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      Director Mike Nichols and WFMT

      Today the world is remembering the life and work of writer and director Mike Nichols, who died suddenly on Wednesday at the age of 83. In a career that spanned over six decades, he won nine Tony Awards and an Academy Award for Best Director for the 1967 blockbuster "The Graduate." Around the offices of WFMT, Mike Nichols is remembered for being among the pioneering forces in the early days of this radio station more...

      Corigliano’s “AIDS Symphony,” 25 Years Later

      By the time John Corigliano presented his First Symphony in 1990, America had witnessed years of hate speech directed at those most vulnerable to AIDS. AIDS patients lived in fear of persecution. Their right to privacy was pitted against a perceived threat to public safety, while research and public education were only just beginning to make inroads against the disease. more...

      Romeo and Juliet in Drag?

      Remember John Madden's film Shakespeare in Love in which men had to play all the women's roles due to Elizabethan standards of decency? In opera, that tradition swings both directions. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has captured the imaginations of many composers; the story is timeless, even as a readers' biases change – and they've changed a lot. When Niccolò Antonio Zingarelli composed his opera on Shakespeare's tragedy, Romeo e Giulietta (1796), his image of Romeo more...

      Bass-ic Instincts: From Porgy to Wotan

      Eric Owens has the versatility and commanding stage presence that make a company want to choose operas with meaty roles that he can sing. He was the title character in Handel's Hercules at Lyric in 2011. He sang the role of Rusalka's father, Vodnik, last season, and stars in Porgy and Bess, which opens Monday more...

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      Baghdad's ballet school: a tiny island of creativity amid inescapable violence

      Though the Iraqi capital’s past as a cultural center is a distant memory, the music and ballet school has remained a cultural safe haven for its 500-odd students

      Continue reading...

      Wolff: Pianist: Pieces CD review – a fascinating collection

      Philip Thomas
      (Sub Rosa, three CDs) Continue reading...

      Pierné and Fauré: Piano Trios CD review – a vivid response to Pierné’s work

      Trio Wanderer
      (Harmonia Mundi) Continue reading...

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      Join Peter and Kathleen van de Graaff next May on an exclusive classical music cruise down the Danube. Celebrate the genius of Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven, Bach and Schumann.

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      An Exclusive Classical Music Tour through the City of Lights with WFMT! Join Carl Grapentine and fellow opera lovers next May as we tour our favorite European opera destinations in Paris.

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      Opera in La Suissse Romande! Spend a lovely spring week in in Geneva and Lausanne with Opera Adventures and noted composer, pianist, and teacher, Larry Axelrod.

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