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Listeners to 98.7WFMT in Chicago hear this programming Monday through Saturday from midnight - 6:00 am Central Time. The playlists are posted in Eastern Time. 98.7WFMT listeners can extract the Chicago portion of the programming by viewing listings for 01:00:00-06:59:40 ET. Chicago listeners please email questions to FineArts@wfmt.com.

January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Verdi         "Rigoletto": Aria,    Ram¢n Vargas, t;   RCA 61464-2      0:05:29
              "Ella mi fu           Munich Radio
              rapita...Parmi veder  Orch/Marcello
              le lagrime"*          Viotti
Liszt         Paraphrase on         Kyoko Tabe, p      Denon CO-78960   0:08:12
              Verdi's "Rigoletto"
Thalberg      "Souvenir de          Francesco          Marco Polo       0:11:26
              Rigoletto de Verdi",  Nicolosi, p        8.223367
              Op 82
Verdi         "Rigoletto": Chorus,  Robert Shaw Cho,   RCA 60205-2-RG   0:01:37
              "Zitti, zitti"*       Orch/Robert Shaw
Shostakovich  Symphony #9 in        Vienna             DG 419771-2      0:27:13
              E-Flat, Op 70         Phil/Leonard
Anatoli       Four Preludes, Op 10  Jenny Lin, p       H„nssler         0:01:33
Alexandrov    (1915): #4*                              Classic
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Jacques       "Folies d'Espagne"*   Toyohiko Satoh, l  Channel          0:05:21
Gallot                                                 Classics
Mart¡n y Coll "Diferencias sobre    Ensemble/Jordi     Alia Vox         0:10:48
              las Folias"           Savall             AV-9805
Mart¡n y      "La Capricciosa       Les Talens         Naive E-8887     0:04:21
Soler         Corretta": Overture   Lyriques/Christoph (2)
                                    e Rousset
Soler         "Fandango"            David Schrader, hc Cedille          0:12:12
Offenbach     "Le voyage dans la    Gulbenkian         Nimbus NI-5303   0:01:47
              lune": Ballet Music:  Foundation
              "Les flocons anim‚s"* Orch/Michel
Weill         "Kleine               Philharmonia       EMI/Ang          0:20:20
              Dreigroschenmusik"    Orch/Otto          CDM7-64142-2
Orff          "Carmina Burana":     Soloists; Cho's;   EMI/Ang          0:01:32
              #9c, "Chume, chum     Toulouse Capitole  CDC5-55392-2
              geselle min"*         Orch/Michel
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Mendelssohn/K "Elijah," Op 70:      Berlin Phil        EMI/Ang          0:05:04
aiser-Lindema Chorus, "Lift thine   Cellists           CDC3-57030-2
nn            eyes"*
Mendelssohn   Violin Concerto in    Frank Peter        EMI/Ang          0:29:40
              e, Op 64              Zimmermann, v;     CDC7-47429-2
                                    Berlin Radio Sym
                                    Orch/Gerd Albrecht
Praetorius    "Terpsichore"         New York           Arabesque        0:01:47
              (1612): Ballet*       Renaissance        Z-6531
Barber        "Souvenirs," Op 28    John Browning,     RCA 60732-2-RC   0:18:30
                                    Leonard Slatkin, p
Still         "La Guiablesse"       Berlin Sym/Isaiah  Koch 3-7154-2    0:01:31
              (1927): "Children's   Jackson
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Howard        "Cavatina", Op 13*    Pinchas Zukerman,  Phi 416158-2     0:05:22
Brockway                            v; Marc Neikrug, p
Haydn         Symphony #101 in D,   New York           Sony             0:29:18
              "Clock"               Phil/Leonard       SM2K-47557 (2)
WF Bach       Five Pieces for       Franz Haselb”ck, o MHS 1005         0:01:19
              Musical Clock: #3*
Saint-Sa‰ns   Fantaisie in E-Flat   William            Arsis CD-122     0:06:25
                                    Aylesworth, o
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Fantaisie" in A, Op  Isabelle Moretti,  Naive V-4919     0:12:10
              124                   h; Gerard Poulet,
Gounod        "Faust": Ballet       New Philharmonia   EMI/Ang          0:01:32
              Music: Danse antique* Orch/Charles       CDZ7-62530-2
Paganini      24 Caprices for Solo  Alexander Markov,  Erato 45502-2    0:05:16
              Violin, Op 1: #6 in   v
Paganini      24 Caprices for Solo  Alison Balsom, tr  EMI/Ang          0:04:19
              Violin, Op 1: #24 in                     CDC3-53255-2
Paganini/Herm 24 Caprices for Solo  Bonita Boyd, f     Spectrum SR-138  0:06:27
an            Violin, Op 1: #11 in
Paganini/Schu 24 Caprices for Solo  Tossy              Omega OCD-1035   0:04:07
mann          Violin, Op 1: #7 in a Spivakovsky, v;
                                    Lester Taylor, p
Rochberg      Caprice-Variations:   Gidon Kremer, v    DG 415484-2      0:01:09
Mozart        Piano Concerto #20    English Chamber    Lon 430232-2     0:32:24
              in d, K 466           Orch/Georg Solti,
Lutoslawski   "Dance Preludes"      Gary Gray, cl;     Centaur          0:01:43
              (1955): #5, Allegro   Royal Phil/Harry   CRC-2212
              molto*                Newstone
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Offenbach     "The Tales of         Natalie Dessay,    EMI/Ang          0:05:21
              Hoffmann": Aria,      s; Monte Carlo     CDC5-56159-2
              "Les oiseaux dans la  Phil/Patrick
              charmille"*           Fournillier
Offenbach     "The Tales of         Royal Opera House  Lon 421396-2     0:04:07
              Hoffmann":            Orch/Georg Solti
              Barcarolle "(Belle
Offenbach     "Deux ƒmes au ciel,"  Werner Thomas,     Orfeo            0:06:31
              Op 25                 vc; Munich         C-131851-A
                                    Chamber Orch/Hans
Offenbach     "Orpheus in the       Cincinnati Pops    Telarc CD-80116  0:09:55
              Underworld": Overture Orch/Erich Kunzel
Offenbach     "La P‚richole":       Raymond Amade, t;  EMI/Ang          0:01:42
              Rondo de Bravoura*    Lamoureux          CDM7-69845-2
Shostakovich/ Symphony for          Chamber Orch of    DG 429229-2      0:26:07
Barshai       Strings, Op 118a      Europe/Rudolf
              (after String         Barshai
              Quartet #10)
Kreisler/C    "Sch”n Rosmarin"*     Gil Shaham, v;     DG 449923-2      0:01:48
McAlister                           Orpheus Chamber
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Saint-Sa‰ns   Romance, Op 37*       Jeffrey Khaner,    Avie AV-2131     0:05:22
                                    f; Hugh Sung, p
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Danse macabre," Op   MichŠle            EMI/Ang          0:07:04
              40                    Boussinot, v;      CDZ7-67202-2
                                    French National
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Le rouet             Boston Sym         RCA 68978-2      0:07:35
              d'Omphale," Op 31     Orch/Charles Munch
Saint-Sa‰ns   "La jeunesse          Philharmonia       Lon 425021-2     0:16:55
              d'Hercule," Op 50     Orch/Charles
Saint-Sa‰ns   Romance in F, Op 36*  David Geringas,    Eurodisc 201868  0:01:48
                                    vc; Berlin Radio
                                    Sym Orch/Lawrence
Saint-Sa‰ns   "CyprŠs et            Matthias           EMI/Ang          0:15:42
              Lauriers," Op 156     Eisenberg, o       CDC5-56362-2
                                    (Notre Dame
                                    Toulouse Capitole
Saint-Sa‰ns   "Ascanio" (1890):     Susan Milan, f;    Chandos          0:01:30
              "Andantino"*          City of London     CHAN-8840
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Bernstein     "On the Town":        Boston Pops        RCA 68786-2      0:05:11
              "Times Square -       Orch/Keith
              1944"*                Lockhart
Still         "Poem for Orchestra"  Fort Smith Sym     Naxos 8.559603   0:10:27
              (1944)                Orch/John Jeter
Milhaud       Viola Sonata #1, Op   Paul Cortese, vi;  ASV CDDCA-1039   0:13:18
              240 (1944)            Michel Wagemans, p
Honegger      Deux Esquisses        Annette            Koch 3-1220-2    0:01:38
              (1944): #2*           Middelbeek, p
Moeran        Sinfonietta (1944)    London             Lyrita SRCS.37   0:23:41
                                    Phil/Adrian Boult
Bach/Berners  In dulci jubilo*      Gordon             ASV CDDCA-759    0:01:43
                                    Fergus-Thompson, p
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Mozart        "The Abduction from   St Martin's        EMI/Ang          0:05:40
              the Seraglio," K      Academy/Neville    CDK7-65143-2
              384: Overture*        Marriner
Mozart        Piano Sonata #11 in   Alicia de          RCA 68113-2      0:03:42
              A, K 331: Finale,     Larrocha, p
              "Rondo alla turca"
Mozart        Violin Concerto #5    Christopher        Virgin 61132-2   0:28:24
              in A, K 219,          Warren-Green, v;
              "Turkish"             London Chamber
Fran‡ois      "Nos braves Turcos"*  Musique des        Music Guild      0:01:41
Menichetti                          gardiens de la     MS-146
Castelnuovo-T "I Nottambuli         Nancy Green, vc;   Biddulph         0:15:24
edesco        (Varizioni            Frederick Moyer, p LAW-024
              Fantastiche)," Op 47
Andr‚ Souris  "Danceries de la      LiŠge              Cypres CYP-7607  0:01:40
              Renaissance           Phil/Patrick Baton
              fran‡aise" (1932):
              "Basse dance"*
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Mussorgsky    "Khovanshchina":      Russian State Sym  RCA 68406-2      0:05:45
              Solemn March*         Orch/Yevgeny
Glinka        "Ivan Susanin":       USSR Sym           Mel              0:09:30
              Overture              Orch/Yevgeny       SUCD-1000166
Rimsky-Korsak "The Snow Maiden"     Bolshoi Cho and    Erato 91723-2    0:01:40
ov            (1880-1): "Song of    Orch/Alexander
              the Grain"*           Lazarev
Tchaikovsky   String Quartet #3 in  Vermeer Quartet    Cedille          0:38:45
              e-flat, Op 30                            CDR-90000056
Fine          "Diversions for       Moscow Radio       Delos DE-3139    0:01:47
              Orchestra": #4, "The  Sym/Joel
              Red Queen's Gavotte"* Spiegelman
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Lalo          "Le roi d'Ys"         Vesselina          RCA 67667-2      0:05:32
              (1875-88): "De tous   Kasarova, ms;
              cotes...Lorsque je    Munich Radio
              t'ai vu soudain..."*  Orch/Frederic
Lalo          "Le roi d'Ys"         Bordeaux           Forlane          0:12:04
              (1875-88): Overture   Aquitaine          UCD-13149/50
                                    Orch/Roberto Benzi (2)
L‚o D‚libes   "Le Roi s'amuse":     Bohemia Chamber    Classico CD-158  0:13:33
              Ballet Music          Phil/Douglas
Grandjany     "Le bon petit roi     Marisa Robles, h   Boston Skyline   0:01:50
              d'Yvetot"*                               BSD-119
Schumann      Cello Concerto in a,  Saschko            Amati            0:22:06
              arr for violin        Gawriloff, v;      SRR-8904/1
                                    Southwest German
                                    Orch/Leopold Hager
Dello Joio    "Five Images"         Debra Torok, p;    Albany TROY-468  0:01:27
              (1966): "Day Dreams"* MarylŠne Dosse, p
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Blow          "Lysander I Pursue"*  I Furiosi          Dorian           0:05:36
Mozart        Bassoon Concerto in   Ronald Karten,     RN Classics      0:16:52
              B-Flat, K 191         bn; Nieuw          93006
Brahms/Brahms Waltzes (Op 39),      Cynthia Raim &     Con CD-4222      0:01:41
              arranged for two      David Allen Wehr,
              pianos: #15 in        p's
Strauss       "Macbeth," Op 23      Pittsburgh         Pentatone        0:19:17
                                    Sym/Marek Janowski PTC-5186339
Raff          Overture, "Macbeth"   Slovak State       Marco Polo       0:11:28
                                    Phil/Urs Schneider 8.223630
Verdi         "Macbeth": Witches'   Ambrosian Opera    Ang SZ-37795     0:02:00
              Chorus,               Cho, New
              "S'allontanarono!"*   Philharmonia
                                    Orch/Riccardo Muti
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                                 All rights reserved.

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