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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Smetana       "The Bartered         Czech National     ICN Polyart      0:05:40
              Bride": Dance of the  Sym Orch/Paul      ICN-024
              Comedians "(Skocna)"* Freeman
Chopin        Piano Sonata #2 in    Marc-Andr‚         Isba 5016        0:20:41
              b-flat, Op 35,        Hamelin, p
              "Funeral March"
Moniuszko     Canon, "O deus"*      Ensemble/Wlodzimie Dux 0182         0:01:39
                                    rz Soltysik
Paganini      "Sonata Varsovia"     Salvatore          Ang DS-38128     0:15:22
                                    Accardo, v;
                                    Chamber Orch of
Leh r/Grinhau Melodies from         Montreal Musica    Radio Canada     0:11:31
z             "Paganini"            Camerata           Int'l MVCD-1112
Gibbons       "The Italian Ground"* Aitken, f;         Dorian           0:01:50
                                    National Arts      DOR-90195
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Caplet        "Panis Angelicus"*    Roberto Alagna,    EMI/Ang          0:04:57
                                    t; Toulouse        CDC5-56206-2
                                    Capitole Cho and
Franck/Stokow "Panis Angelicus"     BBC Phil/Mathias   Chandos          0:03:43
ski                                 Bamert             CHAN-9349
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Panis Angelicus"     Roberto Alagna,    EMI/Ang          0:03:31
                                    t; Toulouse        CDC5-56206-2
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Le D‚luge," Op 45:   Jean-Jacques       Denon CO-75596   0:06:59
              Prelude               Kantorow, v; Orch
Saint-Sa‰ns   Six tudes, Op 135:   Leon Fleisher, p   Sony SK-48081    0:01:51
Debussy/Caple "La boŒte … joujoux"  Montreal Sym       Lon 444386-2     0:32:49
t                                   Orch/Charles
Locke         "Broken Consort" in   Palladian Ensemble Honest           0:01:34
              D: "Galliard"*                           Entertainment
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Beethoven     Six L„ndler, WoO 15*  Boskovsky          Van OVC-8016     0:05:37
Onslow        Piano Four-Hands      Mary Ann Lenti,    ACA CM-20017-17  0:19:41
              Sonata in e, Op 7     p; Tony Lenti, p
Lord Berners  "Cupid and Psyche"    RTE                Marco Polo       0:01:38
              (1939): "Psyche"*     Sinfonietta/David  8.223780
Franck        "Psych‚"              Orch National de   Denon CO-75199   0:20:36
Hindemith     "Cupid and Psyche"    Berlin Phil/Paul   Dec DL-9969      0:07:03
              (1943)                Hindemith
Hindemith     "Ludus Tonalis"       Edward Aldwell, p  Pro Piano        0:01:39
              (1943): Fuga X*                          PPR-224508
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Schumann      "Lieder-Album fr     Peter Schreier,    DG 2531204       0:02:36
              die Jugend," Op 79:   t; Dietrich
              #19, Duet,            Fischer-Dieskau,
              "Frhlingslied"*      br; Christoph
                                    Eschenbach, p
Schumann      "Romances and         Christopher        Hyperion         0:02:13
              Ballades," Op 64:     Maltman, br;       CDJ-33105
              "Es fiel ein Reif in  Graham Johnson, p
              der Frhlingsnacht"*
Schumann      Symphony #1 in        Orchestre          DG Archiv        0:30:12
              B-Flat, Op 38,        R‚volutionnaire    457591-2 (3)
              "Spring"              et
                                    Eliot Gardiner
William       "Three Spring         Ian Brown, p       Hyperion         0:01:37
Lloyd Webber  Miniatures" (1952):                      CDA-67008
              #1, "Gossamer"*
Marais        "Les Folies           Ensemble/Jordi     Alia Vox         0:18:07
              d'Espagne"            Savall             AV-9805
L‚o           "Passepied"*          Mela Tenenbaum,    Ess.a.y CD-1048  0:01:50
D‚libes/Elman                       v; Richard Kapp, p
Verdi/Riniker "Quattro pezzi        Berlin Phil        EMI/Ang          0:05:36
              sacri": "Ave Maria"*  Cellists           CDC3-57030-2
Rossini       "William Tell":       Monte Carlo        Phi 422843-2     0:17:42
              Ballet Music          National Opera
                                    Orch/Antonio de
Puccini       "Preludio a           Milan Verdi Sym    Lon B0002141-02  0:02:30
              Orchestra"            Orch/Riccardo
Bellini       Song, "Malinconia,    Luciano            Lon 417006-2     0:01:44
              ninfa gentile"*       Pavarotti, t;
                                    Bologna Teatro
Elgar         Harmony Music #5      Athena Ensemble    Chandos          0:27:23
Chopin        Mazurkas, Op 68: #3   Michel Block, p    Pro Piano        0:01:45
              in F*                                    PPR-224507
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Liszt         "Ann‚es de            Jen” Jand¢, p      Naxos 8.550550   0:05:36
              pŠlerinage:" 3rd
              Year, Rome
              (1867-77): #6,
              "Marche funŠbre"*
Mozart        Horn Concerto #2 in   Franz Liszt        CBS MK-42324     0:14:31
              E-Flat, K 417         Chamber Orch/Dale
                                    Clevenger, fh
Hahn          Valse #9*             Bernard            AdŠs 13.282-2    0:01:52
                                    Ringeissen, p
Magnard       Symphony #1 in c, Op  Malm” Sym          BIS CD-927       0:33:38
              4                     Orch/Thomas
Lassus        Chanson, "La nuict    Boston             Erato STU-71545  0:01:50
              froide et sombre"*    Camerata/Joel
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Debussy       "Intermezzo"*         Daniel             EMI/Ang 75201-2  0:05:06
                                    vc; Robert Kulek,
Chabrier      "Espa¤a" Rhapsody     St Louis Sym       RCA 68511-2      0:06:34
              (1883)                Orch/Leonard
Falla         "PiŠces espagnoles    Miguel Baselga, p  BIS CD-773       0:15:50
              (Cuatro Piezas
              espa¤olas)" (1902-8)
F‚lix M ximo  "Variaciones del      Andreas Staier, hc Teldec 21468-2   0:03:48
L¢pez         Fandango Espa¤ol"
Gim‚nez       "La Tempranica":      Berganza, English  Fidelio FL-4474  0:01:35
              "Zapateado"*          Chamber
Rodrigo       "Concierto de         Alfonso Moreno,    ASV CDDCA-887    0:21:14
              Aranjuez" (1939)      g; Mexico State
                                    Sym Orch/Enrique
                                    B tiz
Tchaikovsky   "Sleeping Beauty",    Czecho-Slovak      Naxos            0:01:45
              Op 66:                State Phil/Andrew  8.550490/92 (3)
              "Colin-Maillard"*     Mogrelia
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Berlioz       "The Damnation of     Cincinnati Pops    Telarc CD-80122  0:05:01
              Faust," Op 24:        Orch/Erich Kunzel
              "R koczy March"*
Johann        "Radetzky" March, Op  Cincinnati         Telarc CD-80547  0:03:13
Strauss, Sr   228                   Pops/Erich Kunzel
Johann        "Annen-Polka," Op 117 Vienna             DG 435335-2 (2)  0:03:27
Strauss                             Phil/Clemens
Johann 3rd    Waltz, "Unter den     London Viennese    Chandos          0:07:42
Strauss       Linden", Op 30        Orch/Jack          CHAN-9127
Josef Strauss Polka schnell,        Vienna Phil/Lorin  DG 2532002       0:01:45
              "Eingesendet," Op     Maazel
Liszt         "Hexameron"           Raymond            Elan CD-82276    0:19:23
                                    Lewenthal, p
Couperin      "Les go–ts r‚nis,    Janos Starker,     Delos DE-3197    0:11:53
              ou nouveaux           vc; Santa Fe
              concerts" (1724):     Festival Orch
              Excerpts, orch P
Ziehrer       Polka, Loslassen!,    Vienna Phil/Lorin  DG 2532002       0:01:50
              Op 386*               Maazel
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Chaminade     "Capriccio," Op 18*   Nils-Erik Sparf,   DG 471331-2      0:05:12
                                    v; Bengt
                                    Forsberg, p
Beach         String Quartet, Op 89 Lark String        Arabesque        0:14:51
                                    Quartet            Z-6747
Fanny         Six Songs, Op 1: #5,  Lauralyn Kolb, s;  Centaur          0:01:44
Mendelssohn   "Morgenst„ndchen"*    Arlene Shrut, p    CRC-2120
Sibelius      Violin Concerto in    Andrea Marcovici,  BIS CD-372       0:33:25
              d, Op 47              v; Gothenburg Sym
                                    Orch/Neeme J„rvi
Legnani/Mertz Caprices, Op 20: #7,  Raphaella Smits, g Accent           0:01:45
              "Prestissimo"*                           ACC-21146
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Leroy         "Harvard Sketches"    BBC Concert        Naxos 8.559357   0:04:49
Anderson      (1939)*               Orch/Leonard
Haydn         Symphony #92 in G,    Lausanne Ch        Denon CO-18079   0:25:40
              "Oxford"              Orch/Jes£s
Silcher       "Ich hatt' einen      Erich Kunz, br;    Van OVC-6039     0:01:47
              Kameraden"*           Vienna State
                                    Opera Male
                                    Cho/Anton Paulik
Handel/Anders "Semele": Aria,       BBC Concert        Naxos 8.559356   0:04:13
on            "Where'er you walk"   Orch/Leonard
Handel        Concerto "a due       New Bach           Berlin           0:17:41
              cori" #3 in F         Collegium          Classics
                                    Musicum/Max Pommer 0021692-BC
Gabrieli/Roge Madrigal, "Donna      Heritage of        US Air Force     0:01:29
r Cody        leggiadra e bella"*   America Band       0010
                                    Brass Quintet
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Debussy/Ravel "Danse (Tarantelle    St Paul Chamber    Teldec 74006-2   0:05:31
              styrienne)"*          Orch/Hugh Wolff
D'Indy        "Chansons et          Les Vents de       Radio Canada     0:15:42
              danses," Op 50        Montr‚al/Jacques   Int'l MVCD-1105
Attaignant    Basse danse, "La      Virtual Consort    Dorian           0:01:44
              brosse"*                                 DOR-93178
Tchaikovsky   Piano Concerto #1 in  Andrei Gavrilov,   Ser 89484-2      0:32:27
              b-flat, Op 23         p; Berlin
Hotteterre    "M‚thode pour la      Shelley Gruskin,   Seon             0:01:39
              musette": "Musette    musette            SB2K-62942 (2)
              de Mr Cl‚rambault"*
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Tallis        Motet, "Loquebantur   King's College     Argo 425199-2    0:05:04
              variis linguis" a 7*  Cho
Vaughan       Fantasia on a Theme   Royal Phil/Andr‚   Telarc CD-80158  0:15:56
Williams      by Tallis (1919)      Previn
Vaughan       Song, "Snow in the    Eileen Farrell,    Sony SFK-60802   0:01:44
Williams/Hend Street"*              s; Orch/Luther
erson                               Henderson
Wagner/Moszko "Tannh„user":         Chitose Okashiro,  Pro Piano        0:14:38
wski          Venusberg Music       p                  224521
Moszkowski    Orchestral Suite #3,  Louisville         Lou LS-734       0:16:58
              Op 79                 Orch/Jorge Mester
Heller        20 Preludes, Op 150:  Jean Martin, p     Marco Polo       0:01:38
              #13*                                     8.223434
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                                 All rights reserved.

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