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January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Schubert      Polonaise in B-Flat,  Chamber Orch of    DG 437535-2      0:05:38
              D 580*                Europe/Gidon
                                    Kremer, v
Haydn         Symphony #101 in D,   Austro-Hungarian   Nimbus NI-5105   0:29:45
              "Clock"               Haydn Orch/Adam
Haydn         Flute Clock Piece in  Jean Guillou, o    Dorian           0:01:42
              G*                    (Notre Dame des    DOR-90112
                                    Nieges, Alpe
                                    d'Huez, France)
Cowell        Hymn and Fuguing      Manhattan Chamber  Koch 3-7220-2    0:06:55
              Tune #2 (1949)        Orch/Richard
                                    Auldon Clark
Cowell        Hymn and Fuguing      Celia Nicklin,     Argo 417818-2    0:06:50
              Tune #10              ob; St Martin's
Cowell        Hymn and Fuguing      London Gabrieli    Hyperion         0:04:18
              Tune #12              Brass Ens          CDA-66517
Bach/Rosentha Fugue in D*           New Mexico Brass   Crystal CD-563   0:01:42
l                                   Quintet
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Khachaturian  "Gayaneh" (1942, rev  London Sym         Price-Less       0:05:10
              1957): "Gayaneh's     Orch/Anatole       D-22654
              Adagio"*              Fistoulari
Mozart        Adagio in b, K 540    Vladimir           DG 427772-2      0:07:53
                                    Horowitz, p
Pijper        Six Adagios (1940):   Rotterdam          Composer's       0:01:35
              #5*                   Phil/Roelof van    Voice 1
Dvor k        Piano Concerto in g,  Vassily Primakov,  Bridge 9309      0:40:13
              Op 33                 p; Odense Sym
                                    Orch/Justin Brown
Cosimo        "Stanotte             Hedos Ensemble     CPO 999388-2     0:01:29
Bottegari     m'insognava"*
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Sousa         "Chariot Race"*       Wallace            Nimbus NI-5129   0:05:05
Handel        "Music for the Royal  Orpheus Chamber    DG 435390-2      0:18:34
              Fireworks"            Orch
Silcher       Chorus, "Die Sonne    Bremen Camerata    None H-71081     0:01:26
              zeigte golden sich"*  Vocale/Klaus Blum
Sallinen      "Sunrise Serenade,"   Finnish Chamber    Naxos 8.553747   0:06:41
              Op 63                 Orch/Okko Kamu
Haydn         String Quartet in     Eder Quartet       Teldec 40824-2   0:22:07
              B-Flat, Op 76/4,
Arne          "The Morning": "The   Emma Kirkby, s;    Hyperion HYP-12  0:01:38
              glittering sun"*      Hanover Band/Roy
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Handel        Harpsichord Sonata    GeneviŠve Soly, hc Analekta         0:05:12
              in G*                                    AN2-9121
Bach          Violin Sonata #3 in   Giuliano           Sony S2K-89469   0:16:01
              E, BWV 1016           Carmignola, v;     (2)
                                    Andrea Marcon, hc
Vaughan       Song, "Adieu"*        Ruth Golden, s;    Koch 3-7168-2    0:01:26
Williams                            Levering
                                    Rothfuss, p
Hummel        Piano Concerto in C,  Hans Kann, p;      Vox CDX-5064     0:31:55
              Op 110, "Les Adieux"  Hamburg Sym        (2)
Dowland       "My Dear Adieu, My    Andrew             RCA-DHM 77504-2  0:01:53
              Sweet Love Farewell"* Lawrence-King, h
Rota/Townend  "Romeo and Juliet"    City of Prague     Silva SSD-1140   0:05:35
              film music: "Balcony  Phil/Nic Raine
Prokofiev     "Romeo and Juliet"    Suisse Romande     Erato 45817-2    0:26:54
              Suite #1, Op 64b      Orch/Armin Jordan
Lambert       "Romeo and Juliet"    English Chamber    Lyrita SRCS.110  0:01:33
              (1924-25):            Orch/Norman Del
              "Entr'acte"*          Mar
Verdi         "Aida": Triumphal     St Louis Sym       RCA 7716-2-RC    0:06:20
              March                 Orch/Leonard
Bottesini     Gran Duo Concertante  Joshua Bell, v;    Sony SK-60956    0:14:07
                                    Edgar Meyer, db;
                                    St. Paul Chamber
                                    Orch/Hugh Wolff
Locke         Suite #5 in e: 3rd    Amsterdam Loeki    Ois 414277-2     0:01:51
              mvt, Ayre*            Stardust Quartet
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Beethoven     "Romanza cantabile"*  Felicja            Orion            0:05:14
                                    Blumental, p;      ORS-7018/6 (6)
                                    Prague Chamber
                                    Orch/Alberto Zedda
Schumann      Piano Sonata #2 in    Marc-Andr‚         Hyperion         0:17:47
              g, Op 22              Hamelin, p         CDA-67166
Verdi         "Aida": Act 2: Dance  Metropolitan       Sony SK-52489    0:01:32
              of the Moorish        Opera Orch/James
              Slaves*               Levine
Bernstein     "On the Town": Three  New York           Sony SMK-47530   0:09:48
              Dances                Phil/Leonard
Copland       "Rodeo" (1942): Suite London Sym         CBS MK-42430     0:19:58
                                    Orch/Aaron Copland
Cecil         "Characteristic       Zina Schiff, v;    Naxos 8.559061   0:01:36
Burleigh      Pieces" (1910):       Mary Barranger, p
              "Indian Snake-Dance"*
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Chopin/Liszt  Polish Songs, Op 74:  Mordecai Shehori,  Con CD-4189      0:03:12
              #2, "Spring"*         p
Chopin/Liszt  Polish Songs, Op 74:  Mordecai Shehori,  Con CD-4189      0:02:14
              "The Silver Ring"*    p
Beethoven/Lis Song, "Mignon," Op    Louis Lortie, p    Chandos          0:04:26
zt            75/1                                     CHAN-9793
Schubert/Lisz Song, "Gretchen am    Lilya              DG 435385-2      0:07:23
t             Spinnrade," D 118     Zilberstein, p
Schumann/Lisz Song, "Widmung        Earl Wild, p       Etcetera         0:03:56
t             (Dedication)"                            KTC-2011 (2)
Chopin/Liszt  Song, "The Dead       Mordecai Shehori,  Con CD-4189      0:01:32
              Knight of the         p
Saint-Sa‰ns   Symphony #1 in        Frankfurt Radio    Pentatone        0:31:44
              E-Flat, Op 2          Sym Orch/Eliahu    PTC-5186157
Rorem         "Book of Hours":      Barbara Mahler,    Peridot PP-7922  0:01:40
              Matins (Nocturnes)*   f; Delaine
                                    Fedson, h
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Debussy       "Estampes" (1903):    Berenice           Newport          0:05:13
              "La Soir‚e dans       Lipson-Gruzen, p   Classic
              Grenade"*                                NCD-60063
Debussy       "Images," Set 3, for  Los Angeles        Sony SK-62599    0:20:53
              Orchestra: "Ib‚ria"   Phil/Esa-Pekka
Tournier      "Images," Op 35       Judy Loman, h      Naxos 8.554347   0:10:34
Satie         "Gnossienne" #6*      John Lenehan, p    Black Box        0:01:39
Haydn         Symphony #69 in C     Philharmonia       Lon 4781221      0:16:03
                                    Hungarica/Antal    (33)
Satie         "Gnossienne" #2*      John Lenehan, p    Black Box        0:01:48
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Gounod        "Faust": "Oh Dieu!    Inessa Galante,    Campion          0:05:02
              que de bijoux!"       s; Latvian Opera   RRCD-1338
              (Jewel Song)*         Orch/Alexander
Bizet         "L'Arl‚sienne" Suite  Lille National     Forlane          0:17:04
              #2                    Orch/Jean-Claude   UCD-13149/50
                                    Casadesus          (2)
Purcell/Barbi Suite for Strings     Hall‚ Orch/Sir     EMI/Ang          0:01:37
rolli         (and Winds): 3rd      John Barbirolli    CDM7-63956-2
              mvt, "Fairest Isle,"
              (fr "King Arthur)"*
Reger         Clarinet Sonata #3    John Bruce Yeh,    Cedille          0:31:08
              in B-Flat, Op 107     cl; Easley         CDR-90000022
                                    Blackwood, p
Reger         Flute Suite in a, Op  Robert             Gallante         0:01:44
              103A: "Burleske"*     Willoughby, f;     GG-1003
                                    Wilbur Price, p
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Bizet         "Carmen": "Nocturne"* Orch National de   Price-Less       0:05:14
                                    Lille/Jean-Claude  D-14023
Vieuxtemps    Violin Concerto #2    Alexander Markov,  Erato 17878-2    0:19:16
              in f-sharp, Op 19     v; Monte Carlo
Pinkham       Five Motets: #2,      Belmont            Gasparo          0:01:30
              "Thou Has Turned My   Chorale/Sherry     GSCD-288
              Laments into          Kelly
Beethoven     Piano Trio in E-Flat  George Lepauw, p;  Cedille          0:12:12
                                    Sang Mee Lee, v;   CDR-90000118
                                    Wendy Warner, vc
Beethoven     "Grosse Fuge" in      Deutsche           Berlin           0:16:00
              B-Flat, Op 133        Kammerphilharmonie Classics
Brahms        Five Songs, Op 106:   Monica Groop, ms;  Ondine           0:01:33
              #1, "St„ndchen"*      Alexei Lubimov, p  ODE-896-2
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Vivaldi       String Concerto in    La Serenissima     Avie AV-2178     0:05:43
              c, R 119*
Scarlatti     Clavier Sonata in b,  Aldo Ciccolini, p  EMI/Ang          0:06:17
              Kk 87 (L 33)                             CDK5-65735-2
Soler         Clavier Sonata #87    Gilbert Rowland,   Naxos 8.553463   0:05:53
              in g                  hc
Gerarde       "La Rocha el Fuso"*   London Early       None D-79029     0:01:42
                                    Music Group/James
Ives          Symphony #1 in d      Chicago Sym        Sony SK-44939    0:35:35
              (1895-8)              Orch/Michael
                                    Tilson Thomas
Ives          Song, "Because Thou   Mary Ann Hart,     Albany TROY-078  0:01:49
              Art"*                 ms; Dennis
                                    Helmrich, p
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Ippolitov-Iva "Turkish March," Op   Ukraine National   Naxos 8.553405   0:04:57
nov           55*                   Sym Orch/Arthur
Liszt         Fantasia on           Leslie Howard, p;  Hyperion         0:13:16
              Beethoven's "Ruins    Budapest Sym/Karl  CDA-67401/2 (2)
              of Athens" (1848-52)  Anton Rickenbacher
Beethoven     "The Ruins of         St Louis Sym       RCA 7716-2-RC    0:01:35
              Athens," Op 113:      Orch/Leonard
              Turkish March*        Slatkin
Liszt         "R k˘czy March"       Boston Pops        RCA 61497-2      0:06:42
              (1871)                Orch/Arthur
Berlioz       "The Damnation of     Boston Pops        RCA 60838-2      0:04:12
              Faust," Op 24:        Orch/Arthur
              "R koczy March"       Fiedler
Laszlo Lajtha "Contes (Tales)", Op  Klara K”rmendi, p  Marco Polo       0:23:02
              2                                        8.223473
Fine          "Childhood Fables     Susan Wyner, s;    CRI CD-574       0:01:18
              for Grownups": Song,  Yehudi Wyner, p
              "The Frog and the
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