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January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Trad          Carol, "The First     BBC Welsh Cho,     Nimbus NI-5310   0:05:18
English/Willc Nowell"*              Welsh Guards
ocks                                Fanfare
                                    Thomas; Huw
                                    Williams, o
Bach          Christmas Oratorio,   Russel,            collins 70282    0:23:10
              BWV 248: Part 3       Wyn-Rogers,        (2)
                                    Padmore, George;
                                    The Sixteen
Anton Heiller Setting of "Es ist    Marian Metson, o   Raven OAR-260    0:01:30
              ein Ros'              (Memorial Church,
              entsprungen"*         Harvard U)
Beethoven     Piano Sonata #21 in   Garrick Ohlsson, p Arabesque        0:25:03
              C, Op 53, "Waldstein"                    Z-6677
Trad French   Carol, "The Holly                        EMI/Ang          0:01:30
              and the Ivy"*                            CDC7-49908-2
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Trad English  Carol, "The First     St John's College  Lon 443401-2     0:05:14
              Nowell"*              Cho
Jiri Benda    Clavier Concerto in g Josef Hala, hc;    Supraphon        0:19:00
                                    Ars Rediviva       111001-2
Trad Slovak   Carol, "Tell Us,      St Peter's Schola  St Peter's       0:01:20
              Shepherds"*           Cantorum/Michael   SP-001
Burt          Suite of Carols       Tanglewood         Phi 416287-2     0:12:51
                                    Festival Cho,
                                    Boston Pops
                                    Orch/John Williams
Gershwin      "Rhapsody in Blue"    Los Angeles        CBS MK-39699     0:15:45
                                    Tilson Thomas, p
Burt          Carol, "We'll Dress   The                Reference        0:01:30
              This House"*          Ringmasters/Willia Recordings
                                    m Ballard          RR-21-CD
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Trad          Carol, "The First     Arturo Delmoni,    John Marks       0:04:52
English/Artur NoČl"*                Alexander          Records JMR-12
o Delmoni                           Romanul, v's;
                                    Murdock, vi; N
                                    Rosen, vc
Britten       "Christ's Nativity,"  Soloists; Holst    Hyperion         0:16:45
              Christmas Suite for   Singers, St        CDA-66825
              Chorus                Paul's Cathedral
Trad French   Carol, "Ding, Dong,   Paul Plunkett,     Guild GMCD-7103  0:01:30
              Merrily on High"*     tr; Rudolf Lutz, o
Delius        "Sleigh Ride" (1887)  Royal Phil/Thomas  EMI/Ang          0:05:25
                                    Beecham            CDS7-47509-8
Pierpont/Will "Jingle Bells"        Choral Guild of    Sony SFK-62698   0:01:58
cocks                               Atlanta
Leopold       "Musical Sleigh Ride" Melkus Ensemble    DG Archiv        0:22:57
Mozart                                                 2533328
Pierpont/Arti "Jingle Bells"*       Chicago Chamber    Crystal CD-430   0:01:32
sts                                 Brass
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Trad English  Carol, "What Child    Renata Tebaldi, s  Metropolitan     0:02:15
              is this?                                 Opera 212-CD
Bizet         "Agnus Dei"*          Luciano            Sony MFK-53725   0:02:49
                                    Pavarotti, t
Rossini/Respi "La Boutique          Royal Phil/Antal   Lon SPC-21172    0:30:22
ghi           fantasque"            Dorati
Handel        Hymn, "Joy to the     Renata Scotto, s;  VAI VAIA-1013    0:01:39
              World"*               St Patrick's
                                    Orch, Lorenzo
                                    Anselmi, ob
Bach          Cantata #121,         Soloists,          DG Archiv        0:17:38
              "Christum wir sollen  Monteverdi Cho,    463589-2
              loben schon"          English Baroque
                                    Soloists/Sir John
                                    Eliot Gardiner
Trad Basque   Carol, "Gabriel's     Mair-Davis Duo     North Star       0:01:52
              Message"*                                NS-0055
Handel        "Messiah": Aria, "He  Sonos Handbell     Well-tempered    0:05:19
              shall feed His        Ensemble           Productions
              flock"*                                  WTP-5191
Handel        "Messiah": Aria,      Arleen Augār, s;   DG Archiv        0:04:48
              "Rejoice greatly, o   English            423630-2 (2)
              daughter of Zion"     Concert/Trevor
Handel        "Messiah": Aria,      Elly Ameling, s;   Lon 444824-2     0:04:11
              "Rejoice greatly, o   St Martin's        (2)
              daughter of Zion"     Academy/Neville
Haydn         Violin Concerto #1    Moscow             RCA 7948-2-RC    0:20:16
              in C, H VIIa:1        Virtuosi/Vladimir
                                    Spivakov, v
Mathias       Carol, "Sir           Washington Master  Albany TROY-353  0:01:40
              Christämas"*          Chorale, Brass
                                    and Percussion
Finney        Piano Sonata #4 in    Arthur Tollefson,  Northwestern     0:12:39
              E, "Christmastime,    p                  KM-1830 (2)
Sowerby       "A Prayer for         ConVivium/John     Albany TROY-187  0:05:34
              Christmas"            Delorey; Patricia
                                    Snyder, o
Trad          Carol, "Angels from   Tower              Mac Music 2000   0:01:45
French/Porter the Realms of Glory"* Brass/Matthew
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Hammerschmidt "O ihr lieben         Harvard            Northeastern     0:05:14
              Hirten"*              University Cho;    NR-251-CD
                                    Nancy B Granert,
                                    o; Benefit Street
                                    Chamber Ensemble
Bach          Clavier Concerto #1   Andrei Gavrilov,   EMI/Ang          0:24:19
              in d, BWV 1052        p; St Martin's     CDM5-65173-2
Johann        Chorale Prelude, "In  Baltimore Consort  Dorian           0:01:30
Michael Bach  dulci jubilo"*                           DOR-90198
Casals        Oratorio, "El         Soloists, Palau    Auvidis V-4866   0:23:38
              Pessebre": Part IV:   de la M£sica Ch    (2)
              "L'Adoracio"          Cho, Barcelona
                                    Sym Orch/Lawrence
Trad English  Carol, "Away in a     Robert Shaw        RCA DMC2-1217    0:01:45
              manger"*              Cho/Robert Shaw    (2)
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Trad English  Carol, "I Saw Three   Clare College      EMI/Ang          0:02:04
              Ships"*               Singers, Orch,     CDM7-69950-2
Trad English  "The Twelve Days of   Clare College      EMI/Ang          0:03:09
              Christmas"*           Singers, Orch,     CDM7-69950-2
Mendelssohn   Violin Sonata in F    Shlomo Mintz, v;   DG 419244-2      0:26:46
              (1838)                Paul Ostrovsky, p
Schein        "Vom Himmel hoch"*    Ludwig GĀttler     Berlin           0:01:30
                                    Brass              Classics
                                    Ensemble/Ludwig    BC-1037-2
Mendelssohn   Cantata, "Von Himmel  Dresden            Capriccio 10216  0:14:41
              hoch"                 Kreuzchor,
                                    Phil/Martin FlĄmig
Trad German   Carol, "O Tannenbaum  Hollywood Bowl     EMI/Ang          0:02:46
              (O Christmas Tree)"   Sym Orch/Carmen    CDM5-66087-2
Trad English  Carol, "Away in a     Hollywood Bowl     EMI/Ang          0:03:04
              manger"               Sym Orch/Carmen    CDM5-66087-2
Anon 16th c   "The Boar's Head      The Sixteen        Hyperion         0:01:27
English       Carol"*               Cho/Harry          CDA-66263
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Mendelssohn/H Carol, "Hark, the     Concordia          Mark MCD-3178    0:03:25
arris         Herald Angels Sing"*  University Wind
Trad          Carol, "Deck the      Concordia          Mark MCD-3178    0:02:07
Welsh/Harris  Hall"*                University Wind
Heinrich von  "Die Geburt           Schudel, s;        HĄnssler         0:35:40
Herzogenberg  Christi": Part II:    Eggers, ms; Maus,  Classic 98.574
              "The Fulfillment"     t; Schramm, b;     (2)
                                    Oriol Ensemble,
Trad French   Carol, "Il est nā le  Apollo's Fire      Eclectra         0:01:26
              divin enfant"*                           ECCD-2041
Trad          Carol, "Il est nā le  Roberto Alagna,    EMI/Ang          0:02:55
French/R      divin enfant"         t; Cho's, London   CDC5-57017-2
Smith                               Sym/Robin Smith
Henri         "Petit Papa NoČl"     Roberto Alagna,    EMI/Ang          0:04:21
Martinet/R                          t; Cho's, London   CDC5-57017-2
Smith                               Sym/Robin Smith
Adam/R Smith  "Cantique de NoČl (O  Roberto Alagna,    EMI/Ang          0:04:29
              Holy Night)"          t; Cho's, London   CDC5-57017-2
                                    Sym/Robin Smith
Trad French   Carol, "Ding, Dong,   Plymouth Music     RCA 68015-2      0:01:43
              Merrily on High"*     Series Cho/Philip
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Anon 14th c   "Alleluya, A nywe     Anonymous 4        Harmonia Mundi   0:05:43
English       werke"*                                  HMU-907099
Noel          "Do You Hear What I   Yolanda            Telarc CD-80446  0:03:40
Regney/Kondon Hear"                 Kondonassis, h;
assis                               Jurij Konje, per
Trad          Carol, "O Sleep, My   Yolanda            Telarc CD-80446  0:02:26
Spanish/Kondo Pretty baby"          Kondonassis, h
Trad          Carol, "O Come        Yolanda            Telarc CD-80446  0:02:09
American/Kond Emmanuel"             Kondonassis, h
Trad French   Carol, "Quelle est    Mormon Tabernacle  Telarc CD-80552  0:04:22
              cette odeur           Cho/Craig Jessop
              agrāable? (What is
              this lovely..)"
Trad English  Carol, "The First     Mormon Tabernacle  Telarc CD-80552  0:04:41
              NoČl"                 Cho/Craig Jessop
Trad English  Carol, "Masters in    Mormon Tabernacle  Telarc CD-80552  0:03:26
              This Hall"            Cho/Craig Jessop
Trad          Carol, "Masters in    Yolanda            Telarc CD-80446  0:01:39
English/Kondo This Hall"*           Kondonassis, h
Wolf-Ferrari  English Horn          Omar Zoboli, eh;   Koch CD-311113   0:26:40
              Concertino, Op 34     Essen Folkwang
              (1947)                Chamber
                                    Orch/Robert Maxym
Trad          Carol, "We Three      Yolanda            Telarc CD-80446  0:01:51
English/Kondo Kings of Orient Are"* Kondonassis, h
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Howells       "Long, Long Ago"*     Church Of The      Afka SK-516      0:05:20
                                    Advent Cho/Edith
Schubert      Symphony #5 in        Anima Eterna       Channel          0:26:40
              B-Flat, D 485         Orch/Jos van       Classics
                                    Immerseel          CCS-4292
Anon 17th c   Carol, "Past Three    Monteverdi         Phi 462050-2     0:01:50
English/C     A-Clock"*             Cho/John Eliot
Wood                                Gardiner
Jolivet       Pastorales de NoČl    Kentucky Center    Centaur          0:12:16
                                    Chamber Players    CRC-2555
M-A           NoČls pour les        Boston             None 79265-2     0:07:51
Charpentier   instruments           Camerata/Joel
Trad English  Carol, "How Far Is    Robert Shaw        RCA DMC2-1217    0:01:54
              It to Bethlehem?"*    Cho/Robert Shaw    (2)
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Mendelssohn/R Carol, "Hark, the     Joseph Alessi,     Summit DCD-146   0:00:52
eynolds       Herald Angels Sing"*  Mark Lawrence,
                                    Carl Lenthe, M
                                    Dee Stewart, tb
Trad          Carol, "O Tannenbaum  Joseph Alessi,     Summit DCD-146   0:04:14
German/Elkjer (O Christmas Tree)"*  Mark Lawrence,
                                    Carl Lenthe, M
                                    Dee Stewart, tb
Noel Regney   "Do You Hear What I   Northwest Boy      Oxymoron         0:02:53
              Hear"                 Cho/Joseph Crnko   OXCD-5336-11294
Trad English  "Christmas Lullaby"   Northwest Boy      Oxymoron         0:03:42
                                    Cho/Joseph Crnko   OXCD-5336-11294
Trad American Carol, "Jesus, Born   Children of The    Revels CD-1093   0:01:35
              in Bethlehem"*        Washington
                                    Revels/Michael Joy
Beethoven     String Quartet #7 in  Juilliard String   CBS M3K-37869    0:41:13
              F, Op 59/1,           Quartet            (3)
              "Rasoumovsky" #1
Trad          "Sussex Carol"*       Toronto            Radio Canada     0:01:38
English/Willc                       Children's         Int'l SMCD-5151
ocks                                Cho/Jean Ashworth
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Anon 13th c   "Man mei longe lives  Martin Best        Nimbus NI-5137   0:05:26
English       weene"*               Ensemble
A Scarlatti   Christmas Pastoral    Sumi Jo, s;        Erato 85819-2    0:18:04
              Cantata, "O di        Cappella
              Betlemme altera"      Coloniensis/Michae
                                    l Schneider
Victor        "Babes in Toyland":   Razumovsky Sym     Naxos 8.559025   0:14:42
Herbert       "Prelude"             Orch/Keith Brion
Victor        "Babes in Toyland":   Tubadours          Crystal CD-420   0:01:29
Herbert/Vaugh "March of the Toys"*
Franck        "Symphonic            John Robilette,    Pro Arte         0:15:00
              Variations"           p; Russian State   CDS-3491
                                    Sym Orch/Paul
Anon 13th c   Carol, "Entre le      Monteverdi         Phi 462050-2     0:01:49
French        boeuf et l'Éne gris"* Cho/John Eliot
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