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Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival

The Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival

2008 — Week 6


Milan Turkevic, bassoon; Miró String Quartet (Daniel Ching, Sandy Yamamoto, violins; John Largess, viola; Joshua Gindele, cello)

Over the centuries, many fine musicians have adopted Vienna as their homeland, including Croatian-born bassoon player, Milan Turkovic.

Milan Turkovic


Wynton Marsalis composed the quintet, Meeelaan, especially for Milan Turkovic. In this clip, Milan tells the story of how the work came to be.


Quintet in E-flat Major for Piano & Winds, Op. 16

Liang Wang oboe; Ricardo Morales clarinet; Julie Landsman, french horn; Milan Turkovic, bassoon; Jon Nakamatsu, piano

From a new work dedicated to him by a living composer, Milan Turkovic joined an all-star wind ensemble for a performance of Quintet in E-flat Major for Piano & Winds, Op. 16. In this clip, Milan shares his thoughts on what its like for him to interpret a work composed by someone he knows personally, as opposed to a composer whose work he's always respected but who lived in another era.

Milan Turkovic


Here's Milan Turkovic on Beethoven's Opus 16, the Quintet in E-flat major for Piano and Winds...

Beethoven's Opus 16


For most of the year, French horn player, Julie Landsman, lives in New York City where she teaches at Julliard and is the First Horn of Metropolitain Opera Orchestra. Among the things Julie loves about the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival are the high caliber of the musicians, and the chance to be reunited with old friends. In this case, both are true.... Here's Julie talking about playing music again with clarinetist, Ricardo Morales.

Julie Landsman


Festival Artistic Director, Marc Neikrug assembled the best wind players he could for this performance of Beethoven's Wind Quintet. Julie Landsman agrees, and called the ensemble "the best Beethoven group I even played with." Here's an excerpt from Julie's conversation with producer, Louise Frank.

Julie Landsman


Beethoven's Opus 16 Wind Quintet is a young composer's homage to his hero, Mozart. Pianist, Jon Nakamatsu, who joined an all-star wind ensemble for this Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival performance, had this to say about the work.

Jon Nakmatsu

Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins, BWV 1043

Pinchas Zukerman, Vivianne Hagner, Daniel Ching, L.P. How, Sandy Yamamoto, Amaury Coeytaux, violin; John Largess, Lily Francis, viola; Joshua Gindele, Nicholas Canellakis, cello; Marji Danilow, double bass; Kathleen McIntosh, harpsichord

This week, Miró String Quartet violist, John Largess, will participate in a performance of Bach's Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins. Next week he's part of the ensemble that will perform the Vivaldi Concerto for Two Oboes in D Minor. In this clip, John muses about the key of d minor... and Triscuits.

John Largess