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      Iraq forces push against jihadists

      Iraqi Shia and Kurdish forces capture an Islamic State stronghold, as a BBC team enters Amerli the day after a two-month siege ends.

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      Boris Island airport plan 'rejected'

      A plan for an island airport in the Thames Estuary, dubbed "Boris Island", looks set to be shelved, the BBC understands.

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      Payday loan hardship cases 'up 42%'

      The number of people struggling with payday loans has risen by 42% in the past year, according to the debt charity StepChange.

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      Hospitals seeing more skin cancer

      The number of people admitted to hospital for skin cancer treatment in England rose by nearly a third in five years, figures show.

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      Ukraine in 'great war' with Russia

      Russia has launched a 'great war' that could claim tens of thousands of lives, Ukraine's defence ministry warns amid rebel offensive.

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      Infants' school meals free from today

      Pupils up to the age of seven in England will be entitled to a free hot school lunch from this week, as schools re-open for the new term.

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      Ashya parents fight extradition

      The parents of Ashya King are held in police custody after refusing to consent to their extradition to the UK at an appearance at the High Court in Spain.

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      PM outlines new anti-terror plans

      New powers are needed to seize the passports of terrorist suspects and stop British jihadists from returning to the UK, David Cameron says.

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      British activist in Thailand trial

      A British activist who campaigns for better labour conditions is set to go on trial in Thailand charged with criminal defamation.

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      China accuses MPs of 'interference'

      Chinese authorities have accused British MPs of interfering in Hong Kong's affairs by investigating tensions there, Newsnight learns.

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      Source: BBC International