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January 2016

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February 2016

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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Praetorius/De Carol, "Es ist ein    Giovanni De        Centaur          0:05:26
 Chiaro       Ros' entsprungen"*    Chiaro, g          CRC-2262
Bryan KELLY   "Abingdon Carols"     East London        Koch 3-7202-2    0:12:31
              (1973)                Cho/Michael
Vaughan       Christmas cantata,    Baker, Lewis,      EMI/Ang          0:07:46
Williams      "Hodie" (1953-4):     Bach Cho,          CDM7-69872-2
              March of the Three    Westminster Abbey
              Kings                 Cho, London
Healy Willan  "The Three Kings"     Dale Warland       Verity VR-001    0:03:01
Trad English  Carol, "We Three      Baylor University  Resmiranda 8011  0:04:33
              Kings of Orient Are"  A Capella
                                    Cho/Hugh Sanders
Trad          "Marche des rois      Taverner           EMI/Ang          0:01:48
French/Parrot (March of the         Players/Andrew     CDM7-64895-2
t             Kings)"*              Parrott
Richter       Flute Concerto in e   Barthold Kuijken,  Sony SK-48045    0:19:50
Trad French   Carol, "Angels We     Canterbury         Van OVC-6020     0:01:45
              Have Heard on High"*  Choristers/Newell
                                    B Weight
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Daquin        "Cantate de NoČl"*    La Maitrise de     FY FYCD-006      0:05:25
                                    Notre Dame,
                                    Pierre Cochereau,
Alfred Reed   "A Christmas Intrada" Concordia          Mark MCD-3178    0:09:14
                                    University Wind
                                    Sym/R Fischer
Gruber/Gideon "Silent Night, Holy   Kathleen Ferrier,  Lon 433471-2     0:03:24
 Fagan        Night"                c; Boyd Neel
                                    String Orch/Boyd
Trad          Carol, "O Come, All   Kathleen Ferrier,  Lon 433471-2     0:03:18
American/Gide Ye Faithful"          c; Boyd Neel
on Fagan                            String Orch/Boyd
A Scarlatti   Christmas Cantata     Janet Baker, ms;   EMI/Ang          0:16:01
              ("Cantata Pastorale") English Chamber    CDK5-65735-2
Handel/E      "Messiah": Aria &     Monica Sinclair,   RCA 68159-2      0:07:22
Goossens      Chorus, "O thou that  c; Royal Phil Cho
              tellest good tidings" and Orch/Thomas
Mendelssohn   Carol, "Hark, the     Bornand            Van OVC-6020     0:01:50
              Herald Angels Sing"*  Collection Of
                                    Music Boxes
Waldteufel    "Les Patineurs (The   Philharmonia       Mer 434338-2     0:07:44
              Skaters)" Waltz, Op   Hungarica/Antal
              183                   Dorati
Trad English  "Coventry Carol"*     Westwind           R-kal 1002       0:01:38
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Larry Dalton  Christmas Medley*     National           Integrity        0:05:08
                                    Phil/Larry Dalton  HMD-808
Tallis        "Missa Puer Natus     Tallis             Gimell 454934-2  0:24:00
              Est Nobis"            Scholars/Peter
              (Christmas Mass)      Phillips
Bach          "Das OrgelbĀchlein,"  Murray Forbes      Titanic TI-221   0:01:28
              BWV 599/644: "Puer    Somerville, o
              natus in Bethlehem,"  (Flentrop
              BWV 603*              instrument, Busch
                                    Hall, Harvard U)
Hummel        Piano Sonata #2 in    Ian Hobson, p      Arabesque        0:24:03
              E-Flat, Op 13                            Z-6565
Anon 16th c   "Gaudete"*            Britten            JVC JVC-2052-2   0:01:26
English                             Singers/Simon
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Poulenc       "Quatre motets pour   St John's College  Chandos          0:03:00
              le temps de NoČl"     Cho Cambridge;     CHAN-8658
              (1951-2): #1, "O      City of London
              magnum mysterium"*    Sinfonia/George
Poulenc       "Quatre motets pour   St John's College  Chandos          0:02:18
              le temps de NoČl"     Cho Cambridge;     CHAN-8658
              (1951-2): #4, "Hodie  City of London
              Christus natus est"*  Sinfonia/George
BĀsser        "Sleep of the Infant  Randolph Kelly,    Pro Organo       0:07:02
              Jesus"                vi; Gretchen Van   CD-7089
                                    Hoesen, h; John
                                    Walker, o
Debussy/Caple "Children's Corner"   Philharmonia       Cala CACD-1002   0:16:39
t             Suite                 Orch/Geoffrey
Debussy       "NoČl des enfants     Elly Ameling, s;   EMI/Ang          0:02:30
              qui n'ont plus de     Dalton Baldwin, p  CMS7-64095-2
              maisons"                                 (3)
Trad          Carol, "O Come        Tubadours          Crystal CD-420   0:01:55
American/Harc Little Children"*
Harl McDonald "From Childhood",     Ann Mason          Crystal CD-171   0:21:14
              Suite for harp and    Stockton, h;
              orchestra             Orch/Felix Slatkin
Trad          Carol, "We Three      Tubadours          Crystal CD-420   0:01:39
English/Harcl Kings of Orient Are"*
Rutter/Andrā  "There Is A Flower"*  Washington Master  Albany TROY-353  0:05:02
J. Thomas                           Chorale; per
Trad          "Wexford Carol"       Chicago Master     Chicago Master   0:03:39
English/Rutte                       Singers/Alan       Singers CMS-02
r                                   Heatherington
Trad          Carol, "NoČl          Chicago Master     Chicago Master   0:02:33
French/Rutter nouvelet (Sing we     Singers/Alan       Singers CMS-02
              now of Christmas)"    Heatherington
Trad          "Sans Day Carol"      Chicago Master     Chicago Master   0:02:57
English/Rutte                       Singers/Alan       Singers CMS-02
r                                   Heatherington
Trad French   Carol, "NoČl          Sandra Simon, s;   Eclectra         0:01:56
              nouvelet (Sing we     Apollo's Fire      ECCD-2041
              now of Christmas)"*
Rimsky-Korsak "Scheherazade," Op 35 San Francisco Sym  RCA 61897-2      0:38:40
ov                                  Orch/Pierre
                                    Monteux; Naoum
                                    Blinder, v
Trad English  Carol, "It came upon  Robert Shaw        RCA DMC2-1217    0:01:32
              the midnight clear"*  Cho/Robert Shaw    (2)
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Holst         Carol, "In the Bleak  Mormon Tabernacle  Mormon           0:05:47
              Midwinter"*           Cho/Mack Wilberg   Tabernacle
Gade          Carol, "The Jesus     Chicago Master     Chicago Master   0:01:45
              Child in Manger Lay"  Singers/Alan       Singers 0
Nielsen       Carol, "My Heart      Chicago Master     Chicago Master   0:03:46
              Must Always Wander"   Singers/Alan       Singers 0
Peter         "Old Christmas Song"  Chicago Master     Chicago Master   0:02:53
Lange-MĀller                        Singers/Alan       Singers 0
Corrette      "Symphonie de Noel    La Fantasia/Rien   Brilliant        0:08:25
              #1"                   Voskuilen          Classics 93538
Trad          Carol, "NoČl          Galliard Brass     Musicmasters     0:01:24
French/Richar nouvelet (Sing we     Ensemble           67175-2
d Price       now of Christmas)"*
Mack Wilberg  "Christmas Carols in  Mormon Tabernacle  Mormon           0:11:28
              the Air"              Cho/Mack Wilberg   Tabernacle
Still         "Christmas in the     Toledo Clarinets   Cambria CD-1190  0:18:51
              Western World"
Mathias       Carol, "Sir           Magdalen College   Harmonia Mundi   0:01:36
              Christämas"*          Choir/Bill Ives    HMU-907495
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Tchaikovsky/P "The Nutcracker," Op  Steven Pasero, g   Sugo SR-8501     0:05:09
asero         71: #14, Pas de deux*
Tchaikovsky   "The Nutcracker," Op  Czecho-Slovak      Naxos 8.550515   0:11:31
              71: #12,              Radio Sym/Ondraj
              Divertissement        Len rd
Praetorius    "Meine Seel erhebt    La Capella Ducale  Sony S2K-62929   0:17:29
              des Herren" (A        Vocal Ensemble,    (2)
              German Magnificat)    Musica
Tchaikovsky/O "The Nutcracker"      Agape Ringers,     Agape 0          0:01:37
tsuka         Suite, Op 71a:        Kristin Paul, f
              Russian Dance
Rimsky-Korsak "Christmas Eve"       Bochum Sym         Turn QTV-34736   0:18:46
ov            (1894-5): Suite       Orch/Othmar Maga
Trad English  Carol, "Away in a     Canterbury         Van OVC-6020     0:01:38
              manger"*              Choristers/Newell
                                    B Weight
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Anon 15th c   "Nobis est natus      Rose Ensemble      Rose 00003       0:02:45
Czech         hodie"*
Anon 15th c   "In Natali Domini"*   Rose Ensemble      Rose 00003       0:02:41
Dvor k        String Sextet in A,   Sarah Chang &      EMI/Ang          0:33:09
              Op 48                 Friends            CDC5-57243-2
Anon 15th c   "De nativitate        Rose Ensemble      Rose 00003       0:01:25
Czech         Domino"*
Robert        "Magnificat Regali"   The Cardinall's    ASV CDGAU-185    0:14:55
Fayrfax                             Musick/Andrew
Trad          "The Icy December"*   Rachel Van         Centaur          0:01:34
Spanish/van                         Voorhees, h        CRC-2209
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Handel        "Messiah": Aria &     UC Berkeley        Harmonia Mundi   0:05:35
              Chorus, "O thou that  Chamber Cho; voc   HMT-7907120
              tellest good          sol's;
              tidings"*             Philharmonia
Lāo Dālibes   "Coppālia": Act 3     Lyon Opāra         Erato 96368-2    0:28:07
                                    Orch/Kent Nagano
Handel        "Messiah": Chorus,    Mormon Tabernacle  Bwe Classics     0:01:33
              "Their sound is gone  Cho; Orch/David    BWE-0197
              out into all lands"*  Willcocks
Britten       "A Ceremony of        Glen Ellyn         Glen Ellyn       0:20:01
              Carols," Op 28        Children's         Children's
                                    Cho/Emily          Chorus 2001
Handel        "Messiah": Chorus,    Mormon Tabernacle  Bwe Classics     0:01:29
              "Let all the angels   Cho; Orch/David    BWE-0197
              of God"*              Willcocks
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Trad/A Parker Carol, "O Come, O     Robert Shaw        Telarc CD-80461  0:02:44
              Come, Emmanuel"*      Chamber
                                    Singers/Mr. Shaw
Trad/Price    Carol, "O Come, O     CSU Faculty Brass  Sgc 1001 (2)     0:02:25
              Come, Emmanuel"*      Quintet
Dello Joio    Variants on a         Northwestern U     Northwestern     0:10:53
              Mediaeval Tune "(In   Symphonic Wind     KM-1830 (2)
              dulci jubilo)"        Ensemble/John P
Cecil         "Six Fancies" (1917)  Zina Schiff, v;    Naxos 8.559061   0:09:50
Burleigh                            Mary Barranger, p
Paulus        "We Sing Thy Birth"   Pittsburgh Bach    Clarion          0:10:11
                                    Cho/Brady R.       CLR-903-CD
Trad American Carol, "Jingle        Bornand            Van OVC-6020     0:01:40
              Bells"*               Collection Of
                                    Music Boxes
Veracini      "Sonata accademica"   Manfred Kraemer,   RCA-DHM 77314-2  0:14:45
              for violin and        v; Skip Sempā,
              continuo, Op 2/12     hc; Michel
                                    Murgier, vc
Pierpont      "Jingle Bells"*       CSU Chamber        Sgc 1001 (2)     0:01:16
                                    Singers/Lee Egbert
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Trad English  Carol, "O Come All    Cho; Royal Phil    Intersound 2856  0:05:18
              Ye Faithful"*         Orch/Vaughan
Haydn         Piano Trio #32 in A,  Patrick Cohen,     Harmonia Mundi   0:18:57
              H XV:18               forte-p; Erich     HMC-901314
                                    HĒbarth, v;
                                    Christophe Coin,
Trad          Carol, "Deck the      The Scholars       Unicorn RHS-318  0:01:32
Welsh/Willcoc Hall"*
Ippolitov-Iva "In the Manger"       BBC Phil/Mathias   Chandos          0:02:50
nov/Stokowski                       Bamert             CHAN-9349
Ippolitov-Iva "Caucasian            Sydney Sym         Marco Polo       0:25:11
nov           Sketches," Suite #1,  Orch/Christopher   8.220369
              Op 10                 Lyndon Gee
Trad          Carol, "Maria durch   The Scholars       Unicorn RHS-318  0:01:38
German/Herbor den Dornwald ging"*
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
Trad          Carol, "Good King     Empire Brass;      EMI/Ang          0:02:30
Czech/Denson  Wenceslaus"*          Mark Kroll, hc     CDC7-49097-2
Trad          Carol, "What Child    Empire Brass;      EMI/Ang          0:02:59
English/Denso is this?              Nancy Allen, h;    CDC7-49097-2
n             (Greensleeves)"*      Mark Kroll, hc
Trad English  Carol, "The First     Mormon Tabernacle  CBS MK-30077     0:03:03
              Nowell"               Cho, Philadelphia
                                    P Condie
Gruber        "Silent Night, Holy   Mormon Tabernacle  CBS MK-30077     0:04:34
              Night"                Cho, Philadelphia
                                    P Condie
Trad          Carol, "Quelle est    New York Choral    EMI/Ang          0:03:10
French/Flumme cette odeur           Artists/Joseph     CDC7-49908-2
rfelt         agrāable? (What is    Flummerfelt
              this lovely..)"
Trad German   Carol, "In dulci      New York Choral    EMI/Ang          0:02:00
              jubilo"               Artists/Joseph     CDC7-49908-2
Trad English  "Coventry Carol"      New York Choral    EMI/Ang          0:03:08
                                    Artists/Joseph     CDC7-49908-2
Trad          Carol, "In dulci      Liona Boyd, g;     CBS MK-37248     0:01:46
German/Boyd-R jubilo"*              Orch
Spohr         String Quartet #20    New Budapest       Marco Polo       0:31:48
              in a, Op 74/1         String Quartet     8.223259
Trad          Carol, "Ding, Dong,   Elgin Children's   Elgin 0          0:01:53
French/Cable  Merrily on High"*     Cho/Jay Kellner
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                                 All rights reserved.

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