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      Remembering Andy Karzas (1934-2011)

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      A Tribute to Andy Karzas from Steve Robinson

      Andy Karzas

      Andy Karzas (1934-2011)

      Few people in the history of classical music broadcasting have had as great an impact as Andy Karzas. His knowledge, love, dedication and passion for opera as shown each week for more than 35 years on his program, From the Recording Horn, were an inspiration to countless WFMT listeners. To those of us who had the privilege of knowing him, he was a gentle, kind person who will be missed more than words can describe.

      Many of our listeners have written to us about Andy, and just a few of those comments speak volumes:

      There are few people we meet in life that open vistas without closing doors; that enlarge our perspectives without narrowing our views. Andy was such a person. The gifts that he shared with us can not be replicated. I am so grateful that he was in our lives.

      Michael Schnur

      Andy could rivet your attention on things you didn't really think you were interested in, and introduce you to wonderful artists you had never even imagined existed. Andy's gentle, wry, wispy voice always seemed ageless, his knowledge, bottomless, his legacy, beyond measure.

      Lynn Becker

      I can only imagine the reception he must have gotten from all the divas whose names and voices he kept before the listening public! There must be quite a party in the great radio station in the sky!

      Jeff Abell

      WFMT created and presented a plaque to honor Andy on the 35th anniversary of From the Recording Horn. It will soon be placed in the studio he used every week at WFMT to record the program. It reads:


      On the 35th anniversary of his extraordinary program


      his WFMT family and friends

      salute him, his knowledge, generosity, and kindness

      and dedicate this studio to a consummate professional

      with admiration, gratitude, and love

      Rest in peace, Andy. Your listeners, family and friends all love you.

      Steve Robinson
      WFMT General Manager

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