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January 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Ganne         "Andante et Scherzo"* John Wion, f;      Lyrichord        0:05:41
                                    Thomas Hrynkiv, p  LLST-7366
Piern‚        Piano Concerto in c,  Stephen Coombs,    Hyperion         0:19:41
              Op 12                 p; BBC Scottish    CDA-67348
                                    Sym Orch/Ronald
Mozart        "The Marriage of      Hilde Leidland,    Erato 94822-2    0:01:42
              Figaro," K 492:       s; Berlin
              Aria, "L'ho perduta"* Phil/Daniel
Mozart        "The Marriage of      John Tomlinson,    Erato 94822-2    0:02:35
              Figaro," K 492:       b; Berlin
              Aria, "Se vuol        Phil/Daniel
              ballare"              Barenboim
Beethoven     Variations in F on    Cyprien Katsaris,  Sony SK-52551    0:07:42
              Mozart's "Se vuol     p
              ballare," WoO 40
Reicha        18 Variations and a   Jean-Pierre        Sony SK-44568    0:17:20
              Fantasy on "Se vuol   Rampal, f; Isaac
              ballare"              Stern, v;
                                    Rostropovich, vc
Beethoven/W   12 Contredanses, WoO  Anne Sophie        DG 457619-2 (4)  0:01:50
Hess          14: #s 4 & 7*         Mutter, v;
                                    Lambert Orkis, p
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Dohn nyi      "Pierette's Veil":    Philharmonia       Mer 434338-2     0:05:45
              Wedding Waltz*        Hungarica/Antal
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Wedding Cake         Maria de la Pau,   EMI/Ang          0:06:45
              (Caprice-Valse)," Op  p; City of         CDM7-69386-2
              76                    Birmingham Sym
                                    Orch/Louis Fr‚maux
Glazunov      "Wedding              USSR Sym           Mel              0:07:28
              Procession", Op 21    Orch/Evgeni        SUCD-1000157
Weiner        "Hungarian Wedding    Janos Starker,     Mer 434358-2     0:03:43
              Dance"                vc; Gy”rgy Seb”k,
GWE           "Wedding              Empire Brass       Sony SK-94885    0:01:42
Friedrichs    Schottische"*
Handel        "Water Music" Suite   Linde              Virgin 61240-2   0:29:22
              #1 in F               Consort/Hans-Marti
                                    n Linde
Johann Georg  Chorale Prelude,      Klaas Bolt, o      Intersound 1002  0:01:40
Walther       "Herzlich tut mich
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Altenburg     Concerto for Seven    Hubert Laws, f;    Ess.a.y CD-1035  0:05:25
              Trumpets and Timpani* Philharmonia
Strauss       Piano Trio #1 in A    Amelia Piano Trio  Naxos 8.570896   0:16:24
Strauss       "Le bourgeois         Orpheus Chamber    DG 435871-2      0:01:40
              gentilhomme," Op 60:  Orch
              "The Fencing Master"*
Tubin         Symphony #2, The      Swedish Radio Sym  BIS CD-304       0:31:45
              Legendary (1938)      Orch/Neeme J„rvi
Stefano       Sinfonia a 8*         Doulce             Astr‚e E-8808    0:01:38
Bernardi                            M‚moire/Denis
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Liszt         "Transcendental       Claudio Arrau, p   Phi 416458-2     0:05:05
              Etudes" (1851): #8,
              "Wilde Jagd"*
Johann        Polka schnell, "Auf   Philadelphia       Sony SBK-48164   0:02:22
Strauss       der Jagd," Op 373     Orch/Eugene
Fasch         Two-Horn Concerto in  Virtuosi           Berlin           0:13:53
              D, "Die Jagd"         Saxoniae/Ludwig    Classics
                                    Gttler            0011712-BC (2)
Bull          "The King's Hunt"     Charivari          Signum           0:03:50
                                    Agr‚able Ensemble  SIGCD-009
Reger         "Bl„tter und          Jean Martin, p     Naxos 8.550932   0:01:12
              Blten", Op 58:
Schubert      Symphony #5 in        Cologne Radio Sym  RCA 60100-2-RG   0:27:15
              B-Flat, D 485         Orch/Gnter Wand
Schubert      Song, "Die Macht der  Dietrich           DG 437215-2 (9)  0:01:41
              Liebe," D 308*        Fischer-Dieskau,
                                    br; Gerald Moore,
Tchaikovsky   Six Piano Pieces, Op  Mischa Maisky,     DG 453460-2      0:04:52
              19: #4, Nocturne*     vc; Orpheus
                                    Chamber Orch
Boccherini    Guitar Quintet #7 in  Zoltan Tokos, g;   Naxos 8.550731   0:20:43
              e, G 451              Danubius String
Bastiano      Canzon 22*            American Brass     Summit DCD-181   0:01:38
Chilese                             Quintet
Raff          Piano Concerto in c,  Michael Ponti, p;  Vox CDX-5067     0:27:26
              Op 185                Hamburg Sym        (2)
                                    Orch/Richard Kapp
Reger         "Wiegenlied," Op      Pieter Wispelwey,  Channel          0:01:23
              79d/1*                vc; Paolo          Classics
                                    Giacometti, p      CCS-9596
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Massenet      "Thais":              James Ehnes, v;    Analekta         0:05:39
              "M‚ditation"*         Quebec Sym         FL2-3151
                                    Orch/Yoav Talmi
Bridge        "Isabella"            Bbc National Orch  Chandos          0:18:00
              (Symphonic Poem       of Wales/Richard   CHAN-9950
              after Keats)          Hickox
Massenet      Toccata*              Aldo Ciccolini, p  EMI/Ang          0:01:50
Franck        Violin Sonata in A    David Oistrakh,    Mobile           0:30:02
              (1886)                v; Sviatoslav      Fidelity
                                    Richter, p         MFCD-909
Fran‡aix      "L'Heure du berger":  Prague Wind        Praga            0:01:51
              "Pin-up Girls"*       Quintet            PRD-250126
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Rossini       "La cambiale di       Royal Phil/Thomas  EMI/Ang          0:05:28
              matrimonio":          Beecham            CDM7-63407-2
Cimarosa      "Il matrimonio        NBC Sym            RCA 60278-2-RG   0:05:50
              segreto (The Secret   Orch/Arturo
              Marriage)": Overture  Toscanini
Mozart        "The Marriage of      Dresden            Laserlight       0:04:12
              Figaro," K 492:       Staatskapelle/Hans 15885
              Overture               Vonk
Gr‚try        "Les Mariages         Orch de            Ser S-60268      0:05:04
              samnites": Overture   LiŠge/Paul Strauss
Mozart        Variations on a       Francesco          Naxos 8.550612   0:13:59
              theme fr Gr‚try's     Nicolosi, p
              "Les mariages
              samnites", K 352
Mozart        "L'oca del Cairo":    Geraint Evans,     Lon SR-33226     0:01:05
              Aria, "Ogni momento"* br; Suisse
Vaughan       "Flos Campi" (1925)   Roger Best, vi;    Nimbus NI-5166   0:18:15
Williams                            Christ Church
                                    Cathedral Cho,
                                    English String
                                    Orch/W Boughton
Pierre        Suite en trio in g:   La Simphonie du    Astr‚e E-8637    0:01:43
Gautier de    "Les plaisirs"*       Marais/Hugo Reyne
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Bach          "Well-Tempered        Vladimir           Lon 4756832 (3)  0:05:33
              Clavier," Bk 2, BWV   Ashkenazy, p
              870/91: Prelude &
              Fugue #13 in F-sharp*
Haydn         Symphony #88 in G     Virtuosi di        Discover Int'l   0:18:25
                                    Praga/Wolfgang     DICD-920233
Plog          "Animal Ditties 2":   Hal Smith, n;      Crystal CD-663   0:01:39
              The Chipmunk*         Anthony Plog, tr;
                                    Sharon Davis, p
Scott         "Zoo (Animals for     Clipper Erickson,  Dtr DTR-2013     0:06:37
              Piano)" (1930)        p
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Le carnaval des      Julian Reynolds,   Globe GLO-5152   0:22:44
              animaux"              p; Peter
                                    Lockwood, p;
Plog          "Animal Ditties 2":   Hal Smith, n;      Crystal CD-663   0:01:46
              "The Elk"*            Anthony Plog, tr;
                                    Sharon Davis, p
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Schumann      "Album fr die        Arturo Benedetti   EMI/Ang          0:05:22
              Jugend," Op 68: #39,  Michelangeli, p    CDC7-49325-2
Sergei        "Youth" Symphony in   St Louis Sym       MMG MWCD-7130    0:11:24
Rachmaninoff  d (1891)              Orch/Leonard
Jan cek       Wind Sextet, "Ml dĦ   Orpheus Chamber    DG 415668-2      0:17:25
              (Youth)" (1924)       Orch
Grainger      "Youthful Suite"      BBC Phil/Richard   Chandos          0:01:51
              (1899): #4, "Eastern  Hickox             CHAN-9584
Korngold      "Don Quixote" (1909)  Alexander Frey, p  Koch 3-7427-2    0:18:38
Telemann      "Don Quichotte"       Orch of St Luke's  Musicmasters     0:01:44
              Suite: "Gallop of                        MMD-60210-X
              Sancho Panza's Mule"*
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Josef Strauss Polka, "Irenen", Op   Vienna Phil/Zubin  DG B0008289-02   0:03:20
              113*                  Mehta              (2)
Eduard        Polka schnell, "Ohne  Vienna Phil/Zubin  DG B0008289-02   0:02:26
Strauss       Bremse", Op 238*      Mehta              (2)
Johann        Waltzes,              London Phil/Antal  Lon SPC-21018    0:14:10
Strauss       "Geschichten aus dem  Dorati
              Wienerwald," Op 325
Johann        "Hellenen-Polka," Op  Vienna             DG 474250-2 (2)  0:01:57
Strauss       203*                  Phil/Nikolaus
Reger         Improvisation on      Konstantin         EMI/Ang          0:07:42
              Strauss's "Blue       Scherbakov, p      CDZ5-69704-2
              Danube" Waltzes
Reger         Four Tone Poems       Amsterdam          Chandos          0:25:19
              after Arnold          Concertgebouw      CHAN-8794
              B”cklin, Op 128       Orch/Neeme J„rvi
Reger         "Drei Ges„nge", Op    Netherlands Youth  Radio            0:01:36
              111b: #1, "Im         Cho/Eric Ericson   Nederland
              Himmelreich ein Haus                     VTN-20061
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Philips       Paget Pavan and       Parley of          Hyperion         0:05:20
              Galliard*             Instruments        CDA-66240
Britten       "A Simple Symphony,"  Camerata           Denon            0:16:12
              Op 4                  Bern/Thomas Fri   81757-9409-2
Stravinsky/A  Five Easy Pieces      Minneapolis        Albany TROY-339  0:06:20
Johnston      (1917)                Guitar Quartet
Copland       Old American Songs,   Thomas Hampson,    Teldec 77310-2   0:01:36
              Set 1 (1950): #4,     br; St Paul
              "Simple Gifts"*       Chamber Orch/Hugh
Copland       "Appalachian Spring"  Minnesota          Reference        0:25:09
              (1943-5): Suite       Orch/Eiji Oue      Recordings
Rorem         Song, "Spring"*       Phyllis Curtin,    New World        0:01:49
                                    s; Ned Rorem, p    NW-229
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Taffanel      "Andante Pastoral et  John Wion, f;      Lyrichord        0:05:25
              Scherzettino" (1907)* Thomas Hrynkiv, p  LLST-7366
Gounod        String Quartet in a   Daniel String      Discover Int'l   0:16:58
                                    Quartet            DICD-920159
Bach/A York   "Well-Tempered        Los Angeles        Delos DE-3205    0:01:31
              Clavier," Bk 1, BWV   Guitar Quartet
              846/69: Fugue #1 in
Leopold       Sinfonia in B-flat    New Zealand        Naxos 8.553347   0:09:57
Mozart                              Chamber
Mozart        Symphony #33 in       English Baroque    Phi 412736-2     0:20:16
              B-Flat, K 319         Soloists/John
                                    Eliot Gardiner
Weelkes       "Hosanna to the Son   Christ Church      Avie AV-2215     0:01:50
              of David"*            Cathedral
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