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January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Handel        "Samson": Aria, "Let  Edita Gruberova,   CBS MK-39061     0:05:43
              the Bright Seraphim"* s; Wynton
                                    Marsalis, tr
Haydn         Trumpet Concerto in   Wynton Marsalis,   CBS MK-39310     0:14:07
              E-Flat, H VIIe:1      tr; National
A Scarlatti   Aria, "Rompe          Kathleen Battle,   Sony SK-46672    0:01:19
              sprezza"*             s; Wynton
                                    Marsalis, tr;
                                    Orch of St
                                    Luke's/John Nelson
Tchaikovsky   Symphony #2 in c, Op  Bournemouth Sym    Virgin 59699-2   0:34:02
              17, "Little Russian"  Orch/Andrew Litton (3)
Shchekotov    Song, The stars are   Omsk Russian Folk  Mel SR-40248     0:01:51
              shining*              Cho/Georgy
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Verdi/Legnani "Ernani": Aria,       Annette Heim, f;   Msr Classics     0:04:57
              "Come rugiada al      Bret Heim, g       MS-1428
Verdi         "Ernani": Overture    La Scala           Sony SK-62373    0:03:01
                                    Phil/Riccardo Muti
Liszt         Concert paraphrase    Leslie Howard, p   Hyperion         0:14:41
              on music from                            CDA-67406/7 (2)
              Verdi's "Ernani"
Verdi/Legnani "Ernani": "Surta Š    Annette Heim, f;   Msr Classics     0:07:26
              la notte...Ernani,    Bret Heim, g       MS-1428
Mozart/Triebe "Don Giovanni," K     Athena Ensemble    Chandos          0:01:47
nsee          527: Aria, "In quali                     CHAN-6597
              eccessi...Mi trad"*
Salieri       Clavier Concerto in C Andreas Staier,    Teldec 94569-2   0:22:15
                                    forte-p; Concerto
Rameau        "Dardanus" (1739):    Concert            Virgin           0:01:42
              "Calme des sens (Air  d'Astr‚e/Emmanuell 730799-2 (2)
              tendre)"*             e Haim
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Thomson       Three Antiphonal      Gloriae Dei        Gloriae Dei      0:05:31
              psalms*               Cantores           Cantores 027
Copland       Violin Sonata (1943)  Zvi Zeitlin, v;    Gasparo          0:18:39
                                    Barry Snyder, p    GSCD-279
Copland       "Song"*               Bethany            New World        0:01:42
                                    Beardslee, s;      80243-2
                                    Robert Helps, p
Schumann      "Scenes from          Champs Elys‚es     Harmonia Mundi   0:08:28
              Goethe's Faust"       Orch/Philippe      HMC-901661/2
              (1844-53): Overture   Herreweghe         (2)
Ginastera     Overture to the       Granada City       Harmonia Mundi   0:08:59
              Creole "Faust"        Orch/Josep Pons    HMC-901808
Wagner        "A Faust Overture"    Cincinnati Sym     Telarc CD-80379  0:11:34
Bettina von   "Aus Faust"*          Yoshie Tanaka,     MHS 512350       0:00:57
Arnim                               ms; Yasuko
                                    Mitsui, p
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Nielsen       "Amor and the Poet":  New York Scandia   Centaur          0:05:20
              Overture*             Sym/Dorrit Matson  CRC-2780
Strauss       "Death and            Pittsburgh Sym     EMI/Ang          0:20:57
              Transfiguration," Op  Orch/William       CDM5-66556-2
              24                    Steinberg
Strauss       Six Songs, Op 19:     G”sta Winbergh,    Nightingale      0:01:27
              #2, "Breit ber mein  t; Friedrich       Classics
              Haupt"*               Haider, p          NC-070760-2
Sj”gren       Violin Sonata #5 in   Leo Berlin, v;     Musica Sveciae   0:27:10
              a, Op 61              Greta Erikson, p   MS-504-06 (3)
Stenhammar    Song, "Mellan         Ingvar Wixell,     Musica Sveciae   0:01:37
              broarna"*             br; Stockholm      MSCD-617
                                    Phil/Johan Arnell
Borodin       "Prince Igor":        USSR Radio/TV      Mobile           0:05:22
              Polovtsian March*     Large Sym          Fidelity
                                    Orch/Vladimir      MFCD-860
Glinka        "Russlan and          USSR Sym           Mel              0:04:21
              Ludmila": Wizard's    Orch/Yevgeni       SUCD-1000166
              (Chernomor's) March   Svetlanov
Mussorgsky    "Khovanshchina":      Russian State Sym  RCA 68406-2      0:05:45
              Solemn March          Orch/Yevgeny
Bizet/Joseph  "Carmen": March       Atlantic Brass     Musicmasters     0:04:17
Foley                               Quintet            67142-2
Gounod        "Rom‚o et Juliette":  Toulouse Capitole  EMI/Ang          0:02:58
              Wedding March         Orch/Michel        CDM5-66427-2
Meyerbeer     "Le ProphŠte":        St Louis Sym       RCA 7716-2-RC    0:03:40
              Coronation March      Orch/Leonard
Lully         "Pha‰ton": March*     Musiciens du       Erato 91737-2    0:01:35
                                    Louvre/Marc        (2)
Clementi      Symphony #1 in C      Philharmonia       Erato            0:25:40
                                    Orch/Claudio       STU-71174 (2)
Lotti         "O vos omnes"*        Harvard            Centaur          0:01:41
                                    University         CRC-2376
                                    Cho/Murray Forbes
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Gottschalk    "Radieuse"*           Cary Lewis, p;     Vox CDX-5009     0:05:13
                                    Brady Millican, p  (2)
Jan cek       "Sinfonietta" (1926)  Brno State         Supraphon        0:22:10
                                    Phil/Frantisek     110282-2
Anon 19th c   "Burschen heraus!"*   Vienna State       Van OVC-6009     0:01:27
German                              Opera Cho Male
Bruch         Violin Concerto #1    Takayoshi Wanami,  Chandos          0:26:00
              in g, Op 26           v; New             CHAN-6558
Bach          Cantata #207,         Empire Brass       Telarc CD-80257  0:01:27
              Zwietracht der
              wechselnden Saiten":
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Schubert/Lisz Song, "Der Wanderer"* Dmitri Bashkirov,  MCA Classics     0:05:04
t                                   p                  AED-10284
Schubert/Lisz "Wanderer Fantasia"   Leslie Howard, p;  Hyperion         0:21:55
t             in C, Op 15, for      Budapest Sym/Karl  CDA-67403/4 (3)
              Piano and Orchestra   Anton Rickenbacher
Sch„ffer      "Leichter Wanderer"*  Erich Kunz, br;    Van OVC-6009     0:01:30
                                    Vienna State
                                    Opera Orch/Franz
Buck          Festival Overture on  London Sym         Albany TROY-235  0:06:44
              "The Star-Spangled    Orch/Kenneth Klein
Roget de      "La Marseillaise"     Gordon Gietz, t;   Lon 475097-2     0:08:15
Lisle/Berlioz                       Montreal Sym Cho
                                    and Orch/Charles
Gottschalk    "Variations on the    Eugene List, p;    Vox CDX-5009     0:09:35
              Portugese National    Vienna State       (2)
              Anthem"               Opera Orch/Igor
Anon 19th c   Spanish National      Coldstream Guards  Denon            0:01:38
American      Anthem, "Royal        Regimental         81757-4500-2
              March"*               Band/Roger Swift
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Gliere        Romance, Op 3*        David Oistrakh,    Omega OCD-1025   0:04:45
                                    v; Russian State
                                    Sym Orch/Kiril
WF Bach       Flute Duet (Sonata)   Konrad Hnteler,   MD+G             0:14:04
              #4 in F               f; Michael         Recordings
                                    Schmidt-Casdorff,  3110844-2
Holborne      "The Fairy Round"*    Julian Bream, l    RCA 61587-2      0:01:45
Kabalevsky    Violin Concerto in    David Oistrakh,    Omega OCD-1025   0:15:40
              C, Op 48              v; Russian State
                                    Sym Orch/Dmitri
Mozart        Clarinet Trio in      Igor Oistrakh Trio MCA Classics     0:17:53
              E-Flat, K 498,                           AED-10209
Prokofiev     Five Melodies, Op     David Oistrakh,    Phi 420777-2     0:01:15
              35b: #4, "Allegretto  v; Frida Bauer, p
              leggero e
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Ferdinando    Two-Trumpet Sonata    Mathias            Berlin           0:05:51
Antonio       in D*                 Schmutzler, tr;    Classics
Lazzari                             Virtuosi           BC-1036-2
                                    Saxoniae, Ludwig
                                    Gttler, tr
Jazeps Vitols "Dargakmeni           Valdis Zarins, v;  Marco Polo       0:10:34
              (Jewels)," Op 66      Latvian National   8.223756
                                    Sym Orch/D.
Ciurlionis    Theme and Variations  Vilnius String     MCA Classics     0:16:58
              in b                  Quartet            AED-10283
Tubin         Ballade               Gustavo Garcia,    BIS CD-337       0:07:25
                                    v; Gothenburg Sym
                                    Orch/Neeme J„rvi
Ciurlionis    Fugue in G*           Vilnius String     MCA Classics     0:01:33
                                    Quartet            AED-10283
Smetana       "M  Vlast (My         Vienna             RCA 54331-2 (2)  0:12:54
              Fatherland)":         Phil/Nikolaus
              "Vltava (The Moldau)" Harnoncourt
Hindemith     "Stcke" (1941): #4,  Ronald Barron, tb  Boston Brass     0:01:40
              Allegro*                                 BB-1002-CD
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Pohle         Sonata #12*           Chatham Baroque    Dorian           0:05:23
Telemann      Recorder (Transverse  Verbruggen,        Harmonia Mundi   0:15:24
              Flute) and Gamba      Cunningham; Age    HMU-907093
              Concerto in a         of Enlightenment
Handel        "Theodora": Symphony* Gabrieli Consort   DG Archiv        0:01:40
                                    and Players/Paul   469061-2 (3)
Strauss       "Also sprach          Philadelphia       EMI/Ang          0:32:46
              Zarathustra," Op 30   Orch/Wolfgang      CDC5-56364-2
Vecchi        Madrigal, "Clorinda"* Gttler Brass      Capriccio 10068  0:01:30
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Bach          Prelude and Fugue in  Anthony Newman, o  Newport          0:05:11
              C, BWV 531,                              Classic
              "Fanfare"*                               NC-60004
Bach          "Brandenburg"         Marlboro Festival  Sony SMK-46254   0:16:57
              Concerto #6 in        Orch/Pablo Casals
              B-Flat, BWV 1051
Falla         "Seven Popular        Kim Kashkashian,   ECM 1975         0:01:36
              Spanish Songs"        vi; Robert Levin,
              (1914-5): #6,         p
Julius        Viola Sonata in c     Francien           Etcetera         0:22:24
R”ntgen       (1924)                Schatborn, vi;     KTC-1255
                                    Koekkoek, p
Wagenaar      "Amphitrion," Op 45:  Royal              Lon 425833-2     0:08:10
              Overture              Concertgebouw
Jan Albert    Six Songs, Op 12:     Geert Smits, b;    NM Classics      0:01:50
van Eijken    #3, "Ich hab' die     Frans van Ruth, p  92072
              Nacht getr„umet"*
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Montsalvatge  "Tres danzas          Jenny Lin, p;      H„nssler         0:05:09
              concertantes": "A la  North German       Classic
              espa¤ola"*            Radio Phil/Celso   CD-98.642
Alb‚niz       "Suite espa¤ola," Op  Spanish Brass      Marquis          0:06:14
              47: #5, "Asturias                        81505-2 (2)
Alb‚niz/Segov "Mallorca," Op 202    Sharon Isbin, g    Virgin 91128-2   0:07:10
Granados      Song, "El majo        Kim Kashkashian,   ECM 1975         0:01:26
              discreto"*            vi; Robert Levin,
Lalo          "Symphonie            Maxim Vengerov,    EMI/Ang          0:34:22
              espagnole" in d, Op   v; Philharmonia    CDC5-57593-2
              21                    Orch/Antonio
Schumann      "Spanische            Christoph Berner,  Harmonia Mundi   0:01:39
              Liebeslieder," Op     p; Camillo         HMC-902050
              138: Prelude, "in     Radicke, p
              Bolero tempo"*
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                                 All rights reserved.

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