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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Rheinberger   Motet, "Meditabor,"   Gonville and       ASV CDDCA-989    0:03:14
              Op 133/2*             Caius College
                                    Webber; Helen
                                    Cole, h
Rheinberger   Motet, "Anima         Gonville and       ASV CDDCA-989    0:02:20
              nostra," Op 133/3*    Caius College
                                    Webber; Helen
                                    Cole, h
Rheinberger   Improvisation on      Horst G”bel, p     Thorofon         0:12:28
              Themes from "The                         CTH-2091
              Magic Flute", Op 51
Fran‡aix      "Hommage … l'ami      Jean Francaix, p;  Wergo WER-60143  0:08:46
              Papageno" (1984)      Mainz Wind
Josef Gelinek "Air des mystŠres     Cyprien Katsaris,  Sony SK-52551    0:04:43
              d'Isis"               p
Aliabev       "The Magic Drum":     Mosco Phil         MCA Classics     0:01:39
              Act 1, Scene 3*       Chamber Ensemble   AED-10370
Elgar         "In the South         Royal              ASV CDDCA-619    0:21:49
              (Alassio)" Overture,  Phil/Yondani Butt
              Op 50
Brade         Almand and Gaillard*  Philadelphia       Sony SBK-63061   0:01:44
                                    Brass Ensemble
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Dvor k        Four Romantic         Pinchas Zukerman,  Phi 416158-2     0:05:15
              Pieces, Op 75: #4,    v; Marc Neikrug, p
Dvor k        Romance in f, Op 11   Gil Shaham, v;     DG 449923-2      0:11:56
                                    Orpheus Chamber
Faur‚         "Morceau de lecture   Gil Shaham, v;     Van ATM-CD-1239  0:01:43
              … vue"*               Akira Eguchi, p
Enesco        Symphony #4 in        Roumanian          Olympia OCD-441  0:36:13
              E-Flat ("Study        National Radio
              Symphony")            Orch/Horia
Borrono       "Pavana chiamata la   Ronn McFarlane, l  Dorian           0:01:32
              Milanesa"*                               DOR-90236
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Verdi         "Oberto, Conte di     Bern Sym           Newport          0:05:11
              San Bonifacio":       Orch/Vincent La    Classic
              Overture*             Selva              NPD-85649
Wagner        "Die Feen": Overture  Philharmonia       ASV CDDCA-996    0:11:10
Handel        "Almira": Overture    Parley of          Hyperion         0:03:58
                                    Instruments/Peter  CDA-67053
Strauss       "Guntram," Op 25:     Berlin Deutsche    DG 449571-2      0:11:33
              Act 1 Prelude         Oper
Rossini       "Demetrio e           St Martin's        Phi 9500886      0:06:36
              Polibio": Overture    Academy/Neville
Mozart        "Bastien und          Franz Liszt        Sony SK-45855    0:01:28
              Bastienne," K 50:     Chamber
              Overture*             Orch/Raymond
Handel/Dart   Organ Concerto in     Osian Ellis, h;    Boston Skyline   0:13:45
              B-Flat, Op 4/6        Desmond Dupr‚, l;  BSD-119
                                    lle Jones
Mozart        Concert Aria, "Un     Gruberova, s;      Sony SK-45855    0:01:40
              moto di gioia," K     Franz Liszt
              579*                  Chamber
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
L‚o D‚libes   "Sylvia": "ScŠne et   Paris Op‚ra        EMI/Ang          0:05:04
              danse de la           Orch/Jean-Baptiste CDZB7-67208-2
              Bacchante"*            Mari              (2)
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Samson and           Philadelphia       RCA 63313-2      0:07:39
              Delilah":             Orch/Eugene
              "Bacchanale"          Ormandy
Dvor k        "Poetic Tone          Stefan Veselka, p  Naxos 8.505205   0:04:47
              Pictures", Op 85:                        (5)
              #10, "Bacchanale"
Griffes       "Bacchanale"          Seattle Sym        Delos DE-3508    0:04:24
Purcell       "Dioclesian": "Dance  Vienna Concentus   Van OVC-2517     0:01:27
              of Bacchanals"*       Musicus/Nikolaus
Thuille       Piano and Wind        Dennis Russell     MD+G             0:30:30
              Sextet in B-Flat, Op  Davies, p;         Recordings
              6                     Stuttgart Wind     L-3287
Brahms        Songs, Op 75: #4,     Gil Shaham, v;     DG 463483-2      0:01:49
              "Walpurgisnacht"*     Jonathan Feldman,
G Charpentier "Louise": Aria,       Angela Gheorghiu,  EMI/Ang          0:05:29
              "Depuis le jour"*     s; Royal Opera     CDC5-57264-2
                                    House Orch/Ion
Fran‡aix      Theme and Variations  Jonathan Cohler,   Crystal CD-733   0:08:51
              (1974)                cl; Judith
                                    Gordon, p
Roussel       Three Piano Pieces,   Eric Parkin, p     Chandos          0:01:44
              Op 49: #2, Allegro                       CHAN-8887
              grazioso (Tempo di
Beethoven     Symphony #6 in F, Op  Berlin             DG 469000-2 (5)  0:39:17
              68, "Pastoral"        Phil/Claudio
Dvor k        Twelve "Cypresses"    Chilingirian       Chandos          0:01:46
              (1887): #7, "Now      String Quartet     CHAN-8826
              about the house I
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Chopin        Impromptu #2 in       Samson Fran‡ois, p EMI/Ang          0:05:34
              F-Sharp, Op 36*                          CMS7-62569-2
Mozart        Serenade #13 in G, K  Pittsburgh         Ser 69027-2      0:14:57
              525, "Eine kleine     Sym/William
              Nachtmusik"           Steinberg
Mozart        Song, "Die kleine     Mitsuko Shirai,    Laserlight       0:01:34
              Spinnerin," K 531*    ms; Hartmut H”ll,  15876
Faur‚         "Pell‚as et           St Martin's        Argo 410552-2    0:02:42
              M‚lisande," Op 80:    Academy/Neville
              "Fileuse" (Spinning   Marriner
Debussy/Leins "Pell‚as et           Berlin             DG 471332-2      0:29:54
dorf          M‚lisande": Suite     Phil/Claudio
Sibelius      "Pell‚as et           Gothenburg Sym     BIS LP-237       0:01:48
              M‚lisande," Op 46:    Orch/Neeme J„rvi
              #2, "At the
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Delius        "Dance for            Igor Kipnis, hc    Ang S-36095      0:02:20
              Harpsichord" (1919)*
Templeton     "Bach Goes to Town"   Igor Kipnis, hc    Ang S-36095      0:02:54
              (Prelude and Fugue
              in Swing)*
Bach          Orchestra Suite #3    La Petite          RCA-DHM          0:20:03
              in D, BWV 1068        Bande/Sigiswald    77008-2-RG (2)
Bach/Artists  "Bour‚e"*             Aaron Brask, fh;   Last Horn        0:01:43
                                    Kayo               LH-1002
Hindemith     "Ragtime" (1921)      Philharmonia       ASV CDDCA-945    0:03:57
Joplin        "Felicity" Rag        William Albright,  Musicmasters     0:04:16
                                    p                  67102-2
Stravinsky    "Ragtime"             Boston Sym         DG 463667-2      0:04:38
                                    Chamber Players
Johann        Waltzes, "Wein, Weib  Boston Sym         DG 463667-2      0:13:12
Strauss/Berg  und Gesang," Op 333   Chamber Players
Berg          "Seven Early Songs":  Evelyn Lear, s;    VAI VAIA-1049    0:01:48
              "Sommertage"*         Orch/Winfried
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Samson and           David Hickman,     Summit DCD-121   0:05:01
              Delilah": Aria, "Mon  cornet; American
              coeur s'ouvre … ta    Serenade
              voix"*                Band/Henry
                                    Charles Smith
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Samson and           Dresden            Phi 412236-2     0:07:28
              Delilah":             Staatskapelle/Silv
              "Bacchanale"          io Varviso
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Ascanio" (1890):     William Bennett,   ASV CDDCA-652    0:03:59
              Airs de ballet        f; English
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Henry VIII": "Danse  London Sym         Lon CS-6744      0:03:05
              de la Gypsy"          Orch/Richard
Henry         Suite, "Rose without  Philip Jones       Lon              0:12:19
VIII/Elgar    a Thorn"              Brass Ensemble     B0000807-02 (2)
Locke         Music for "The        Il Giardino        Teldec 21464-2   0:01:43
              Tempest": "A Martial  Armonico Members
Sergei        Piano Sonata #2 in    Alexander Kobrin,  Harmonia Mundi   0:19:51
Rachmaninoff  b-flat, Op 36         p                  HMU-907404
Scheidt       "Courant dolorosa"*   Philip Jones       Lon              0:01:46
                                    Brass Ensemble     B0000807-02 (2)
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Michael Hurst "Swagman's            West Australian    ABC Classics     0:05:53
              Promenade"*           Sym Orch/David     442374-2 (2)
Benjamin      "Romantic Fantasy"    Jascha Heifetz,    RCA 61762-2      0:19:54
                                    v; William
                                    Primrose, vi;
                                    Orch/Izler Solomon
Grainger      "Handel in the        Eastman-Rochester  Mer 434330-2     0:04:19
              Strand" (Clog         Pops
              Dance)(1912)          Orch/Frederick
Handel        "Ode for St           Lott, Johnson;     DG Archiv        0:01:43
              Cecilia's Day"        English Concert    419220-2
              (1739): Aria,         Cho, English
              "Orpheus could lead"* Concert/Trevor
Handel        "Il pastor fido":     Tafelmusik/Jeanne  Sony SK-68257    0:23:11
              Suite                 Lamon
Clair Omar    Etude in C, Op 6/10*  Evelyn Glennie,    RCA 60242-2-RC   0:01:35
Musser/Palmer                       per
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Rodrigo       "Serenata Espa¤ola"   Gregory Allen, p   Bridge           0:05:01
              (1931)*                                  BCD-9027-A/B
Sanz          Suite in e            Chatham Baroque    Dorian           0:10:17
Rodrigo       "Danzas de espa¤a"    Gregory Allen, p   Bridge           0:01:30
              (1941): #3,                              BCD-9027-A/B
              "Serrana"*                               (2)
Mendelssohn   Symphony #3 in a, Op  London Sym         ASV CDDCA-700    0:38:00
              56, "Scottish"        Orch/Jos‚
Ligeti        Capriccio #2 (1947)*  Pierre Charial, o  Sony SK-62310    0:01:43
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Bach/Moschele "Well-Tempered        Ramon Jaff‚, vc;   Oehms Classics   0:05:48
s             Clavier," Bk 1, BWV   Elisaveta          OC-544
              846/69: Prelude #24   Blumina, p
              in b*
Reinecke      Flute Sonata in e,    Jeffrey Khaner,    Avie AV-2131     0:17:38
              Op 167, "Undine"      f; Hugh Sung, p
Handel        March in D, HWV 345*  King's             Hyperion         0:01:45
                                    Consort/Robert     CDA-67286 (2)
Strauss       "Also sprach          Chicago Sym        Lon 436623-2     0:30:38
              Zarathustra," Op 30   Orch/Sir Georg
Anon 16th c   "King's Pavan"*       Alamire            Obsidian CD-705  0:01:29
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Johann        "Wiener Blut": "Ich   Elisabeth          EMI/Ang          0:04:25
Strauss       war ein echtest       Schwarzkopf, s;    CDH7-69529-2
              Wiener Blut...Wiener  Nicolai Gedda, t;
              Blut"*                Philharmonia/Otto
Johann        Waltzes, "Wiener      Vienna Johann      EMI/Ang          0:07:10
Strauss       Blut," Op 354         Strauss            CDC7-47052-2
Strauss/Artur "Salome," Op 54:      Cincinnati Sym     Telarc CD-80371  0:09:09
 Rodzinsky    "Dance of the Seven   Orch/Jes£s
              Veils"                L¢pez-Cobos
Eduard        Polka schnell, "Ohne  Vienna Phil/Willi  DG B0001663-02   0:01:46
Strauss       Bremse", Op 238*      Boskovsky          (2)
Henry         "Salome", Op 55       Royal Phil/Karl    Bridge           0:31:18
Kimball                             Krueger            9124-A/C (3)
Anon 16th c   "Bassadanza"*         Karl-Ernst         Harmonia Mundi   0:01:37
French                              Schr”der, l;       HMC-905253
                                    Crawford Young, l
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                                 All rights reserved.

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