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Millennium of Music

Millennium of Music is the world's longest running program featuring early music.  Host and producer Robert Aubry Davis regularly presents music from major European music festivals which can be heard weekly on radio stations throughout the United States.

What began as a local Sunday Morning program on WJCT-FM in Jacksonville, Florida, moved to WETA in 1978, when Davis returned to his home town of Washington, DC.  At that time, Program Director Martin Goldsmith, now Program Director for XM Classics on XM Satellite Radio, suggested that the idea of a really early music program, with much emphasis on Gregorian chant, would be appropriate for Easter.  We refined around the edges and the program began as a regular part of the schedule on Easter Sunday in 1980.

The next visionary to touch the program was Mary Beth Kirchner, a producer brought on board to help create national programming, who believed in the inevitability of taking the program to a wider audience.  Millennium of Music is now a nationally syndicated series comprising of 52 weekly, one-hour programs.

Produced by RADman Productions, Millennium of Music can also be heard on XM Satellite Radio, and is available free of charge to all stations and also on CD.
For more information about this free series, please contact Tony Macaluso at (773) 279-2114, email: or Estlin Usher at (773) 279-2112, email:

Broadcast Schedule - Spring 2014 ***rev 5/7

PROGRAM #: MOM 14-14
RELEASE: March 31, 2014

BAL-KAN -Honey and Blood, the Cycles of Life, Part 2
Continuing the newest release by the tireless Jordi Savall.

PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-15
RELEASE:  April 7, 2014

Millennium Lent
The recently released latest from the Benedictines of Mary, "Lent at Ephesus," and more from the Finnish women Vox Silenti.

PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-16
RELEASE: April 14, 2014

Millennium Holy Week
Recent releases of pieces for Passiontide including works by Lassus, Victoria, Gesualdo, and Jacques Arcadelt.

PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-17
RELEASE: April 21, 2014

Millennium Easter
On this, the 35th anniversary of our first program, we continue with recent recordings of music for the season, including works by Guerrero, Mouton, and Hieronymous Praetorius.      


PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-18
RELEASE:  April 28, 2014

Marie et Marion
As with every Anonymous 4 recording from the beginning we celebrate the ladies' latest, a return to 13th century France and the Montpelier Codex.

PROGRAM #: MOM 14-19
RELEASE:  May 5, 2014

Three from Delphian
The excellent Edinburgh-based label features recent recordings of English music from the late middle ages and Jacobean era, and dances by "Red Rob" Macintosh.

PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-20
RELEASE:  May 12, 2014

Three from Accent
Late Renaissance and early Baroque music from Austria and Italy in these Dutch/German collaboration.

PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-21
RELEASE:  May 19, 2014

The Voice of the Turtle Dove
The latest from The Sixteen takes the ensemble back to the beautiful English early Renaissance repertoire.

PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-22
RELEASE:  May 26, 2014

Tu es Petrus
The rediscovery of the music of Jean Mouton continues with the latest by the Brabant Ensemble directed by Stephen R

PROGRAM #: MOM 14-23
RELEASE: June 2, 2014

Remember me my deir
The Fires of Love Ensemble traces the musicians who followed Scotland's King James VI as he became King of England after the death of Elizabeth.

PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-24
RELEASE:  June 9, 2014

Three More from Accent
More late Renaissance and early Baroque music from Austria and Italy in these Dutch/German collaboration.

PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-25
RELEASE:  June 16, 2014

I Dodici Giradini
A recent recording by the ensemble La Reverdie looks at the songs of St. Catherine of Bologna (1413-1463).

PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-26
RELEASE:  June 23, 2014

Italy, c. 1600, Part 1
Recent releases of Monteverdi, Luigi Rossi, and the amazing "Mantovano Hebreo" Salamone Rossi.

PROGRAM #:  MOM 14-27
RELEASE:  June 30, 2014

Italy, c. 1600, Part 2
Three recent releases of dances and instrumental music from the cusp of the Baroque.