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      'Most Nepal troops' in quake effort

      Nine out of 10 Nepalese troops are reportedly taking part in search and rescue operations after a massive earthquake that killed 4,000 people.

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      Baltimore emergency as riots erupt

      A state of emergency is declared in the US city of Baltimore amid violent protests over the death of a black man fatally injured in police custody.

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      Child obesity may have 'two phases'

      There may be two distinct child obesity epidemics - one among infants and one among adolescents - research suggests.

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      Bank fines to 'fund apprenticeships'

      The Tories will use fines imposed on Deutsche Bank for its involvement in Libor rate-fixing to fund 50,000 apprenticeships, David Cameron will say.

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      Top teachers' pay freeze 'unfair'

      Plans to freeze senior teachers' pay "arbitrarily discriminate" against school leaders, according to the head teachers' union ASCL.

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      Australian weds as execution looms

      Convicted Australian drug smuggler Andrew Chan marries his girlfriend in Indonesia's prison, ahead of his expected execution.

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      Google offers cash to Europe's media

      Google pledges €150m to support news organisations' efforts to earn money from their online coverage.

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      New York dims lights to save birds

      State of New York to turn off non-essential lights to try and prevent migratory birds becoming confused and fatally crashing into buildings.

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      Apple returns more cash to investors

      Technology giant Apple reports profits of $13.6bn for the first three months of 2015, and details plans to return more money to investors.

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      Israel struck Gaza shelters - UN

      At least 44 Palestinians were killed by "Israeli actions" while sheltering at seven UN schools during last summer's war in Gaza, a UN inquiry finds.

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      Source: BBC International