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January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Beethoven/Tay "What Child is        Jeffrey Biegel, p  Koch             0:05:31
lor           This?" (after                            KIC-CD-7737
              Beethoven's Sonata
              in c#, Op 27/1)*
Bart¢k        Rhapsody #1 (1928)    Ida Haendel, v;    Lon 455488-2     0:09:04
                                    Vladimir           (2)
                                    Ashkenazy, p
Bart¢k        "Roumanian Christmas  Zolt n Kocsis, p   Phi 442016-2     0:10:41
              Carols," Sz 57
Trad          Carol, Marire'ntru    Basia Retchitzka,  Mon MF-323       0:01:10
Roumanian/Dor cei di Sus*           s; Orch/Robert
umsgaard                            Cornman
Elgar         "The Wand of Youth"   English String     Nimbus NI-5136   0:15:57
              Suite #2, Op 1b       Orch/William
Frank Taylor  "Toy" Symphony        Raymond            Ang S-36080      0:11:31
                                    Lewenthal, p;
Mozart/Taylor "I Heard the Bells    Jeffrey Biegel, p  Koch             0:01:21
              on Christmas Day"                        KIC-CD-7737
              (after Sonata in C,
              K 545)*
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Trad          Carol, "The First     Trinity College    Conifer          0:05:00
English/Willc Nowell"*              Cho,               CDCF-501
ocks                                Cambridge/Richard
Rick Sowash   Piano Trio #3, "A     Mirecourt Trio     Gasparo          0:20:45
              Christmas                                GSCD-254
Anon 16th c   "The Boar's Head      The Sixteen        Hyperion         0:01:27
English       Carol"*               Cho/Harry          CDA-66263
Bach          "Magnificat" in D,    Upshaw, Jensen,    Telarc CD-80194  0:26:25
              BWV 243               Simpson, Gordon,
                                    Stone; Atlanta
                                    Sym Cho,
                                    Orch/Robert Shaw
Pachelbel     Chorale Prelude,      Dietrich Prost, o  Berlin           0:01:40
              "Vom Himmel hoch, da                     Classics
              komm ich her"*                           BC-2009-2
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Leroy         "Forgotten Dreams"*   Utah Sym           Van SVC-4        0:02:21
Anderson                            Orch/Maurice
Leroy         "Sleigh Ride"*        Boston Pops        RCA 61373-2      0:02:59
Anderson                            Orch/Arthur
Leroy         "Suite of Carols"     BBC Concert        Naxos 8.559357   0:11:42
Anderson                            Orch/Leonard
Haydn/Taylor  "Joy to the World     Jeffrey Biegel, p  Koch             0:01:28
              (after Piano Sonata                      KIC-CD-7737
              in D)"*
Tchaikovsky/E "The Nutcracker"      Martha Argerich,   DG 449816-2      0:06:21
conomou       Suite, Op 71a:        p; Nicolas
              "Waltz of the         Economou, p
Tchaikovsky   "The Nutcracker," Op  Philharmonia       CBS MDK-44656    0:06:22
              71: #13, "Waltz of    Orch/Michael
              the Flowers"          Tilson Thomas
Jule          "Let it Snow! Let it  Giovanni De        Centaur          0:03:26
Styne/De      Snow! Let it Snow!"   Chiaro, g          CRC-2262
Offenbach     "Le voyage dans la    Gulbenkian         Nimbus NI-5303   0:11:09
              lune": Ballet Music   Foundation
              "(Ballet of the       Orch/Michel
              Snowflakes)"          Swierczewski
Waldteufel    "Les Patineurs (The   St Martin's        Phi 422050-2     0:08:01
              Skaters)" Waltz, Op   Academy/Neville
              183                   Marriner
Bernard       "Currier and Ives     New Zealand Sym    Koch 3-7224-2    0:01:36
Herrmann      Suite": #1, "The      Orch/James Sedares
              Whirlwind Skater"*
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Trad          Carol, "While         St John's College  Lon 421022-2     0:02:45
English/Willc Shepherds Watched     Cho
ocks          Their Flocks by       Cambridge/George
              Night"*               Guest
Trad          Carol, "The Holly     St John's College  Lon 421022-2     0:02:47
English/Walfo and the Ivy"*         Cho
rd Davies                           Cambridge/George
Liapunov      "Fˆtes de No‰l", Op   Eteri              Naxos 8.553461   0:13:34
              41                    Andjaparidze, p
Trad          "Mary and the Baby    Chanticleer; Dawn  Teldec 85555-2   0:12:05
Afro-American Medley"               Upshaw, s
/J Jennings
Trad English  Carol, "God Rest Ye   Cincinnati Pops    Telarc CD-80226  0:01:51
              Merry, Gentlemen"*    Orch/Erich Kunzel
Reicha        Flute Quartet in G,   Aur‚le Nicolet,    Denon            0:22:14
              Op 98/3               f; Mozart String   81757-9203-2
Trad English  "The Shepherd's       Westminster        Gothic G-47931   0:01:46
              Carol"*               Cho/Joseph
Trad          "Carol of the Bells"* Sonos Handbell     Well-tempered    0:02:23
Ukrainian                           Ensemble/James     Productions
                                    Meredith           WTP-5176
Prokofiev/Wag "Lieutenant Kije"     Sonos Handbell     Well-tempered    0:03:02
ner           Suite, Op 60: #4,     Ensemble/James     Productions
              "Troika"*             Meredith           WTP-5176
Prokofiev     "Lieutenant Kije"     London Sym         EMI/Ang          0:19:38
              Suite, Op 60          Orch/Andr‚ Previn  CDM7-63235-2
Trad          "No‰l de Cluny"*      Rachel Van         Centaur          0:01:28
French/van                          Voorhees, h        CRC-2209
M-A           Oratorio, "In         Les Arts           Harmonia Mundi   0:29:10
Charpentier   Nativitatem Domini    Florissants/Willia HMC-905130
              Canticum"             m Christie
Trad          Carol, "Un flambeau,  Rachel Van         Centaur          0:00:51
French/van    (Bring a torch)       Voorhees, h        CRC-2209
Voorhees      Jeannette, Isabelle"*
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Werner        Christmas Pastorella* Academy of         Ois 410179-2     0:04:45
Rodrigo       "Fantas¡a para un     Andr‚s Segovia,    MCA Classics     0:21:24
              gentilhombre" (1954)  g; Sym of the      MCAD-42067
                                    Air/Enrique Jorda
Rodrigo       "Retablo de Navidad"  Anna Stephany,     RCA 11561-2      0:06:36
                                    ms; BBC Sym
                                    Orch/David Zinman
Trad          Carol, "Joseph        Musica Anima       American         0:01:41
German/Roth   lieber, Joseph mein"* Chamber            Gramaphone
                                    Orch/Arnie Roth    AG-298-2
Rutter        "Brother Heinrich's   Cambridge          Collegium        0:19:15
              Christmas"            Singers, City of   COL-102
Rutter        Carol, "Angel         Polyphony/Stephen  Hyperion         0:01:37
              Tidings"*             Layton             CDA-67245
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Debussy/Taylo "Silent Night"        Jeffrey Biegel, p  Koch             0:05:09
r             (after "Clair de                         KIC-CD-7737
Saint-Sa‰ns   Piano Concerto #2 in  Andr‚ Watts, p;    Telarc CD-80386  0:23:55
              g, Op 22              Atlanta Sym
                                    Orch/Yoel Levi
Saint-Saens/T "Away in a Manger"    Jeffrey Biegel, p  Koch             0:03:30
aylor         (after "The Swan")                       KIC-CD-7737
Trad English  Carol, "Good King     Paul Plunkett,     Guild GMCD-7103  0:01:38
              Wenceslas"*           tr; Rudolf Lutz, o
Praetorius    Chorale, "In dulci    Waverly            CBS MK-34554     0:04:44
              jubilo (Now sing we,  Consort/Michael
              now rejoice)"         Jaffee
Rangstr”m     "Advent"              Lars Roos, p       Bluebell 152     0:04:03
Rubbra        Advent Cantata,       S Varcoe, br; St   Chandos          0:11:04
              "Natum Maria          Martin's Academy   CHAN-9847
              Virgine," Op 136      Cho, City of
                                    London Sinfonia/R
Haydn/Taylor  "I Saw Three Ships"   Jeffrey Biegel, p  Koch             0:01:37
              (after Allegro in F)*                    KIC-CD-7737
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Trad/Arthur   Carol, "The Twelve    Kathln Battle, s;  Sony SK-48235    0:05:27
Harris        Days of Christmas"*   Frdrca von Stade,
                                    ms; Cho, Orch of
                                    St Luke's/Andr‚
Trad/Kazdin   Carol, "The Twelve    Philadelphia       CBS MK-39093     0:03:46
              Days of Christmas"    Brass Ensemble
Craig         "The Twelve Days of   Mormon Tabernacle  Intersound       0:11:25
Courtney      Christmas"            Cho/Jerold D       CDS-3494
Trad French   Carol, "The Holly                        EMI/Ang          0:01:30
              and the Ivy"*                            CDC7-49908-2
Liszt         "Responsories and     Leslie Howard, p   Hyperion         0:09:31
              Antiphons": "In                          CDA-67161/2 (2)
              nativitate Domini"
Liszt         "Tasso, Lamento e     Prague Radio Sym   Supraphon        0:21:32
              Trionfo," Symphonic   Orch/ Macura       111112-2
              Poem #2 (1849)
Handel        Hymn, "Joy to the     New York Choral    EMI/Ang          0:01:43
              World"*               Artists/Joseph     CDC7-49908-2
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Willis        Carol, "It Came Upon  Robert Decormier   Arabesque        0:03:46
              a Midnight Clear"*    Singers/Robert     Z-6527
Trad English  "The Boar's Head      Robert Decormier   Arabesque        0:01:29
              Carol"*               Singers/Robert     Z-6527
Kod ly        "Dances of Gal nta"   Philharmonia       Mer 432005-2     0:15:08
Trad          Carol, "O Come All    London Brass       Teldec 46443-2   0:02:46
English/Roger Ye Faithful"
Trad          Carol, "In dulci      London Brass;      Teldec 46443-2   0:02:15
German/Pearso jubilo"               Leslie Pearson, o
Gruber/Wills  Carol, "Stille Nacht  London Brass       Teldec 46443-2   0:03:50
              (Silent Night)"
Trad          Carol, "Deck the      Oregon Repertory   Koch 3-7362-2    0:01:44
Welsh/Rutter  Hall"*                Singers/Gilbert
Bach          Cantata #110, "Unser  Soloists; Leipzig  Berlin           0:23:47
              Mund sei voll         Thomaner Cho, New  Classics
              Lachens"              Bach Collegium     0021002-BC
John          Carol, "O Come, All   Aaron Brask, fh    Last Horn        0:01:43
Reading/Brask Ye Faithful"*                            LH-1001
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Grieg         "Peer Gynt" Suite     St John's, Smith   ASV CDQS-6007    0:05:31
              #1, Op 46: "Morning   Square, Orch/John
              Mood"*                Lubbock
Mortelmans    "Morning Mood"        Belgian Radio/TV   Marco Polo       0:14:23
                                    Phil/Alexander     8.223418
Trad French   Carol, "Angels We     Gregg Smith        MMG MWCD-7165    0:01:51
              Have Heard on High"*  Singers/Gregg
Trad          Spiritual, "Mary Had  Kathleen Battle,   EMI/Ang          0:02:47
American/Broh a Baby"               s; New York        CDC7-47587-2
n                                   Choral
Trad          Spiritual, "Rise Up,  Kathleen Battle,   EMI/Ang          0:03:55
American/Broh Shepherd"             s; New York        CDC7-47587-2
n                                   Choral
Whaley        Christmas Spiritual   Oklahoma Woodwind  Integra ICD-801  0:04:49
              Medley                Quintet
Beethoven     Violin Sonata #1 in   Pamela Frank, v;   Musicmasters     0:21:41
              D, Op 12/1            Claude Frank, p    67087-2
Trad          "Personent hodie"*    Cambridge          Collegium        0:01:40
German/Rutter                       Singers/John       COLCD-111
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Bernardo      "Passagagli con       Capella De'        Opus 111         0:05:15
Storace       partite pastorali"*   Turchini/Antonio   OPS-2035
Schubert      Twelve "Grazer        Till Fellner, p    Erato 17869-2    0:11:34
              Walzer," D 924 (Op
Trad French   Carol, "Ding, Dong,   Paul Plunkett,     Guild GMCD-7103  0:01:30
              Merrily on High"*     tr; Rudolf Lutz, o
Ferris        "Snowcarols" (1979)   William Ferris     Cedille          0:36:35
                                    Cho, Orch/Paul     CDR-90000101
Clementi/Tayl "O Little Town of     Jeffrey Biegel, p  Koch             0:01:30
or            Bethlehem" (after                        KIC-CD-7737
              Piano Sonatina in C,
              Op 36/1)*
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Trad Polish   Carol, "Mary the      St Peter's Schola  St Peter SP-001  0:03:10
              Maiden"*              Cantorum/Michael
Trad Polish   Carol, "Przybiezeli   St Peter's Schola  St Peter SP-001  0:02:01
              do Betlejem           Cantorum/Michael
              (Shepherds came to    Thompson
Chopin        "Krakowiak," Op 14    Abbey Simon, p;    Vox PVT-7167     0:14:12
                                    Hamburg Sym
Anon 19th c   "The Cherry Tree      Custer LaRue, s;   Dorian           0:04:45
American      Carol"                Baltimore Consort  DOR-90198
Trad English  Carol, "Tomorrow      Custer LaRue, s;   Dorian           0:02:17
              Shall Be My Dancing   Baltimore Consort  DOR-90198
Leroy         "A Christmas          Boston Pops        RCA 6428-2-RG    0:08:37
Anderson      Festival"             Orch/Arthur
Trad          Carol, "O Come All    Elgin Children's   Elgin 0          0:01:47
English/Hogga Ye Faithful"*         Cho/Jay Kellner
Pfitzner      Symphony in C, Op 46  Symphony Nova      Radio Canada     0:17:38
                                    Scotia/Georg       Int'l SMCD-5167
Johann Crger Chorale, "Fr”hlich    Dresden            Capriccio 10062  0:01:36
              soll mein Herze       Kreuzchor/Martin
              springen"*            Fl„mig
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                                 All rights reserved.

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