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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Tchaikovsky   Piano Pieces, Op 72:  Mikhail Pletnev, p DG B0004284-02   0:05:43
              #2, "Berceuse"*
Haydn         Baryton Trio in D, H  Bal zs Kakuk,      Hungaroton       0:11:39
              XI:45                 baryton; P‚ter     HCD-31174
                                    Luk cs, vi; Tibor
                                    P rk ni, vc
Anon 19th c   "Brat-Lenerl"*        Vienna Waltz       Denwa DC-102     0:01:37
Viennese                            Ensemble
Tchaikovsky   Violin Concerto in    David Oistrakh,    DG 447427-2 (2)  0:35:20
              D, Op 35              v; Dresden
                                    z Konwitschny
Schumann      Three Sonatas for     Carol              Delos DE-3079    0:01:24
              the Young, Op 118:    Rosenberger, p
              #2 in D: "Abendlied"*
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Waldteufel    "Estudiantina"        Cincinnati Pops    Vox CDX-5130     0:05:12
              Waltzes, Op 191*      Orch/Erich Kunzel  (2)
Shostakovich  Piano Sonata #1, Op   Vladimir           Orion ORS-6915   0:14:10
              12                    Pleshakov, p
Waldteufel    "Espa¤a" Waltzes, Op  Monte Carlo        EMI/Ang          0:06:23
              236                   Phil/Willi         CDM7-63136-2
Waldteufel    "B‚obile"*            Gulbenkian         Nimbus NI-5264   0:01:43
Shostakovich  Piano Sonata #2, Op   Vladimir           Lon B0001846-02  0:27:27
              61                    Ashkenazy, p
Hanson        "Merry Mount," Op     Cincinnati Pops    Telarc CD-80649  0:01:48
              31: "Children's       Orch/Erich Kunzel
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Respighi/Kond Six Piano Pieces:     Yolanda            Telarc CD-80533  0:05:50
onassis       #3, "Notturno"*       Kondonassis, h
Korngold      "M„rchenbilder        Linz Bruckner      ASV CDDCA-1108   0:19:38
              (Fairytale            Orch/Caspar
              Pictures)," Op 3      Richter
Schumann      "M„rchenerz„hlungen   Melos Ensemble     EMI/Ang          0:14:17
              (Fairy Tales)," Op    Members            CDFB5-72643-2
              132                                      (2)
Fine          "Childhood Fables     Susan Wyner, s;    CRI CD-574       0:01:18
              for Grownups": Song,  Yehudi Wyner, p
              "The Frog and the
Michael Haydn Flute Concerto in D,  Istv n-Zsolt       Nimbus NI-5392   0:14:29
              MH 81                 Nagy, f;
                                    Haydn Orch/Adam
Weelkes       Madrigal, "Ha Ha!     Cambridge          Collegium        0:01:48
              This World Doth       Singers/John       COLCD-105
              Pass"*                Rutter
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Dvor k        "Poetic Tone          Stefan Veselka, p  Naxos 8.505205   0:05:22
              Pictures", Op 85:                        (5)
              #9, "Serenada"*
Strauss       Wind Serenade in      Eastman Wind       Mer 434399-2     0:09:35
              E-Flat, Op 7          Ensemble/Frederick
Mozart        Wind Serenade in      Consortium         MD+G             0:18:00
              E-Flat (no K number)  Classicum          Recordings
Planel        Serenade in G*        John Mack, ob;     Crystal CD-324   0:01:42
                                    Eunice Podis, p
Debussy       "Khamma" (1912)       Finnish Radio Sym  Virgin 61424-2   0:20:03
                                    Orch/Jukka-Pekka   (2)
Grieg         Lyric Pieces, Op 62:  Leif Ove Andsnes,  EMI/Ang          0:01:26
              #4, "The Brook"       p                  CDC5-57296-2
Smetana       "The Two Widows":     Miroslav Svejda,   Praga            0:05:05
              Duet, "How long do I  t; Dalibor         PR-250022/23
              have to wander"*      Jedlicka, s;       (2)
                                    Prague Sym
Smetana       "M  Vlast (My         London Sym         Mer 462953-2     0:13:55
              Fatherland)":         Orch/Antal Dorati
              "Vltava (The Moldau)"
Bart¢k        Forty-Two Hungarian   June de Toth, p    Eroica JDT-3002  0:01:49
              Folksongs (1908-9):
              #41, "Do you go,
Liszt         "Hungaria,"           USSR Ministry of   Mel              0:22:19
              Symphonic Poem #9     Culture Sym        SUCD-1000033
              (1854)                Orch/Mark Ermler
Sibelius      "Finlandia," Op 26    Berlin             EMI/Ang          0:09:33
                                    Phil/Herbert von   CDM7-64331-2
Torelli/Artis "Allegro"*            Paramount Brass    Centaur          0:01:43
ts                                                     CRC-2355
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Balakirev     Mazurka #4 in G-Flat* Alexander Paley, p Ess.a.y          0:05:46
                                                       CD-1032/33 (2)
Gossec        Grand Symphony in F,  Orchestre de       ASV CDDCA-1124   0:13:31
              Op 8/2                Bretagne/Stefan
Encina        Villancico, "Hoy      Music Garden       Dorchester       0:01:38
              comamos y bevamos"*                      DRC-1006
Tchaikovsky   String Sextet in d,   Australian         Omega OCD-1010   0:34:39
              Op 70, "Souvenir de   Chamber Orch/Carl
              Florence"             Pini
Purcell       "The Virtuous Wife"   Orch               Atma ACD2-2300   0:01:31
              Incidental Music:
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Pasquini      Sonata in C*          Elena Polanska, h  None H-71036     0:05:02
Respighi      "Gli Uccelli (The     Australian         Omega OCD-1007   0:18:36
              Birds)" (1927)        Chamber
                                    Lyndon Gee
Clifton       Sonata "In Imitation  K”ln Ganassi       MD+G             0:05:28
Williams      of Birds"             Consort            Recordings
Delius        Two Pieces for Small  Hall‚ Orch/Sir     EMI/Ang          0:07:27
              Orchestra (1911-12):  John Barbirolli    ZDMB5-65119-2
              #1, "On Hearing the                      (2)
              First Cuckoo in
Daquin        "Le Coucou (The       Danielle Laval, p  EMI/Ang          0:01:45
              Cuckoo)"*                                CDZB7-67205-2
Vanhal        Symphony in C         Toronto Chamber    Naxos 8.570280   0:17:56
                                    Orch/Kevin Mallon
Hindemith     "Echo" (1942)*        Xavier Relats, f;  ASV CDDCA-1121   0:01:13
                                    Jordi Maso, p
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Balakirev     "Rˆverie"*            Alexander Paley, p Ess.a.y          0:05:26
                                                       CD-1032/33 (2)
Vivaldi       Recorder Concerto in  Copley, Erisman,   DG 415275-2      0:07:56
              F, R 442              Camerata Bern,Furi
Beethoven     "The Consecration of  Utah Sym           Pro Arte         0:10:36
              the House" Overture,  Orch/Joseph        CDD-228
              Op 124: Overture      Silverstein
Stravinsky    "Fanfare for a New    Orpheus Chamber    DG 453458-2      0:00:36
              Theater" (1964)*      Orch Members
Stravinsky    Duet for Two          Orpheus Chamber    DG 453458-2      0:00:42
              Bassoons (1913)*      Orch Members
Dvor k/Kreisl Slavonic Dances, Op   Lorin Maazel, v;   RCA 68414-2      0:04:41
er            72: #2 in e           Barton Weber, p
Strauss       "Der Rosenkavalier,"  Bavarian Radio     RCA 68225-2      0:24:11
              Op 59: Suite          Sym Orch/Lorin
Josef Strauss Polka schnell,        Vienna Phil/Lorin  RCA 68421-2 (2)  0:01:47
              "Jokey-Polka," Op     Maazel
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Liszt         "Hungarian Rhapsody"  Lajos Hernadi, p   Hungaroton       0:05:14
              #15 in a, "R k¢czy                       LPX-12203
Doppler       "Hungarian Pastoral   William Bennett,   ASV CDDCA-652    0:11:23
              Fantasy," Op 26       f; English
Farkas        "Contrafacta          Les Vents de       Radio Canada     0:01:35
              Hungarica" (1974):    Montr‚al/Jacques   Int'l MVCD-1105
              #1, "Basse Danse"*    Lacombe
Kod ly        "Dances of Gal nta"   Philadelphia       Sony SBK-62404   0:15:16
Jan cek       Lachian Dances        Brno State         Supraphon        0:21:05
                                    Phil/Frantisek     110282-2
Milhaud       "Saudades do          Antonio Barbosa, p Con CD-4190      0:01:40
              Brasil," Op 67: #5,
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Beethoven     "Bolero"*             New York Vocal     Arabesque        0:02:27
                                    Arts Ensemble      Z-6672
Trad          "Auld Lang Syne"*     New York Vocal     Arabesque        0:02:39
Scottish/Beet                       Arts Ensemble      Z-6672
Beethoven     String Quartet #2 in  Fine Arts Quartet  Everest          0:23:32
              G, Op 18/2                               EVC-9051/52 (2)
Beethoven     25 Scottish Songs,    Vocal Quartet,     Sony SK-64301    0:01:43
              Op 108: #1, "Music,   Piano Trio
              Love and Wine"*
CPE Bach      Sinfonia in G, Wq 173 Les Amis de        CPO 999418-2     0:08:37
Copland       Short Symphony        St Paul Chamber    Pro Arte         0:15:40
              (Symphony #2)         Orch/Dennis        CDD-140
              (1932-3)              Russell Davies
Trad          Folksong, "Quick! We  King's Singers     EMI/Ang          0:00:39
English/Sarge have but a second"*                      CDC7-49765-2
Charles Wood  Part song, "There     King's Singers     EMI/Ang          0:01:08
              Comes a New Moon"*                       CDC7-49765-2
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Reger         Serenade Movement     National Chamber   Klavier K-11114  0:05:55
              (1904)*               Players/Lowell
Reger         Serenade in G, Op     Mannheim String    MD+G             0:17:06
              141a                  Quartet Members    Recordings
Bach/Reger    "Brandenburg"         Peter R”sel,       Elan CD-2240     0:11:04
              Concerto #3 in G,     Santiago
              BWV 1048              Rodriguez, p
Mozart        Prelude and Fugue in  Phantasm           Simax PSC-1135   0:01:28
              E-Flat, K 405/2*
Bach/Mahler   Orchestra Suite       Royal              Lon B0002336-02  0:18:55
Mahler        "Lieder aus dem       Alfred Poell, br;  Van OVC-8202     0:01:46
              Jugendzeit":          Viktor Graf, p
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Hahn          Song, "L'heure        Marie-Nicole       Naive V-5022     0:01:58
              exquise"*             Lemieux, c;
                                    Blumenthal, p
Hahn          Song, "Trois jours    Marie-Nicole       Naive V-5022     0:03:21
              de vendange"*         Lemieux, c;
                                    Blumenthal, p
Debussy       "Pr‚lude …            Los Angeles        Sheffield Lab    0:09:59
              l'aprŠs-midi d'un     Phil/Erich         10043-2-G
              faune"                Leinsdorf
Mozart        Symphony #7 in D, K   Salzburg           Laserlight       0:11:19
              45                    Mozarteum          15868
                                    Orch/Hans Graf
Boyce         Symphony #7 in        Academy of         Ois 436761-2     0:01:50
              B-Flat: 3rd mvt, Jig* Ancient
Cowell        Symphony #7 (1952)    Iceland Sym        CRI CD-740       0:25:58
Cowell        "Aeolian Harp"        Henry Cowell, p    CRI CD-750       0:01:32
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