohn nyi      Piano Quintet #2 in   London Schubert    Hyperion         0:24:38
              e-flat, Op 26         Ensemble           CDA-66786
Starzer       Passepied mit Trio*   Melkus Ensemble    DG Archiv        0:01:51
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Johann        "Bal champˆtre"       Czechoslovak       Marco Polo       0:05:48
Strauss       (Quadrille), Op 303*  State Phil,        8.223214
Rebel         "Les Plaisirs         La Petite          Accent           0:10:30
              Champˆtres"           Bande/Sigiswald    ACC-96122-D
James Cohn    Suite Champˆtre, Op   Piccinini, f;      XLNT LP-2        0:01:27
              47 (after Rameau):    Dine, ob;
              "La Follette"*        Manasse, cl;
                                    Finn, bn;
                                    Tarpley, fh
Beethoven     Violin Sonata #9 in   Pinchas Zukerman,  RCA 61561-2      0:37:39
              A, Op 47, "Kreutzer"  v; Marc Neikrug, p
Handel        Trumpet Suite in D,   Maurice Andr‚,     EMI/Ang          0:01:48
              "Mr Handel's Water    tr; Wrttemberg    CMS7-69152-2
              Piece," HWV 341:      Chamber Orch/Jorg  (2)
              Overture*             Faerber
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Liszt         "Trois ‚tudes de      Jorge Bolet, p     RCA 63748-2      0:05:39
              concert" (1848): #3
              in D-Flat, "Un
Havergal      Tone Poem: In         Ireland National   Marco Polo       0:18:46
Brian         Memoriam              Sym Orch/Adrian    8.223481
Moran         Waltz, "In Memoriam   Yvar Mikhashoff, p None D-79011     0:01:21
              Maurice Ravel"*
Rudolf Forst  "Homage to Ravel"     Elizabeth          Beneficence 102  0:03:57
                                    Richter, h
Ravel         Piano Trio in a       Artur Rubinstein,  RCA 61775-2      0:24:28
              (1914)                p; Jascha
                                    Heifetz, v;
                                    Piatigorsky, vc
Brahms/Brahms Hungarian Dances: #7  Jascha Heifetz,    RCA 61762-2      0:01:56
              in A*                 v; Los Angeles
KetŠlbey      "Suite Romantique":   Czecho-Slovak      Marco Polo       0:04:57
              #3, "Valse            Radio Sym/Adrian   8.223442
              Dramatique"*          Leaper
Weber/Tausig  "Invitation to the    Nikita Magaloff, p Denon            0:10:22
              Dance," Op 65                            81757-9346-2
Johann        Waltzes,              Vienna Phil/Lorin  RCA 61687-2      0:08:35
Strauss       "Epigramme", Op 1     Maazel
Johann        Waltzes,              Vienna Johann      EMI/Ang          0:06:50
Strauss       "Carnevals-Botschafte Strauss            CDD7-64108-2
              r," Op 270            Orch/Willi
Lanner        "Brder Halt" Galop*  Ensemble Wien      Sony SK-57974    0:01:27
Ives          Symphony #3, "The     St Paul Chamber    Pro Arte         0:21:48
              Camp Meeting" (1904)  Orch/Dennis        CDD-140
                                    Russell Davies
Ives          Song, "Ann Street"    Gerald Finley,     Hyperion         0:01:24
              (1921)                br; Julius Drake,  CDA-67516
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Bsser        "Pr‚lude et Scherzo"* Susan Milan, f;    Chandos          0:05:17
                                    Ian Brown, p       CHAN-8609
Debussy/Bsse "Petite Suite" (1889) ORTF National      EMI/Ang          0:13:34
r                                   Orch/Jean Martinon CDFB5-72673-2
Harrison      "Little Suite"        Sahan Arzruni, p   New World        0:01:57
              (1949)*                                  80590-2
Mozart        Serenade #3 in D, K   St Martin's        Phi 426388-2     0:34:34
              185/167a              Academy/Neville
Jacques       "La tontinne          Konrad Jungh„nel,  RCA-DHM          0:01:36
Gallot        courante"*            l                  77037-2-RC
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Massenet      "Thais":              French Oratorio    Erol             0:05:45
              "M‚ditation"*         Orch,              ER-94002/04 (3)
Chabrier      "Le roi malgr‚ lui"   Hendricks,         Erato 45792-2    0:10:23
              (1887): "Fˆte         Quilico, Lafont;   (2)
              polonaise"            Radio France Cho,
                                    Radio France New
Borodin       "Prince Igor":        London Sym Cho,    Lon 417689-2     0:13:42
              Polovtsian Dances     Orch/Georg Solti
Rimsky-Korsak "The Tale of Tsar     Galina             Chant du Monde   0:01:31
ov            Saltan" (1899-1900):  Oleinitchenko, s;  LDC-2781037.38
              "Flight of the        Bolshoi Theatre    (2)
              Bumblebee"*           Orch/Vasili
Gluck         Ballet, "Alessandro   Musica Antiqua     DG Archiv        0:23:37
              (Les Amours           K”ln/Reinhard      445824-2
              d'Alexandre et de     Goebel
Telemann      Overture in D:        Freiburg Baroque   RCA-DHM 77321-2  0:01:28
              "Rondeau"*            Orch/Gottfried
                                    von der Goltz
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
von Supp‚     "Boccaccio": Minuet   Slovak State       Marco Polo       0:05:34
              and Tarantella*       Phil/Alfred Walter 8.223647
Frank         "Fandango"            Dallas Wind        Reference        0:03:53
Perkins/Werle                       Sym/Howard Dunn    Recordings
F‚lix M ximo  "Variaciones del      Andreas Staier, hc Teldec 21468-2   0:03:48
L¢pez         Fandango Espa¤ol"
Falla         "The Three-Cornered   Philharmonia       EMI/Ang          0:03:54
              Hat" (1918-9): Dance  Orch/Carlo Maria   CDM7-69037-2
              of the Miller's Wife  Giulini
Rodrigo       "Fandango"            John Williams, g   CBS MK-44794     0:03:42
Rodrigo       "Fandango             Jamie Shaak, p     Cadenza          0:01:30
              Ventorrilo"*                             Classics MR-347
Mendelssohn   String Octet in       Guarneri String    Arabesque        0:31:45
              E-Flat, Op 20         Quartet, Orion     Z-6714
                                    String Quartet
Walton        "Facade" (1922):      Chicago Pro Musica Reference        0:01:46
              Fox-Trot, Old Sir                        Recordings
              Faulk*                                   RR-16-CD
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Bart¢k/Z      Roumanian Folk        Mark Kaplan, v;    Arabesque        0:05:26
Szekely       Dances (1926)*        Bruno Canino, p    Z-6649
Enesco        Roumanian Rhapsody    BBC Phil/Gennady   Chandos          0:14:04
              #2 in D, Op 11/2      Rozhdestvensky     CHAN-9537
Trad          "Romanian Tune"*      Gilles Apap, v;    Apapaziz         0:01:54
Roumanian                           Colors of          GKJ-00102
                                    cimbalom, bass)
Beethoven     Piano Concerto #4 in  H‚lŠne Grimaud,    Teldec 26869-2   0:34:05
              G, Op 58              p; New York
                                    Phil/Kurt Masur
Diomedes      Song, "Dolores        Circa 1500         Chandos          0:01:39
              mortis"*              Ensemble           CHAN-8333
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Johann-Jacob  Violin Sonata in G*   Fran‡ois           Ricercar         0:05:35
Walther                             Fernandez, v;      RIC-045022
                                    Ricercar Consort
Nielsen       Symphony #2, Op 16,   Odense Sym         Kontrapunkt      0:32:26
              "The Four             Orch/Eduard Serov  32178
Peter         Song, "Sulamiths      Annemarie Moller,  Danacord         0:01:40
Lange-Mller  sang i                ms; Dorte          DACOCD-374
              dronningehaven"*      Kirkeskov, p
Beethoven     Bagatelle, "Fr       Alfred Brendel, p  Phi 412227-2     0:03:29
              Elise," WoO 59
Sinding       "Rustles of Spring"   Robert Silverman,  Marquis          0:03:02
                                    p                  Classics
Kuhlau        Piano Sonatina, Op    Felicja            Brana Records    0:08:38
              20/1                  Blumental, p       BR-0014
Bach          "Anna Magdalena       Morton Estrin, p   Con CSQ-2066     0:01:48
              Notebook": Minuet in
              G, BWV Anh 114*
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Rossini       "Semiramide": Aria,   Wolfgang Meyer,    Talent           0:05:36
              "Bel raggio           cl; Polish Radio   DOM-291045
              lusinghier"*          Sym Orch/Wojciech
Wagner        "Siegfried Idyll"     English Chamber    Lon 410111-2     0:18:06
Schubert/Arti Song,                 Mischa Maisky,     DG 449817-2      0:01:44
sts           "Heidenr”slein," D    vc; Daria Hovora,
              257*                  p
Martinu       Three Madrigals       Raphael Ensemble   Hyperion         0:16:19
Grandjany     "Aria in Classic      Jon Gillock, o;    Milan 35764-2    0:05:00
              Style", Op 19         Kathleen Bride, h
Barber/C      "Canzonetta" (1981)   Paula Engerer,     Warner           0:07:49
Turner                              ob; Nashville      Classics
                                    Chamber Orch/Paul  46739-2
Wilder        Horn and Piano        Thomas Bacon, fh;  Summit DCD-170   0:01:44
              Suite: #3, "Song"*    Phillip Moll, p
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Godowsky      53 Studies on Chopin  Geoffrey Douglas   Dante            0:05:52
              Etudes: #20*          Madge, p           PSG-8903/4 (2)
Arnold        Overture, "Beckus     New Philharmonia   Lyrita SRCS.95   0:07:45
              the Dandipratt" (1943 Orch/Nicholas
Strauss       "Till Eulenspiegel's  Vienna             Testament        0:15:06
              Merry Pranks," Op 28  Phil/Clemens       SBT-1185
Arnold        Little Suite #2 for   Dallas Wind        Reference        0:01:34
              Brass Band, Op 93:    Sym/Jerry F Junkin Recordings
              3rd mvt (Finale),                        RR-66-CD
Kraus         Violin Sonata in C,   Walter Schwede,    Naxos            0:25:26
              VB 162                v; Jacques         8.570023-24 (2)
                                    DesprŠs, p
Kraus         Funeral Cantata:      Drottningholm      Musica Sveciae   0:01:30
              Chorus*               Baroque            MSCD-416-E
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                                 All rights reserved.

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