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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

June 2015

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July 2015

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Nielsen       "Maskarade"           Swedish Radio Sym  CBS MK-44547     0:05:03
              (1904-06): Act 2      Orch/Esa-Pekka
              Prelude*              Salonen
Khachaturian  "Masquerade" Suite    Scottish National  Chandos          0:16:17
              (1944)                Orch/Neeme Jrvi   CHAN-8542
Persichetti   "Masquerade" for      Eastman Wind       Dec DL-710163    0:11:41
              Band, Op 102          Ensemble/Donald
Persichetti   Divertimento for      North Texas Wind   Klavier K-11124  0:01:47
              Band (1950):          Sym/Eugene
              "Burlesque"*          Corporon
Brahms        Violin Sonata #2 in   Pamela Frank, v;   Lon 455643-2     0:19:37
              A, Op 100             Peter Serkin, p
Scheidt       "Galliard Battaglia"* Canadian Brass     RCA RCD1-4574    0:01:47
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Rameau        "Dardanus" (1739):    Topi Lehtipuu, t;  Virgin           0:05:14
              Air, "Lieux           Concert            730799-2 (2)
              funestes"*            d'Astre/Emmanuell
                                    e Haim
Rameau        "Dardanus" (1739):    Orch of the 18th   Phi 420240-2     0:06:09
              "Chaconne"            Century/Frans
Rameau        "Dardanus" (1739):    Concert            Virgin           0:01:42
              "Calme des sens (Air  d'Astre/Emmanuell 730799-2 (2)
              tendre)"*             e Haim
Stenhammar    Piano Concerto #1 in  Niklas Sivelv,    Naxos 8.572259   0:42:02
              b-flat, Op 1          p; Malm Sym
                                    Orch/Mario Venzago
Newsidler     "Ein guter welscher   Ronn McFarlane, l  Dorian           0:01:54
              tantz"*                                  DOR-90225
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Trad          Folksong, "Peace      Univ of Utah       University Of    0:05:21
American/Stah Like a River"*        Singers/Brady R    Utah Singers
eli                                 Allred             UUS-001
Beethoven     Symphony #1 in C, Op  German Chamber     Berlin           0:24:59
              21                    Phil/Heinrich      Classics
                                    Schiff             BC-1035-2
Trad          Folksong, "Rocky      Duquesne           Duquesne         0:01:37
American/Stah Top"*                 University Chbr    University
eli                                 Singers/Brady R.   DUQCS-04-2
Maud Powell   "American Folksong    Maud Powell, v;    Naxos 8.110961   0:04:30
              Suite"                Orch/Josef
Dvor k        American Suite in A,  Radoslav Kvapil, p Alto ALC-1044    0:17:50
              Op 98b
Riegger       Suite for Flute       Robert Stallman, f ASV CDDCA-869    0:01:43
              Alone, Op 8: 1st mvt*
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Sibelius      "The Dryad," Op 45/1* Gothenburg Sym     BIS CD-359       0:05:41
                                    Orch/Neeme Jrvi
Anselm Viola  Bassoon Concerto      Josep Borras, bn;  Discant          0:22:47
                                    Bratislava Musica  CD-E-1005
Bruch         "Romanze" (Romance),  Grard Causs,     Erato 45483-2    0:07:39
              Op 85                 vi; Lyon Opera
                                    Orch/Kent Nagano
Sibelius      "King Christian II"   Lahti Sym          BIS CD-918       0:01:51
              Suite, Op 27:         Orch/Osmo Vnsk
Grieg         "Peer Gynt" Suite     Philadelphia       RCA 60538-2-RV   0:17:33
              #2, Op 55             Orch/Eugene
Carlos        "Prludes Intimes":   Elizabeth          Beneficence 102  0:01:42
Salzedo       #1*                   Richter, h
Bach          Orchestra Suite #3    Jean-Pierre        CBS MK-34559     0:05:18
              in D, BWV 1068: Air   Rampal, f; Tokyo
              (on the G string)*    Concert
CPE Bach      Sinfonia in E-Flat,   CPE Bach Chamber   Capriccio 10103  0:11:10
              Wq 179 (Berlin        Orch/Hartmut
              Symphony #4)          Haenchen
J Chr Fr Bach "Ino": Arioso,        Barbara Schlick,   Capriccio 10303  0:01:39
              "Meint ihr mich, ihr  s; Das Kleine
              Nereiden?"*           Konzert/Hermann
Sibelius      "Scnes historiques"  New Zealand Sym    Naxos 8.570068   0:18:12
              Suite #1, Op 25       Orch/Pietari
Sibelius      "Scenes historiques"  Royal Phil/Thomas  EMI/Ang          0:18:23
              Suite #2, Op 66       Beecham            CDM7-63397-2
Schoenfield   "Four Souvenirs"      James Ehnes, v;    Black Box        0:01:34
              (1989): "Tin Pan      Andrew Russo, p    BBM-1109
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Strauss       "Alphorn," Op 15/3*   Charlotte          Nightingale      0:05:10
                                    Margiono, s;       Classics
                                    Wolfgang Vladar,   NC-071260-2
                                    fh; Friedrich
                                    Haider, p
Leopold       Sinfonia pastorale    Michel             Sony SBK-62639   0:08:12
Mozart        in G                  Garcin-Marrou,
                                    fh; La Grande
                                    Ecurie et la
                                    Chambre du
Mozart        Horn Concerto #4 in   Hermann Baumann,   Phi 412737-2     0:16:37
              E-Flat, K 495         fh; St Paul
Beethoven     "The Ruins of         Royal Phil/Thomas  EMI/Ang          0:01:48
              Athens," Op 113:      Beecham            CDM7-64385-2
              Turkish March*
Mahler        "Totenfeier (Funeral  Bamberg Sym        Virgin 90771-2   0:22:29
              Rite)"                Orch/Karl Anton
Wolf          "Eichendorff-Lieder": Jan-Hendrik        Calig CAL-50870  0:01:37
               "Der Musikant"*      Rootering, b;
                                    Hermann Lechler, p
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Offenbach     "La belle Hlne":    Blackham, s;       Price-Less       0:05:30
              "Dream Duet"*         Miller, t;         D-18266
                                    Sadler's Wells
Offenbach     "La belle Hlne":    Berlin             DG 400044-2      0:09:16
              Overture              Phil/Herbert von
Offenbach     "La Vie parisienne":  Luxembourg         Forlane          0:01:45
              Overture*             Radio/TV Sym       UCD-13151/52
                                    Orch/Kurt Redel    (2)
Brahms        Violin Concerto in    David Oistrakh,    RCA 72914-2 (2)  0:38:52
              D, Op 77              v; Moscow
Prokofiev     Four Studies          Abdel Rahman El    Forlane          0:01:34
              (Etudes), Op 2: #4,   Bacha, p           UCD-16596
              "Presto energico"*
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Wagner        "Die Meistersinger    Seattle Sym        Delos D/CD-3040  0:05:38
              von Nrnberg": Act 3  Orch/Gerard
              Prelude*              Schwarz
Wagner/Stokow "Parsifal": Act III   Houston Sym        Everest          0:17:13
ski           Synthesis             Orch/Leopold       EVC-9024
Handel        "Terpsichore": Ballo* English Baroque    Erato ECD-88084  0:01:27
                                    Eliot Gardiner
Telemann      "Paris Quartet        Freiburg Baroque   Harmonia Mundi   0:10:11
              (Concerto Primo)" in  Consort            HMC-901787
Villa-Lobos   String Quartet #13    Danubius String    Marco Polo       0:19:57
              (1951)                Quartet            8.223389
Ginastera     "Estanca" (Ballet    London Sym         Everest          0:01:47
              Suite, 1943): "The    Orch/Eugene        EVC-9007
              Cattlemen"*           Goossens
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Miriam Gideon "Eclogue"*            Patricia Spencer,  New World        0:04:58
                                    f; David Oei, p    80393-2
Dvor k        Four Eclogues, B 103  Inna Poroshina, p  Ess.a.y CD-1060  0:13:55
Dvor k        "Biblical Songs," Op  Brian Rayner       Chandos          0:01:41
              99: #2, "Thou art my  Cook, br;          CHAN-8608
              defense and shield"*  Scottish National
                                    Orch/Neeme Jrvi
Vranicky      Symphony in D, Op 52  Dvorak Chamber     Supraphon        0:34:09
                                    Orch/Bohumil       110956-2
Dinicu        "Pacsirta"*           Mela Tenenbaum,    Ess.a.y CD-1048  0:01:47
                                    v; Richard Kapp, p
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
A Scarlatti   Toccata*              Bernhard Lubin    DG 419245-2      0:05:07
                                    Trumpet Ens
Hovhaness     Symphony #2, Op 132,  Chicago Sym        RCA 61957-2      0:18:58
              "Mysterious Mountain" Orch/Fritz Reiner
Hovhaness     Mountain Dance #2,    Marvin Rosen, p    Koch 3-7195-2    0:01:52
              Op 144b*
Michele       Concerto in G for     Ensemble           Harmonia Mundi   0:13:50
Mascitti      Six Instruments, Op   Arcadia/Attilio    HMC-905244
              7/3                   Cremonesi
Bigaglia      Recorder Sonata in a  Frans Brggen, r;  Teldec 93669-2   0:07:15
                                    Gustav Leonhardt,
                                    hc; Anner Bylsma,
Evaristo      Concerto da chiesa    Concerto Kln      Teldec 22166-2   0:07:11
dell'Abaco    in a, Op 2/4
Alessandro    "Il Rossignolo":      Jrg-Andreas       Harmonia Mundi   0:01:45
Poglietti     "Aria bizarra del     Btticher, hc      HMC-905242
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Mussorgsky/Ri "Khovanshchina": Act  Toronto Sym        Finlandia        0:05:29
msky-Korsakov 1 Prelude, "Dawn on   Orch/Jukka-Pekka   14911-2
              the Moskva River"*    Saraste
Beethoven     Piano Sonata #14 in   Gza Anda, p       Testament        0:12:58
              c-sharp, Op 27/2,                        SBT-1070
Bacon         Song, "My River Runs  Janet Brown, s;    CRI CD-890       0:01:17
              to Thee"*             Herbert Burtis, p
Grof         "Mississippi Suite"   Bournemouth Sym    Naxos 8.559007   0:13:35
              (1925)                Orch/William T
Starer        "Hudson Valley        Albany Sym         Albany TROY-244  0:20:54
              Suite" (1983)         Orch/David Alan
Ives          Song, "At the River"  William Sharp,     Albany TROY-079  0:01:28
              (1916)*               br; Steven Blier,
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Seeger        "Diaphonic Suite" #1  Jayn Rosenfeld, f  Naxos 8.559197   0:05:06
Telemann      Flute and Violin      Masahiro Arita,    Denon CO-78933   0:09:39
              Concerto in e         f; Andrew Manze,
                                    v; La
Bloch         Concertino for        Naomi Buchman, f;  Naxos 8.570259   0:09:20
              Flute, Viola and      Y Gandelsman, vi;
              Piano (1950)          Atlas
Nielsen       "Die Moderen (The     James Galway, f;   RCA 6359-2-RC    0:01:46
              Mother)," Op 41:      Brian Hawkins, vi
              "Faith and Hope are
Haydn         Symphony #51 in       Academy of         Ois 443777-2     0:28:28
              B-Flat                Ancient            (3)
Cipriano de   Motet, "Jubilate      Gloriae Dei        Gloriae Dei      0:01:43
Rore          Deo"*                 Cantores/Elizabeth Cantores
                                     Patterson         GDCD-022
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                                 All rights reserved.

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