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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Bach/Allen    Orchestra Suite #3    Summit Brass       Summit DCD-380   0:04:48
              in D, BWV 1068: Air
              (on the G string)*
Holst         Wind Quintet in       Belgian Wind       Discover Int'l   0:15:01
              A-Flat, Op 14         Quintet            DICD-920322
Chopin        "tudes," Op 10: #5   Evelyn Glennie,    RCA 47629-2 (2)  0:01:38
              in G-Flat, "Black     per; National
              Key"*                 Phil/Barry
Tchaikovsky   String Serenade in    USSR Sym Orch      Mel/BMG 37878-2  0:33:06
              C, Op 48              Strings/Yevgeny
Anon 18th c   Aria, "No stŠ a       La Serenissima     Avie AV-2257     0:01:44
Italian       condanarme"*
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Faur‚         "Pavane," Op 50*      Susan Milan, f;    Virgin 61109-2   0:05:34
                                    English Chamber
Ravel         "Pavane pour une      Philharmonia       Virgin 59235-2   0:07:04
              infante d‚funte"      Orch/Libor Pesek
Ravel         "Menuet antique"      Cleveland          DG B0002121-02   0:07:20
                                    Orch/Pierre Boulez
Haydn         Minuet #16 in G*      Philharmonia       Lon              0:01:50
                                    Hungarica/Antal    STS-15359/60
                                    Dorati             (2)
Josef Labor   Clarinet Quintet, Op  Orion Ensemble     Cedille          0:33:13
              11                                       CDR-90000088
Villa-Lobos   "Remeiro de Sao       Robert Bonfiglio,  RCA 7986-2-RC    0:01:26
              Francisco"*           harmonica; New
                                    York Chamber
                                    Sym/Gerard Schwarz
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Cowell        "Saturday Night at    Milwaukee Sym      Pro Arte         0:05:03
              the Firehouse"        Orch/Lukas Foss    CDD-102
Siegmeister   "Sunday in Brooklyn"  Vienna Sym Orch/F  Orion ORS-73116  0:16:04
              (1946)                Charles Adler
Richard       "Seven Days a Week"   Richard Rodney     Delos DE-6002    0:05:01
Rodney                              Bennett, p
Britten       "Friday Afternoons,"  Viola Tunnard, p;  Lon STS-15173    0:01:36
              Op 7: "Cuckoo"*       Purley Downside
Beethoven     Symphony #8 in F, Op  Cleveland          Telarc CD-80198  0:26:26
              93                    Orch/Christoph
                                    von Dohnanyi
Ponce         "Trozos Romanticos":  Jorge Federico     Cedille          0:01:50
              "Souvenir"*           Osorio, p          CDR-90000086
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Schumann      "Romances and         Christopher        Hyperion         0:05:40
              Ballades," Op 64:     Maltman, br;       CDJ-33105
              #3, "Trag”die"*       Graham Johnson, p
Schumann      "Genoveva," Op 81:    London Sym         Chandos          0:09:11
              Overture              Orch/Neeme J„rvi   CHAN-8595
Brahms        Variations in         Jorge Federico     ASV CDDCA-616    0:18:20
              f-sharp on a theme    Osorio, p
              by Schumann, Op 9
Schumann      Romances and          Stuttgart Radio    H„nssler         0:01:52
              Ballades, Op 67: #5,  Cho/Rupert Huber   Classic
              "John Anderson"*                         CD-93.256
Bach          Orchestra Suite #3    La Petite          RCA-DHM          0:20:03
              in D, BWV 1068        Bande/Sigiswald    77008-2-RG (2)
Grieg         Six Songs, Op 48:     Rick Bogard, tr;   Centaur          0:01:28
              #3, "The Way of the   John Solomons, p   CRC-2679
Catalani      "La Wally": Romanza   Ren‚e Fleming, s;  Lon B0001024-02  0:05:01
              di Wally, "Ebben? ne  London Phil/Sir
              andr• lontana"*       Charles Mackerras
Mercadante    Flute Concerto in e,  Jean-Pierre        Erato ECD-55012  0:19:45
              Op 57                 Rampal, f;
                                    English Chamber
Mercadante    "Aure amiche, ah!     Suzanne Danco, s;  Epic LC-3442     0:01:55
              non spirate"*         Francesco
Stravinsky/R  "The Firebird":       Empire Brass       Telarc CD-80305  0:03:05
Smedvig       "Berceuse"
Stravinsky/St "Petrouchka"          Isabelle van       Phi 420953-2     0:02:54
ravinsky-Dush (original 1911        Keulen, v; Olli    (2)
kin           version): "Danse      Mustonen, p
Stravinsky    "Jeu de cartes"       BBC Scottish Sym   Hyperion         0:21:35
              (1936)                Orch/Ilan Volkov   CDA-67698
Satie         "Enfantillages        Aldo Ciccolini, p  EMI/Ang          0:01:31
              pittoresques"                            CDC7-49714-2
              (1913): #2, Berceuse*
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
William       "Pell‚as and          BBC Scottish Sym   Hyperion         0:05:28
Wallace       M‚lisande" Suite:     Orch/Martyn        CDA-66987
              "The Love of Pell‚as  Brabbins
              for M‚lisande"*
Sibelius      "Rakastava (The       St Martin's        Argo 417132-2    0:10:57
              Lover)," Op 14        Academy/Neville
Beethoven     25 Scottish Songs,    Vocal Quartet,     Sony SK-64301    0:01:43
              Op 108: #1, "Music,   Piano Trio
              Love and Wine"*
Beethoven     Violin Sonata #9 in   Maria Bachmann,    Con CD-4178      0:37:22
              A, Op 47, "Kreutzer"  v; Jon Klibonoff,
Brahms/Teuber "Festive and          Millar Brass       Crystal CD-433   0:01:44
              Commemorative         Ensemble/Bruce C
              Music," Op 109:       Briney
              "Unsere V„ter
              hofften auf dich"*
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Adolph Weiss  "American Life"       Los Angeles        New World        0:05:07
              (1929)*               Phil/Lawrence      80228-2
Andreas       String Quartet in g,  Leipzig String     MD+G             0:22:30
Romberg       Op 1/2                Quartet            Recordings
Bull/Howarth  "The King's hunt"*    Philip Jones Brass Lon 417524-2     0:01:53
Handel        "Water Music" Suite   English Baroque    Phi 434122-2     0:25:40
              #1 in F               Soloists/John
                                    Eliot Gardiner
Telemann      Overture (Suite) in   New London         Lon 455621-2     0:01:29
              C, "Hamburger Ebb'    Consort/Philip
              und Flut              Pickett
              (Wassermusik)": #10
              (Finale), "Canarie"*
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Widor         Organ Symphony #5 in  James Johnson, o   Conch Classics   0:05:29
              F, Op 42/1: Finale,                      CC-2
Vaughan       "Toccata marziale"    Eastman Wind       CBS MK-44916     0:04:32
Williams      (1924)                Ensemble/Donald
Prokofiev     Toccata, Op 11        Frederic Chiu, p   Harmonia Mundi   0:04:09
McPhee        Toccata for           Esprit Orch/Alex   Radio Canada     0:16:21
              Orchestra,            Pauk               Int'l SMCD-5181
Nancarrow     Toccata for Violin    Mia Wu, v          Musicmasters     0:01:29
              and Player Piano                         7068-2-C
Haydn         Symphony #88 in G     La Petite          Virgin 91499-2   0:22:17
Frescobaldi   "Canzon Vigesimanona  Los Angeles Phil   Crystal CD-122   0:01:46
              a 8"*                 Brass, San
                                    Francisco Sym
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Dussek        Piano Sonatina in F,  Heida Hermanns, p  Society For      0:05:47
              Op 20/3*                                 Forgotten
                                                       Music SFM-1002
Castelnuovo-T Flute & Guitar        Susan Hoeppner,    Marquis          0:12:20
edesco        Sonatina, Op 205      f; Rachel Gauk, g  ERAD-147
Godard        "Suite de trois       Virginia           Titanic TI-191   0:01:46
              morceaux," Op 116:    Sindelar, f;
              #1, Allegretto*       Richard
                                    Schilling, p
Salieri       "Die Hussiten vor     Mannheim Mozart    H„nssler         0:13:33
              Naumburg"             Orch/Thomas Fey    Classic
Beethoven     "The Ruins of         Beecham Choral     EMI/Ang          0:21:32
              Athens," Op 113       Society, Royal     CDM7-69871-2
Beethoven     "King Stephen," Op    Ambrosian          CBS MK-33509     0:01:14
              117: Chorus, "Auf     Singers, London
              dunklem Irrweg"*      Sym Orch/Michael
                                    Tilson Thomas
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Espejo        Airs Tziganes*        Mischa Elman, v;   Van OVC-8030     0:05:29
                                    Joseph Seiger, p
Saint-Sa‰ns   Violin Concerto #3    Christophe         Remington        0:27:21
              in b, Op 61           Boulier, v; Monte  311087
Dinicu        "Hora Staccato"*      Michael Rabin, v;  EMI/Ang          0:01:51
                                    Hollywood Bowl     CMS7-64123-2
                                    Sym Orch/Felix     (6)
Franz Strauss Fantasie on           Thomas Bacon, fh;  Crystal S-379    0:11:41
              Schubert's            Phillip Moll, p
              "Trauerwalzer", Op 2
Schubert      Overture in D, "In    Stuttgart Radio    Pantheon         0:08:12
              the Italian Style,"   Sym Orch/Paul      D-1841-X
              D 590                 Angerer
Schubert      Song, "Der            Dietrich           DG 437215-2 (9)  0:01:21
              Zufriedene", D 320*   Fischer-Dieskau,
                                    br; Gerald Moore,
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Kreisler      Sicilienne and        James Ehnes, v;    Analekta         0:05:20
              Rigaudon in the       Eduard Laurel, p   FL2-3159
              style of Francoeur*
Francoeur     Cello Sonata in E     Zuill Bailey, vc;  Delos DE-3326    0:10:21
                                    Dinnerstein, p
Delalande     TroisiŠme Caprice     Paillard Chamber   Erato ECD-88088  0:13:57
Mouret        "Rondeau"*            Canadian Brass     RCA 63182-2      0:01:44
Haydn         Cello Concerto #2 in  Anner Bylsma, vc;  RCA 7757-2-RC    0:23:22
              D, H VIIb:2 (Op 101)  Tafelmusik/Jeanne
Gabrielli     Ricercar I*           Anner Bylsma, vc   RCA 7978-2-RC    0:01:30
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Gounod        "Faust": Waltz*       Berlin             DG 437404-2 (2)  0:05:34
                                    Phil/Herbert von
Liszt         "Valse oubli‚e" #1    Vladimir           DG 419217-2      0:03:06
              in F-Sharp            Horowitz, p
Liszt         "Valse oubli‚e" #2    Sviatoslav         Phi 420774-2     0:05:53
              in A-Flat             Richter, p
Liszt         "Valse oubli‚e" #3    Mikhail Lidsky, p  Denon CO-78802   0:05:35
Ives/Fisk     Waltz (1911)*         Paula Robison, f;  Musicmasters     0:01:26
                                    Eliot Fisk, g      MMD-60115-H
Thompson      Symphony #3 in a      New Zealand Sym    Koch 3-7413-2    0:31:52
              (1947-49)             Orch/Andrew        (2)
Gould         "Fanfare for          London Phil/Jorge  Koch 3-7012-2    0:01:25
              Freedom"*             Mester
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                                 All rights reserved.

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