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      EU calls crisis talks on migration

      The European Union announces emergency talks on its escalating migrant crisis, as record numbers try to enter the bloc by sea or land.

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      Faslane deals 'to secure 6,700 jobs'

      Chancellor George Osborne announces more than £500m of contracts for the Royal Navy's submarine base at Faslane, securing 6,700 jobs.

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      US horror filmmaker Wes Craven dies

      US horror film director Wes Craven, creator of the Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream franchises, has died aged 76, US media say.

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      Ferries resume after Calais blockade

      Ferry services resume at the Port of Calais following a fresh protest by former workers of a dissolved ferry company.

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      'Severe damage' to Palmyra temple

      The Islamic State group has destroyed part of another temple at the ancient Syrian site of Palmyra, reports say.

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      Ebola nurse works at hospital that saved him

      The first British healthcare worker who caught and survived Ebola is working as an NHS nurse in the hospital that helped save his life.

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      Brazil WhatsApp mayor on the run

      A mayor in Brazil is on the run after police accused her of taking funds from the school system and running the town remotely through WhatsApp.

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      China punishes 197 over stock 'rumours'

      Chinese authorities punish 197 people for spreading rumours online about the recent stock market crash and fatal explosions in Tianjin.

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      Friends named as Shoreham victims

      Two friends embarking on a cycle ride were victims of the Shoreham air crash that claimed 11 lives, it emerges.

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      Tap water advice lifted in more areas

      Advice to boil water before drinking it has now been lifted in more than half of the affected homes in Lancashire.

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      Source: BBC International