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 COMPOSER            WORK             PERFORMER(S)        SOURCE        TIMING
12:00:00 am--12:59:40 am (All times ET)
Smetana       "Bayadere" Galop*     Slovak Radio Sym   Marco Polo       0:04:32
                                    Orch/Robert        8.223705
Minkus        "La BayadŠre":        London Sym         Lon CS-6342      0:11:45
              "Grand pas de deux"   Orch/Richard
Ravel         "Les bayadŠres"       Choeur & Orch de   Marco Polo       0:04:08
              (1900)                Paris-Sorbonne/Jac 8.223755
                                    ques Grimbert
Berwald       "Bayaderen-Fest"      Royal Phil/Ulf     EMI/Ang          0:11:37
              (1842)                Bj”rlin            CDM5-65073-2
Telemann      Overture (Suite),     Gstaad Camerata    Discover Int'l   0:01:40
              "Klingende            Lysy/Yehudi        DICD-920140
              Geographie II":       Menuhin
              "B”hmen: Hanaquoise"*
Bach          Clavier Concerto #1   Rinaldo            Opus 111         0:20:11
              in d, BWV 1052        Alessandrini, hc;  OPS-30-153
                                    Concerto Italiano
Fasch         Orchestral Suite in   Il                 Fuga Libera      0:01:36
              d: "Gavotte"*         Fondamento/Paul    FUG-502
01:00:00 am--01:59:40 am
Siegmeister   "Our Cat"*            Noel Lester, p     Centaur          0:02:55
Guastavino    "Gato (Cat)"*         Noel Lester, p     Centaur          0:02:06
Gershwin      "Walking the Dog"     Detroit Sym        Chandos          0:03:53
                                    Orch/Neeme J„rvi   CHAN-9227
Rossini       "Cat" Duet "(Duetto   Felicity Lott, s;  EMI/Ang          0:03:23
              buffo di due gatti)"  Ann Murray, ms;    CDC7-54411-2
                                    Graham Johnson, p
Copland       "Scherzo              Leo Smit, p        Sony             0:03:47
              humoristique, The                        SM2K-66345 (2)
              Cat and the Mouse"
Sj”gren/Roos  "Portr„tt av Donnie,  Lars Roos, p       Bluebell 152     0:01:32
              min lilla hund"*
Saint-Sa‰ns   Symphony #3 in c, Op  Frederick Minger,  Van SVC-100/01   0:35:56
              78, "Organ"           o; Baltimore Sym   (2)
Praetorius    "Terpsichore"         Brass Ring         Crystal CD-561   0:01:47
              (1612): "Courante"*
02:00:00 am--02:59:40 am
Schubert/Lisz "St„ndchen" from      Vladimir           DG 427772-2      0:05:38
t             "Schwanengesang"*     Horowitz, p
Krommer       Wind Octet in         Sabine Meyer Wind  EMI/Ang          0:16:31
              B-Flat, Op 78         Ensemble           CDC7-54383-2
Mendelssohn   "Gondellied"*         Martin Jones, p    Nimbus NI-5074   0:01:32
Grieg         Symphony in c (1864)  Gothenburg Sym     DG 427321-2      0:31:54
                                    Orch/Neeme J„rvi
Paine         "In the Country", Op  Denver Oldham, p   New World        0:01:51
              26: #7, "The Mill"*                      80424-2 (2)
03:00:00 am--04:59:40 am
Bach          Cantata #78, "Jesu,   Maurice Andr‚,     EMI/Ang          0:05:01
              der du meine Seele":  tr; B‚atrice       CDC7-49722-2
              Duet, "Wir eilen mit  Andr‚, ob;
              schwachen"*           Francois-Henri
                                    Houbart, o
Hertel        Trumpet Concerto #2   Virtuosi           Berlin           0:09:37
              in E-flat             Saxoniae, Ludwig   Classics
                                    Gttler, tr        BC-1068-2
Telemann      Overture (Suite) in   Siegfried Pank,    Capriccio 10237  0:01:43
              D, TWV 55: "La        viga; Academy for
              Trompette"*           Ancient Music
Beethoven     Symphony #7 in A, Op  Philharmonia/Benja Telarc CD-80471  0:38:44
              92                    min Zander
Beethoven     Canon, "An Maelzel,"  Vienna Academy     Ser S-60180      0:01:10
              WoO 162*              Chamber Cho/Xaver
Paschal de    Psalm setting,        Ensemble Cl‚ment   Harmonia Mundi   0:03:11
l'Estocart    "R‚veillez vous       Janequin/Dominique HMC-901672
              chacun fidŠle"*        Visse
Loys          Psalm setting, "Las,  Ensemble Cl‚ment   Harmonia Mundi   0:02:27
Bourgeois     en ta fureur aigue"*  Janequin/Dominique HMC-901672
George        "Suite on Sixteenth   Ukraine National   Naxos 8.559225   0:20:32
Frederick     Century Hymn Tunes"   Sym Orch/John
McKay         (1962)                McLaughlin
Canning       Fantasy on a Hymn     Houston Sym        Everest          0:11:03
              Tune by Justin Morgan Orch/Leopold       EVC-9004
Morgan        Hymn Tune, "Amanda"*  The Western Wind   None H-71276     0:00:55
Muffat        String Sonata         Masques, Olivier   Analekta         0:16:02
              (Suite) #2 in g       Fortin, v          AN2-9909
Elgar         "The Wand of Youth"   London             EMI/Ang          0:01:40
              Suite #1, Op 1a: #1,  Phil/Adrian Boult  CDM7-69207-2
05:00:00 am--05:59:40 am
Schubert      "Stabat Mater" in g,  Peter Schreier     Ondine           0:05:24
              D 175*                Cho, Tapiola       ODE-917-2
Schubert      Twelve German Dances  Michel Dalberto, p Denon CO-75757   0:11:23
              ("L„ndler"), D 790
Hermann       Six L„ndler (1986)    Les Vents de       Radio Canada     0:07:54
Regner                              Montr‚al           Int'l MVCD-1105
Offenbach/Ros "GaŒt‚ parisienne":   Pittsburgh Sym     Phi 411039-2     0:01:48
enthal        "L„ndler"*            Orch/Andr‚ Previn
Saint-Sa‰ns   Piano Concerto #5 in  Aldo Ciccolini,    EMI/Ang          0:28:09
              F, Op 103, "Egyptian" p; Orch de         CMS7-69443-2
                                    Paris/Serge Baudo  (2)
Satie         "Vexations"*          Aldo Ciccolini, p  EMI/Ang          0:01:35
06:00:00 am--06:59:40 am
Rimsky-Korsak "Mlada" (1872):       Northshore         Brewster         0:05:06
ov/Leidzen    "Procession of the    Concert Band/John  4-4104-2
              Nobles"*              P Paynter
Shostakovich/ "Moscow,              Philadelphia       Lon 452597-2     0:19:57
Andrew        Cheremushki," Op      Orch/Riccardo
Cornall       105: Suite from the   Chailly
Shostakovich  Eight English and     E Ivanova, S       Mel/BMG          0:02:06
              American Folksongs:   Yakovenko; USSR    59057-2 (2)
              "When Johnny Comes    Culture Ministry
              Marching Home"        Sym/Gennady
Harris        "An American          Seattle Sym        Delos DE-3140    0:06:59
              Overture (When        Orch/Gerard
              Johnny Comes          Schwarz
              Marching Home)"
Harris        "When Johnny Comes    Roberts Wesleyan   Albany TROY-164  0:01:58
              Marching Home"        College
              (1937)*               Chorale/Robert
Gershwin      "An American in       Philadelphia       CBS MLK-39454    0:18:14
              Paris"                Orch/Eugene
Schoenfield   "Four Souvenirs"      Caroline           Telarc CD-80744  0:01:30
              (1989): "Tin Pan      Goulding, v;
              Alley"*               Janine Randall, p
07:00:00 am--07:59:40 am
Scarlatti/D   Clavier Sonata in D,  David Russell, g   Telarc CD-80559  0:05:45
Russell       Kk 491 (L 164)*
Mozart        Symphony #18 in F, K  Amsterdam Baroque  Erato 45714-2    0:19:32
              130                   Orch/Ton Koopman
Mendelssohn   "Songs Without        Janina             Radio Canada     0:01:44
              Words," Op 67: #4 in  Fialkowska, p      Int'l MVCD-1114
              C, "Spinning Song
              (The Bee's Wedding)"*
Tchaikovsky   Concert Fantasy in    Dimitris Sgouros,  Ser 89484-2      0:28:36
              G, Op 56              p; London
                                    Phil/Walter Weller
Tchaikovsky   "At the Ball"*        Eugene Osadchy,    Seafair-bolo     0:01:48
                                    vc; Anastasia      Records
                                    Markina, p         BSCD-8010-2
08:00:00 am--08:59:40 am
Handel/Harty  "Water Music": Air*   Berlin             EMI/Ang          0:05:16
                                    Phil/Herbert von   CDZB5-65914-2
                                    Karajan            (2)
Sergei        Two-Piano Suite #2,   Vladimir           Lon 444845-2     0:22:54
Rachmaninoff  Op 17                 Ashkenazy, Andr‚   (2)
                                    Previn, p's
Sergei        Fifteen Songs, Op     Elisabeth          Lon 436920-2     0:01:47
Rachmaninoff  26: #15, "All Things  S”derstr”m, s;     (3)
              are Transient"*       Vladimir
                                    Ashkenazy, p
Sibelius      "The Tempest," Op     Gothenburg Sym     BIS CD-448       0:16:29
              109: Suite #2, Op     Orch/Neeme J„rvi
Chausson      "La Tempˆte," Two     BBC Phil/Yan       Chandos          0:08:16
              Scenes for            Pascal Tortelier   CHAN-9650
              "Tempest," Op 18
Nauwach       "Tempesta di          Emma Kirkby, s;    Musica Oscura    0:01:42
              dolcezza"*            Anthony Rooley, l  070988
09:00:00 am--09:59:40 am
Monti/Baril   "Cs rd s"*            La Piet…           Analekta         0:05:29
Hoffmeister   Two-Flute Trio, Op    Claudi Arimany,    Querstand        0:11:31
              31/6                  f; Jean-Pierre     VKJK-0216
                                    Rampal, f; Roland
                                    Pidoux, vc
Kreisler      "Toy Soldiers'        James Ehnes, v;    Analekta         0:01:40
              March"*               Eduard Laurel, p   FL2-3159
Dvor k        Cello Concerto in b,  Gregor             Sony MHK-62876   0:36:34
              Op 104                Piatigorsky, vc;
Antoine       "Latura tu"*          Piffaro            Dorian           0:01:44
Bruhier                                                XCD-90301
10:00:00 pm--10:59:40 pm
Beethoven     "Fidelio," Op 72:     Norman, s; Moll,   Phi 426308-2     0:05:01
              Quartet, "Mir ist so  b; Coburn, s;      (2)
              wunderbar"*           Blochwitz, t;
Beethoven     "Leonore" Overture    New York           Sony SMK-47521   0:13:11
              #3 in C, Op 72b       Phil/Leonard
Vivaldi       "The Four Seasons,"   John Sr            Sony SMK-47642   0:09:29
              Op 8/1-4: Violin      Corigliano, v;
              Concerto #1, R 269,   New York
              "La primavera"        Phil/Leonard
Bizet         "Carmen": "Les        New York           Sony SMK-47531   0:01:46
              dragons d'Alcala"*    Phil/Leonard
Sousa         "Northern Pines"      Her Majesty's      EMI/Ang          0:03:39
              March                 Royal Marines/Lt   CDM7-64671-2
                                    Colonel GAC
Sowerby       "From the Northland:  Czech National     Cedille          0:20:42
              Suite for Orchestra"  Sym Orch/Paul      CDR-90000033
              (1923)                Freeman
Sowerby       "Pop Goes the         Westwood Wind      Crystal S-101    0:01:40
              Weasel"*              Quintet
11:00:00 pm--11:59:40 pm
JC Bach       Sinfonia in B-Flat,   Hanover            CPO 999487-2     0:05:51
              Op 9/3*               Band/Anthony
CPE Bach      Sinfonia in G, Wq     Academy of         Ois 417124-2     0:11:14
              182/1 (Hamburg        Ancient
              Symphony #1)          Music/Christopher
Telemann      Song, "Die            Klaus Mertens,     CPO 777045-2     0:01:39
              Mutter-S”hne"*        br; Ludger R‚my,
Khachaturian/ Violin Concerto in d  Patrick Gallois,   DG 435767-2      0:36:55
Gallois       (1940)                f; Philharmonia
                                    Orch/Ion Marin
Campion       "Come Away"*          Masques            Analekta         0:01:57
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