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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Verdi         "I Lombardi":         La Scala Cho,      EMI/Ang          0:05:35
              Procession Chorus,    Orch/Riccardo Muti CDC7-54484-2
Verdi         "J‚rusalem" (Paris    BBC Phil/Sir       Chandos          0:22:45
              version of "I         Edward Downes      CHAN-9594
              Lombardi"): Ballet
Diaz          Lauda Jerusalem       Empire Brass       Telarc CD-80553  0:02:54
Bach          Cantata #159,         Monteverdi Cho,    Soli Deo         0:01:40
              "Sehet! Wir gehn      English Baroque    Gloria SDG-114
              hinauf gen            Soloists/John
              Jerusalem": Chorale,  Eliot Gardiner
              "Jesu, deine
Sergei        Rhapsody on a Theme   Leon Fleisher, p;  Phi 456775-2     0:22:06
Rachmaninoff  by Paganini, Op 43    Cleveland          (2)
                                    Orch/George Szell
Sergei        Preludes, Op 32: #8   Moura Lympany, p   Erato 91714-2    0:01:47
Rachmaninoff  in a*                                    (2)
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Wolf          "M”rike Lieder": "Wo  Waltraud Meier,    Erato 45417-2    0:05:19
              find'ich Trost"*      ms; Paris
Wolf          "Italian Serenade"    Tak cs String      Lon 460034-2     0:06:36
              in G                  Quartet
Wolf-Ferrari  "Il Campiello (The    Berlin Chamber     Berlin           0:09:40
              Square)": Suite       Orch/Heinz R”gner  Classics
Wolf-Ferrari  Six Bagatelles, Op    Horst G”bel, p     Thorofon         0:01:39
              posth: #2*                               CTH-2091
Rameau/McGega "Dardanus" (1739):    Philharmonia       Conifer 51313-2  0:31:19
n             Suite                 Baroque
Massenet      Song, "Cr‚puscule"*   Barbara            EMI/Ang          0:01:46
                                    Hendricks, s;      CDC5-55388-2
                                    Michel Dalberto, p
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Massenet      "La vierge": "Le      Royal Phil/Thomas  Odys Y-33288     0:05:15
              dernier sommeil de    Beecham
              la Vierge"*
Prokofiev     Piano Sonata #8 in    Tatiana            Mel/BMG 33213-2  0:28:38
              B-Flat, Op 84         Nikolayeva, p
Prokofiev     "Romeo and Juliet,"   Boston Sym         DG 423268-2 (2)  0:01:48
              Op 64: "The Quarrel"* Orch/Seiji Ozawa
Prokofiev     "Peter and the        Bolshoi Theatre    MCA Classics     0:02:50
              Wolf," Op 67:         Orch/Yuli          MLD-32125
              Procession            Reyentovich
Rimsky-Korsak "Mlada" (1872):       Philadelphia       Sony SBK-62647   0:04:44
ov/Casella    "Procession of the    Orch/Eugene
              Nobles"               Ormandy
Rimsky-Korsak "The Snow Maiden"     Bolshoi Cho and    Erato 91723-2    0:04:39
ov            (1880-1): Carnival    Orch/Alexander
              Procession Chorus     Lazarev
Balakirev     Music for "King       USSR Sym           Mel              0:06:29
              Lear": "Procession"   Orch/Yevgeny       SUCD-1000153
Grieg         "Procession of the    Antonio            Centaur          0:01:40
              Gnomes"*              Pompa-Baldi, p     CRC-2746
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Ibert         "F‚erique" (1924)*    Slovak Radio Sym   Marco Polo       0:05:50
                                    Orch/Adriano       8.223508
Purcell       "The Fairy Queen":    Empire Brass       EMI/Ang          0:16:24
              Suite                                    CDC7-49277-2
Ibert         "Suite                Slovak Radio Sym   Marco Polo       0:01:36
              lisab‚thaine"        Orch/Adriano       8.223508
              (1942; for "A
              Midsummer Night's
              Dream)": Scherzo*
Felix         Piano Concerto in     Claudius Tanski,   MD+G             0:31:46
Draeseke      E-Flat, Op 36         p; Wuppertal Sym   Recordings
                                    Orch/George Hanson 3350929-2
Poulenc       Song, "La reine de    Mischa Maisky,     DG 457657-2      0:01:50
              coeur"*               vc; Daria Hovora,
Eduard        "Hebbels              Johan Schmidt, p   Musique En       0:04:51
Lassen/Liszt  Nibelungen":                             Wallonie
              "Bechlarn"*                              MEW-0213
Pleyel        Symphony in d         London Mozart      Chandos          0:22:45
                                    Players/Matthias   CHAN-9525
Haydn         Minuet #16 in G*      Philharmonia       Lon              0:01:50
                                    Hungarica/Antal    STS-15359/60
                                    Dorati             (2)
Liszt         "Mephisto Waltz" #1   London Sym         EMI/Ang          0:08:39
              ("Dance in the        Orch/Albert Coates 75486-2 (2)
              Village Inn")
Liszt         "Totentanz," solo     Markus Groh, p     Avie AV-2097     0:16:12
              version (1860s)
Pietrequin    "Adieu Florens la     Piffaro            Dorian           0:01:45
              yolye"*               (Renaissance Band) DOR-90312
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Tchaikovsky   Song, "Resignation"*  Dmitri             Phi 432119-2     0:05:14
                                    Hvorostovsky, br;
                                    Boshniakovich, p
Rameau        "PiŠces de clavecin   Frans Brggen, f;  Teldec 77618-2   0:12:04
              en concerts" (1741):  S Kuijken, v; W
              "TroisiŠme concert"   Kuijken, viga;
                                    Gustav Leonhardt,
Rameau        "Zephyre": "Gavotte"* Les Arts           Erato 85774-2    0:01:31
                                    Florissants,       (2)
                                    m Christie
Tchaikovsky   Piano Concerto #2 in  Emil Gilels, p;    EMI/Ang          0:36:13
              G, Op 44              New                CDFB5-68637-2
                                    Philharmonia/Lorin (2)
Bach/Hazelzet Cello Suite #1 in G,  Wilbert Hazelzet,  Glossa           0:01:41
              BWV 1007: Finale,     f                  GCD-920804
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Weber         Adagio and Rondo in   Mozzafiato         Sony SK-68263    0:05:01
Mozart        Adagio and Rondo in   Dennis James,      Sony SK-89047    0:12:57
              c, K 617              glass; Emerson
                                    String Quartet
Franklin      String Quartet        Kohon String       Vox SVBX-5301    0:06:25
                                    Quartet            (3)
Alexander     "Federal March"*      Carlyn             Tri-L-Co Music   0:01:29
Reinagle                            Lloyd-Ford, fife;  TLC-990002
                                    John Warfel, p
Alexander     Piano Sonata #1 in D  Jack Winerock,     MHS 3359         0:10:43
Reinagle                            forte-p
Ravel         "Valses nobles et     Ulster             Chandos          0:17:22
              sentimentales"        Orch/Yan-Pascal    CHAN-8756
Shostakovich  "Dances of the        Israela Margalit,  Koch 3-7159-2    0:01:45
              Dolls": "Lyrical      p
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Gerhard       "Rumanian Gypsy       Thringer Salon    Querstand        0:05:24
Winkler       Festival"*            Quintet            VKJK-9805
Enesco        Roumanian Rhapsody    Vancouver Sym      Radio Canada     0:12:59
              #1 in A, Op 11/1      Orch/Sergiu        Int'l SMCD-5166
Liszt         "Hungarian Rhapsody"  New York           CBS MYK-37772    0:11:48
              #1 in E               Phil/Leonard
Bach          Two-Part Inventions,  B‚la Fleck,        Sony SK-89610    0:01:45
              BWV 772/786: #13 in   banjo; Evelyn
              a*                    Glennie, marimba
Beethoven     Piano Sonata #7 in    Bernard Roberts, p Nimbus NI-5054   0:22:39
              D, Op 10/3
Brahms        Five Songs for Mixed  Monteverdi         Phi 4757558      0:01:39
              Chorus, Op 104: #4,   Cho/John Eliot
              "Verlorene Jugend"*   Gardiner
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Liszt         "Die Zelle in         Emmanuelle         Harmonia Mundi   0:05:46
              Nonnenwerth           Bertrand, vc;      HMC-901758
              (El‚gie)"*            Pascal Amoyel, p
Rota          "The Leopard" film    La Scala           Sony SK-66279    0:16:10
              music (1963): Dances  Phil/Riccardo Muti
Fine          "Childhood Fables     Susan Wyner, s;    CRI CD-574       0:02:33
              for Grownups": Song,  Yehudi Wyner, p
              "Lenny the Leopard"
Bernstein     Clarinet Sonata       Larry Combs, cl;   Summit DCD-172   0:10:12
              (1941)                Deborah Sobol, p
Copland/Aaron Eight Poems of Emily  Dawn Upshaw, s;    Teldec 77310-2   0:01:32
 Copland      Dickinson: #2,        St Paul Chamber
              "There Came a Wind    Orch/Hugh Wolff
              Like a Bugle"*
Grieg         "Sigurd Jorsalfar"    Royal              ASV CDDCA-722    0:18:12
              (Three Orchestral     Phil/Yondani Butt
              Pieces), Op 56
Chopin        Waltzes, Op 70: #1    Philippe           Sony SBK-89846   0:01:53
              in G-Flat*            Entremont, p
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Dowland       "Lachrimae"*          John Mark          Centaur          0:05:39
                                    Rozendaal, viga    CRC-2920
Haydn         Symphony #11 in       Cantilena/Adrian   Chandos          0:17:36
              E-Flat                Shepherd           CHAN-8813
Mozart/Triebe "Don Giovanni," K     Athena Ensemble    Chandos          0:01:47
nsee          527: Aria, "In quali                     CHAN-6597
              eccessi...Mi trad"*
Bloch         Concerto grosso #1    Pittsburgh Sym     EMI/Ang          0:20:41
              (1924-5)              Orch/William       CDM5-66555-2
                                    Steinberg; Harry
                                    Franklin, p
Corelli       Concerto grosso in    Modo               Tactus           0:09:19
              D, Op 6/7             Antiquo/Federico   TC-650308
                                    Maria Sardelli
Piccinini     Corrente IV*          Luciano Contini,   Tactus           0:01:28
                                    chittarone         TC-56160101
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Gaubert       "Nocturne et Allegro  William Bennett,   ASV CDDCA-652    0:05:43
              scherzando"*          f; English
Koechlin      Oboe d'amore          Lajos Lencs‚s,     Audite 97.417    0:10:48
              Sonatine, Op 194/2    obda; Stuttgart
                                    Radio Sym Members
Godard        "Suite de trois       William Bennett,   ASV CDDCA-652    0:01:51
              morceaux," Op 116:    f; English
              #1, Allegretto*       Chamber
Dvor k        Symphony #7 in d, Op  London Sym         Lon 433403-2     0:37:21
              70                    Orch/Pierre
Gaubert       Vocalise en forme de  Raymond Mase, tr;  Summit DCD-185   0:01:47
              Barcarolle*           Diana Mase, p
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Bach/Stokowsk Cantata #208, "Was    Philadelphia       EMI/Ang          0:05:06
i             mir behagt, ist nur   Orch/Wolfgang      CDC5-55592-2
              die muntre Jagd!      Sawallisch
              (Hunt)": "Sheep May
              Safely Graze"*
Beethoven     Piano Trio in         Castle Trio        Virgin 59220-2   0:15:22
              E-Flat, WoO 38
Clara         Six Songs, Op 13:     Bo Skovhus, br;    Sony SK-62372    0:01:34
Schumann      #2, "Sie liebten      Helmut Deutsch, p
              sich beide"*
Tartini       Concerto Grosso #3    Ensemble           Harmonia Mundi   0:08:38
              in C                  415/Chiara         HMC-901548
Bloch         Concerto grosso #1    Jenny Lin, p;      H„nssler         0:23:34
              (1924-5)              Southwest German   Classic
                                    Radio Orch/Jiri    CD-93.192
Bach/Parkenin Lute Prelude in c,    Christopher        EMI/Ang          0:01:25
g             BWV 999*              Parkening, g       CDC7-54853-2
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                                 All rights reserved.

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