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Amanda Forsyth, cello
Amanda Forsyth

Benny Kim
Benny Kim

Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival

The Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival

Summer 2009 — Week 4

Welcome to the cutting room floor for Week 4 of the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival radio series production blog. Here are some things that didn't make it into this week's program, and a few other things I found along the way.

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Duet in E-Flat for Viola and Cello, "mit zwei obigaten Augenglasern"

Jethro Marks, viola; Amanda Forsyth, cello

Amanda Forsyth and Jethro Marks are both members of the Zukerman Chamber Players and the National Arts Centre Orchestra.


Theresa Wynnyk produced and directed a documentary called Amanda Rising. Here is Amanda Forsyth in that film performing "Electra Rising." (Thanks to Youtube user electricmulepix)


Beethoven composed the Eyeglasses Duo around the same time as he wrote the Opus 18 Quartets. is a digital archive where you can see, among many other things, pictures of original autographs, including this handwritten-score for Opus 18 #3.

Beethoven's handwritten-score for Opus 18 #3
This is what Beethoven's handwriting looked like! (click for larger view)

Salve Regina (Offertorium) in A Major, D.676

Arianna Zukerman, soprano & the Miami String Quartet: Benny Kim, violin (sitting in for Ivan Chan); Cathy Meng Robinson, violin; Yu Jin, viola; and Keith Robinson, cello

Marc Neikrug was really glad to have a chance to invite soprano Arianna Zukerman to sing at the Festival. Marc has known Arianna a long time by virtue of his 30-plus-year, collaborative partnership with her father, Pinchas Zukerman. Here is a clip from Marc's conversation with host Kerry Frumkin.

Marc tells Kerry about Arianna


The Miami String Quartet accompanied Arianna Zukerman in a performance of Salve Regina in A Major, D.676 by Franz Schubert. When the first violinist needed someone to "pinch hit" for him, he called Benny Kim. Here Benny talks about the Quartet and how he came to their music-making rescue.

Benny talks about sitting in for Ivan Chan


Someone at Vanderbilt has posted a very long list of links to Franz Schubert web sites.

Piano Trio in A Minor

Todd Phillips, violin; Timothy Eddy, cello; Benjamin Hochman, piano

He taught me to realize the possibilities and structural attempts which may by seen in my earliest works. His teaching was of unusual clarity: with him, one understood immediately that technique is not simply a scholastic abstraction. Friendship was not the only reason I dedicated the Trio to him; the homage goes directly to the teacher.

Maurice Ravel writing about his mentor, Andre Gédalge. Ravel dedicated the Piano Trio to Gédalge.


Todd Phillips relishes the opportunity to play music outside of the Orion String Quartet . He finds that collaborating with others enlivens his playing, and refreshes him for when he returns to his regular ensemble.

Just because they've been a band for a couple of decades doesn't mean his ensemble members are tied at the hip, says Todd Phillips


The pianist in this performance is Benjamin Hochman. Here's an excerpt from Marc Neikrug's conversation with Kerry Frumkin about this "interesting, young, confident" pianist.

Intellect + sound + balance = Benjamin Hochman, says Marc