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My Word!

Now known all over the English-speaking world, My Word! has been variously described as "...a witty enquiry into the language", "...a feast of ingenuity and wit", and "...a provocative play on words."  Its regular team of word-spinners consists of four professional writers and wits - each famous in his or her own field.

One of them, Anne Scott-James, a Fleet Street journalist of many years' standing, made this comment on the program.  "Never since Lewis Carroll have there been such masters of the pun as Denis Norden and Frank Muir.  Their puns are so outrageous that they set the teeth on edge and send shivers of pain through the body.  They are also so swift and funny that I often fall off my chair laughing and miss my next cue."

Almost everywhere it's been heard, My Word!, with its companion program My Music, has been among the most popular and most talked-about shows on radio stations.  During a hiatus on WFMT between series, these were the programs listeners most often asked to have returned to the air.

A variety of time slots have been successful for these witty and erudite broadcast gems.  Many stations have found them great fill programs during the day or late in the evening.  The most popular times for scheduling them have been weekends.  Both My Word! and My Music have been extraordinarily popular with listeners, drawing enthusiastic comments and response during pledge drives.

Some stations pair the two series; others broadcast separately.  These programs cost $15.75 each, weekly.  However, stations carrying both series may benefit from the one hour ($21) rate, i.e. a $10.50 discount if you broadcast both.  For more information, please contact Tony Macaluso at (773) 279-2114, email: or Carol Martinez at (773) 279-2112, email:

Please Note:  Stations must notify WFMT, in writing, 90 days in advance of cancellation of this series.